The brightness and visual spaciousness that a mirror brings to your room is too great a temptation, so you may severely think about the question, “should I put a mirror above my bed?

In simple words, you can place a mirror above your bed to add nice decor to your bedroom. Yet, whether it’s a good idea or not depends on the type of the mirror, its size, and the distance from it to your bed’s headboard.

People often call mirrors ‘aspirin of Feng Shui‘ as they involve many Feng Shui adjustments. Thus, you also need to consider factors relating to Feng Shui before carrying out the mirror placement.

Besides, you’ll get to know the advantages and disadvantages of placing mirrors over a bed, as well as tips for hanging your mirror. Stay tuned to discover!

Is It Okay To Put Mirrors Above a Bed?

While mirrors are among the stunning decor items for a bedroom with a couple of benefits, they sometimes don’t necessarily fit every room style and have some disadvantages.

round mirror over bed
With a well-placed mirror, your bedroom turns brighter and more beautiful.


The most major upside of a mirror in a room is the increased visual spaciousness. Wide, big mirrors tend to create the illusion of a roomier, more open space, thus making your bedroom appear larger.

This glass decor can work so well if the magic wall, on which put the mirror, is the first thing people see when they step into your space.

So if your room is somewhat relatively small with the bed lying across the main door, you have a perfect place to position your mirror.

Plus, a mirror serves a more practical use than other ornamental stuff.

Mirrors are a necessity in any house that you use in everyday life.  Isn’t it so convenient to tie a tie or touch up your makeup right in your bedroom after changing clothes?

Instead of filling up the blank space above your bed with a clock or a picture, you can look at your beautiful self every morning with a shiny mirror.

What’s more, a mirror can make an attractive statement in your room.

Most of you usually think of a wild, colorful painting or a mantelpiece when talking about a room’s focal point.

What you may not know is that mirrors with contrasting, decorative frames can draw the eye and bring a charming appeal to your bedroom.

Besides, unlike a window with direct sunlight, a mirror over your bed won’t generate reflected lights that would disrupt your sleep.

The sleep quality at night will determine your daytime energy and mood. If you’re not a heavy sleeper, you’re easy to wake up and hard to fall asleep again. Even a tiny reflected light ray can interrupt a nap once it reaches your eyes.

That’s why many people try to keep it inside a closet or simply don’t use bedroom mirrors to ensure a completely quiet, dark room while sleeping. However, you don’t have to worry about any disturbing light against you with a mirror above your headboard.

mirror above bed - bad feng shui
Mirrors above beds are bad Feng Shui.


The bad Feng Shui is a significant downside that may make you think twice about placing a mirror over your bed.

Feng Shui is a conventional discipline whose practitioners are of the opinion that how we arrange the furniture inside a room can, in part, affect the energies flowing through it.

Nowadays, homeowners, both who do and do not stick to Chinese spirituality, prefer to follow Feng Shui rules to create elegant and harmonious spaces.

Feng Shui does not really approve of mirrors hanging above beds. This placement appears unfavorable if your mirror directly faces the door.

Besides, the thing with a mirror on too high is that you can’t see your entire body from head to toe.

The primary purpose of a mirror is to give the user a decent canvas so that they can perfect their look.

However, a mirror in a high place won’t do that for you. Even when your pad is thin, and the bed is low, you still leave out the view of the lower body.

Unless there’s another mirror in your house that provides a full-body reflection, you’d better steer clear of hanging your mirror in a high position.

More importantly, this placement could pose a hazard when the mirror unexpectedly falls or breaks.

Any hanging accent above your head is potentially dangerous, particularly glass things, as there’s a great possibility they’ll shatter after falling.

How to Hang a Mirror Above Your Bed?

Since this mirror placement is not a failsafe option, it’s highly advisable to keep caution in mind when hanging a mirror. The helpful tips below would help.

Hexagon Mirror Stickers
Hexagon mirror stickers are a cool option for this placement.

1. Types of the Bedroom Mirror

If you insist on this arrangement idea, there are some ideal mirror suggestions to consider.

Mirror Stickers

Mirror stickers don’t require holes to hold on the wall, so the hanging is more effortless. They function as a mirror, but their materials are not necessarily glass but maybe acrylic or plastic.

This type of mirror is generally lightweight and straightforward to attach and detach from a wall.

You can attach them by simply removing the film on their back, sticking them to a blank, even wall, and removing the protective film in the front.

Flashy Mirrors

This sunburst, lightweight mirror brings the feel of sun throughout your room. You’ll wake up every day with a cute ‘sunrise’ overhead.

Mirror Mosaic

Lightweight mirror mosaics will adhere tightly to the wall and are perfect to position on top of your bed.

Plus, it would be best if you considered the shape of the mirror, such as round, triangular, or rectangular, to coordinate it with the style of your bedroom and your bed.

2. Size of the Mirror

Another important thing you should consider is how big the mirror is. You can measure the right mirror size by relying on the size of your wall. Please remember to avoid heavy, thick mirrors. It’s not wise at all to hang something bulky and easy to break above your head.

3. How High Should a Mirror Be Above the Headboard?

The ideal distance ranging from your bed’s headboard to the mirror’s bottom is somewhere between eight and ten inches.

Hanging it too far from the bed may fail to create a focal point, while a too short distance leaves you little space to put stuff on the headboard.

Mirror Over Bed Ideas

rhombus mirrors over headboard

moon shaped mirrors

geometric mirror

gold mirror headboard

big round mirror

Should I Cover My Mirrors At Night?

Reflected lights not only disturb your sleep but also make you feel jumpy. If your mirror produces any light that falls directly on your eyes, you should remove it or cover it with a dark blanket at night.

However, with mirrors above your bed, you’ll rarely experience this issue, so there’s no need to hide them.


Hanging mirrors over the bed and especially over the headboard is not good in Feng Shui. However, there are still other benefits that you should consider. This placement is a good idea for small or decent bedrooms with a classy, elegant style.

If a mirror doesn’t seem to work, there are plentiful alternative artworks to improve your bedroom decorations, like a shelf, a minimalist gallery, or a brilliant painting.

We hope that you will end up with the best decor decision!

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