A quiet wine cooler is a perfect addition to your bedroom, home theatre, or man cave.

You don’t have to move anywhere to enjoy glasses of cold wine thanks to this charming girl. More importantly, she never creates any loud noise as compared to the traditional refrigerators.

Since you are here, the top 5 quiet wine coolers below are the answer instead of spending time researching hundreds of products out there.

And your task is to pick up the one that you think will fit your home most.

Top Rated Quiet Wine Refrigerators – Quick Comparision

Product ImageProduct NameRatingsLatest Price
Nutrichef PKCWC1204.5/5
Wine Enthusiast4.6/5
Aobosi 15 Inch4.3/5
Antarctic Star4.2/5
BODEGA 24 Inch4.3/5

Reviews of The Quietest Wine Coolers

1. Nutrichef PKCWC120 Wine Cooler Refrigerator – Best Overall

Nutrichef PKCWC120 Wine Refrigerator

If you just want to keep a couple of wine bottles in your bedroom so that you can savor a glass of cold wine anytime, the Nutrichef PKCWC120 wine cooler is a good choice at this time.

As a self-supported refrigerator, this cooler is 9.9 x 17.7 x 31.2 inches in size that can be placed under the table or on the kitchen countertop, or on the floor easily.

And with this size, it is able to hold 12 bottles (make sure you lay all flat). Or you can store some bottles in an upright position thanks to a bottom standing rack or simply removing the racks.

Just note that removing them might automatically reduce the capacity of the cooler.

In terms of cooling, this cooler might be compact, yet it’s mighty. Equipped with the built-in compressor cooling technology, all your prized bottles of wine will be kept at the average temperature between 41 and 640F.

Additionally, you don’t have to open the door to adjust the temperature settings as the digital touch controls are designed outside. Therefore, the cold air always remains inside without causing temperature fluctuations.

Last but not least, this quiet wine cooler comes with an advanced cooling system and an upgraded fan to function noiselessly. It even produces no vibrations.

Since you never hear many buzzing noises over time, you can put it anywhere in your home and expect its maximum performance.

Generally speaking, this is an excellent purchase due to its amazing features above. Ever so wonderfully, it has a one-year warranty which sets your mind at rest about its durability.

  • Sleek and slim design
  • Quiet operation
  • Ideal for small places
  • Good temperature control
  • Child safety auto-lock
  • 1-year warranty
  • A bit tight for 12 bottles at once
  • Be careful of sharp corners on the door
  • Nice handle yet hard to install

2. Wine Enthusiast Silent Wine Refrigerator – Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Wine Enthusiast Silent Wine Refrigerator

To perfectly store both your red and white wine, no one can beat the Wine Enthusiast Silent Wine Refrigerator because of its dual zones.

A dual-zone refrigerator means that there are two different temperature settings for two different areas inside the cooler. in this case, the top zone of this product can be adjusted between 54 and 660F (ideal for storing red wine). Meanwhile, the bottom zone is easily at a temperature of 46 – 660F (ideal for white wine).

In other words, instead of keeping both reds and whites at the same place, you now separate them to ensure the best taste of your drinks.

More importantly, you are able to control the temperature settings from the outside thanks to an exterior digital touchscreen. Touch it until you adjust the desired temperatures for your beloved wine.

Although the dual-zone feature is good, does it make any loud noise when offering two different temperature levels?

Luckily, the freestanding dual-zone wine cooler doesn’t make noise at all.

Run by CFC-free and energy-efficiency thermoelectric cooling system, the noise and vibration will be minimized for very quiet operation. Furthermore, it eradicates radiations that might be detrimental to the quality of your wine.

For capacity, this quiet wine refrigerator can hold 18 bottles with 10 for the top and 8 for the bottom. Interestingly, it offers 7 pull-out shelves permitting upright bottle storage.

So, this is a nice PLUS for saving your wine for later or simply storing large bottles.

In short, do not miss this dual-zone thermoelectric wine cooler if you need a good cooler to chill both your red and white wine perfectly and noiselessly.

  • Slender and tall
  • Classy with smoked glass door
  • Excellent dual zones for both red and white wine
  • Good construction
  • Decent capacity (18 bottles)
  • Quiet while running
  • Not a nice display case to show off your wine
  • Not fit wider bottles, have to remove the rack

3. Aobosi 15 Inch Wine Cooler – Best for Displaying Wine

Aobosi 15 Inch Wine Cooler

If the above coolers don’t help you attract others to spectacle your prized collection of wine, let this upgraded wine cooler from Aobosi do.

At first sight, the Aobosi wine cooler will capture your gaze with its sleek and classy, which might perfectly fit any venue.

In detail, its double tempered glass door is a big PLUS that allows you to show off your wine as well as keeping them safe. It’s because the glass door helps stop harmful UV rays and lights from entering the bottles and affecting their quality.

The standard blue LED backlight is another excellent feature to highlight the contrast between the wooden shelves and stainless-steel casing smoothly.

As you see, the wooden shelves do not only bring a charming look but also keep your beloved bottles scratch-free. Ever so wonderfully, these shelves help prevent them from moisture so that they are always strong and odor-free.

Although this charming fellow is also a dual-zone thermoelectric wine cooler, the two zones aren’t equally separated. If you prefer to keep more white wine, the upper zone with two shelves doesn’t have enough space. Meanwhile, the bottom one fits lots of bottles.

It’s just a little disappointing but overall, this is a perfect pick for a silent wine cooler. By using high-quality compressors, this wine fridge is able to cool your drinks much faster while operating quietly with low noise of 42dB. That means your friends, guests, and even you will not hear it when enjoying fantastic glasses of cool drinks.

  • Perfect for cabinet or standing alone
  • Nice and classy look
  • Good capacity of 28 bottles
  • Be restored the set temp due to power lost
  • Excellent safety lock
  • Powerful compressor for cooling wine fast and running quietly
  • A bit inconvenient to open the door to adjust the temp
  • Tight upper zone

4. Antarctic Star Wine Cooler – Best Humidity Control

Antarctic Star Wine Cooler

As you know, heat and light might be a hindrance to the quality of the wine. That’s why you need a wine cooler with humidity control to solve this issue.

And the mighty device under the Antarctic Star brand name is the answer at this time.

Designed with a dual-pane tempered glass door, this wine cooler ensures an excellent airtight seal that is able to keep the right humidity level inside. Ever so wonderfully, it offers great visibility and might prevent harmful UV rays outside. Also, there is an inside fan, which is a big PLUS because it can circulate the cold air to every corner to attain a stable cooling effect.

Additionally, the blue soft LED lighting helps produce no heat and adds beauty to your room at the same time. So, you can set your mind at rest because there are no harmful effects on your wine.

And of course, this advanced cooling system leaves silent operation. Likewise, it creates no vibrations which end up unsettling the natural sediments formed as the wine ages.

Although this cooler only has a single zone, it is ideal to hold 37 bottles of both reds and whites with the temperature range between 40 and 610F.

In sum, you easily keep your beloved vintages at the optimal temperature without spoiling them if you opt for this premium choice of quiet wine cooler.

  • Well designed with easy temperature controls
  • Ideal light and humidity
  • Super quiet while running
  • Good cooling system
  • Stainless steel shelves
  • Adjustable leveling legs
  • Not for built-in
  • Only a single zone cooler

5. BODEGA 24 Inch Wine Fridge – Best Bottle Capacity

BODEGA 24 Inch Wine Cooler

If money is not your issue or your larger bottles of wine is everything, why don’t you invest in the BODEGA 24-inch wine cooler to hold up to 52 bottles at the same time?

This product comes with a big layer spacing that is available on the first layer of the wine fridge. It is a nice pick for you to keep the bottles of different sizes and shapes like champagne with ease.

Similar to the above unit, this one only has a single zone. But it is equipped with the built-in circulating air cooling system that can offer a wide temperature range, from 41 to 680F. That means storing both reds and whites is a piece of cake.

Moreover, this system helps adjust the cold air to every corner to make sure each bottle of wine can be at a stable temperature, keeping the wine at the best flavor.

As a plus, the built-in high-quality compressors play an important part in creating a wide range of temperatures for the BODEGA. Interestingly, they are equipped with shock absorption to run the wine cooler silently as a whisper-quiet and produce no vibrations.

Although this quiet wine fridge is definitively on the more expensive side, its large capacity is a nice selection for those with a large collection of wine.

  • Freestanding and built-in design
  • Luxurious look with wood shelving
  • Easy to slide in and out the shelves
  • Smart digital control
  • Great amount of space
  • Steady temperature
  • Low noise and vibration levels
  • Not a dual-zone cooler
  • A bit challenging when installing the door handle

How to Pick a Quiet Wine Fridge

If you know which is the quietest wine cooler that suits your specific demands after reading the reviews above, ORDER IT NOW.

Or you can look for some of the most important factors below to make a better purchase when shopping for a quiet wine refrigerator.

1. Noise levels

The first and foremost factor to find the best quietest wine fridge, in this case, is all about the noise levels.

Normally, wine coolers that are equipped with a thermoelectric cooling system are the quietest with low noise of less than 50dB. Meanwhile, compressor wine coolers aren’t silent as their counterpart, but some models are designed for quiet performance.

For instance, the lady under the Aobosi brand avails a compressor and only creates 42dB of sounds. Besides, she is also energy efficient.

In sum, as long as you are here, all the top products above do their job perfectly in giving a whisper-quiet. Hence, you easily put them in your bedroom or office.

2. Vibration levels

Keep in mind that any wine cellar you get should be vibrationless. It’s because the vibration will disturb the wine sediments and then affect the flavor.

The good news is that most of the quietest wine coolers aren’t designed as traditional fridges or refrigerators.

So, you can set your mind at rest about this issue.

3. Humidity levels

Aside from noise and vibration levels, humidity also plays an essential role in cooling and preserving the wine.

Since this level tends to fluctuate, 60% is the recommended one.

Although not all the wine coolers are able to maintain this, you can consult the Antarctic Star if you truly need a good unit for humidity control.

4. Single Zone vs. Dual Zone

As you know, a dual-zone wine fridge is perfect for both reds and whites because you are able to control the temperatures of each zone separately. Meanwhile, a single-zone cooler is ideal for those having one kind of wine.

If you often store wine in a normal refrigerator, you might think of the single zone wine coolers. Just make sure you find the girl that comes with an ideal temperature range for keeping both red and white wine (around 45 to 550F).

Of course, the good news is that you can find her when you are here.

In fact, keeping the wine at this temperature range might create a difference. While red wine is served cold, white wine seems to be a bit colder.

It can be said that this is where the dual zone cooler can overcome the single-zone one since you can rely on it to service and store the wine at the same time.

5. How Many Bottles Does a Wine Cooler Hold?

This factor is a matter of preference. You need to determine your requirement as well as how quiet the wine cooler runs.

Normally, the wine fridges ranging from less than 10 to 40 wine bottles or more can be found with various functions.

If space is not a BIG issue, yet you would like to show off all your collection of wine, a cooler that can accommodate more bottles like the BODEGA would be a nice choice.

In case you’ve got a limited space where you can use the wine refrigerator, you should check the dimensions carefully before buying.

6. Shelves inside the Wine Cooler

The shelves can either be wooden or stainless steel in material.

As compared to the wooden shelves, the stainless-steel ones offer a contemporary feel in your fridge.

Besides, you have to consider the shelves that can be sliding and removable. It’s because this allows you to access the bottles at the back of the shelf and make cleaning with ease.


1. Which temperature should I set in my wine cooler?

If you want the best temperature settings for serving each type of wine, you can consult this table below (it works for most dual zone wine coolers).

Types of Wine Cooler Temperature (0F) Serving Temperature (0F)
Dry White, Sparkling, or Rose 45 40 – 50
Light, fruity Red or Full-bodied White 55 50 – 60
Port or Full-bodied Red 55 60 – 65

2. How about the ideal temperature range for the aging of wine?

For storing both reds and whites, the ideal temperature range for long-term aging and storage should be between 55 and 580F.

3. Which type of wine cooler is suitable for me, compressor, or thermoelectric?

If the room you are going to put the cooler in is not too warm, and you also want a freestanding product, a thermoelectric wine refrigerator will be a good pick.

For larger bottles and warmer rooms, no one can beat a compressor wine cooler. Also, most of the built-in models are compressor type.

Wrapping Up

With the 5 best quiet wine coolers above, picking the good one is not difficult as long as you know what you are looking for.

Do you need a compact unit in your bedroom or one that can show off your prized collection of wine?

Everything depends on your preference.

But you are guaranteed that bringing any lady discussed in this post is the right decision. As a result, you can enjoy fantastic cooling effects with no noise.

In case you are not sure about the freestanding wine coolers to purchase, you can opt for the Nutrichef PKCWC120.

This small yet attractive wine cooler truly does its job perfectly in keeping your bottles of wine at a stable temperature. More importantly, she has an advanced cooling system that silently operates and produces no vibrations, ensuring the best flavor of your wine.

It’s time to pick one and enjoy the excellent performance from these quiet wine refrigerators.

If you like to enjoy absolute tranquility, you should also check out these humidifiers, these mini-fridges, these tower fans, and add them to your shopping list.

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