A dresser may pop up in your mind first when it comes to cloth storage. However, most dressers are bulky. If your bedroom isn’t big enough, you need to find alternatives to dressers. So what can you use instead of a dresser?

This article will share some options to store clothes in a small space. They are both space-saving and aesthetic. Let’s read on to discover!

Best Alternatives to Dressers

Below are dresser alternatives that all come in different sizes, colors, and designs. Keep scrolling down and pick the one that fits your bedroom!

1. Under-bed Storage

Under-bed Storage

Instead of buying a standard dresser, you can purchase a bed with storage below to keep your clothes. With dressers or wardrobes, bedrooms with small space would look cramped.

On the other hand, built-in under-bed drawers are a smart idea because they resolve the need for a separate cabinet.

These beds are available in a variety of dimensions and generally include two pull-out compartments on each side.

You can use storage bins with lids as a cheap dresser alternative for beds that don’t have drawers but have free space under them. You can pull them up whenever you need to get your clothing.

2. Armoire


A wooden armoire is an antique clothes storage option that can give more charm to your bedroom. This beautiful piece of furniture includes racks and shelves for keeping various apparel and other stuff.

You can choose from carved wooden patterns in light and dark brown tones. The armoires come in natural materials, which add to the rustic attraction of a vintage bedroom.

3. Bedside Table

Bedside Table

You can get rid of the dresser by optimizing space in other places, such as the bedside table.

You’ll have a superb dresser alternative with some storage as well as a pull-out top to keep everything you need tidy. The significant advantage of this option is that you can place your stuff near you and right next to your bed.

It would be best to go for the white color if you are looking for a bedside table since it can work in most rooms and styles.

4. Trunks

trunks as bedside table

These recycled clothing storage options are straightforward to use. They’re also a more attractive alternative than dressers.

Whether you have metal or wooden trunks, you may clean them up and utilize them to hold your clothes. Most antique stores have trunks in a variety of colors and styles.

They have handles for easier holding and can help you arrange in different ways to match your interior décor.

Another benefit of the trunks is the large space they provide for storing folded items. The wooden versions can be ornamental items to boost the visual attractiveness of your bedroom.

5. Garment Rack With Shelves

Garment Rack With Shelves

Clothing racks come in a wide range of materials, sizes, and designs. You can expect an excellent dresser alternative, from the smallest and simplest racks to the largest with stunning designs.

This option is space-saving because you can hang your clothes on the rack while placing your shoes on the shelves below. All-in-one furniture is always a good idea for small rooms.

6. Cube Organizer

Cube Organizer

Cube organizers are the storage formed from boxes and baskets. These cubicles are straightforward to use because all you have to do is pull out the boxes and lay your clothes in.

You can feel free to choose the patterns and colors you like for the basket. These space-saving dresser alternatives are ideal when you need to change the overall look of your bedroom.

You can buy these cube organizers from any furniture shop or make your ones.

7. Custom Closet Organization System

Custom Closet Organization System

A solution to replace a dresser is a big clothing organizer that is custom-made. This concept can work if your bedroom has enough room to fit this furniture.

These organizers come with various drawers, shelves, and racks of different sizes to store your clothing in order.

Just look for a design that fits your requirements the best, and ensure that you get the right size for your clothes.

8. Stackable Boxes

Stackable Boxes

Plastic boxes are available in various sizes. The transparent layouts allow you to better arrange your clothing without opening the lids or pulling out the drawers to see what is inside.

You can also stack the boxes to take advantage of the vertical room. Most furniture stores and supermarkets sell these cheap boxes with or without lids and wheels.

9. Chest Of Drawers

Chest Of Drawers

A chest of drawers has been a popular clothing storage choice for decades. These pieces of furniture are large and enable you to put your clothes properly.

They have numerous colors and patterns. You may organize your clothing in different ways to maximize the space.

A wooden chest at the bed foot is a wonderful addition to the design of your room. It’s attractive to the eye and performs a practical function.

You can utilize the chest for seating and place it on your shoes as well.

10. Bookshelf With Clothing Rack

Bookshelf With Clothing Rack

A big bookshelf in your bedroom might allow you to be more creative. You may hang your clothing on the racks that come with the shelf.

You just need to take the shelves from a portion of the bookshelf and replace them with a pole for hanging clothing. It’s a simple approach that will assist you in replacing the dresser.

11. Above Bed Shelving

Above Bed Shelving

The above-bed shelf may be a stunning centerpiece while also serving as clothes storage in rooms with plenty of wall surfaces above the headboard.

You will have a chance to organize your bedroom with the aid of these shelf systems. To make your bedroom shine, pick your favorite from prefabricated shelves and custom-made wood pieces.

12. Lingerie Chest

Lingerie Chest

A lingerie chest is similar to the chest of drawers. It’s also a tall item that is far smaller than a standard dresser. Although there isn’t enough space to hang clothing in it, you can store your clothes in the drawers instead.

If you still need to hang your stuff, you can install some hooks on its side. Make sure that your lingerie is tall enough. In small spaces, this tip can help you save a lot of space.

13. Ladder Rack

ladder rack

If your dresser can’t hold all your stuff, small storage can help. And there comes a ladder rack.

The rack allows you to hang your clothes. This unique dresser alternative can also serve as a furniture item that can bring an elegant look to your bedroom.

However, even if some ladder racks are tall, they may not carry all of your clothes. If you utilize every centimeter of the rack, the overall look may be a little messy.

14. Coat Tree

tree branch coat

Homeowners often place coat trees near the doorway to hang hats or coats. They also work well as clothing storage. They take up significantly less flooring space and make use of the height of your bedroom.

This temporary dresser solution may not be suitable for small things. However, you can feel free to hang your dresses, pants, shirts, and jackets on the tree. Such an ideal way to free up your closet!

15. Wall Hooks

wall hook

Wall hooks appear to be a common and convenient way to hang clothes. You can attach the hooks on the wall separately or in a row. They help save a lot of space while still looking good.

You may hang handbags, bathrobes, and clothes on the hooks. However, don’t use the same hook for too many things. It may fall off the wall. Also, don’t place too many hooks on the wall. Your bedroom will become a mess.

16. Suitcases


A suitcase can carry your clothes while on the go or right in your bedroom. Simply put clothes in the suitcase. And you can let the suitcase in any extra space in your room.

Storing clothes in suitcases may be inconvenient. However, they are good at protecting your stuff from dust and help save space. The suitcase is an excellent temporary alternative to dressers and perfect for decorating if you buy ones with a unique look.

Do You Need a Dresser in Your Bedroom?

So, is a dresser necessary in your bedroom while you have so many options to replace it? There are some cases where a dresser is the best for storing clothes.

For additional surface space

The bedroom is a fantastic place to redecorate. Family photographs, inspirational phrases, and houseplants are all great additions to a bedroom’s decoration.

However, without the dresser, finding a place for these items is challenging. A dresser gives a much-needed area for displaying your favorite family photo or a lovely house plant.

For a cozier sense

The bedroom should be comfortable and relaxing. After a hard day, you will rest in your bedroom. If your place can’t give you this sense of comfort, try adjusting the furniture.

Make your bedroom homey by updating your décor or buying a fresh new piece of furniture. In this case, a dresser could be a perfect solution.

To complete your room

Some people believe that a bedroom isn’t complete without a stunning wood dresser. If you have a large room, you will almost certainly have a vacant wall if you don’t get a dresser.

Even if you buy a tall and thin dresser, it will give your room some charm and make it seem complete.

Some people choose to buy bedroom dresser packages that include a dresser and a bed. The set will make your room in sync.

small bedroom with dresser

What Clothes Should I Throw Out?

It’s obvious to throw out unnecessary outfits. However, depending on different people, we may define “unnecessary” differently. There are some common tips to clear your dresser.

Begin with the most visible objects, such as any damaged, torn, or worn-out clothing. There’s no need to store a shirt with a large rip. Starting small is a great way to motivate yourself to continue moving.

Then, select some items that you rarely or never put on. Don’t let these things occupy the space in your dresser.

You can consider the outfits that are too big or too small first. If they don’t fit you, you may feel uncomfortable wearing them.

If you are using a dresser, don’t store bulky clothes in them. You need to fold the clothes to fit in the storage. As a result, large outfits take up a lot of space. It would help if you considered hanging these garments somewhere else.

What Clothes Go In Dresser Drawers?

Dresser drawers are the best place to store shirts, tank tops, T-shirts, and socks. These things are soft and easy to fold.

A dresser includes many drawers. You can label them and use them to store specific clothes. It helps you locate what you are looking for faster.

The Bottom Line

The dresser alternatives above may not be unique, creative, or cheap enough for you to apply to your small space. However, it should at least give you an initial idea of what you can use to replace your bulky or outdated dresser.

If you find the above solutions ok, you need to work on the design, size, color and opt for the one that goes in sync with your bedroom.

Hopefully, there is at least one option for your place. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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