Working on the stairway is more than simply propping up a chair or using whatever ladder because the chair is not sturdy enough to keep balance, and many ladders are not ideal for use on stairs.

That’s why you should have a ladder with adjustable legs that work on stairs. This ladder type supports you in getting the job done and ensuring your safety when working on the stairwell.

More versatile ladders can even follow you in every indoor and outdoor project, from living to building purposes. However, finding a good one in the sea of products is not easy. Even so, the list of best adjustable ladders for stairs in this article should clear your problem.

Adjustable Stair Ladder Quick Comparison

ImageNameWeight CapacityWeightMax A-frame HeightLatest Price
Little Giant Ladders VelocityType 1A (300 Lbs)25 lbs5.1 ft
STEALTH Folding LadderType 1A (300 Lbs)25 lbs5.3 ft
ORIENTOOLS Multi-Purpose LadderType 1A (300 Lbs)35 lbs7 ft
Little Giant Ladders EpicType 1A (300 Lbs)38 lbs7 ft
Werner MT-22 LadderType 1A (300 Lbs)42 lbs9 ft
Little Giant Ladders RevolutionType 1A (300 Lbs)53 lbs11.5 ft
EdMaxwell Telescoping LadderType 1A (300 Lbs)24 lbs4.5 ft

Reviews of The Best Adjustable Ladders for Stairs

If you often have trouble with poor quality and not as desired products, the detailed review below will help you find the best ladder for stairs that will also satisfy your needs.

1. Little Giant Velocity M13 – Best for Versatility

Little Giant Ladders Velocity M13

Little Giant Velocity M13 is a multi-position ladder. It has a flexible structure, transforming into a stepladder, an extension ladder, or a scaffold.

If you have many different projects, from painting, decorating, and repairing, consider choosing a multi-purpose ladder like the Velocity M13.

Velocity M13 comes in four main forms: A-Frame, Extension, Scaffolding, and Workbench. The maximum height in A-Frame is 5’1”, and the minimum is 3’1”.

If your usage is higher, you can use the Extension form with full size of 11′. If in Scaffolding and Workbench, the ladder is only 3′ high.

Little Giant Ladders Velocity M13 - details

In addition to the flexible height, other sizes of the Velocity M13 meet safety standards and ease of use. Specifically: Width at base: 24″, step size is 1.38″, and overall height when stored is 3’7”.

In terms of load capacity, it can bear a maximum weight of 300lbs. The upper degree is relatively high for stair ladders, allowing two people on it at a time.

Velocity M13 weighs 25 lbs, 20% lighter than industrial ladders of the same size. Aluminum material is one of the reasons for the impressive weight above.

In addition to being lightweight, aluminum also lends incredible durability. Little Giant has added a double latch hinge feature to fix the position and securely improve safety in use.

  • Light.
  • Safety double latch hinge.
  • Can load up to 300lbs.
  • Can flexibly transform into 16 designs.
  • High-quality aluminum material, durable and sturdy.
  • It is necessary to lubricate the joints to ensure flexibility.
  • The joints may be rusty.

2. STEALTH 13-Foot Folding Ladder – Best for Adjustment

STEALTH 13ft Folding Ladder

STEALTH 13-ft folding ladder is an adjustable ladder that you can use in 3 forms, including an extension, an A-frame, and a sliding ladder.

The maximum height of the STEALTH 13 Foot Folding Ladder when extended is 14’3”. Using a Twin stepladder, the height of the ladder is 9’5”.

Meanwhile, the width at the base: 26”, the step size is 1.3″, and the overall height, when stored, is 3’4”.

With a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds, it is not only the best ladder for staircases but also can help you complete all tasks, whether indoor or outdoor, even on the construction site.

STEALTH 13ft Folding Ladder - details

Although the maximum height and large load are high, the STEALTH ladder is still relatively light. It weighs only 31 lbs – the ideal weight for using on stairs.

In terms of design, the Stealth ladder is made from rust-resistant aluminum. The durable material will accompany you for a long time in every project.

A unique feature in the design is the J-lock on the foot of the ladder. With the help of the buckle, you will quickly adjust and fix the length and style.

In addition, you also have a non-slip sole to increase friction, protect your safety when using.

  • Anti-slip sole increases friction.
  • The J-lock fixes the ladder form.
  • Can flexibly change many designs.
  • Large load.
  • Maximum height up to 14’3”.
  • It should be cleaned regularly to avoid dust.
  • It should be stored in a dry environment.

3. ORIENTOOLS Multi-Purpose M17 – Best for Comfort

ORIENTOOLS Multi-Purpose Ladder M17

ORIENTOOLS M17 is a multi-position step ladder with adjustable legs that you can use in five different forms: traditional A-frame, full-height extension ladder, stairwell, wall ladder, and scaffolding frame.

With so many different designs, its maximum height also changes.

The storage size is 4.5 ft. When in Extension form, the ladder has a maximum height of 15 ft. Its A-frame height ranges from 4-7 ft, depending on how you adjust it.

Besides the height size, when choosing to buy a ladder, you also need to pay attention to the extent that affects its use.

ORIENTOOLS Multi-Purpose Ladder M17 - details

With the OrientTools ladder, you have a ladder with a base width of 1.9ft, a step width of 1 ft. The weight capacity of the ladder is relatively high compared to others in the list: 300 pounds.

Meanwhile, it weighs only 34.4 pounds because it is made from aircraft aluminum which is both light and durable.

Orienttools has adjustable legs with flared design for added safety and stability. In addition, with the distinctive design, you will not have to feel uncomfortable because of fatigue and foot pain when using it.

Another great point in the design is the adjustable wheel that makes it easy to carry and move.

  • Wheels mounted at the foot of the ladder are flexible.
  • Solid flared leg design.
  • Steel material meets ANSI standards.
  • Designed for comfort in use.
  • Maximum height up to 15ft.
  • The bottom width is only 1.9ft.
  • The height when storing is still not too neat.

4. Little Giant Epic M17 – Best for Uneven Terrain

Little Giant Ladders Epic M17

Epic M17 is another adjustable ladder for stairs from the famous Little Giant brand.

The size of the Epic M17 can accommodate all your projects. Specifically, it can be as high as 18’1” when extended with a ladder size of 3’13”. Meanwhile, when storing, it is only 4’8” high.

The Epic M17 meets OSHA, IA standards for payload, can hold 300 lbs from both sides. Besides, the ladder weighs only 38 lbs. With not too heavy weight and high load, you will want to bring this adjustable ladder to any of your projects.

Like the high-end products of the Little Giant brand, it also uses aluminum as the primary material. In addition, the manufacturer has also added many other features to support the work of this ladder.

Little Giant Ladders Epic M17 - details

Firstly, it has a steel rail that can extend your standing position at the top of the ladder.

Secondly, the Epic M17 has an additional Ratchet foot balancer. With the exclusive equalizer, working on uneven terrain is no longer your concern.

Thirdly, this version has accessory ports to store tools, easy to use whenever while working.

If you want to decorate the wall where the stairs are, the accessory gate will be where you put your messy decorations.

  • The Ratchet levelers let you use the ladder even on undulating terrain.
  • Wheels make it easy to move.
  • Cargo Hold from Little Giant for tool storage.
  • Safety rails extend standing position.
  • Maximum height up to 18’1”.
  • Slightly higher prices.
  • A bit cumbersome to store.

5. Werner MT-22 Multi-Position Ladder – Best for Slippery Surfaces

Werner MT-22 Multi-Position Ladder

The Werner MT-22 is a stair ladder you can use as a multi-purpose tool because of the flexibility in the design.

It can be confirmed as above because the ladder’s height can be quite flexible with adjustable legs.

In the extended style, the height ranges between 11′ and 19′. With Stepladder design, its maximum size is 9′; the minimum is 5′.

The Werner MT22 ladder has a load capacity of 300 lbs on each side. With civil works such as painting, decorating, or some jobs at the construction site, you can also exploit the above load.

Werner MT-22 Multi-Position Ladder - details

The Werner ladder weighs 42 pounds. Maybe the weight is not suitable if you cannot carry heavy objects. However, you get back more than what an adjustable ladder for stairs can bring.

By investing in the ladder, you can use it in four different forms: extension form, scaffolding form, stairway form, stepladder form.

Not only that, the Werner MT22 deserves to be one of the best ladders for painting stairs when it has a reasonably safe design: Solid double riveted stairs and non-abrasive frictionless legs.

  • Easy-to-adjust spring J-lock.
  • Long-term durability.
  • Conversion flexibility.
  • Anti-slip feet.
  • Maximum height 19′.
  • Quite heavy.
  • Somewhat cumbersome.

6. Little Giant Revolution M26 – Best for Large Loads

Little Giant Ladders Revolution M26 with Ratchet Levelers

The Revolution M26, like the Little Giant ladders on the list, is of the multi-position one.

The maximum height that Revolution M26 can reach is 25′ 6″. When in storage, this ladder is only 6’7”. The total load stated by the manufacturer is 300 pounds. Only with the stand accessory, the load can be up to 370 pounds.

With a pretty impressive maximum height, the Revolution M26 might not be a light ladder that’s easy to maneuver at 53 pounds.

The Revolution M26 is from LiteWave aluminum, which often appears in the aerospace industry. Combined with the sturdy A-frame, durable aluminum material, you can be sure of its durability.

Little Giant Ladders Revolution M26 with Ratchet Levelers - details

If the above basic information is not convincing enough, check out the impressive features below.

The Ratchet levelers allow you to work on any type of surface, even the roughest. Little Giant’s leg lift technology can be adjusted to 8.5 inches per foot.

In addition, this stair ladder also has a WingSpan holder. When you place it near a window or an obstacle in general, the stand will create a firm surface for you to put it most safely.

When you’re doing things like painting, decorating, and near lots of obstacles, you’re sure to enjoy its WingSpan stand feature.

  • Durable aluminum material.
  • The WingSpan stand is sturdy.
  • The technology adjusts feet up to 8.5 inches on each side.
  • Maximum height up to 25’6”.
  • Heavy-duty working platform.
  • High price.
  • Heavy.

7. EdMaxwell Telescoping Ladder – Best for Large Length

EdMaxwell Telescoping Ladder

EdMaxwell is an A-frame and expandable Telescoping Ladder. It has all the strengths of a Telescoping Ladder: considerable maximum height, neat storage, and safety in every step.

Firstly EdMaxwell has a herringbone design that ensures safety for all your activities. In addition, this stairway ladder also has a safety bar at both ends to help fix it firmly in all cases.

Secondly, it has a maximum height of 53 inches with a reasonably comprehensive step: 3.2”. However, it is not cumbersome at all.

EdMaxwell Telescoping Ladder - details

When collapsed, you have a ladder that measures 17″ x 31″ x 5.4″. This stairway ladder is not only compact, but it is also relatively small, weighing only 24.2 pounds.

Thirdly, it is of high-quality aluminum alloy. With high-quality materials and a telescopic design, your latter will carry up to 330 pounds and be highly compact. Not only that, the ladder does not lose its durability, which is needed.

Another commendable point of EdMaxwell is the independent locking system. That is, you can individually adjust the steps to suit your intended use.

  • Highly customizable independent locking system.
  • Light.
  • Neat for storage.
  • Large load.
  • High-quality aluminum alloy.
  • Impressive maximum height.
  • The storage environment should be dry and cool.
  • Locking each step can sometimes take a while.

8. Ladder Aide Pro – Best Alternative

Ideal Security LAP1 Ladder Aide Pro

Suppose your intended use of ladders is just to work on stairs. In that case, you probably don’t need to invest in a new adjustable ladder because there’s another compact, more portable device that can help you get the job done: Ladder Aide Pro LAP1. You can take advantage of it with your existing ladder.

This Ladder Aide has many suitable options for many types of ladders, from class I, IA, IAA. What all options have in common is that the device meets the weight and slip resistance standards. However, you should note that the device only supports certain ladders, including extension, straight, and telescopic ones.

Ideal Security LAP1 Ladder Aide Pro - details

Even so, if your existing ladder meets the above conditions, you can use this support device anywhere you want.

  • Flexible.
  • Compatible with a wide range of ladders.
  • Anti-slip properties.
  • Cost savings.
  • Not suitable for all types of projects and ladders.
  • Maximum height is limited.

How to a Find a Good Ladder to Use On Stairs

Choosing a stair ladder is not only directly related to your work but also your safety. Therefore, do not miss the crucial things below when selecting one:

1. Type of ladders

Basically, there are six different types of ladders:

  • Stepladder is the most common type of ladder. This ladder type has an A-shaped design with two sides, but only one side can be stepped on. Typically the length of the ladder will range from 4 ft to 20 ft and is perfect for indoor high ceilings.
  • Single Ladder is the most basic form of a ladder. Single ladders, unlike Stepladders, require a solid structure as a point. You’ll often encounter single ladders that range in height from 4 ft to 30 ft.
  • Platform Ladder is a ladder with a top with railings on three sides. You can stand on the top of the ladder.
  • Extension Ladder has the same design as a single ladder, except that the height is adjustable. Many ladders also integrate additional ropes and pulleys to increase the ability to adjust its height. This type of ladder is very suitable for houses with 2-3 stories.
  • TRESTLE is a ladder that can accommodate two people at the same time. You also do not need to prepare a fulcrum for the Trestle ladder. All you need to do is a smooth surface and an obstacle-free workspace.
  • Multi-way Ladder: A combination of two or more types of ladders. Ladders can often be transformed into ladders, extension ladders, or even scaffolding.

If your purpose is to use ladders indoors, you should prioritize choosing ladders with a solid A-form so that you do not need to lean against the wall. Besides, the A-shaped ladders are pretty neat, very easy to move around the house and store.

best ladder to use on stairs

2. Size

The size depends on many factors, the most important of which is the ladder’s height. Usually, the higher the ladder, the harder it is to shrink into a compact shape and vice versa.

If your purpose of buying a ladder is simply for indoor use, on stairs, perhaps the most appropriate selection criteria are to be as small as possible.

Yet, if you are looking to invest in a multi-tool, then maybe the size of the ladder is not necessarily a big enough barrier for you to pass up the better options.

3. Weight Capacity

Basically, when in use, every ladder will have to bear the weight of

  • Your weight.
  • The weight of your clothing and protective gear.
  • The weight of the tools you use.
  • Weight of the equipment you mount on the ladder (if applicable).

When choosing ladders, you need to consider the maximum load, including the above four factors.

There are five levels of the maximum load rating of ladders, III, II, I, IA, IAA, respectively, corresponding to the maximum weight varying from 200 pounds to 375 pounds.

If you’re simply looking for a ladder with adjustable legs for stairs, an IA-rated scale equivalent to a 300-pound load should satisfy your needs.

4. Design & Build

As mentioned, the A-shaped design is pretty solid and doesn’t need a fulcrum. So, you should prioritize choosing a ladder with this design for indoor use.

The quality of the ladder frame is also a concern. A ladder that meets safety standards for joints, anti-slip, and rivets is a product worth the investment.

5. Ease of store

Single ladders have never been the optimal choice for indoor use, especially for stairs, because it is difficult to easily reduce the size and store it.

You should give preference to ladders that can be folded and not take up too much storage space.

6. Extra features

In addition to paying attention to the maximum height and storage capacity, you also need to pay attention to some features such as foot adjustment, fixed lock, anti-slip, ratchet leg levelers, or ladder standoffs.

Between two ladders with similar basic properties, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t prefer one that can adjust the height of each foot to suit rough terrain.

7. Warranty

No one wants to invest in a ladder that can only be a certain number of times. But problems can always happen. And to ensure your rights, right from the start, you need to choose brands with warranties for products.

The warranty period may depend on the reputation of the brand, the price of the product. The standard warranty coverage covers only manufacturer defects. However, some brands repair even errors that appear during use.

In summary, you should not bet on cheap products of unknown origin without an external warranty.


How Do You Use Adjustable Ladders on Stairs?

Even the best ladders can’t be effective or safe if you don’t properly use them. Here are the proper steps for you to use adjustable ladders with A-frame on stairs:

  • Step 1: Move the ladder to the position you need to work. You should clear all obstacles around to make it more convenient while installing and operating.
  • Step 2: Determine a reasonable angle for the ladder to be sure to reach the height you want.
  • Step 3: Extend the ladder into an A shape.
  • Step 4: Drag to open the side padlock. Adjust the height of the ladder so that it is in the most balanced position.
  • Step 5: Check again, then latch the lock.
  • Step 6: Climb the ladder. To be on the safe side, you can ask someone else to hold it for you as you climb and work on it.

To be safer when using ladders, you should pay attention to a few points:

  • Be sure to carefully read the instructions for use, installation, and warnings that come with the ladder.
  • Must determine the width of the stairwell you are using. Make sure your stairwell is suitable for the type of ladder you choose.

If the stairwell is too narrow or the steps are too steep, there may not be enough space to place and use the ladder safely.

  • You should inspect the ladder before use to detect damage early. Do not climb the ladder without checking the latches to avoid unfortunate situations.
  • Do not let children or unrelated people play, run around your work area. It can lead to a collision causing the ladder to fall, which is very dangerous for you and those around you.

How Do You Make a Ladder Reach Higher?

Before learning how adjustable legs work, it’s important to remember: Never change the style or height of a ladder while you’re on it.

After keeping the above safety minimums in mind, follow these guidelines to increase the height of an extendable ladder:

If your ladder uses pulleys to adjust the height, simply pull the rope.

If not, here are the steps for you to manually adjust the ladder height:

  • Step 1: Determine the required extension of the ladder. Specifically, the foot of the ladder must be ¼ of its maximum height. Expand the fly part according to the calculated data.
  • Step 2: Lock the fly to fix the width.
  • Step 3: Double-check again before climbing the ladder.

Is There a Special Ladder for Stairs?

Adjustable ladders are the best choice to use for stairs. With adjustable ladders, you can balance better than any other ladder.

Plus, you probably don’t want to hurt your walls by pushing a heavy ladder on it when using a ladder indoors. But if you choose adjustable ladders, you don’t need to find a fulcrum to work.

Besides, the size can change from compact to larger if the ladder is also very suitable for use in many different areas.

You can use the ladder inside or outside the apartment for residential purposes or as a scaffold on a construction site, as long as your ladder is sturdy enough and the maximum height is appropriate.


In life, there is no shortage of times when you want to decorate your house or paint the walls and do so many other activities for stairs. It will be troublesome if you only have a small chair to help you balance.

Instead, why not try the help of an adjustable stair ladder? Ladders that can work well even on uneven surfaces like adjustable ladders will help you a lot in your work.

And in addition to using the staircase, you can also use adjustable ladders like regular ones, serving most of your work. Therefore, investing in adjustable stair ladders is a safe and convenient investment.

Hopefully, with the suggestions and instructions above, you will find the best adjustable ladder for stairs as you wish.

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