Humidifiers are one of the household devices that are constantly in demand these days. This fact might come as no surprise to some people, for they seem like an essential addition to the daily lives of those with itchy, dry skin, and sinuses problems.

However, looking for a good humidifier, especially a low-noise one for your baby nursery and bedroom, is no joke. For that reason, our top 5 quietest humidifiers review will do the trick and help you to find the best humidifiers with noise reduction for the bedroom and nursery use.

Now let’s delve right into the post, shall we?

5 Best Quiet Humidifiers – Quick Comparision

Product ImageProduct NameCapacityRatingsLatest Price
TaoTronics Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier4 L4.7/5
Pure Enrichment MistAire Humidifier1.5 L4.3/5
Everlasting Comfort Humidifier6 L4.5/5
Vicks Filter-Free Ultrasonic Humidifier4.5 L4.3/5
Elechomes SH8820 Warm & Cool Mist5.5 L4.7/5

Reviews of The Top 5 Quietest Humidifiers on The Market

1. TaoTronics Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

one of the best quietest humidifiers on the market

TaoTronics has made a name for itself with this ultrasonic humidifier of the highest standard. Despite its considerable size, this humidifier still takes pride in a remarkably quiet operation. The smoothness of the system can put even those with ongoing restless nights into a safe and sound sleep.

Let’s check out some of its outstanding features that give this humidifier its popularity and ultimate trust from longtime purchasers.

Firstly, let’s talk about this product’s operating system, also the determining factor to have us put it into our lists today. It is built with a strong yet compact 30W-120V motor to produce a noise level of less than 38 dB. As you may know, a whisper of a human being is already measured at 30 dB. Therefore, a working machine with a 38 dB noise level is undeniably impressive, making it one of the best quiet humidifiers on the market.

On top of that, to further enhance the quality of your sleep, this humidifier provides you with a wide range of lighting options based on users’ reference. You can choose to keep on the nightlight if you prefer sleeping with lights illuminating the bedroom. Or if you have small babies and they can be disturbed by the LED, you just have to switch the humidifier to sleep mode and then enjoy the night.

Operation aside, another trait that sets this item apart from other humidifiers on the market these days is definitely its tank capacity. By just a quick glance at the appearance, you can already catch sight of its notable largeness compared to the common sizes.

Thanks to the size, this room humidifier has the edge over most products when it comes to working times. With a total volume of 4 liters, it can work all night unceasingly long to humidify the full room of up to 10-30 m² for 12-30 hours straight up.

The only worth-mentioning issue with this humidifier is its inability to work with essential oils. For that reason, oils are the absolute no when filling this humidifier. Even a small amount of oil can easily lead to leakage problems and premature damages.

  • Large tank capacity
  • Long working time
  • Informative LED display
  • Safe to use
  • Cough and congestion relief
  • Not working with oils

2. MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

With the clear-cut application of the most up-to-date ultrasonic cool mist technology, the humidifier comes from MistAire provides the purchasers with a whisper-quiet working operation that can give pleasure to even the most nick-picking purchasers out there.

For a rather small humidifier of 8 x 6 x 9 inches in measurement, its maximum working hours are fairly impressive. It can continuously moisturize the whole room of 250 square feet for up to 16 hours. Hence, you can set up the humidifier before heading to sleep, and be rest assured to be filled in a refreshing air for the entire night.

To take your experience to the whole new level, this humidifier is also equipped with a 360-degree mist nozzle to fully customize your needs.

Plus, with a flexible and high-tech tube located on top of the humidifier, you can direct the flow of the mist to anywhere you want. It’s highly suggestible you keep the humidifier away from electronics, plants, pets, upholstery, and fabrics, though, for the humidity can ruin the objects.

Additionally, you can adjust the nozzle to work best for you by changing the mist’s speed with high and low-speed settings. It is straightforward to use, so even those with no experience can manage it too.

It should also be mentioned that this product is super easy to clean, for the overall design is extremely compact, firm, and simple. Your only job is to empty the remaining water, take the ultrasonic disk out and then use the included cleaning brush to remove built-up dust, debris from the reservoir. It just takes you a few minutes for the whole cleaning session.

On the negative side, many customers seem to have a common problem with this humidifier is the “on light” feature. It produces too much brightness and stays on so long as the device is running. Therefore, some people might find it annoying to place the machine in the sleeping area.

  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • 360-degree mist nozzle
  • Affordable price
  • 5-year warranty
  • The light is too bright

3. Everlasting Comfort Humidifier

This silent humidifier from Everlasting is another essential product if you need a modern-looking humidifier that doesn’t make noise for use in the bedroom setup or nursery household. To compete with other products in the market, it offers some unique features to improve the users’ living quality and overall wellness tremendously.

Allow us to go into detail. Despite being packed down in a moderate 11 x 7 x 13 inches reservoir, this humidifier still manages to store 6 liters of water at maximum. With this capacity, even in a slow speed mode, it can last for 50 straight hours to moisturize the entire space of up to 500 square feet.

That, along with a powerful high mist, is well-equipped to guarantee an average humidity above 43 all the time. This moisturizer level plays a significant part in nurturing a good sleep for babies and clearing sinuses and coughs.

To add more to the effect, this buddy also features a tray where you can add essentials oils in. This is a key trait that distinguishes it from the rest, for most humidifiers don’t work with any kind of oil.

To use this function, you just need to pull out a specific tray located near the bottom of the device, then drop the oil in just as with any other oil humidifier diffuser. After that, it’s time to enjoy the ultimate aromatherapy. The ultrasonic fan will blend the oil with the mist for a refreshing, relaxing, and out-of-the-world scent.

The only problem that always seems to bother the users when using this humidifier is its lack of handle and top filling. This defect in the design makes it hard to carry it from place to place. You have to hold it with both hands, and the water can easily dribble on the floor or spill on your clothes.

  • Essential oil tray included
  • Long running-time
  • Auto shut-off
  • Easy to use
  • No handle and top filling

4. Vicks Filter-Free Ultrasonic Humidifier

the best silent humidifier for your bedroom

This cool-mist translucent humidifier from Vicks has gained purchasers’ ultimate trust for its performance, affordability, and durability. If you are on the lookout for something of high quality, having a touch of modern technology yet staying within your budget, then the Vicks humidifier is an ideal option for you.

With regard to the tank capacity, it can be filled up with 1,2 gallons of water to provide up to 33 hours of refreshing and soothing mist. Also, the tank is completely see-through, so you can control the water quantity in a more precise and effortless way. It can work as a reminder for you to refill the tank when it runs out of water.

Feature-wise, it is a filter-free humidifier, which means the water travels straight through the top nozzle and to the air without going through a filter layer. This feature saves you a lot of money and time for the fact that you no longer have to replace the filters periodically.

Be it as it may, some skeptical purchasers might still wonder how the machine can function properly if there is no purifying system included. To give you a short answer, there’s nothing to worry about, for the humidifier is designed with a built-in refining system to eliminate harmful bacterias from the liquid before releasing into the air.

Better still, this product includes a pack of soothing Vicks VapoPad with your order. These pads are hands down the best replacement for essential oil treatment. The scents available are menthol, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender. Placing 2 Vicks Vaporpad into the scent pad door, and you are ready for an amazing time!

On the downside, due to the limitation of the output, the mist distribution can not be as wide as you might expect it to be. Therefore, for the mist to travel fully through the air in the room and provide the best experience, it should only be applied in medium-sized places.

  • Affordable price
  • Filter-free
  • Soothing pads included
  • Low maintenance
  • Low mist output

5. Elechomes SH8820 Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

The last humidifier that is well-deserved to be mentioned in our recommendation list is the SH8820 model from Elechomes. This product has made a deep impression on the purchasers with its elegant, unique, and compact look and brilliant performance.

The signature trait that sets this humidifier apart from the rest must be its stunning exterior look. It has a square-formed body with functional buttons right on the front for convenient usage. Also, the finishing coat is covered in a delicate, trendy white color to complement the look of your bedroom.

In addition to that, this brand adopted the most advanced ultrasonic cold mist technology to reduce the noise level down to 20-32 dB of noise, which is close enough to be considered completely silent. Therefore, you can avail yourself of a peaceful rest at night without any disturbance.

Compared with other products on our list, this one also stands out with its top-filling design. This setup allows you to fill the tank directly from the top without any detachment involved. Therefore, if you are an avid user of humidifiers, this product will come to save you from the suffering of having to constantly remove the reservoir to fill in the water and reattach it later.

However, this device is a filtered humidifier, so you will have to replace the filter regularly to get rid of the dust, debris buildup inside. If this drawback is ignored, this whisper quiet humidifier is still perfect for your bedroom.

  • Have two mist-mode
  • High mist output
  • Top-filling design
  • Doesn’t make noise
  • Extensive coverage
  • Have to regularly replace the filter

How to Choose a Quiet Humidifier

Choosing a quiet humidifier for your bedroom and baby nursery is not simple because there are so many factors to consider. However, we can still simplify those factors to make the selection process easier. Below are a few of the dozens of must-see factors to consider so that you can pick the best quiet humidifier for your bedroom and baby nursery.

1. Types

It is essential to figure out what type of humidifier you want to get, especially if you are looking for the product that gears toward a specific need. Typically, there are two types that you can choose from cool-mist and hot-water humidifiers.

To be more specific, cool-mist humidifiers are designed with more diversity in the operating systems. For instance, ultrasonic, impeller, and evaporator humidifiers are both cool-mist devices.

Each type is beneficial for different purposes. If you have small babies, then cool-mist humidifiers will be a better option, for the heat comes from the hot-water ones that can be harmful to children.

On the other hand, if you are longing for a soothing, steaming session after a long-hour working day, a hot-water humidifier will be your ultimate companion.

2. Noise Level

Because humidifiers are mostly used throughout the nights, the noise level is one of the determining factors to consider before purchasing the product. Generally, ultrasonic humidifiers are the best contender when it comes to noise reduction. Most ultrasonic devices have such low noise levels, only ranging from 20-40 dB.

Therefore, if you are looking for a quiet room humidifier, it is highly suggested to prioritize any product featuring an ultrasonic cool-mist operating system.

You can dig further into the five recommended products in our list, for they are some of the most reliable, selective items with a low noise level that we pick out after many pieces of research and comparisons.

3. Tank Capacity

Tank capacity is the main factor that dictates the maximum running hours of a humidifier. For long-hour working devices, you should consider products with a capacity of over 1 liter.

A 1-liter reservoir can last for about 10 hours straight, which is a perfect option if you want your humidifier to work throughout the night. If you want the humidifier to work for a few days without refilling, consider buying one with the capacity of over 3 liters.

4. Additional Features

To maximize the performance of the humidifier, its additional functions are another thing to take into consideration. These are the few features that you should look for:

Auto shut-off: A running humidifier on an empty tank can be extremely detrimental to the product’s longevity and energy consumption. Therefore, having a humidifier that can automatically shut off is super necessary.

Timers: This feature is good for saving time and energy efficiency. You can set a fixed time for the device to turn on and shut off at specific times.

Humidistat: This is basically a built-in hygrometer that can measure the humidity level of the air. It will automatically shut the device off if the room reaches a preset temperature.

It is a necessary feature to have if you tend to leave the humidifier run automatically throughout the day. Without your interference, it can ensure the moisture level of the room and sense the excessiveness at the right time to turn the device off.

5. Room Size

Room size is one of the factors that are often overlooked. However, this is an extremely necessary part of the buying process.

If your room falls into the small category, a humidifier of under 1 liter is already enough. For medium rooms, any humidifier with a capacity of 1-2 liters is sufficient. Lastly, humidifiers with 3-6 liter capacity will work best with big rooms.


Our review of the 5 best quietest humidifiers has finally come to an end. We hope that our post can do you some good and shed some light on the topic. Hopefully, you can work your way to the final decision referring to our recommendation.

However, if you’re still interested in our last pick, then the Elechomes SH8820 is the best silent humidifier with its standout appearance and dozens of tech included. Besides that, you can also choose the TaoTronics humidifier as a perfect alternative for the money.

Despite the concise review we provided, the top five products above are not the most comprehensive piece of information. For further detailed product specifications, we highly suggest you go searching for the items on the brand homepage.

By doing that, you will have a better idea of the products and therefore, make a better choice. All things considered, we wish you luck, and don’t forget to stay tuned for future reviews from us!

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