On account of benefit, a large number of bed frames nowadays use toxic paint, finish, and material pressed wood to make bed frames. Though these beds are a lot marked down, they contain toxic substances that are unpredictably nowhere near health-friendly.

Recognizing this important matter, many consumers changed to chemical-free bed frames. However, as many so-called non-toxic bed frames are actually just the low-quality ones in disguise, finding a real one is not easy, let alone a quality one. Therefore, this post is here to create a shortcut. Below are the 13 non toxic bed frames to ensure your health while sleeping.

Non Toxic Bed Frame Quick Comparision

Product ImageProduct NameRatingsLatest Price
Nomad Platform Bed4.7/5
Cardinal & Crest Heavy Duty4.3/5
Avocado Reclaimed Wood4.3/5
Giantex Solid Wood4.5/5
The Bed Thuma4.5/5
My Green Platform Bed4.6/5
The Lindy Natural 4 Poster Bed4.2/5
Keetsa Metal Bed Frames4.4/5
CASTLECREEK Cedar Log Bed4.7/5
Naturepedic Organic Foundation4.6/5
ACACIA Aurora Wood Bed4.6/5
Midwest Farmhouse Rustic Bed4.4/5
Puffy Bed Frame4.3/5

Reviews of The 13 Best Non-Toxic Bed Frames

Spare a moment going through each item’s detailed review, and you will have a better knowledge of the bed frame material, characteristics, manufacturers, and buying guide.

1. Nomad Solid Wood Platform Bed

Nomad Platform Bed is a zero-VOC bed frame from Knockdown Framework, originated in the USA. This organic bed frame is made of  100% Tulip Poplar, and does not utilize any finish. Therefore, the bed frame is guaranteed to be chemical-free and comprehensively friendly to the environment.

Features a rustic, minimalistic design, the wood bed blends well in a myriad of room interior designs, typically for rustic and vintage style.

Though it looks simple, it isn’t made with simple technique at all. Cooperating with one of the best factories in the region, the wooden surface is as smooth as silk when touching.

Not to mention, its edges are well curved to ensure your safety. So, when you accidentally hit your knee or foot on the corners, which happens all the time to everyone, you won’t have to go through any infuriating painful experience.

About the assembling thing, you wouldn’t need so much effort to do this. It is not heavy, so you can take it to your bedroom and install it without any struggle. The frame only needs several screws at the connecting ends and 4 main slats. The rest is straightforward to lay in the designed position.

In addition,  the rolling drawers and trundles are the Nomad Platform Bed’s highlights. You can use them to store slippers, newspapers, books, and small stuff.

Unfortunately, they are not included in the package, you have to pay extra for the bundles.

2. Cardinal & Crest Heavy Duty Bed Frame

Originating from Cardinal and Crest’s company that values consumers comfort and smooth sleep, products from them deliver to you a high-rate quality and non toxic platform bed.

At first glance, the simple yet modern design of this eco friendly bed frame would draw your gaze and have all your attention. The grey stain looks lovely, and never out of fashion. With such a design, it can both fit in luxurious rooms and conventional rooms with a minimalistic quality. You can also choose Almond or Walnut stain as alternatives.

About the quality, bet you must have had some thought of why it is called a heavy-duty bed frame. Due to the bed’s exceedingly high weight – 900 lbs, it is one of the most sustainable organic platform beds from the heavyweight class. Accordingly, to form such a heavy bed frame, the whole bed body is made from nothing but solid hardwood.

And to be a pair with such high-quality wood frames, the slats cannot be made from cheap material. They are manufactured from high-grade MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and use water-based glue to form pieces of wood. This made the frame a strong and health-safe product.

Moreover, it doesn’t even need the box springs to add more support to the bed. You can just put the mattress topper directly over the slats.

And if you have toddlers or children, this bed is ideal for you. Kids really enjoy bouncing and jumping on the mattress, and if the slats are not steady enough, it will break, or creak under their weight and crack little by little, but will soon go down the breaking path. But if you have this heavy-duty bed, you can be less concerned about this problem.

Though the eco friendly platform bed is pretty bulky and takes a lot of effort to move it from place to place, in return, it is easy as pie when assembling. Follow the detailed instruction; and you can finish the installation steps in less than 30 minutes.

Organic Bedding

3. Avocado Reclaimed Wood Bed Frame

It is handcrafted in Los Angeles by one of the nation’s top manufacturers. That explains why the bed is well-made and careful-grinded over all its body.

If your heart and mind are set on an organic product, you can lay your trust in Avocado’s reclaimed wood bed. The bed, from headboard to legs, is made from 100% natural wood and uses no chemicals, VOCs finish, or toxic stains.

For more specific, the reclaimed wood – the very part that gives the bed its exceptional quality –  dated back at least  50 to 100 years ago. As you know, old trees are said to be much denser than the young ones. Hence, it is more durable, high in density, solid than the new lumber, which is soft, moisture sucking, and contains larger knots. Accordingly, it promises to be beneficial to your health as well as maintaining your indoor air quality.

The quality as stated is undoubtedly super, and you’ll assume the same with its design. The chemical free bed frame is awe-inspiring with the high wooden headboard, carrying a sense of aesthetic and rustic to your bedroom. Especially, if you are into the minimalist interior design style, this natural wood bed frame could be your perfect choice.

4. Giantex Solid Wood Platform Bed Frame

If you are looking for a simple, neat bed frame with a look that can hardly get any simpler for your minimalistic room, there is a fitting candidate in the recommendation list – the Giantex Platform Bed Frame.

As a product from Giantex – the company profession in producing elegant, eye-etching interiors, it is made utterly from organic material beneficial to the environment and your health at the same time.

To be more specific, the bed frame material is forged from merely solid rubberwood, and the supporting slats are the gifts from poplar wood. It contains nontoxic adhesives or formaldehyde substance.

It’s edges, angle, and surface are well done, creating smooth to the touch. One can say that this nontoxic bed is excellent in terms of not only the materials but also the paint.

For the bed balance, they created 6 legs distributed equally to both sides of the bed and 4 extra legs in the middle. This way, the unit will remain stable all the time, even in the middle part, which usually receives the least support. Hence, it can completely prevent the wobble and shaking issue.

In addition, many beds need spring boxes to support the weight, but this guy won’t need that, helping you cut down the budget.

5. The Bed Thuma Bed Frame

Thuma company is well-known for its high-grade beds with a timeless, simple design. They cooperated with the Japanese factory to make a tatami bed style that required no tools to assemble.

Therefore, you can easily put the wood pieces that match the bed’s joint and form the bed. It only takes about 5 minutes to get the set-up steps done, no need for any tool or team as support.

Because of its solid, high-class, and non-toxic wood material, it is praised by almost all users as a perfect sleeping sanctuary for those whose love for the environment runs deep. You’ll see why it is. Made from repurposed rubberwood, the bed is very sturdy, solid, and able to bear a wide range of rambunctious activities like bouncing, jumping. Its entire body is finished with eco-friendly natural oil, making it safe to use.

Speaking of the highlight of this eco-friendly bed frame, it certainly is the Pillow Board. If the wooden headboard cannot provide the right support for your back, then you can have this Thuman PillowBoard as an alternative.

6. My Green Platform Bed

If simplicity, light-weight, and space-saving are your top priorities, then My green platform bed is one of the best options for you.

The construction of the frame contains zero toxic chemicals such as adhesive or wood stain. These substances emit formaldehyde and VOCs, which can cause cancer and other respiratory diseases. Based on this fact, it is assumed to be 100% organic and environment friendly.

With a simple design and light wood color, the bed perfectly blends in the simple, gorgeous room.

This platform bed frame is 15 inches distant from the ground. It creates a space under the bed that is convenient to store pieces of luggage, slippers, backpack, and so on.

The bed was originated from My dream company and milled by the famous woodworking near Michigan. The main material of the frame is sustainable poplar wood – a prevalent type of hardwood in the United States.

The slats lie only 3 inches apart, which is a really small distance, so they can provide enough support to keep the surface balanced.

From all the sizes, My green bed frames are all really light (ranges from 35-60 lbs) but still, it is able to sustain up to 600 pounds. Consequently, all the movement on the bed can hardly damage it.

7. The Lindy Natural 4 Poster Bed Frame Oak

Have you ever imagined waking up beside your sweetheart on a canopy bed with see-through curtains swinging in the wind? This romantic scene does not seem to be possible anywhere but classic romantic films. Still, with the Lindy 4 poster bed, you can create a romantic scene of your own.

For its material, the Lindy bed frame is constructed from Oak hardwood – an exceeding strong, durable, and heavy wood, which is highlighted with the resistance to fungal attack. The bed is available unfinished, natural linseed oil and beeswax finish, containing no harmful chemical or toxic gas. Accordingly, your health is well protected during your sleep.

The Lindy bed frame design features clean and prominent angle lines, neutral elements, and trendy wood color. It brings a sense of rustic, vintage style and nicely fits into the room’s interior.

The bed slats are also made from hardwood, and each bar is 2.5 inches apart. Combined with the sturdy, heavy bed frame, the bed ensures to provide more-than-enough support and balance for the mattress above, bringing you the maximum comfort when falling into sweet dreams.

8. Keetsa Metal Bed Frames

Keetsa Metal Bed Frames are highlighted with their longevity and the capacity they can manage. In this collection, they bring up to your items with comparably quality but different colors.

Following the minimal, modern design, these Keetsa bed frames easily “join the party” with other furniture. Colors currently available are: gold brush, white, and gunmetal color. They are all the easy-to-match color that offers your room a gorgeous and clean perspective.

Being made of steel, the Keetsa bed frame is sure to have long-lasting durability. You can use it for years and see there is nothing much since the day unboxed.

The horizontal metal slats can handle a lot of weight and are assumed to keep the surface perfectly flat and rigid. Plus, Keetsa company adds a vertical metal bar in the center of the bed, wobble or low-center balance issues will never happen to these guys.

Mentioning about the capacity they can bear, the bed surprisingly manages up to 2000 pounds. At this rate, the weight of whatever or whoever above is never a problem to Keetsa Metal Bed Frames.

In brief, metal frames from Keetsa are described with three words: Minimal, modern, and durable. Investing in these metal frames, you’ll see they are worth every penny.

9. Castlecreek Cedar Log Queen Bed

CASTLECREEK Cedar Log Queen Bed

Finding a sustainable bed frame with a tight budget to improve your sleep quality is never an easy task. Fortunately, CASTLECREEK got you covered.

With the headboard and footboard details, this queen size bed brings a rustic look to your non-toxic bedroom. The combination of cedar and hardwood log materials is what makes this product stand out from the crowd.

The northern white cedar structure with a sanded smooth surface provides you a unique look that can last for years. This unfinished wood log detail allows the eco-friendly bed frame to age gracefully and naturally, preserving the beauty of the genuine and natural log intact.

Being able to support up to 600 pounds, it is a perfect natural wood bed frame for one or two people. The package includes a full-log frame, headboard, and footboard.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the box spring or the organic mattress, so you will have to purchase them separately. Plus, you might need to purchase another slat so that it will be easier for you to tuck in your sheets.

10. Naturepedic Organic Deluxe Foundation

Naturepedic Organic Deluxe Foundation

Extra slats mean extra support. So if you are searching for a strong, sturdy platform bed frame, Naturepedic is the one you should consider.

The overall design is quite basic since the brand focuses on the natural material and build quality rather than the model. With that being said, it still has a modern chic appearance that can easily fit with every house decorating style such as industrial, minimalist, bohemian, etc.

With the extra slats, the organic bed frame can prevent developing waviness at the bottom of the mattress. Therefore, it can maintain the condition and expand the lifespan of your mattress.

The slats also increase the weight capacity of this eco-friendly furniture up to 800 pounds, enough to hold the weight of the mattress and about three to five people.

The frame foundation material is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood, making it a 100% organic product coming from responsible sources.

Plus, there is an extra cotton fabric that covers the frame. The purest form of organic cotton cover is the better alternative for the common synthetic fabric, bringing you a softer, more comfortable touch. It is also flame retardant, so you and your home will always stay safe.

As mentioned before, the design can be a little too simple for some people’s taste. Also, it doesn’t have a headboard or footboard; if that’s the details you like, this item might not be the best option for you.

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11. ACACIA Aurora Wood Platform Bed

ACACIA Aurora Wood Platform Bed

The outstanding feature of this product is the finishing coat. Unlike other supply chains, ACACIA provides non-toxic, lead-free, and odorless products for those who have sharp noses. The finishing paint coat also brings you a sleek surface, giving your room an elegant and chic touch.

You can combine this chemical-free bed frame with other accessories to add some aesthetic looks to your bedroom, such as bookcase headboards, nightstands, storage pieces, etc. It is also compatible with a variety of mattress types like natural latex, memory foam, or hybrid mattress.

The solid hardwood frame provides sturdiness and stability, allowing this piece of eco-friendly bedroom furniture to support up to 800 pounds. The durable wooden slats and strong locking system prevent your mattress from moving, protecting you from unwanted accidents.

However, putting it together is not a one-person job since this piece of non-toxic furniture is quite big. You might want to ask someone to give you a helping hand.

12. Midwest Farmhouse Rustic Platform Bed

Midwest Farmhouse Rustic Platform Bed

The minimalist style is on-trend at the moment. Suppose you want to find a wooden bed frame that fits this trend; we highly recommend this Midwest platform bed.

With the rustic brown paint coat color, this timeless piece of furniture will be a fantastic option for your lovely home. However, the headboard is not removable. If you do not like this detail or want to change the headboard style, you won’t be able to do so.

Along with the enduring appearance, this bedroom furniture can last for years due to the 100% solid wood frame material. The structure is very strong and steady, supporting from 400 pounds to 800 pounds depending on the size of the frame.

The only thing we can complain about this solid wood furniture is the price. It is a bit pricier, so it might not be the top choice for those with a tight budget.

13. Puffy Bed Frame

Puffy Bed Frame

If you are someone with a minimalist style, then you will love this Puffy frame. The thing that we like about this wood product is the flexibility in design, meaning it can fit in well with every house decorating style.

It comes in such a neutral color so that you can also easily pair it with all kinds of bedding designs, from neural, monochrome sheets, and pillows to wild pattern ones.

Plus, the cover fabric gives this solid wood bed frame a modern twist and makes it easy to clean. So not only will the fabric bring you the comfort you need, but it also makes cleaning less dull of a process so that the frame can stay looking like-new and fresh for generations.

The wooden furniture foundation with heavy metal hardware ensures bringing you the durability that is hard to find in the other chain supplements.

With a weight capacity of over 1000 pounds, this bed frame can easily hold the weight of the mattress and everyone on it. However, this product is on the pricier side due to its incredibly high quality.

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Benefits of Eco-Friendly and Nontoxic Bed Frames

The non toxic bed has more advantages than disadvantages; they are crucial to your life and the environment. Come and see the benefit checklist!

Health Beneficial

VOCs and Formaldehyde are two common toxic gases let out from the low-quality furniture.

In detail, VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) are toxic gas released from the stains, harmful paints. Formaldehyde is the harmful gas emitted from the adhesives – the glue that is used to form the pressed wood board, MDF (medium-density fibreboard), or particleboard. It is claimed that these gases affect your sleep and your health badly, causing insomnia and health problems like repository disease or even cancer.

That is why people have been turning to the eco-friendly solid wood bed frame. These non-toxic products with organic material, low or zero chemical, can support your sleep and bring to your health no issues.

Eco Friendly

At many pieces of furniture such as cupboards, closets, wardrobes, beds, tables, etc., you can smell an irritating harsh smell whenever getting close to them. That’s the smell of an excessive amount of VOCs and formaldehyde emitted from toxic chemicals. They exist in furniture paints and adhesives.

Nontoxic bed frames don’t utilize toxic stains. Instead, they use non-chemical or low VOCs finish and color, ensuring no harm to the indoor air.

Not to mention, since non-toxic platform beds use low or zero harmful chemicals, they reduce considerably the chemical producing process. This helps to decrease the dust from the manufacturer let out to the environment. Based on that, these bed frames are titled as nature friends.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bed Frame

Whenever going to a store or searching for an online product, you should take these tips on how to choose a non toxic bed frame into account. Then, you can, all by yourself, select an item as your desire.

Metal bed frame: it is the easiest way to get a non-toxic frame. However, it makes a loud sound if anything hits. In addition, this type absorbs the temperature briefly. If you don’t have an AC, you should reconsider.

Unfinished solid wood bed frames are non-toxic and eco-conscious. You can recognize the frame is finished or not via the surface. The one whose surface looks rough and has no shining at all is unfinished.

The one that has a shining glossy surface is usually finished with chemicals.

These products usually have VOCs and other harmful substances. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that all polished frames are toxic. Because there are a few companies that apply zero-VOC paints, natural oil finish to make the shining bed frame surface.

Any material other than solid wood, such as MDF, particleboard, pressed wood, etc. is not an eco-conscious selection. It’s because they use adhesives to glue all the small pieces of wood and form the frame. As a result, furniture made from those materials is sold at a ridiculously dirt-cheap price.

Also, they are identical with a very harsh smell. Nonetheless, you cannot base it on smell to define it as a non-toxic product or not since the smell can run off when it is in stock.


Even though the non-toxic bed frame price climbs up a bit compared to other types, with the benefit it gave worth the money. If you are interested in organic furniture decoration and an eco-friendly bedroom, you can pick one of the 13 non-toxic bed frames and kick off that healthy life.

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