Are you renting, wanting to rent, or simply creating a new bedroom? So, do bedrooms need windows?

In truth, depending on where you live, there will be different regulations, but with the bedroom, it is best to have at least one window.

However, if you don’t have a need or your space doesn’t allow it, you have more than one way to design your room without windows.

Let’s find out and discover right here in this article!

Is It Legal to Have a Bedroom Without a Window?

Each state or locality has its own rules about bedrooms. The standard controls are about square footage. In addition, there are requirements for windows for lighting, ventilation, and sometimes for escape.

Besides a few common points, you should learn more about the differences in the states you live in by scanning the code. Here are some regulations on accommodation in some typical states:

New York

In New York state, your bedroom needs to have windows.

Especially compared to the floor area, windows need to occupy 8% or more and not less than 25 square feet.

If this is difficult for you, consult a real estate professional to assess the legal status of your home before deciding to rent or buy it.


Similar to New York, Texas requires a bedroom window with a minimum size of 20 x 24. However, instead of having a separate standard for defining a bedroom code, Texas uses the 2001 International Residence Code.

The code also sets out bedroom regulations, including emergency exits and rescue doors. Sometimes you can assume that windows and doors do the same thing. However, this is not the problem.


If you live in Florida, it’s probably easier to rent or buy a room. In this state, they are not too strict about whether the room has a window or not. You need to make sure your bedroom has an emergency exit in case of need.

In particular, you also need to design a large enough portal because it may be difficult for you to escape if the door is too small in an emergency.


In contrast to Florida, the state of Chicago has many strict requirements for bedrooms. First, you need to make sure about the light source of each bedroom.

And to do this, your bedroom has to have a window. But this light source can be shared if your room is in the attic.

Moreover, you need to pay attention to the bedroom with four walls and one door. You need to design your room with a window, and it must be large enough for the fire department to get through quickly.

Finally, if you intend to buy or rent a home in this state, consult legal experts to get the best legal assistance possible.

Is It Bad to Sleep in a Windowless Room?

windowless bedroom

As previously mentioned in State housing regulations, each bedroom needs to have at least one window. So indeed, not equipping windows will have some disadvantages for your living room. Let’s take a look at some of the penalties below:

  • First of all, the value of a room without windows. Sometimes you will need to sell your room because of some legal requirements.

Therefore, it is inevitable that your room will cost less even though it is not too different from other rooms except for the lack of windows. Your room is not even a bedroom.

  • Next is safety. You probably all know you can’t avoid the risks when your room has no windows. So always make sure you equip yourself with the skills and use of smoke detectors and check it regularly. It is essential as it concerns your safety.
  • Finally, there is a health disadvantage if using a bedroom without windows. You already know that sunlight is perfect in the early morning.

It both helps you wake up on time and is suitable for your physical health. If your windowless room is too closed and the lack of sunlight will sometimes make your body tired. So decoration or design is a good solution for your space.

In fact, sleeping in a room without a window is not a bad thing, but sometimes you will encounter unexpected disadvantages. You will even find your room boring and need some solutions to make the room more novel.

How to Decorate Bedrooms Without Windows?

As mentioned before, sometimes you will find that the lack of windows makes your room look old.

And you’re looking for ways to decorate your room but haven’t come up with any ideas yet? Don’t worry, here are a few suggestions for your space:

1. Create a Dummy Window

fake window

Currently, the use of wall decals has become too popular with many unique shapes and designs depending on the needs and preferences of users.

Significantly different from traditional paper types as before, some decal papers now have 3D form, so the scene images are incredibly realistic and vivid.

You can choose for yourself a decal with a window frame with a view of the sea or the sky. Surely you will feel comfortable every time you look at your window.

2. Use Curtains

decorating windowless bedroom with curtains

If you do not like to use decal paper, choosing curtains is an exciting decision.

First, prepare yourself a good curtain. Pay attention not to choose a color that is too bright or too transparent because it may not look natural.

Then you pull it closed to both ends to create the illusion that it is covering your window. Moreover, such a design makes your room more spacious and airy.

3. Paint The Room With Light Color

With a bedroom with no windows, you will probably find your space narrower, so you should consider it before choosing a paint color for it.

Usually, if you decide to paint the light colors, the room will look larger and look much more relaxed.

Another small suggestion for you is to choose more light-colored furniture or bed sheets or pillows. It will make your room look much more spacious.

4. Create a Highlight

Usually, you will often find the window will be the focal point for every room.

However, if your bedroom does not have a window, you can create your accent by choosing a beautiful picture or even a bed with a unique design.

If the double bed is the right size, it will make your room look bigger. In addition, a picture with a rectangular frame is also a perfect choice that you should use.

5. Use Lots of Light

add more lights to windowless bedroom

In some families, they do not care too much about the choice of lights in the bedroom. Of course, this is not too ominous with bedrooms that have windows.

But on the other hand, using lots of lights is probably a great way to have a bedroom without windows. You can use table lamps or install small vertical lights on the ceiling. You will find your room warmer and more spacious.

6. Furnished with Simple Furniture

Your bedroom will be more beautiful if you choose furniture that has a neat and straightforward design.

Usually, choosing too bulky items will make your space feel cramped or even sloppy. So make sure your belongings are always neat and organized.

You might consider using a box bed and storing things under the bed. This way you will save more space for the room.

7. Use a Mirror

Full Length Mirror Standing with lights for windowless room

You’ve probably heard somewhere about using mirrors to make a room brighter and more spacious. In fact, using a mirror to give your room more depth means it creates the illusion of a larger space.

Moreover, combined with the use of mirror lights will reflect on making your room look brighter. So the absence of windows is no longer a concern.

8. Add Metallic Accents

Similar to mirrors, you can utilize metal to make your bedroom look brighter.

By taking advantage of a few small tricks, such as using metal doorknobs, metal picture frames, or metal candlesticks, you have contributed to making your room look new and increase the color gamut.

9. More Plants

You will find it absurd to use plants or flowers in a closed room. It is not suitable for your health if you leave them in the house at night.

Although it takes a bit of time, you can buy a beautiful little tiger tongue or rich tree to put on a shelf to absorb toxic gas in the house and then bring it out when it’s dark.

Of course, using plants is not a perfect solution, but it is a good choice for a room without windows.

10. Add a  Skylight

add skylight to windowless bedroom

Finally, a more practical solution is to use Skylight. Thanks to Skylight, you can see outside quickly as well as receive extremely natural light. However, suppose you intend to design it.

In that case, you should consult a professional because Skylight is an independent project, and you cannot make or decorate it by yourself like the ways mentioned above.

How Many Windows Should The Master Bedroom Have?

Each individual’s needs and preferences will determine how many windows your master bedroom has.

With an average bedroom, you will need at least one window to ensure that you can receive natural light and escape when an emergency occurs.

There are a few ways you should know before deciding whether your bedroom has more than one window:

  • View: If there are many beautiful and airy views around your house and the bedroom is large, you can thoroughly consider adding a window in the direction of the scene you like. Yet, if your room is not too big, having many windows is not a good way.
  • Lifestyle: Are you someone who doesn’t like to get up early and doesn’t want to wake up due to too much light coming in through the window?

If you don’t want this to happen, your room should only have one window. You can also wear dark curtains if you wish.

  • Space and Neighborhoods: You may want to consider adding a window if you have lots of greenery and fresh air around your house.

However, you may only close all day if your home is right on the street, so choosing many windows in this space is a bad thing.

  • Use: Maybe you intend to use this room for a while and then sell it. So it would help if you were careful when adding windows.

Sometimes you will meet guests who like to stay up late, so it will be difficult to sell or rent the room. Therefore, a window in the room is probably reasonable.

Can a Bedroom Have Too Many Windows?

A bedroom with too many windows is not too bad, but sometimes it will cause you to encounter some unwanted problems.

When the bedroom has too many windows, the good thing is that you will receive more light in the early morning, but if it is noon or early afternoon, you are easily exposed to the harmful effects of UV rays.

Moreover, if your home location is off the road and there is a lot of traffic, you need to clean your house regularly.

Therefore, the furniture in the house also gets old faster. In particular, you will face fine dust and toxic substances, which significantly affect your breathing.

Of course, if your home is near an open space and has a nice view, you may want to consider adding more than a tiny window in your bedroom.


We hope you can understand and have a satisfactory answer to the question “Can you have a bedroom without a window?”

Via this article, you can find a solution that works best for you if your bedroom has no windows. Thank you for reading!

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