“Your home should be able to tell the story of who you are. It should be a collection of what you love”. Do you agree? Most people like to create DIY furniture from scratch because the whole process tells a story and reflects who they are.

If you are fond of wooden furniture and have some wooden pallets at home that you want to reuse, this article will show you all about what you can do. Read on to see how you can use pallets to redecorate or make your furniture!

Unique Wooden Pallet Furniture and Decorating Ideas

1. Rustic Wooden Pallet Mirror

Rustic Wooden Pallet Mirror

If you are an enthusiast of wooden furniture, a rustic mirror made of wooden pallets will undoubtedly appeal to you. This unique mirror will fit perfectly in your home, especially if your home has a rustic theme to it.

You can even use some pallets to make an additional storage tray at the bottom of the mirror.

2. Pallet Sofa

Wooden Pallet Sofa with green plants

A pallet sofa is one of the best ideas because this looks good inside and outside your home. You can build a DIY sofa for your living room based on the size of the room. A pallet sofa is also perfect for your deck, entry hall, or kids’ room.

3. Pallet Bed Frame

Recycled Pallet Bed Frame

An excellent idea for the decoration of your room is creating a beautiful homemade bed frame from recycled pallets. Not only does this give your room an archaic look, but it also enhances the ambiance of your room, as you can paint the pallets in whichever color you want.

A bed frame made of wooden pallets truly steals the hearts of many!

4. Console Table

Easy DIY Project Pallet Console Table

A console table is an excellent addition to many places in your home. You can easily make a console table that has a stone finish on the top. You can even add mini storage to this table at the bottom.

Now you don’t necessarily have to leave your wine glasses, documents, or keys all around the house!

5. Coffee Table

Rustic Farmhouse Pallet Coffee Table with white paint

If you are team coffee, you are in luck today. A cozy coffee table made out of wooden pallets is just what you need to create that earthy and rustic aura in your home.

A bonus is that you can create a storage area for all the books and magazines that you like to flip through while you sip your coffee!

6. Home Bar

Home bar made out of wooden pallets

A home bar is a perfect project that you should start working on this summer. All you need is two pallets, some paint (or not) and three pavers. It should make for a fantastic wine bar that you can use inside or outside your home, especially in your man cave.

7. Wood Cooler

Pallet Wood Garden Coolers

A fabulous way to upgrade your garden coolers is by creating an easy, DIY holder for them. Yes, this process is as easy as it sounds. Additionally, you can also add a storage area for these holders in your rework of the holder.

That gives a very arcadian or a countryside feeling to the ambiance at your place!

8. Vase Holder

Wooden Pallet Vase Holder

Vase holders are one of the best ideas for recycling those wooden pallets lying around. You can make a vertical vase holder from the wooden pallets. It will undoubtedly infuse new colors and life into your wall. It also creates a unique focal point.

Such a sight would look amazing in your living room.

9. Bar Stools

Wooden Pallet Bar Stools

Yes, benches or sofas are very comfortable. But it would help if you also had individual seats. Bar stools are not only a perfect addition to your home bar but also make very comfy spots to sit on. You can use pallets and wooden crates to create these stools at home.

Also, they look aesthetic and add beauty to any décor.

10. Kitchen Island

Wooden Pallet Kitchen Islands

If you are looking for a relatively affordable and durable kitchen island, wood pallets might be the solution to your problem. A kitchen island made of wooden pallets makes your kitchen look elegant, depending on what color pallets you pick.

It also gives you a lot of storage space and changes the whole look of the kitchen.

11. High Chair

Wooden Pallet High Chair for Kids

What else can blend well with the kitchen in your home than a baby high chair? Another easy way to recycle those wooden pallets is to make DIY high chairs that give your kids a great backrest. High chairs change the entire look of the kitchen and make life much easier.

12. Tree Swing

Wooden Pallet Tree Swing for Garden

If you have a beautiful garden, why wouldn’t you want to be outdoors during the summer? You can enhance the whole summer experience by building a DIY tree swing made out of wooden pallets. These swings are perfect for kids and even for adults.

They’re a perfect way to relax in the evening and could even become your favorite reading spot!

13. Wine Rack

Wine Rack Made of Wooden Pallets

A homemade wine rack made of wooden pallets is the perfect way to turn a lot of heads when you’re hosting at your place. It is an excellent, beautiful, and rustic way to hold your wine bottles and glasses. Moreover, you even get a say in how much storage space you want!

14. Bike Rack

Bike Rack Made of Wooden Pallets

If you have kids who like to ride in your house or even if you love to ride bikes, a perfect addition to your backyard or garage would be a DIY bike rack made of wood pallets. Firstly, this rack looks exceptionally unique.

And secondly, these racks make for great decorative furniture around the house!

15. Wall Hanger

Wooden Pallet Wall Hangers

An incredible way to decorate your kitchen, bedroom, or living is with lovely wooden pallet wall hangers. You can use these hangers to hang little cups on the kitchen wall or hang an artifact on the living room wall!

They make for a great addition to the ambiance of your home and make it look cozy.

16. Lamp

Rustic Wooden Pallet Lamp

Lamps made of wood pallets are the most elegant lamps ever! Coupled with ropes and yellow light, these lamps look extravagant on your nightstand or hanging from the kitchen island ceiling. They make all rooms look good.

Additionally, you can even cover the original LED light in your room with a lamp formation from the pallets. These lamps make a perfect reading light!

17. Night Stand

Farmhouse Wooden Pallet Night Stand

If you want your bedroom to look subtly extravagant, a wooden pallet nightstand is the way to go. It has a rustic finish and can be paired with metal as well. Needless to say, it is highly durable and gives a lot of storage space for those little things you may need at times.

18. Patriotic Flag

Patriotic Flag Wooden Pallet for Decorating

One of the best ways to recycle wooden pallets is by showing your love for your country. You can use a pallet to make a homemade flag which honestly, doesn’t take as long to make! Painting the pallets is certainly fun. The flag adds a nice patriotic feel to your home.

19. Trash and Recycling Bin

Trash and Recycling Bin Made of Wooden Pallets

A recycling bin made out of recycled pallets – how sustainable is that! Recycling bins made out of wooden pallets are the most sustainable and eco-friendly options that you will ever come across. Moreover, they are effortless to make at home.

So, stop using those plastic trash cans and switch to homemade wooden pallet bins!

20. Tool Storage Wall

Wooden Pallet Tool Storage Garage Wall

A tool storage wall is one of the most important things to make out of wooden pallets for your garage. You already know that this wall will remain with you for years to come. Fancy straps around the toolbox will accentuate the look of the wall.

21. Fold-Down Home Office

Pallet Fold-Down Home Office

If you are looking to enhance your study in your home, a fold-down home office is a perfect idea for you. This fold-down desk is relatively easy to make and gives you a vast space to work on or store your books in!

22. Bathtub Tray

Bathtub Tray Made of Pallets

A wooden pallet bathtub tray is one of the most incredible ideas for recycling those wooden pallets. If you are someone who enjoys long baths with scented candles and rose petals, a wooden pallet bathtub tray is the perfect invention for you.

Now you can sip wine, eat cheese and enjoy your bath all at the same time!

23. Mail Organizer

Wooden Pallet Mail Organizer

A mail organizer is one of the best looks for your front door. Firstly, it’s elegant and makes the entrance of your home look amazing. And secondly, it keeps your mail in place instead of leaving it in a mess.

Again, since this is a homemade mail organizer, you get a say in how much storage you have access to.

24. Garden Chair

Garden Chairs Made of Wooden Pallets

If you haven’t realized it yet, this is your chance. Nothing blends better with a garden than a wooden chair. A wooden pallet chair is a genius idea for furniture and decoration. You can even customize this chair by giving it a spacious storage space at the bottom.

That is certainly a beautiful and simple way to redecorate your garden.

25.  Storage Box

Wooden Pallet Storage Box

Remember those treasure chests from Disney movies? Well, you could make one of those chests at home and use it as a storage box. As this is a DIY project, you can even add handles to lift it on each side of the box.

In fact, you can add cushions or padding to the top of the box to use it as a bench as well!

26. TV Stand

Wooden Pallet TV Stand

A wooden pallet TV stand is just what you need to enhance the experience of watching television with your family. Since this will be a homemade TV stand, you can decide upon the size of the TV stand as per your preferences.

You could even cover the entire wall with pallets and create extra storage space for all those discs and other TV supplies.

27. Toilet Roll Holder

Toilet Roll Holder

If you’re still here, you indeed have great taste and curiosity. The idea of ‘all things aesthetic’ can even be utilized in something as simple as a toilet roll holder. A roll holder made out of a wooden pallet will give a very calming feel to your washroom.

A bonus is that you can add panels down below to your holder so that you can store more toilet paper rolls!

28. Closet Organizer

Wooden Pallet Closet Organizer

A wood pallet closet organizer is just what you need if you want to recycle those pallets and enhance the look of your wardrobe. Paneling can be really easy if you are using wooden pallets. And again, more storage space!

29. Shoe Storage

Wooden Pallet Shoe Storage

Are you tired of your kids taking off their shoes at the entrance of the door or throwing them under the bed? Well, a wooden pallet shoe storage might be your knight in shining armor.

You can even add different levels or panels to the storage to keep shoe-cleaning equipment and shoes all in one place.

30. Herb Garden

Wooden Pallet Herb Garden

An herb garden is a perfect accessory that your home needs to make it greener.  Not only is a wooden pallet herb garden easy to maintain, but it is also very unique. It could either be indoor or outdoor.

Moreover, you can even choose if you want it on the wall or a stand on the floor!

31. Head Board

Head Board Made of Pallets

A wooden pallet headboard is one of the chicest kind of headboard that you could adorn your bed with. The colors don’t have to be tacky. They can be straightforward, but with a few finishing touches, your bed will look very modern and stylish at the same time.

Adding fairy lights or reading lights to the corners of the headboard will certainly make it more aesthetically pleasing!

32. Wall Clock

Wooden Pallet Wall Clock

A vintage wall clock is exactly what you need if you’re looking for something stunning to spice up your wall. A wall clock made up of a wood pallet is perfect for vintage farmhouse themes and contemporary décor.

33. Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity Made out of Wooden Pallets

No matter what kind of bathroom you have, a wooden pallet bathroom vanity fits in everywhere. It gives a clean look to the entire bathroom and also makes the bathroom look much more organized.

34. Wall Shelf

Wooden Pallet Wall Shelf

A wooden wall shelf is a ubiquitous sight in homes with lots of DIY products. A pallet wall shelf allows you to be creative with the shelf. You can have high-low paneling to make the décor look exciting, or you could even follow perfect fitting paneling for your wall shelf.

Nonetheless, the shelf looks impressive.

35. Crib

A wooden pallet crib makes for the most durable cribs you will ever come across. You can paint it according to your wishes. You can even add a storage space of baby supplies at the bottom or sides of the crib.


Hopefully, after reading this carefully curated list of thirty-five items, you are convinced to recycle those wooden pallets lying in your backyard. DIY and homemade products actually amount to great furniture and decoration ideas.

Moreover, they are incredibly durable along with adding a charm to your home. Are you ready to make your home better by using these simple and unique ideas to decorate it? Pick up those pallets and get ready to let your home tell your story in a way that words definitely cannot!

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