Having a weapon in your house is both safe and dangerous. You must ensure that the gun is accessible in emergent cases, meanwhile, it must be well concealed out of the reach of your beloved family members and unwanted visitors.

That time, you can consider buying this furniture to hide guns, rifles, and other weapons. As the name suggests, the concealment furniture looks really like the common ones but with additional compartments to hide your weapon. As follows ….

18 Best Gun Concealment Furniture

1. Modern Lift Top Gun Storage Coffee Table

Modern Lift Top Coffee Table

As a coffee table, the Modern Lift Top Coffee Table by YAHEETECH is made of premium MDF and mechanism to handle up to 150 lbs without wobbling.

More excitingly, there is a hidden compartment under the tabletop where you can hide guns as well as rifles. In emergent cases, you just need to lift up the top and access the gun.

Just for your note, the top can even be lifted up by curious kids. Thus, you had better keep the table in your working room.

2. American Concealment Flag

American Concealment Flag

Guess what can be concealed in this unique gun concealment furniture? Surprisingly enough, you can settle large firearms in this flag because it’s as large as 39×26.5×4.5 inches.

You would appreciate that compartments are locked and lined with the secure Kaizen foam. There is even a soft dampener on the bottom compartment and the hydraulic lift strut on the top to protect your weapons.

3. Gun Concealment Table Clock

Gun Concealment Table Clock

At a glance, it is hardly possible to figure out this is a Gun Concealment Clock. In fact, its hinged door features a hidden compartment of 9.5×11.5 inches. At this size, you can easily conceal a pistol and cartridge. The closed-cell foam is removable to quickly access the gun, while securely keeping your weapon out of sight.

The manufacturer even offers an additional magnetic lock as extra protection to the concealed item. In addition, the clock is carefully crafted with multiple finish and stain options to beautifully match with surrounding decor.

4. Floating Shelf with Hidden Gun Storage

Floating Shelf with Hidden Gun Storage

The rustic concealed floating shelf is strong enough to handle various collectibles, traveling mementos, photos, and the like.

Furthermore, the secret compartment between two layers is perfect to conceal valuable items like jewelry, cash, or weapon in plain sight. In specific, the hidden space is 16×6.25 inches – spacious enough for firearms. There is a customizable magnetic key to secure the guns from naughty kids and so.

Besides available sizes and the key, you can also require customization by contacting the manufacturer.

5. Hollow Book Hidden Gun Safe

Hollow Book Hidden Gun Safe

So far, books are good at concealing things such as a note or a photo. Nonetheless, you might not ever think of a book to hide the gun, might not you? In fact, the method is simple: you just need to remove some or all interior pages, leaving a hollow for the gun.

You can create a DIY safe book, or buy this Hollow Book. It is precisely crafted in the dimensions of a real book. Internally, pages are secured with durable glue and the whole book is locked by a magnetic closure.

6. Covobox Concealed Gun Safety Storage Book Box

Covobox Hidden Storage Book Box

The Covobox Book Box is another way to hide weapons with books. Since this gun concealment furniture features a set of real books and a cut-out wooden box, hardly anybody will realize that it is camouflaged storage for your gun – unless the home invasions in a chance want to read a book.

7. Nightstand with Hidden Gun Compartment

Nightstand with Hidden Gun Compartment

It is a good idea to keep a gun in the bedroom so that you can quickly access the weapon even in the middle of the night. For this purpose, the lift top nightstand like that of YOURLITEAMZ is well worth buying.

This hidden gun storage furniture works excellently as a mobile overbed table where you can place cups, photos, books, or a laptop. At the same time, there are two large drawers and an additional storage compartment for private stuff like short guns or firearms.

8. Gun Concealment Storage Bench

Concealment Leather Storage Bench

Normally, this gun concealment bench is completely comfortable to sit and lie on. The vinyl fabric is affordable while it is still relaxing and secure, unlike the wood bench.

Better to know, the lid of the bench is possibly lifted up and you will figure out a roomy space for up to 5 firearms. You can even cover the weapons with blankets or sportsmen accessories. When you need to access the gun, dual safety will securely keep the lid open and not pinching.

9. HandGun Concealment Flag Box Quick Access

HandGun Concealment Flag Box Quick Access

The HandGun Concealment Flag Box Quick Access is designed for a double-duty: a box to restore the flag momento and personal gun concealment for small gears.

It is worth mentioning that this unit is built for quick access. First off, you can open the box from the front instead of the back like standard flag bags. Secondly, the door is held with magnets to ensure items inside will not sneak out.

10. Air Vent-like Gun Concealer

Air Vent-like Gun Concealer

For those who might be wondering, the Air Vent-like Gun Concealer is a wall safe that can be discretely hidden behind a normal vent cover. This fake wall prevents unwanted visitors from seeing through and detect your concealed weapon.

The unit is easy to be installed between the studs. You can use magnets to cover secures and access the gun much faster. Otherwise, use screws to improve security.

11. Personalized Family Name Concealed Gun Wall Sign

Personalized Family Name Concealment Wall Sign

Though hiding valuables behind pictures or wall sign seems a bit more predictable than other gun concealment furniture, you can still cheat on plain sight.

For instance, you can use this gun concealed furniture. It is carefully crafted in three variations to look as natural as possible. Besides two peg and magnetic holding parts available, you can add an extra locking mechanism as additional protection to your weapons and for others, too.

12. Gun Concealment Bookcase

Gun Concealment Bookcase

Believe it or not, robbers are most likely to skip books, bookcase, or the like. They seem to not care about reading books.

On the one side, load the case with your favorite books so that you can enjoy them whenever you want to. Not to mention, the dark cherry wood finish will add extra beauty and fit almost all decor. More importantly, do not forget the pull-out drawer available for private items like guns or valuables.

13. Safety and Security Queen BedBunker Firearm Concealer

Safety and Security Queen BedBunker

If you had various guns from small to large, the furniture above seems not functional enough to handle them all. Then, why don’t you hide it using your bed? Safety and Security Queen BedBunker was born to do so.

Featuring exterior dimensions of 77 3/4x 59x 14 inches and two compartments of 75x 26x 10 on each side, the firearm concealer bed is supposed to hold 60 rifles at a time. There is even some sparing space for ammo or pistols.

Under any chance that unwanted people find out about the secret compartments, they can hardly open it because of the 2-hour firewall system.

14. Puzzle Gun Hiding Box

Puzzle Gun Hidden Box

Who will think of this entertaining puzzle as a gun concealment furniture? – But, it is.

Inside the carved timber box locates a secret compartment in different sizes, along with a decent lining floor. Thus, you can rest assured place your valuable weapon in this gun hiding furniture with no worry about scuffs or markings.

15. Romantic Gun Concealment Bedroom Furniture

Hidden Gun Storage Sign for Bedroom

The ideal is similar to the Personalized Family Name Concealment Wall Sign. In specifically, you can conceal a firearm inside the sign as above “Always kiss me goodnight.” The surrounding is securely lined wit premium Kaizen thick foam.

16. Freedom Series Weapon Concealed Coat Rack

Interestingly enough, every piece of furniture in your household can become a plain-sight place for guns and personal stuff. This time, you are introduced to the Freedom Series Coat Rack.

As can be seen, this weapon concealed furniture features a rack to hang out your clothing as normal rackets. The difference is a storage compartment on the top. It even comes with a magnetic safety lock.

17. Concealment Lamp

Concealment Lamp

Have you found the compartment? Yes, besides the standard parts of every lamp, the Concealment Lamp has magnetic catch key locks that cover the storage areas. Once it is open, you can place your handguns, ammo, or whatever you do not want to show for others.

18. Magnet Mount Galvanized Steel Relay

Magnet Mount Galvanized Steel Relay

Magnet Mount Galvanized Steel Relay is a kind of wall safe. Unlike the Air Vent-like Gun Concealer – another safe, the Galvanized Steel Relay is more visual and sturdy.

For your information, all parts of this unit are made of premium metal so it will last for years. Besides, there is a rolled plate and double-tape, as well as an easy-to-use screw to secure the parts in place.

Of all un concealment, can you pick up some choice for your weapon for other valuables?

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