There are some reasons why people want to hide their fridges. They may have a sneaky roommate or co-workers, or they conceal some food from others. No matter what your reason is, you are looking for ways to disguise your fridge.

How to hide a mini fridge in your room? Often, people put their fridge in the cabinets or place the fridge somewhere hard to notice.

You can also cover your machine with a wrap or a tablecloth. Or, if you haven’t bought a fridge, shop for the model that looks like a cabinet.

This article will discuss the methods for concealing a mini-fridge in detail. Let’s read on to discover!

Best Ways to Hide a Mini Fridge

Mini-fridges are compact and portable machines. Thanks to the size, you can put your mini-fridge almost everywhere, even in your bedroom. Here are some methods to hide your fridge.

1. Buy a Hidden Mini Fridge Cabinet

cabinet to hide mini fridge

The simplest option to disguise your mini-fridge is to get one that has already been concealed. Because there’s such a huge demand for hiding these handy tiny freezers, several fantastic items with little fridges built-in are accessible.

You can look for coffee tables, discreet containers, nightstands, and end tables. Some dressers or drawers may even include a built-in mini-fridge.

Buying a new or secondhand open-style table and sliding your fridge is a more cost-effective alternative. Though this method won’t entirely conceal the fridge, it is a sneaky and space-saving approach.

2. Wrap Your Fridge Up

If you don’t want anyone to notice your fridge, wrap it. The issue now is how to choose the wrap that fits.

You have tons of choices out there, such as a wrap that looks like a brick wall made or the one with letterbox patterns. You can also disguise your mini fridge as if you are just using a filing cabinet.

To perfectly conceal your mini-fridge, you can opt for some color-matching ideas for the wrap. For example, you might use the wraps the same color or tone with the walls.

3. Buy a Mini Fridge That Looks Like Furniture

mini fridge that looks like a bedside table

You don’t have to disguise your fridge as a cabinet if it does look like a cabinet. If you don’t have a mini-fridge and plan to buy one, go for this option.

The fridge with a nightstand-like appearance is available in the market in different sizes and colors. Feel free to choose the one that fits your bedroom best.

4. Deep Disguise

If you need to hide your mini-fridge immediately, cover it with a tablecloth and put a light on the top to make it look like an end table. Simply conceal the cord underneath the couch or the bed as well.

You can also cover the top and the sides with cardboard, then put additional boxes around it. It will match well as a box you haven’t opened yet.

A wood vegetable box may also hide a tiny mini-fridge. You just need to put the refrigerator against the wall, giving enough space for airflow and the cord. Then, on top of it, lay the vegetable box.

For straightforward concealment, just place your laptop, some books, and a lamp on top.

5. Make Some Room in a Corner

Room corner areas are challenging to fill, whether at ground level or with a huge L-shaped pantry.

On the other hand, some creative manufacturers have risen to the occasion by constructing a corner fridge with a door that opens diagonally with plenty of cold storage within. The entire appliance can fit into existing cabinets and takes up around a square meter of space.

6. Place The Mini Fridge in Your Closet

hide a fridge in closet

You can store your mini-refrigerator in your closet. A tiny TEC-sized fridge might suffice.

The only explanation for putting a fridge in such an unusual location is because you need it and don’t have enough room. Another factor may be the need to keep your expensive snacks and drinks hidden from the kids.

However, putting a mini-fridge in a closet can be uncomfortable.

When turning cooler air into gases and heat, the motor in the mini-fridge makes a distinct wheezing sound. It continues to wheeze during the whole night, which means you have to deal with the annoying sounds every day.

7. Build a Cabinet

If you have some wood in hand, you can construct a cabinet for your mini-fridge. Remember to clip out a hole for the wire at the rear.

Also, make sure there’s enough space for ventilation. You may also upgrade the cabinet you have constructed with glue, chalk, and ornamental moldings.


How Much Space Do You Need Around A Mini Fridge?

To properly install a mini-fridge in the cabinet, ensure there is enough space around your fridge’s edges.

Fridges need sufficient ventilation to operate and release the heat properly, which is generally from the back. Therefore, the cabinet should have an open back or a few inches of clearance to enable the heat to escape.

Modern refrigerators require 1/4 to 1/2 inches of room between the wall and the fridge on the sides, and about 1 and 1/2 inches at the rear. This space enables proper air movement all around the coils of the fridge.

fridge ventilation
A fridge needs some extra space for ventilation and heat exit.


Above are some tips to hide a mini fridge in your bedroom, dorm room, or even office.

While using a cabinet is the most popular method, you can disguise your fridge with a wrap or place it in your closet. The most straightforward approach is to buy a fridge that looks like furniture, such as a coffee table or a nightstand.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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