For anyone starting with a cozy, small house, we are sure that the space issue has been complicating things. For instance, there may not be enough room in the kitchen; the bathroom may be too tiny. However, one cannot argue that the worst thing is not having enough area for the bedroom.

Some bedrooms are so tiny, merely installing the bed will take up all the available space. Thus, trying to arrange something like a bedside table is just not possible. However, even the most minimalistic person needs some form of additional space around their bed. This is why we share these small nightstand ideas for bedrooms with you.

Creative Nightstands for Small Spaces

Use a Behind The Bed Table

In the first place, console tables are created to fit behind sofas. Hence, they are narrow enough that they can work correctly behind your bed. With this kind of arrangement, you can be sure that there would always be space ready for placing stuff on.

Of course, this does not mean that you can just up and get any random console table on the market.

Use A Console Table Behind The Bed
A console table has more than enough space to put your things on. Credit: dear_plants

First of all, you need to start measuring your bed’s size correctly so that you can get the right table. After all, getting a smaller table will not be sufficient, while anything more significant will make the installation process much harder.

Secondly, you will have to figure out creative solutions for pillow positioning so that leaning back is no longer uncomfortable. For example, you can make use of risers to raise the table up enough so that you can place the pillow.

We recommend getting something like the Sauder North Avenue Sofa Table, which has quite a durable frame alongside an elegant Charter Oak finish.

Besides, all the sides of this table are finished to place it in practically any position.

Put a Floating Shelf Above The Bed

If you need nothing more than a simple no room for bedside table solution, why don’t you just place a narrow floating shelf just above your bed? Naturally, it will not provide you too much space. However, it certainly can satisfy you if you only want to place some decorations, water, and your phone.

Put A Floating Shelf Above The Bed
A floating shelf can give your room a unique look.

Floating shelves are not capable of supporting a night lamp so that that lighting can be an issue. We believe you can get some stick-on LED strips and attach them to the shelf’s underside for this problem. These things are practically invisible, yet they provide sufficient light.

Finally, we suggest that you consider the InPlace Shelving Slimline Floating Wall Shelf. One of the main reasons for this suggestion is the fact that it has many options in size. Thus, you can easily find the perfect fit for your small bedroom.

Also, the shelf is fixed by a hidden metal bracket, so it can support a lot more weight than its appearance suggests.

Try a Bookshelf Behind The Bed

Putting a bookshelf right behind your bed is among our favorites for bedside table alternatives. Indeed, you can open so many new possibilities with this choice. For instance, you can make the whole wall a focal point with a bookshelf while retaining more than enough room to store necessities.

Put A Bookshelf Behind The Bed
The spacious bookshelf opens new decor possibilities.

Certainly, with the size of bookshelves, it will be a disaster to install if you do not measure the bed as well as the room correctly before buying. Additionally, the bookcase should not extend too much out on each of the bed’s sides to appear much more expansive.

Our recommendation for this solution is the Casual Home Shelf Bookcase, which is known for its durability and spacious storage capacity. Besides, this bookcase has a contemporary style X-design, which gives it an airy and chic look while keeping the books in place.

Use Corner Wall Shelves Instead of a Nightstand

For people who want to be creative, we believe using a stack of corner wall shelves can quickly establish your identity. They are also great when you have practically no room for nightstands in the bedroom. All you need to do is hang them so that the lower shelves are at the same level as the bed.

Naturally, there are problems with this solution, like everything else. Firstly, these shelves will not be able to support a night lamp. So, you might need to get a wall lamp to take care of the lighting issue.

Use Corner Wall Shelves Instead of a Nightstand
Corner wall shelves are excellent at depicting your identity.

Now, if you are interested in this alternative, we nominate the Greenco 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves. We love that they are all made from MDF laminate, so there is no doubt when it comes to durability. In fact, they do not have common issues for corner wall shelves like bending at all.

Bedside Shelf

If you can only squeeze out a little space right beside your bed, how about getting a bedside shelf? This solution will save both floors as well as wall space for your small bedroom while still providing ample room to store your necessities.

Our recommendation for you is the Original Bedside Shelf, as it is just too easy to set up. In fact, there will be no need for any tool during the setting up process, which is a rarity these days.

Additionally, this small bedside table has a surprisingly strong hold once it has clamped onto the bed’s rail. Thus, it can support quite a lot more weight than you would think.

Buy a Storage Headboard as a Nightstand Alternative

In small spaces, there really is nothing more convenient than having a headboard right above your head. Believe us, it feels great when you can just reach your hand up and take whatever you want.

Besides, these headboards are capable of supporting some heavy stuff so that you can put your night lamp there. Of course, the spacious space of the headboard also means that you can freely leave all of your necessities on it alongside some decorations.

Buy a Storage Headboard as a Nightstand Alternative
Prepac Series 9 Floating Headboard

If you have a queen-size bed, we recommend the Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard, as it can fit perfectly. Also, due to the engineered wood construction, the headboard is really durable.

On the other hand, if it is a king-size that you own, we suggest the Prepac Series 9 Designer Floating Headboard with Nightstands. Basically, this headboard can be mounted at just about any height you want, thanks to its hanging rail system.

Try a Pretty Wall Grid

Not knowing what a wall grid is? It is just like a pegboard that you see every day, but with bling. The main reason for suggesting wall grids is the fact that they are really customizable. You can nearly fit just about anything onto a wall grid as long as you have the right tool.

Try a Pretty Wall Grid
Wall grids are really versatile.

For example, if you want a place to put your eyeglasses, water, or books, you can get a small shelf or basket and attach it to the wall grid. Believe us, looks can be deceiving, especially in the grid’s case, as they are much stronger than they look.

We believe that something like the GBYAN Multifunctional Wall Grid Panel can satisfy all of your needs. First of all, it’s wire is made from high-quality metal, so it is very sturdy and has high rust resistance. Besides, the rectangle shape means it is much easier to install.

Use a Pegboard as a Creative Nightstand

While grids are certainly more capable of expressing your personality, pegboards are always a safer choice. For instance, you can simply use them as nightstand alternatives, or get creative and put them right behind your bed.

Use a Pegboard as a Creative Nightstand

Naturally, if you do not like the pegboard’s usual white color, you can always paint your favorite color over it. Next, you just need to get a basket that matches your newly painted pegboard to store things. If you have no room for nightstands, this solution is perfect for space-saving and decoration.

Out of all the pegboards available on the market, you will like the Azar 771620-WHT Pegboard. After all, its main material is the High Impact Styrene, so you can rest assured that it is as durable as pegboards can get.

A Headboard Light Can Help

One of the biggest inconveniences you can experience with no bedside table is the lack of a lamp. Thus, we figure you may want to fix this issue with headboard lights, which will save lots of space and provide sufficient lighting.

A Headboard Light Can Help
Headboard lights are really compact.

Naturally, installing one of these does not mean the perfect alternative to having a bedside table. However, they are quite great when used in parallel with other solutions on this list.

We recommend that you get the Evelots Headboard Lamp, as its cream color can set the perfect mood for your nighttime activities. Besides, it also has a soft shade that weakens the light to protect your eyes.

Use a Lamp with Shelves as a Creative Nightstand

As always, multifunctional furniture will be better for any small space, and bedrooms are no exception. If a bedside table with enough space for a lamp as well as necessities cannot fit in your room, how about a lamp that may also store your stuff?

Use a Lamp with Shelves as a Creative Nightstand

For instance, let’s examine the Brightech Maxwell Modern Floor Lamp. Obviously, a 2-in-1 freestanding lamp can double as a 3 tier shelf, providing you with incredible convenience. Also, the mid-century look of the lamp can elevate your room décor to a whole new level.

Use a Super Skinny Drawer as a Nightstand

A skinny drawer can go as low as only 8 inches in width, so we are sure that you will be able to place it somewhere near your bed. Also, you can easily position a night lamp on the head of the drawer while the chests can be used to store clothes and necessities.

Use a Super Skinny Drawer as a Nightstand

We believe the mDesign Narrow Vertical Dresser Storage Tower is good enough, as it’s size is just perfect for reaching from the bed. Additionally, it is made from MDF wood top and has steel as a frame, so durability is no longer a worry.

A Side Chair or A Bar Stool

While the previous bedside table ideas are all great, they require a certain amount of cash. So, if you are low on money, we can recommend another creative solution: a chair. If you know what you are doing, even something like your regular side chair can replace a bedside table in style.

Use A Side Chair or A Bar Stool as A Nightstand

Although this is one of the simplest nightstands for small spaces, it still requires you to know how to mix and match the decor of your room. For example, a contemporary chair is only suitable for old-style beds such as wingbacks, while a modern chair would be perfect for something like a sleigh bed, etc.

A Stack of Books

If your bed is lower than average, there is one easy and quick solution for a small bedside table, a stack of books. No, we are not joking, as this is actually an acceptable alternative. All you need to do is stack the books on until the pile’s height is just right.

Use A Stack of Books as A Nightstand

As you can guess, this method provides quite a lot of customizability, as nothing is stopping you from piling books. In addition, it is also a great way to build a minimalist bedroom. Of course, there is always the issue of stability, so you need to use only big books.

A Custom Bed Frame

These days, getting a customized bed frame is the trend. So, why don’t we make proper use of this customization process? For instance, you can ask your provider to make a nightstand attached to the bed frame. Or you can buy one like the Memomad Bali Platform Bed.

Use a Custom Bedframe with a built-in nightstand
Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed with Drawers and a Built-in Nightstand

With this solution, you do not have to worry about stability or durability, as the bedside table and the frame is one entity.

Use a Wall Mounted Table as a Creative Nightstand

Wall-mounted tables can practically be installed anywhere as long as there is a wall. Thus, what is there to keep it from being a great alternative to a bedside table? In fact, doing so will also give you a table to work on while on the bed.

Use a Wall Mounted Table as a Creative Nightstand

In particular, if you get something like the TANGKULA Multifunction Wall Mounted Table, there will be many storage compartments and ample space to put your things.


All in all, we hope that after reading through the article, you can find the perfect solution when there’s no room for nightstands in your situation.

You need to remember the trick to make use of the wall space above, behind, and near your bed. This coupled with a willingness to try out new things, will surely provide you with creative solutions to your problem.

If you have a small room, you should also check out these small comfortable chairs and these ways to save space in a small bedroom.

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