Sleeping next to a snoring partner appears to be a worst-of-the-worst experience.

But don’t you know the real nightmare is that even when sleeping alone in your cozy bed in a well-conditioned room, some nasty squeaky sounds still haunt your night’s sleep. The matter gets worse each time you turn your body.

In that case, the bed itself, or, to be more exact, is the culprit.

That being the case, you must be here to find out the best noise-free bed ever. The top 7 quiet bed frames and a bonus buying guide in the post will do its best in orienting you towards the most worthy purchase.

Best Quietest Bed Frames – Quick Comparision

Product ImageProduct NameDimensions (inches)Weight Capacity (lbs)RatingsLatest Price
AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Bed Frame75 x 54 x 142504.5/5
Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame75 x 54 x 12N/A4.7/5
Zinus Alexia Wood Platform Bed80 x 60 x 127004.6/5
Classic Brands Mornington Upholstered66 x 88 x 407004.5/5
Home Life Premiere Classics89 x 69 x 515004.4/5
Zinus Deluxe Mid-Century80 x 60 x 385004.7/5
DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather85 x 65 x 395004.3/5
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Reviews of The Top 7 Bed Frames That Don’t Squeak

1. AmazonBasics Foldable – Best for Heavy-Weight Sleepers

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame

It’s understandable to take offense at the mere pranks that go: your bed frame can give way under your weight. However, AmazonBasics doesn’t work that way since it is the quietest, most sturdy performer tailored for those weighing up to 250 pounds.

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Forget the old flimsy bed frame! Now, you can enjoy a more restful night’s sleep with the super robust bed frame featuring a rectangular-shaped design with three rows of wires for extra support and stability. Not yet, please pay careful attention to notice that at the center lie three pairs of bars to prop up the mattress and prevent it from wobbling.

Stability aside, the well-made, quiet bed frame allows a versatile platform for any mattress style with differences in size and dimensions.

However, some of the wire supports get broken quickly over time. But on the bright side, it can be avoided so long that you never place too much weight on the center of the bed. This can consequently drag the joints in the mentioned area down.

  • Noise-free
  • Highly-streamed body
  • Spacious under-bed storage
  • Need better welds

2. Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame- Best for Durability

Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame

This Mellow Metal bed frame brings durability and ease of use that outstrips other contenders on the market.

In terms of durability, it features a heavy-duty steel construction with sturdy steel slats to enhance mattress life and keep it in desired positions. To be more specific, this steel construction, covered in a black finish, is less susceptible to temperature, water, and pressure at the same time. So if you want a bed frame that doesn’t squeak and lasts for many years to come, this one is undoubtedly a wise choice.

Next, the ease of use is reflected in the fact that the bed frame has a Clip2Lock feature which makes assembly more like a process composed of several simple DIY steps. You just have to fit the steel slats precisely into the support slots, and the bed is here you go.

On the flip side, complaints pool in stating that there are issues of the mattress slipping off the frame very often. But this can be fixed by laying some shelf liners between the mattress foundation and the frame.

  • Low-profile design
  • Noise-free operation
  • Easy assembly
  • The mattress keeps slipping off.

3. Zinus Alexia Standard Wood Platform Bed – Best for Restricted Spaces

Zinus Alexia Standard Wood Platform Bed

Attention, please! This unit is a quiet bed frame that offers an up to the mark alternative for massive king-sized frames for with compact spaces. It is an impeccable combination of style and quality.

The best part is it doesn’t squeak a bit because there is foam-padded tape attached to the steel frame, and it works precisely like a soundproof mechanism. There are non-slip tapes on the slats to prevent the mattress from sagging due to weight pressure.

Being quiet alone is not enough to constitute a superb platform bed frame users are looking for. The second feature, hogging equal importance, is the extreme compactness. The bed frame dimensions are 53.5″ W x 75″ L x 12″ H, so it is compact enough to stand in smaller rooms. Furthermore, it claims to have a clearance space of 8.75” – which is a humble number compared to that of some truly king-sized frames.

One regrettable limitation is that this bed frame is not designed to have a headboard or footboard, so if you want one, you have to drill some holes and screw it to the frame.

  • Squeak-free design
  • Stable wooden slats
  • Ideal for confined spaces
  • Not initially designed to go with a headboard, footboard

4. Classic Brands Mornington Upholstered Platform Bed – Best for Modern Chambers

Classic Brands Mornington Upholstered Platform Bed

This Mornington bed frame is hands down a valuable option for couples yearning for a quiet, distraction-free night’s sleep. But besides, it also does a fantastic job of imbuing your bedroom with a trendy, contemporary look. So it will be perfect for modern spaces.

The bed is constructed from metal tubing, with sturdy center support to make it both durable and lightweight. Being lightweight, however, is not at all equivalent to being fragile. Because its sturdiness is also out of this world.

It has a wood slat support which is unparalleled. The specially built slats will be capable of forming a solid base for your mattress, ensuring even weight distribution throughout. Therefore, you can rid your mind of worries about some uncanny, agitating sounds produced when you stretch your body to different directions.

Also, regarding design, its headboard comes from upholstery and boasts a button-tufted fabric to enhance the soft feel of the surface. Such a design with no frills or flashy ornaments is really fitting for a modern, minimalistic space.

All tools, equipment needed for assembly are available in a zippered compartment; thus, you just have to take them out and practice some simple positioning.

Leaving all the tempting benefits behind, it’s worth noting that this bed frame is not compatible with adjustable bed bases because the slats and the joints in this set are not engineered to support wave-like, adjustable bases. Even so, this is still a quiet bed frame that is worth your choice.

  • Easy assembly
  • Trendy design
  • Upholstery headboard with wooden slats
  • Maximum support for the mattress
  • Not suitable for use with adjustable bed bases

5. HomeLife Premiere Classics Full-Complete Bed – Best for Design

Home Life Premiere Classics Full-Complete Bed

Another quiet bed frame on the list is Homelife – a one-that-fit-all option perfect for those who want a product that blends well with any bedroom styles.

We’re impressed with an offer of vibrant shades that can accent the bedroom appearance, and the classic design will not cramp your style. Place it against the wall, and it will become a valuable addition to your decors. Also, the 51″ headboard is to replenish the perfection of the whole set.

For the provision of a quiet sleeping solution, it features a superb polyester line that provides sturdy support. Robust body support is the key to having a totally silent sleeping ambiance, even when you are making some movements on the bed. This support is further augmented by the wooden slats embedded for a less sagging and more well-supported mattress, with no box spring required.

Again, there are feedbacks doubting the quality of the support legs. They crack down after several months of usage. The slats, on the other hand, bend themselves down and are not as sturdy as claimed.

  • Elegant design
  • Ultra-sturdy platform bed frame
  • Easy assembly
  • Relatively weak support legs and mattress slats

6. Zinus Deluxe Mid-Century Wood Platform Bed – Best for The Money

Zinus Deluxe Mid-Century Wood Platform Bed

If an affordable price is what you and your partner are aiming for, the rest stop is here! The truly suitable platform bed is right before your eyes. Such a product with a nice price doesn’t sacrifice performance at all. As a whole, it is still a potent competitor in terms of design and quiet operation.

To begin with, the wood frame and the classic headboard blend seamlessly, creating a harmonious platform bed that can be the focal point of the bedroom.

Next, if you are sick and tired of the prospects of your mattress abandoning its right position, there are sturdy wood slats with no-slip tape to fixate the mattress on one desired location. This also means you can enjoy a quiet sleep on both a lightweight or memory foam mattress.

The bed frame also supports body weight and the mattress gently without making noise, which is satisfying. This is mostly thanks to the foam-padded tape and added wooden slats support. Thus, you have no worries about the bed cracking or wobbling when doing your business.

However, after several months, some users report that the central support finally gives way and calls for immediate maintenance.

  • Excellent mattress support
  • Quite affordable
  • Adjustable headboard
  • Needing better quality center slats support

7. DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed – Best for Small Places

DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed

DHP proudly presents users with a masterful, quiet companion for small space living. It has you covered whether you want a functional platform bed for your home and condo or an aesthetically pleasing ornament for the house.

First of all, this product is a space-saving solution in itself. It gives you plenty of under-bed storage while the streamlined body construction also takes up less clearance space.

It is noted for its stark simplicity and convenience of use. The bed frame features easy-to-clean faux leather with an upholstered headboard and side rails as extra eye-catching offers.

There are button tufts and padded tape for unbending support. For users’ confidence in using the bed frame, it promises not to squeak the same way the spring box does. And that means you can indulge in the beautiful night dream without being disturbed or interrupted by the old noisy sound coming from the flimsy frame.

You might not expect this, but the bed frame takes much time to assemble. Also, the headboard appears to have some design defects, so check the product’s integrity carefully upon shipping.

  • Suitable for small space living
  • Squeak-free performance
  • Extra comfort and support
  • Time-consuming set-up
  • Imperfect headboard construction

How to Find a Non Squeaky Bed Frame

The best non squeaky bed frame is the one that gives you a restful night’s rest you deserve, and that can support the mattress without giving way anytime soon.

It sucks if you splurge on a high-quality mattress but finally slap it on a flimsy frame and vice versa. Thus, right from the buying process, don’t make a mistake with your choice. Here is what to consider.

Mattress size

Mattress size is presumably a peripheral factor as it has nothing to do with the bed frame’s construction. That’s also why many ignore it. But if your mattress doesn’t fit tightly in the bed frame, it is money down the drain.

At home, measure to know if your mattress is a twin, full, queen, or king size.


Material is not a question of preferences anymore but a matter of stability and practicality for quiet bed frames.

To find the best materials, the basic rule is to look for one that is adequately soft, movement-absorbing, and supportive enough to cushion your pressure point. Some materials we would love to recommend to our beloved readers are foam, cotton, polyester, etc.

At times, a silent bed frame is not enough to induce a noise-free sleep, but the mattress should be playing a crucial part in leading to that quiet environment as well. In that case, you should check to make sure the mattress is not continuously sagging on itself but remains well-cushioned to your body weight.


In commercial construction, no other building materials can stand with metal and steel. This type of material is usually singled out for use in noise-free bed frames because it provides just the perfect level of sturdiness.

First, this metal is friendly for the pocket while at the same time, it promises a higher level of durability than other materials. When picked as a bed frame fabric, you can expect it not to bend or crack easily.

Compared to wood, steel iron is relatively lightweight, and it is notable for its sleek, compact look. Repairs and maintenance are a breeze given the sturdy nature of this type of material.

While wood comes across as a taboo among environment-conscious individuals, metal is sustainably friendly and less detrimental to the natural environment.

Even though metal can be molded easily into various innovative models, it is not considered a luxe as its wood counterpart.


Wood is usually associated with “old age” since its origin dates back so long ago. That’s the reason why people often relate a sense of tradition and classic feel from wooden furniture.

Some popular woods that get their name for the aesthetic appeal and comparable quality are oak, maple, pine. On the contrary, you should avoid manufactured wood because it lacks durability, which means squeaking sounds will once again become a permanent nightmare for you and your partner.

Wood is no match to the metal in terms of durability, yet it makes the best addition to the house as it lends a touch of grandeur and luxury to other decors. Again, the lack of durability can be compensated by a layer of varnish. It empowers the wood with the ability to resist heat, water, collision.

However, when applying varnish, the natural look of the wood will be impacted. So think twice as you cannot always have both in one set.

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Noise is the biggest concern for most bed frame manufacturers. The product sends out squeaking noise due to weight pressure or different parts of the frame coming into contact with one another. While the first agent is human-based, thus, impossible to be influenced, the second one can be addressed, hopefully.

Search for a bed frame with fewer moving parts, and more straightforward assembly to enjoy a squeaky-free experience.

Types of Bed Frames

Platform Bed Frame

Platform bed frames have everything that a traditional bed frame comes with. But they excel at providing mattress foundation support thanks to the slats and no box springs included.

Standard Bed Frame

A standard bed frame includes a headboard, footboard, and side rails. But unlike the platform one, it collaborates with a box spring because, without this element, the frame lacks essential mattress foundation support. Then, you will feel your mattress sagging as you move around.

Final verdict

Via the 7 quietest bed frames review, we pick the Home Life bed frame as a winner. It attracts our attention with the elegant design. But there is more than meets the eye, which is the polyester line and wooden slats added for extra mattress foundation support. You will be granted both a precious ornament and a quiet sleeping spot.

Finally, no one wants to gamble on the sleeping time they deserve. So investing in a silent bed frame is very worth a penny. Besides, if you want your bedroom to be quieter, you should also consider these humidifiers, these ceiling fans, and these mini-fridges when shopping.

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