You are planning for a secret man shelter and must-have items to buy for a man cave, aren’t you? It is a good idea to have a place to go when you want to spend time on your own – getting away from work-life pressures or regulating negative emotions. Or, you desire a confidential place to hide your secretly favorite from a complaining partner.

Whichever purposes you have, make sure you always have the following items to ensure a comfortable and convenient experience whenever you are in your cave.

The Ultimate Man Cave Essentials to Have

1. Man Cave Sign

Man Cave Sign

Every room should have a sign. A man cave is no exception. The sign adds a personal touch to your shelter, saying that others had better keep off from your own place.

It might be as simple as “Name’s Man Cave. My Place – My Rules.” Or, you can customize the sign to your personality, for example, a little sense of humor “Ladies, keep off my cave. No shirts. No shoes. No service!” or even nice threatening message “ … Enter at your own risks!”

2. TV or Projector

TV or Projector

Prepare something to entertain you when you are in the cave. Take a TV or projector, for example, to enjoy films, Super Bowl, or weekend sporting events.

It would be better to have a flat TV to get full and vivid pictures. More excitingly, the built-in speaker will ensure the sound quality to enjoy your leisure time to the most. Nonetheless, if your cave is not too spacious or you have a tight budget, a project is a decent alternative.

3. Man Cave Bar

Man Cave Bar

While many people find installing a bar in their man caves a bit time-consuming and expensive, a bar is, in fact, extremely beneficial.

On one side, it is convenient to have some kitchen utensils, coffee, alcohol available when you need a drink. Moreover, you might invite your buddies to come over to your man cave several times. At that time, a bar is a good place to have some chats and beers together. On the other hand, the bar adds a unique style to your own place.

4. Bar Stools

Bar Stools

Of course, you need bar stools to go along with the bar. There are bunches of design for you to take into consideration, yet, wooden stools are recommended for all good.

First off, the wooden chairs are built to last without warp or dent. Secondly, wood can match with all bars’ interior themes. On top of that, these stools are supposed to be comfortable to sit on. Even better, they come with backs, armrests, and cushions so that you can enjoy extra comfort.

5. Mini Fridge

Mini Fridge

Imagine that after a hard-working day, you can do to your cave, open the fridge for a chilled drink. It makes you excited just by thinking, doesn’t it? With a beer fridge available, your man cave becomes more like a mantuary.

More importantly, the fridge is essential when you have a bar. You will need to keep drinks and ingredients at a certain temperature so that you can serve your guests delicious drinks. Besides soft drinks or beers, you will also want to hold snacks, ice-cream, or cakes in this beverage cooler in case you are hungry. If you want to buy one, check out these great man cave mini fridges.

6. Coffee Table

Coffee Table

Although it is called a coffee table, you do not need to limit its usage to coffee. A coffee table, in fact, serves various purposes.

For example, you possibly store different thins within the built-in drawers or cabinets of the table. Or, you can take advantage of it as a reading or working table. Sometimes, you can even take meals around the table like the way the Japanese often do so. More interestingly, a coffee table is a common decor to blend wooden furniture and the surrounding interior. Thus, the table is a must-have functional and decorative unit for a man cave.

7. Recliner


For sure, a relaxing place like the man cave will be more complete with a recliner. Its health benefits are a no-brainer.

Accordingly, a recliner chair supports modern technologies to relieve pains and strains in the back, neck, and shoulders, and muscles. In leisure time, you can simply lie down on the chair with your favorite book and have it massage at your preferred comfort. Some modern models even support the heating pad to improve overall efficiency.

Once you get physical relaxation, you can eventually deal with mental stress and live more healthily.

8. Gaming Equipment

Gaming Equipment

Apart from the TV or projector, it is better to have additional ways of entertainment. Two is better than one, obviously.

Of all, gaming equipment is recommended to enjoy the time in the man cave – possibly on your own or with your buddies. Based on your preference, you can choose one of the following:

  • Pool Table: A billiard game provides more benefits than you can ever expect. Firstly, you will have fun. Moreover, you can improve essential skills like critical thinking skills, focusing ability, and stretching power, etc.
  • Dart Board: You should also consider playing darts. Board will not take much room in your cave, meanwhile, it is helpful in carrying the stress away. Playing dartS is even a way to do sports.
  • Hockey or Football Table: Invest in a hookey or football table if you often invite some buddies to your place. These games will create fun and the social atmosphere immediately.

Besides some recommendations above, you can also take other gaming equipment as long as it brings you relaxin time, for example, a poker table, playing cards box, board game tables, etc.

For a small man cave, check the top 5 table tennis conversion tops and these small foosball tables to know what to buy. If you have a tight budget, you should try these 5 cheap ping pong tables.

9. Display Case or Shelf

Display Case or Shelf

As mentioned in the first place, a man cave is ideal to store your favorite items safe and sound. If you are a collector of something, it is well worth showing off your collections in a display case or shelf.

If you want a guide, check out our tips on how to display action figures.

10. Photo Frames

Photo Frames

Remember to prepare some lovely frames to hang the pictures of your beloved family and friends. Also, you can present your photography or favorite quotes to motivate yourself every day. Sometimes, you only simply need things to decorate the walls and add beauty to the cave.

Whatever your purposes might be, you need to choose suitable types of frames.

  • Gallery frames with an elevated artic frame-in-frame effect
  • Modern thin frames to create a minimalist style on your print
  • Unique floating frames made of glass or acrylic mat
  • Traditional tabletop frames that bring about a home-sweet-home feeling; etc.

11. Clock


While you can check the time right on your smartphone, a clock is still essential in a man cave.

Theoretically, the clock makes a sense of time management. Practically, you can check the time at a glance rather than have to turn on and off the phone several times in a while.

More importantly, most clocks now come with an alarm function. Thus, you can set up the time and take a snap in your man cave.

12. Extra Seating

Extra Seating

Even when you already have bar stools and recliner, you should still invest in additional seating.

This time, either armchairs or bench seats are suggested. The earlier is ideal when you need a small space to enjoy a book or watch TV shows. The latter is great to gather various guests. This kind of seat provides comfort and connection between people.

13. Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Rather than lighting purpose, scented candles now are popular in almost every room thanks to its health advantages. Specifically, a scented candle use quality essential oils that create an ambiance of relaxation, reduce tense, and improve the quality of sleep.

Believe it or not, just by looking at the flicker and takin a deep breath can you feel more soothing in mind.

14. Coat Rack

Coat Rack

It is a big lack not mentioning the need for a coat rack in household rooms – in general, and in a man cave, in particular.

Back then, the fundamental function of the racks is to handle coats or other articles of clothing that you need at hand. Now, these racks are even used as decorative furnishings to add a classic accent to the decor.

Thus, depending on your true requirements and spaces available, you should pick up some of the following types of racks: stand-alone racks, wall mount racks, or compact racks, etc.

15. Drinks

Now that you have both the bar and fridge, you should plan to fill it up soon. What to store is based on your preference and availability.

Firstly, stock the bar with some easy-to-maintain essentials like clean water or liquids. Do not forget to buy glassware, equipment, and other tools – say a coffee grinder.

For soft drinks or beers, you should keep them in the fridge to ensure the original flavors and product quality. Next time, if you have any friends to drop over, they must simply open the unit and help themselves.

Last Verdict

To sum up, you should make a man cave now to treat with physical and mental issues. Then, it is up to you to make use of your own bedroom or storage room.

The next step is to fill in the cave with essential items. Accordingly, you do not need to buy the whole items introduced in this post. Instead, make customizations, if possible, for your sake.  Also, keep in mind that items purchased should be functional, portable with the manufacture, and in harmony with the rest of the man cave.

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