Everyone loves to prepare their clothes on a full-size, traditional tabletop ironing board, but those with a small living space can’t afford to have this luxury. Thanks to the invention of wall mounted ironing boards, they can finally have a compact solution for this headache.

But these space-savers also come in various designs and shapes, each of which has its own use and purpose. Some will love an ironing board with a built-in cabinet while others may prefer a model that they can hang over a door. Check out the 7 best wall mounted ironing boards below, and you will find the perfect solution for your personal needs.

Top Wall Mount Ironing Boards – Quick Comparision

Product ImageProduct NameDimensions (inches)RatingsLatest Price
New Hide Away Sup400 Oak48 x 16 x 74.5/5
Superior Essentials Ironing Board22 x 13 x 54.6/5
Facilehome Ironing Board37 x 14 x 74.3/5
Household Essentials 18300-1 Ironing Board49 x 19 x 54.6/5
Eureka MFG Compact Ironing Board34 x 12 x 24.3/5
Honey-Can-Do Ironing Board47 x 17 x 504.5/5
Homebasix Closet Ironing Board17 x 14 x 54.6/5

Best Wall Mounted Ironing Board Reviews

1. New Hide Away Sup400 Oak Supreme Series – Best Overall

New Hide Away Sup400 Oak Built In Wooden Ironing Board Cabinet

With more than 30 years of experience in building innovative household products, you can place your trust in Hide Away and its products, including this new oak ironing board in the Supreme series. This is a built-in recessed wooden board that is packed with many sleek features to make it easier and more convenient to use.

With a look of a panel door, this cabinet comes with a nicely-made unfinished oak surface, which makes it more durable and looks naturally beautiful and allows you to easily stain it with the color you want.

Plus, the door of this cabinet is recessed to save space in your room by making sure that the entire cabinet has a low profile.

But this doesn’t mean it’s interior doesn’t have enough storage space. In fact, it provides some hooks to hang clothes and even an iron rest where you can put your compact retractable iron there.

You will also love the ability to rotate in 180 degrees of this wall mount ironing board as it allows you to make adjustments to the ironing position in whatever way you prefer. This will come in handy if you live in a small apartment and your laundry room doesn’t have much space.

However, there is something you need to keep in mind. With the dimensions of 47.75 inches in length and 16 inches in width, this ironing board may be too small for many, especially those who prefer a full-size model. But for others who don’t do heavy ironing, this real estate is definitely enough.

Verdict: This Hide Away wall mounted ironing board cabinet is a great companion item when you need to touch up some clothes from your dry cleaner, as long as you don’t need to iron a big pile of shirts and dresses.

  • Built-in cabinet, including iron storage
  • Natural raw wood surface
  • Storage shelf included
  • Durable structure
  • The board can swivel 180 degrees.
  • Compact size
  • Not for heavy ironing

2. Superior Essentials Wall Mounted Ironing Board – Best for design

Superior Essentials Wall Mounted Ironing Board

In clear contrast with the Hide Away product above, which comes with a whole cabinet for storage, this Superior Essentials wall-mounted ironing board is on the simpler side in terms of design.

With no complex structure or big storage space, this board rides on the trend of simple yet effective household appliances. Its goal is straightforward: allow you to better manage the ironing of your clothes by eliminating the need of sitting on your bed or on the floor.

Since this Superior Essentials product has stayed true to its brand name and value, the installation process is as easy as pie. Built with some simple mechanisms, it doesn’t require you to be skilled in dealing with screws and bolts, allowing you to do this all by yourself without calling in any technician. It even comes with a wooden wall fixing plate to make everything easier for you.

To assure that this board can last a lifetime as it has claimed, Superior Essentials has used high-quality steel to make it. This gives the board enough strength and stability for typical ironing.

Like the Hide Away board above, this board features the ability to rotate and be locked in different angles – a great benefit when you don’t have much space in your laundry room. Before thinking about moving it to a large room and even remodeling your laundry room altogether, consider getting a compact ironing board like this first.

However, due to its simplicity in nature, the Superior Essentials does fall short at a few things. As it only comes with just a board and has no cabinet like the Hide Away board, you need to manage to store your iron and accessories in other places. And this also exposes the whole board instead of covering it inside a cabinet, making it a bit ugly on the wall.

Verdict: This Superior Essentials ironing board is very simple and, as its name suggests, essential. This means both good and bad things: you have an easy-to-use board but must find storage elsewhere.

  • Inexpensive
  • Simple design
  • Durable frame
  • Can swivel to different angles
  • Ugly on the wall

3. Facilehome Wall Mount Ironing Board with Cabinet – Best for Versatility

Facilehome Wall Mounted Ironing Board Cabinet

This Facilehome model also comes with a small cabinet, meaning you can eliminate the need for a typical tabletop ironing board and save space in your laundry room. What’s more, it can double up as a nice closet to keep some of your belongings.

In detail, this ironing board from Facilehome has a wall-mounted design that serves as a built-in ironing center, where you will find another three drying racks and an iron organizer to store your iron and other accessories. The outside of the cabinet is painted with pretty white color and attached with a mirror. This can brighten your whole laundry room and make it look bigger, making it a great choice for apartments, dorms, and even RVs.

Many manufacturers in the market use flimsy construction to build their ironing board that will break down easily after a few times of use. But this is not the case with the Facilehome ironing board.

Built with sturdy industrial MDF wood to guarantee simple maintenance and more durability, this mountable ironing board will allow you to iron, clean, fold, and unfold your clothes numerous times without any issue. You can hang it on the wall and don’t need to use any supporting legs thanks to the strong triangular brackets, which also make the whole installation process much easier.

However, this in-wall ironing board is still on the smaller side and only suitable for some quick touch-ups. On top of that, many customers have complained that the mirror came cracked or broken and they needed to buy a new mirror to replace it.

Verdict: This Facilehome board is one of the most good-looking cabinet-style ironing boards you can find in the market. It will add a nice touch to your house while not taking up too much space for itself.

  • Sleek look
  • Built-in cabinet and mirror
  • Sturdy MDF construction
  • Three racks for storage
  • Can’t swivel
  • The mirror may be broken during shipping.

4. Household Essentials Fold Away Ironing Board Cabinet – Best for Height Adjustment

Household Essentials 18300-1 Fold Away Ironing Board Cabinet

This is another built-in ironing board with a cabinet, but this time around, the Household Essentials 18300-1 has a different design.

With the purpose of providing a convenient ironing board for people of all heights, this model allows you to adjust the height of the board. Even disabled people in wheelchairs can access it easily without the need of making any seating amendments. Once done with your clothes, you can fold up inside the cabinet, which is recommended to install closer to the floor for better accessibility.

The ironing board cover of this Household Essentials model is made from sturdy high-quality cotton to provide a secure yet soft surface for you to press your clothes. This material is also able to last longer than other synthetic fabrics that many ironing boards use.

Thanks to its ability to resist high temperatures, the board can keep going for several years – a good thing to know because, at the end of the day, no one wants to reinstall a new cabinet frequently.

But keep in mind that you will need to cut a rectangle cut out of 11.75 x 41 inches on your wall to install the cabinet as there is no way to install it on top of the surface of the wall. This is not an easy thing to do if you’re not familiar with these DIY skills.

Verdict: This Household Essentials wall mounted ironing board is a great choice if you need an easy-to-access model that can save some space in your house.

  • Include an in-wall ironing board cabinet
  • Suitable for people of all heights
  • Adjustable height
  • Complicated to install, no option for surface mount

5. Eureka MFG Compact Fold Down Ironing Board – Best Turning Board

Eureka MFG Compact Wall Mounted Fold Down Ironing Board

This fold down ironing board is another model that follows the minimal design of the Superior Essentials product. It doesn’t come with a cabinet, but with a unique and modern look, this Eureka MFG board is a great choice for basic needs.

To make this board compact and versatile, Eureka MFG has a turning mechanism, allowing it to swivel up to 180 degrees. This flexible design provides you with the necessary real estate to do some quick touch-ups to your clothes while saving a lot of space for your laundry baskets.

Unlike the Superior Essentials board, this wall-mounted board has a much more elegant look, thanks to the metallic grey cover running throughout the entire board. Even though there is no cabinet to hide it away, this board is still a nice-looking item and will blend well with the decor of your house.

Thanks to this simple design, this folding ironing board doesn’t require much effort from you to install. You won’t have any issue placing it securely on the wall without any wobbles.

However, many customers have reported the sharp edges of the metal part on this board. Even though the installation process is fairly simple, some extra care is never unnecessary.

Verdict: As one of the simplest ironing boards in the market, this Eureka MFG model is an amazing alternative to the Superior Essential board, especially if you like its elegant look.

  • Compact
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Stylish look
  • More expensive than other compact ironing board
  • May have many sharp edges

6. Honey-Can-Do Door Hanging Ironing Board – Best Alternative

Honey-Can-Do Door Hanging Ironing Board

A list of wall-mounted ironing boards should always leave a place for over-the-door models. They draw inspiration from dartboards with the ability to hook into any door in your house, including double-panel doors, so you can have a place to iron your clothes without taking too much space. And this Honey-Can-Do product is a board like that.

You can mount this compact board temporarily or permanently into any standard board, allowing it to become a portable ironing board. Thanks to this foldable design for secure transport and storage, it will lock safely in the upright position for easy ironing. When you’re done with your clothes, just fold it upwards and forget about it altogether. The Honey-Can-Do will hide behind the door and stay out of your eyes until the next time you need to do some touch-ups.

Despite its low price tag, the foam pad and the cotton board cover of this board will be in good condition for a long time while the durable frame can support your iron and clothes with ease.

Still, this is not a heavy-duty design, and you should not put too much weight on this lightweight ironing board.

Verdict: This is your best bet when you need to hide your ironing board behind a door to save plenty of space while blending it into your house like a dartboard.

  • Compact size
  • Cheap
  • Durable cover and pad
  • Compatible with most standard doors, even closet doors
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight design, not for heavy-ironing

7. Homebasix Murphy Ironing Board – Best Pull-out Board

Homebasix Closet Pull-Out Retractable Ironing Board (Alternative)

Pull-out ironing boards are another alternative if you don’t want to install a full-size model in your laundry room. For example, this Homebasix board is supposed to allow you to stow it away in your closet and pull it out when you need to do some ironing.

As you can see, this can be a solution for the hassle of carrying your clothes from your dryer or set up space for a separate ironing board. Just install this Homebasix model in your closet or drawer next to the dryer, and you can iron your clothes immediately and high piles of messy clothes are now a thing in the past.

Plus, the removable cover is made from heavy-duty heat resistant canvas for easy maintenance. The board itself also uses high-quality slide rails to make sure you can push and pull it numerous times without causing any mechanical issue. On top of that, it also allows you to rotate the board in any direction you like before tightening it down with the adjustment nut.

However, Homebasix should include more complete instructions in the box. The slides need some clearance so the board can swing open properly and not hit the top of your cabinet or closet. This overhang clearance should be at least 12 inches, which makes it too low for tall people if you install it inside an under-counter cabinet.

Verdict: If you already have a cabinet or closet as an ironing board holder, this Homeasix is a perfect addition to provide a space for ironing clothes while keeping it hidden from the view of your room.

  • Can be installed in closets, drawers, and cabinets
  • Easy to install and use
  • Heavy-duty heat-resistant cover
  • Need some clearance space


This article on the top 7 wall-mounted ironing boards has shed light on what you need to invest in order to turn your wrinkled heap of clothes into stunning daily outfits in the fastest and simplest way. If you are in need of some recommendations, go for the New Hide Away built-in ironing board. Not only is it customizable, but it is also a solution for anyone with a small apartment and not enough space for a traditional-style ironing board.

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