Are you seeking a unique theme for your bedroom decorating? Then, look no further than the Egyptian theme with the allure of mythology and antiquity. If you are in love with Egyptian history with Pharaoh, marvelous pyramids, hieroglyphs, why not incorporate it into your bedroom?

There are many ideas on Egyptian-themed bedrooms that you can try. It does not necessarily mean turning your room into a minimal chamber. With some simple decorations and new furniture, you can easily give an Egyptian look to your room. Now, let’s look at the Egyptian bedroom ideas to select your favorite style!

Egyptian Themed Bedroom Ideas

Black and Gold Decor

Black and gold colors are a classic combination that evokes the Pharaoh’s power and grandeur. This style focuses on the matching colors for the theme without adding too many regal details.

First, start with the wall. Neutral colors like gold accent and light sandy-beige are great choices that resemble Egyptian style. You can consider having two black and gold columns on the wall’s sides to enhance the idea.

Also, don’t forget your bed design. A white bedsheet with some pillows having black and gold patterns is a recommended option. You can be creative with several ideas on this design, as long as it has the Egyptian aura that you wish for!

Egyptian Furniture with Artwork

If you are an enthusiast of minimalist style, then you will love how the Egyptian style matches so well with the simple brown tone. With this idea, you just need to have an Egyptian-inspired artwork to breathe new life into your bedroom, like a picture or a print. Meanwhile, brown furniture will highlight the simplicity and elegance of your room.

Gold and Ochres Theme

Are you impressed by the ancient beauty of Egypt? If so, this idea is meant for you.

The color palette in this idea includes gold and ochres, which significantly remind you of the regal Pharaoh’s tone. One of the features here is the gold-toned bed with four carved posters in ancient Egyptian style. Besides, why not enhance your room with an Egyptian-themed wallpaper and some vintage-styled ornaments?

Simple Egyptian Style

If you prefer a simple way to decorate your Egyptian-themed bedroom, take a look at this suggestion. With some simple amenities, you can give your bedroom a unique look with this style.

This style features the large wall decals of Egyptian kings and the hieroglyphic pattern on the lamps. You can also decorate the space with some eye-catching ornaments, like a dreamcatcher or a hanging wind chime.

Sunset Theme with Palm Trees and Camels

What else reminds you of Egypt in addition to pyramids and Pharaoh? It may be the camels trekking in the deserts, right? Decorating your bedroom with nature details is another awesome and simple idea to try.

This design focuses on decorating the wallpaper with the palm tree pattern in a creamy beige background. It mimics the scenery of a desert with the colors reminiscent of sunset on the sand. To make the room more inviting, you can consider setting up some dark-wood amenities like a carved bed or a brown bedside table.

Royal Pharaoh’s Chamber

Do you want to turn your room into a royal Egyptian themed room? If so, don’t pass over this luxurious design. It utilizes heavy-carved furniture to highlight the splendor, from the bed to the carved posters.

In this idea, you can see that the room stands out with the four giant gold-toned columns with hieroglyphic patterns. In the center is an eye-catching burgundy bedding. Besides, around the rooms are some decorative elements featuring the matching colors of burgundy red, and gold.

Recommended Decor Stuff

Your Egyptian inspired bedroom will not be complete without decor stuff. Let’s take a look at some recommendations to pretty up your dreamed space now!

Egyptian Bedding Set

This bedding set is printed in brown gold accents with ancient Egyptian patterns. This color can match with a variety of Egyptian-inspired themes and furniture in your room. The duvet set was manufactured with innovative digital printing methods that prevent color fading.

Goddess Isis Sculptural Table Lamp

This table lamp is a stunning and unique ornament that gives a totally Egyptian look to your space. It features Isis, the Egyptian deity of marriage, fertility, and motherhood. With the combination of black, faux gold, and silver colors, this lamp is a go-to choice for anyone loving unique-looking and somewhat mysterious decor stuff.

Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Console Table

Do you know that cheetahs are thought to be the throne’s protectors and Pharaoh’s companions? Hence, why not set up this cheetahs console table to spice up your Egyptian style bedroom? This amenity will undoubtedly give an exotic flair to your space.

Egyptian Temple Steles Tutankhamen Wall Sculpture Plaques

Another outstanding Egyptian decor is this set of stele plaques, featuring the great Pharaoh King Tut, Goddess Isis, and Horus. Every detail in these plaques is elaborately carved and hand-painted. Also, with the ebony black and faux gold colors, these plaques look so realistic in real life.

Egyptian Wall Mirror with Cobra Sconces

Are you fascinated with the royal Egyptian wall mirror that you have seen in movies? If so, how about setting up this stuff in your room? Take a look at this cobra scones-featured wall mirror. With every hand-painted detail, this mirror evokes the ancient beauty and glory of Egyptian royalty.

King Tutankhamen’s Tomb Throne Chair

King Tut is one of the most prominent and famous Pharaohs that inspires many unique Egyptian decorations, including this gold-toned throne chair. The chair is designed with sophisticated hand-painted details and painted in faux gold. Needless to say, it is an eye-catching and impressive amenity.

Ancient Egyptian Jackal God Anubis Bust Statue

If you are inspired by the Egyptian deity, then you should know Anubis the jackal God. Another great Egyptian ornament to go for is this metallic bronze Anubis statue. This statue has a size of around 9.5 inches in height, 4 inches in width, and 3.5 inches in length. It is space-saving and undoubtedly livens up your Egyptian-inspired room.

King Tut Sarcophagus Wall Sculpture

You are interested in the mysterious tombs and mommy when speaking of Egyptian style? Then how about renovating your space with this wall sculpture of the famous King Tut? This model is meticulously painted by the skillful artisans, giving it a realistic look.

Gold Brown Curtains

Another simple ornament to enhance your Egyptian-themed room is the curtain. Gold brown curtains somewhat resemble the ancient Egyptian style. Hence, it will not be a waste if you add these silky and opaque curtains to your bedroom.

Other Desgin Ideas

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