The types of bed frames have changed drastically with time. From Victorian style beds with crown-shaped headboards popular in the 18th and 19th centuries to elegant yet straightforward bunk beds these days, there has been a considerable change. However, all of these types are still in existence and used to suit the whims of people today.

If you have recently redecorated your bedroom, you know the exceedingly staggering variety of bed frames available in the market. At a glance, the plethora of choices might be overwhelming. Will this type suit my mattress? Can I fit this style in my bedroom? Are there designs with extra storage space? A thousand other questions will plague the mind of any buyer. If you plan on buying a bed, fret not, for here are some of the most popular types available to ease your selection process.

Types Of Bed Frames

The role of design in the lives of people has changed drastically through the ages. Designs are an important factor when purchasing any apparel. Beds, too, have fallen under this category. They have various designs from which to choose. The following are some of the important types of beds based on design to help you make an informed decision.

1. Platform Bed

Platform Bed Frame

These are the most common types of beds in use today. They have a frame above the floor level and rows of wooden slats to support the mattress. These slats are airy and provide good support to the mattress. Generally made out of wood, this simple design is cost-effective and can house any type of mattress. Since they can easily fit into small spaces, they are most suitable for small spaces and studio apartments.

2. Folding Bed

Folding Bed

This is a broad classification of beds. As the name suggests, the bed frame contains hinges to fold into any space when not in use. If you want to fit your bed into any cramped spaces, this is the best fit for you. Additionally, these beds are folded into sofas or shelves when not in use. Folding beds are one of the best temporary sleeping solutions for guests that many people use to save space yet have the utility whenever needed.

3. Panel Bed

Panel Bed Frame

Panel beds are very similar to raised platform beds. In contrast, panel beds contain both a headboard and a footboard attached to the raised bed frame. Usually made of wood, they have headboards and footboards connected using rails. These beds are flexible in size and can fit into any kind of space. Panel beds are inexpensive, and thus one of the most commonly used bedframes throughout the world.

4. Sleigh Bed

Sleigh Bed

If you are planning a vintage themed bedroom, then this is the right fit for you. Santa’sSanta’s sleighs are an inspiration to this design. Similarly, these beds’ headboards have rounded and curved edges, providing a smooth finish to the furniture. One of the oldest designs extant today, sleigh beds are made from heavy wood like teak or metals and are hence expensive compared to other types. They take up more space, so they are most suitable for large bedrooms.

5. Trundle Bed

Trundle Bed

Have kids who love sleepovers? Don’tDon’t want to purchase an extra bed just for a few occasions? This is the best space-saving alternative for you. Trundle beds are typical beds on beds. A second bed can be drawn out from underneath the first bed as and when necessary. This makes the best use of the limited space available in the children’s bedroom and provides the extra bed space when necessary.

6. Day Bed

Day Bed

The name is misleading as this acts as a sofa during the day and a bed during the night. The dimensions of the sofa and the sturdy construction, allow for a single person to sleep comfortably on it. It usually comes with a soft and thick mattress that acts as both a cushion and a mattress and is commonly found in limited spaces like studio apartments. Throw in a few extra pillows and your two in one, casual furniture is ready to go.

7. Poster Bed

Poster Bed

You must have heard of four-poster beds and seen this model frequently in films. Poster beds contain poles at two or more corners of the bed. Depending on the type of poles used, they can be classified into various types. A typical four-poster bed contains four long poles at all the bedposts, and thinner poles are called pencil poster designs. A bed featuring four short poles is called a low poster bed, and a hybrid of these makes the half poster design. Poster beds are an archaic design, and royal bedrooms host these designs. They give a cozy and secure feel to the user. However, they require a larger space with high ceilings and are not suitable for apartments in general.

8. Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are a huge space saver in any room though they are most commonly seen in kids’ rooms. Two beds are stacked one over the other with a ladder connecting the bunks. If you need bookcases or drawers, many bunk beds come attached with such extra apparel. Moreover, bunk beds are a very smart investment for vacation cabins and, at times, hotel rooms.

9. Futon Bed

Futon Bed

Are you tired of using a sleeping bag in your own house? Don’t worry; futon beds provide you with the comfort of a mattress and the benefits of a sleeping bag. They do not have a traditional bed frame and consist of just a foldable mattress when not in use. Futon beds can double as a sitting as well as a sleeping spot. They are a low-cost and handy option for guest bedrooms.

10. Ottoman Bed

Ottoman Bed

If you continuously require more storage space, then this bed type might be one of the best space saving bedroom furniture for you. Ottoman beds have storage spaces beneath the bed. These can be in the form of small cupboards or drawers. Sometimes, the bed itself can be pulled out to reveal large storage space beneath it. This kind of bed is suitable for apartments where there isn’t much storage capacity and for temporary occupancy.

11. Pull-out Sofa Bed

Pull-out Sofa Bed

A pull-out sofa bed is just as the name sounds. The mattress of a pull-out bed folds into cushions of the sofa when not in use. In contrast with day beds, pull out sofa beds cannot be slept in as such. It is most suitable for small apartments, which are used as office spaces too. They can also act as an additional sleeping space for guests and come in various shapes and styles.

12. Adjustable Bed

Adjustable Bed

Dreamt of sitting comfortably on the bed and watching Netflix without the tub of popcorn on your lap spilling over? Well, your dreams can come true now. An adjustable bed is a motor-driven device. These motors are fixed to the frame beneath the mattress and change the orientation of your bed according to your needs. Furthermore, such beds can be used to care for old and sick people who spend most of their day on their beds. These beds need space and are easily controlled using buttons or, in some expensive cases, remotes.

13. Standard Bed

Standard Bed

If you are a frequent mover, then a standard bed is all you need. They are super cheap and easy to move. This bed consists of just a metal frame over which a mattress can be placed. Sometimes small removable wheels are attached to the frame for ease of movement from one place to another. Foldable standard beds are available too.

14. Storage Bed

Storage Bed

As the name suggests, these beds contain extra storage spaces if you live in a smaller place. Small drawers and chests are usually attached to the sides of the bed. Moreover, some storage beds come along with an attached headboard, which can be partitioned. Thus, they can hold books and alarm clocks and come in very handy, especially in city apartments, which lack the necessary space for a side stand. Nevertheless, all the extra built-in storage causes the bed to become very heavy and difficult to move.

15. Divan Bed

Divan Bed

Divan beds are sturdy and entrenched to the ground. Uniquely, these beds contain an upholstered headboard to lean on while you read or watch TV. In addition to this, they sometimes contain extra storage space too. Owing to the upholstery, these beds are hard to maintain and difficult to transport. Hence they are best suited for master bedrooms in permanent settlements.

16. Loft Bed

Loft Bed

Do you have a house with small rooms and high ceilings? Loft beds are tailor-made for you. These beds have high legs that raise the bed to fairly large heights, whereas the space below the beds is empty. This space can be used to keep bookshelves or converted into a mini hall as per your liking. Loft beds have no restrictions on size and can be a single or double bed. They serve as a great boon in single-bedroom apartments.

17. TV Bed

TV Bed

In today’s world, there is never a dearth for entertainment. TVs act as a huge source of entertainment for people of all ages. What if we could have a TV fitted into our beds? This is what a TV bed does. The frame of the bed contains a headboard and a footboard. The headboard is upholstered and comfortable to lean on. The footboard is where the magic happens. It is fitted with a flat-screen and can be raised to different heights for a better view. Not only do they contain a TV but also additional storage spaces for gaming consoles and DVDs. Nevertheless, the TV bed is an indication of opulence and not affordable by all.

18. Upholstered Bed

Upholstered Bed

An upholstered bed is a rich-looking and luxurious bed. The headboard of the bed is upholstered to make it more comfortable. The cost of the bed varies directly with the kind of material used in the upholstery. For example, a leather or velvet upholstery will cost more than a silk one. The cushioned headboard makes the maintenance hard and makes the furniture susceptible to wear and tear. These types of beds are sturdy in build and used in master bedrooms.

19. Headboard Bed

Headboard Bed

These beds come with just the headboards without the rest of the bulky frame attached to it. If you want your bed to be stylish, you could design these headboards to match the theme of your bedrooms or handcraft intricate designs. The advantage with standalone headboards is that they are extremely lightweight and can be transported with ease. They are inexpensive and give a classy and cozy look to your bedroom.

20. Wrought Iron Bed

Wrought Iron Bed

Are you looking for a long term investment? For your permanent settlement shelter, this kind of bed is the best option for you. Wrought iron beds are sturdy and durable and are known for their long life. Since they are made from iron and do not contain fabric or wood, they are easy to maintain. The iron makes these beds very heavy and expensive as compared to their wooden counterparts. However, you must be careful about any rust formation as this may weaken the structure and are also harmful to health.

21. Shelter Headboard Bed

Shelter Headboard Bed

These beds are very similar to the panel beds mention above, although there are minute differences. Footboards are generally not present in this kind of beds but can be added to custom made products. Shelter Headboard beds contain a slightly curved headboard in contrast with other types of beds. This wrap gives a vintage look to the furniture along with the upholstery used to design it. These beds will give you a safe and secure feeling and psychologically appeals to you. It is best suited for master bedrooms.

22. Spindle Framed Bed

Spindle Framed Bed

A spindle bed frame is a traditional frame that encompasses the design of a spaced spindle. The headboard consists of spindles, usually wooden, arranged in a row with spaces in between them. This bed gives an overall rustic feel. Nonetheless, it has a drawback. These headboards cannot be leaned on for comfort. They are lightweight and can be used in any type of household.

23. Santiago Bed

Santiago Bed

These are one of the oldest designs of beds still in circulation. Santiago beds have an ethnic design where the headboard is shaped like a crown. These beds are made of teak and other hardwood types to give it a strong and sturdy construction. Since these beds are very heavy, it is very difficult to move or transport.

24. Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed

Canopy beds are modulation of poster beds. Similar to poster beds, they contain poles at the ends of the beds. These poles are connected using horizontal beams to form a canopy-like structure. These canopies were covered with ornate and decorative fabrics in ancient times. Modern uses of the canopy, however, are mosquito nets and curtains. These beds offer you some amount of privacy and make you feel safe. Since they are big and heavy, canopy beds are not suitable for small spaces or studio apartments.

25. Convertible Sofa Bed

Convertible Sofa Bed

The name indicates similarity to a pull-out sofa bed. On the contrary, these two types are quite different from each other. While a pull out bed contains a mattress that is pulled out of the sofa, a convertible sofa bed does not have a separate mattress, but the back and arms of the sofa themselves can be pushed back to form a bed like structure. If you are someone who works late and spends nights at your office, this furniture might be an essential investment. Besides, they do not take up much space, serve a dual purpose, and make your office look cozier.

26. Rocking Bed

Rocking Bed

Does the feeling of slight rocking put you to sleep? Then this special type of bed is for you. It contains a rounded structure usually wooden with a bed built inside it. The rounded bottom rocks back and forth and helps you fall asleep faster. These beds occupy a larger width to accommodate the round structure, so they aren’t suitable for small apartments.

27. Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed

Folding into the wall when not in use, murphy beds are yet another type of folding beds available in the market. They are sometimes folded into cabinets too. They contain hinges at the base, which can be pulled using levers to fold up the bed. Murphy beds are a great space-saving hack and are cost-efficient too.

28. Hanging Bed

Hanging Bed

A unique type of bed, hanging beds are exactly as the name suggests. They are suspended from hooks in the ceiling rather than being placed on the ground like traditional beds. They can be hung either high or low according to your needs. There are various types of suspension cords, too, like ropes or chains. These beds give a smooth, swaying sensation to help you fall asleep faster. Since they don’t occupy much space, they can fit into any kind of space with a high ceiling.


Beds are an essential part of our everyday lives. But it is well known that they can be an expensive investment. So a wrong choice may cost you a lot. Go through the guidelines above on the different types of beds available and make the right decision. After all, you are at your best after a good sleep!

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