Windows bring the whole world to your peaceful home. Apart from providing warm sunlight, airy freshness, and beneficial space ventilation, they also appear as beautiful decor in every room in your house.

However, this best thing is also the biggest issue when it comes to rearranging a bedroom. Particularly, you need to weigh up where to put a bed in your room with windows thoroughly as its position, in part, affects your health and sleep.

The best idea is to place it in the middle of the room or against an empty wall as these placements will minimize negative factors affecting your sleep and bring you positive energy.

We’ve figured out some bad and good positions to bear in mind based on general Feng Shui rules, which help ensure a peaceful sleep. Let’s read on to discover!

Bed Placements in a Room with Windows

Before landing on this post, you might already think of some fav bed placement ideas. However, some positions are favorable for your health, while some are not recommended as they may have negative impacts on your relaxation.

Bed Under The Window (Bad Feng Shui)

bed under window
Sleeping on a bed under the windows causes many harmful impacts.

There are four primary reasons why placing the bed under a window is bad feng shui.

First, you’ll notice more of the noise and sound from the busy street outside as you get close to the windows.

Once sounds are too loud and become noise, they turn to be a harmful Qi that both disturbs your sleep and arouses anger, stress, frustration, and other unwanted emotions.

Also, wind and scent will focus more on your bed. If you’re living near the town center, you’ll often smell the vehicle exhaust from the street.

The wind’s directions may also bring the smell of cigarette smoke from your next-door neighbor’s balcony, which is annoying and unhealthy.

Besides, you don’t want the light to shine directly to your face and unexpectedly wake you up early when it’s the weekend, for instance.

Even when you have installed curtains or blinds, some light rays can still somehow manage to leak through the curtain’s edges or cracks.

The sunlight is generally able to influence your internal clock as it shines through your eyes’ retina. Thus, once you wake up early, it’s hard to go back to fall asleep again.

When putting a bed in front of a window, the light and noise will affect your sleep cycle in many potential ways. You may sometimes lack a sense of peace and tranquility.

The outside movements could become more noticeable as you sleep under a window, including the automobiles’ roaring of passersby, trains, cars, or animals. It’s weird to feel alert and anxious sometimes right in your home, isn’t it?

If you desire to dress up a beautiful window above your bed, we suggest setting up a windowsill and using it as a nightstand. You can add picture frames, plants, or a lamp to make it decorative and ensure your windows are well-soundproof.

Bed Facing The Window (Bad for Sleeping)

bed facing window
Sometimes, it’s cool to have a stunning view in front of your bed.

A bed facing the window could hinder your sleeping conditions, particularly if your windows meet the sunrise directly and expose your bed to the direct sunlight. With such placement, heat and harsh light will be the first thing to wake you up in the early morning.

If all remaining places in the room are not available and you have no choice but to place your bed opposite the window, add blackout curtains. This way, you can somehow minimize the unwanted heat and light.

Actually, a bed facing a panoramic or large window is not always a bad idea, especially if it offers a charming view of the sky or garden. Walking up and watching the gorgeous sunrise is also a nice way to start a new day.

Bed Next to The Window (Bad in Summers)

bed next to window
A bed next to the window can disturb your sleep just as the facing position.

A bed next to a window provides an enjoyable vibe and betters your sleep. Also, the windowsill can ‘function’ as a shelf for a lamp or scrunchies, or other small accessories.

However, sleeping beside a window also has some downsides. In summer, it will disturb your relaxation just as the facing position would as the heat and light in the summer tend to be stronger.

A way to avoid this problem is to close the blackout curtains until the sun goes down to mitigate the strong sunlight, though you can’t see the lovely view outside.

Another helpful tip is to move the bed about one or two meters away from your window. That way, you can enjoy the view without suffering from the heat and direct sunlight in the summer.

Bed Facing The Door (Bad for Positive Energy)

bed facing the door
If you wake up feeling tired, it may be because you put your bed in the wrong position.

According to Feng Shui, a bed lying opposite the door creates negative energy. This energy causes you to have a tiring sleep during the night. As a result, you’ll wake up feeling drained the following day.

Instead, it’s better to put your bed across the main door in the diagonal direction to achieve a clear view of your entryway.

If you can’t manage to avoid this opposite position, create a bright vibe by putting an elegant lamp or a side desk next to the bed.

Bed in The Center of Room (The Best Position)

bed in the center of room
A bed in the middle of the room is both the focal point and the best healthy option. Credit: Emporium Voyage

The perfect bed placement in a window-full room is in the middle of the room. Ideally, place your bed in the center of the room’s longest wall to concentrate on the focal furniture item or the soul of a bedroom.

This way, you can create a highlight in your room yet maintain a sense of harmony and balance. Some decorative wall arts above your mattress are also a brilliant idea to add a cozy view to your relaxing place.

Another way to rearrange your bedroom is to put the bed in the room’s center but don’t lean its head against the long wall. This placement applies to larger bedrooms because the bed will have plenty of space to stand out.

Bed Against a Blank Wall (The Second Option)

Bed Against Blank Wall
Placing your bed against a blank wall also makes it easier to decorate the room. Credit: Spotless Agency

If your room is completely empty, you should place the bed against a blank wall. This position gives the chance to decorate and design your bedroom more easily with the focus on your bed.

The highlight point in a room is vital as your friends or neighbors will look at it first when they step into your room. And the bed is the most simple highlight point to decorate in a bedroom.

On the other hand, if your room has windows on only one wall, focus on the wall opposite the door.

Actually, not many bedrooms have a blank wall opposite the main door. So, if you wish to change to another one, use a splendid headboard or lovely wallpaper to generate a new center point on that wall. You can also put your bed between two windows if the gap between them is wide enough.

Besides, you can paint the wall with a fav color that matches your bed’s style well.

What Is The Best Direction For Your Bed To Face?

Feng Shui is a conventional Chinese practice using the surroundings to generate a positive energy flow and avoid a negative one. There are loads of advice Feng Shui offers about bed placement in a bedroom with windows.

According to this practice, the West direction is the worst, whereas the East direction is the best that your bed should face.

Based on the earth’s tilt on its axis, sleeping with your legs towards the West could affect the blood and force it to rapidly flow to your head, leading to poor sleep. Meanwhile, facing the bed to the East will stimulate memory and positive energy.

Concerning windows, Feng Shui advises you to keep your bed far away from them, particularly if they’re usually open. This way, you can avoid drafts leaking in from your windows and causing you to fall ill.

Also, it suggests you place the bed from where you can see either the windows or bedroom door, which means never sleep with your head under the windows.


A pleasant night’s sleep does wonders for our health and mind, and the bed position plays a vital role in our sleep quality.

If you’re planning to rearrange your bedroom, the first and foremost thing to weigh up is the proper bed placement.

Where to place your bed in your room with windows? The best place is in the middle of the room or against an empty wall. If possible, you should follow the rules of Feng Shui. On the contrary, if your conditions are limited, apply the above tips or any other tips as long as they give you the most comfortable sleeping space.

Paint, wall art, or wallpaper are also part of a personalized and charming bedroom vibe.

Enjoy your comfortable bed and have sweet dreams!

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