In modern kitchens nowadays, the bar stool is gradually becoming necessary and an indispensable furniture item. And finđing the right bar stools is not easy work because there are many factors that you need to consider carefully.

Do you need more information and some recommendations to make a purchase decision? If you’re here now, our article of 15 best stools for kitchen island will meet your need! Read carefully and don’t skip any parts to know more!

Reviews of The Best Stools for Kitchen Island

1. Leopard Shell Back Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools – Best Of Eye-catching Design

Leopard Shell Back Adjustable Swivel Bar Stool for Kitchen Island - Best Of Eye-catching Design

The first thing that impresses you about this stool is probably its eye-catching and luxurious design. The design makes it not only be used for the kitchen island but also the bedroom table.

With a thick and smooth seat cushion design, a stool seat will comfort people sitting when using it. Besides, the adjustable height of Leopard Shell Bar Stools will allow you to customize according to the height of users such as children.

A compact and elegant design with fourteen color options is suitable for the kitchen with different styles and spaces, especially small spaces.

Despite having the back, many users don’t like the low back design of this stool because it’s quite entangled and doesn’t support people sitting.


  • Eye-catching and luxurious design
  • Swivel adjustable stool
  • Multiple choices
  • Suitable for small spaces


  • Low back and pretty fragile design

2. Christopher Knight Home Dax High Chairs – Best for Contemporary Style

Christopher Knight Home Dax Bar Stools for Kitchen Island - Best For Contemporary Style

If you love furniture with a simple design, Christopher Knight Home Dax is one of the best high chairs for kitchen island you should be interested in.

Although not equipped with a thick cushion like the others, the chair seat has a moderate sunken level suitable for sitting posture. Moreover, the metal frame makes it more robust and stable when using.

The cover layer of this high chair is leather upholstery. So that the feeling of authenticity and nature is what it expresses most clearly. Besides, this chair will incredibly suit a kitchen island with a minimalist style or contemporary style.

The disadvantage here is this kitchen island high chair can’t be adjusted for height or swivel, which will be a bit inconvenient for users.


  • Minimalist and natural design
  • Stable frame
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Reasonable price


  • Fixed and can’t be adjusted or swiveled

3. Nathan James Nelson Counter Stools – Best of Versatility

Nathan James Nelson Bar Stool

If you are looking for a simple backless stool for the island in your kitchen, why don’t you deliberate about this model?

This stool’s cushion is pretty thick and is wrapped in PU leather to enhance the ability to stain and reduce cleaning time.

The compact design makes them extremely suitable for limited spaces. Besides the kitchen island, you can place it in the kid’s bedroom next to the desk, or place it at the entrance to have a seat when wearing shoes.

The frame looks fragile but extraordinarily rugged and robust that can withstand a weight of 275 lbs.


  • Compact design
  • Wrapped by PU leather
  • Versatility
  • Strong frame


  • Backless bar stools with a fixed seat

4. Superjare Adjustable Swivel Island stools With Back – Best for Retro Style

Superjare Adjustable Swivel Barstools With Back - Best For Retro Style

Superjare Bar Stools with Back are high chairs that you can adjust their height from 23.6 inches to 32.2 inches.

It has a signature design covered with fabric material, while the primary color is retro brown natural patterns.

This swivel stool provides flexibility for the user by comfort from the cushion, and the stool back will support to reduce the pressure on your back.

One more outstanding feature is its versatile design, not only as a swivel bar stool but also for offices, coffee shops, etc.

A point to note based on many users’ opinions is that the swivel stool’s legs are not really sturdy, so you need to pay attention when rotating or adjusting.


  • Signature and eye-catching design
  • Adjustable height
  • Versatility
  • Affordable price


  • Legs may not be extremely sturdy.

5. Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool With Cushion – Best for Rustic Style

Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool With Cushion for Kitchen Island

Instead of having a metal frame like other chairs, Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Counter Stools were manufactured wood frame that makes it more durable than the frame made from metal tubes.

With the backless and straightforward design of this stool, it will save you quite a bit of kitchen space, and you can put it under the table to avoid a collision when moving. It is really convenient!

White and gray is an elegant and neutral combination. Hence, these counter stools will work in harmony with the different colors of the kitchen island. You even easily combine them with other dining sets.

Further, if your kitchen is in Rustic style or Traditional style, there is no better choice than this stool!

Because the frame material is wood and there are no pads under each leg, it will be quite slippery with some surfaces. You can solve this problem by buying or custom some leg pads.


  • Solid wood frame
  • Rustic design with a neutral color
  • Reasonable price
  • Suitable for small space


  • Slippery with some surfaces

6. Ball & Cast Classic Cushion Stool With Back – Best Back Design to Leaning On

This stool has an entirely wooden frame while the seat cushion and back cushion are covered with faux leather. Overall, its design is classical and traditional.

Although the wooden chair frame is fixed, the seat cushions are designed to be rotated 360 degrees. Moreover, the stool frame is equipped with a circular footrest for you to be more comfortable in the sitting posture.

The back of the stool is created to be taller than other products to become more useful for the user to lean on.

Compared to other bar stools with back, this kitchen island stool has a smaller size and design, which makes its rounded seats also become quite modest in terms of area. If you prefer large seats, this may not be the optimal choice.


  • Useful footrest
  • Solid design
  • Rotating seat
  • High and arched back


  • Small seat

7. Roundhill Furniture Redico Classical Style Adjustable Metal High Chairs

Roundhill Furniture Redico Budget Adjustable Metal Bar Stools for Kitchen Island

Do you just have a small budget for kitchen island chairs? If so, don’t ignore this chair! The vintage design will be extremely suitable for any room with a bold or rustic style, even if they are a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.

These high backrest chairs will be suitable for families with multiple generations of use, for both children and the elderly. Or when you simply need a place to rest and lean back, it can all meet.

Although it has a fixed frame, the supplier will enclose four leg extensions so you can change the seat height according to the user’s height.

Its compact design is flexible for different spaces; its small seats are not preferred and not appreciated.


  • Bargain price
  • Compact design
  • High backrest
  • Leg extensions are included


  • Modest seat

8. Furmax Swivel Adjustable Bar Stools – Best for Modern Design

Furmax Swivel Adjustable Bar Stool - Best For Modern Design

The most significant advantage of this adjustable bar stool that you can recognize is its design: modern, eye-catching, and compact. The bar stool is covered with bonded leather with bright colors to make your room more vibrant and bring positive energy.

Not stopping there, it has high-quality frame materials. Chrome base contributes to its glossy and gorgeousness when putting side by side with many other products.

Last but not least, the footrest and middle back promise to bring freedom of movement to consumers.

In contrast to its pros, articulation seems uncertain. The proof is that when you adjust the counter chair be higher, it is likely to slip down if someone with a significant weight sits.


  • Modern design
  • Bright color
  • High-quality chrome frame
  • Compact design with large seat


  • Easy to slip down articulation

9. BOKKOLIK Industrial Kitchen Island Swivel Chairs – Best of Solid Frame

BOKKOLIK Industrial Kitchen Island Swivel Bar Stool - Best Of Solid Frame

The BOKKOLIK Industrial Bar Stools are exceptionally suitable for limited space because it has a compact design that you can put under the table.

This industrial bar stool has a seat cushion thickness of up to 2 inches to help support the pelvis and minimize fatigue when sitting. The built-in footrest and 360-degree swivel seats also feature that users appreciate this stool for its flexibility.

If you like the industrial style or classic style, modern style, minimalist style, etc, then this chair will be one of the best kitchen island stools that can meet your needs. This is a backless stool with a modest seat. So you need to notice this factor when deciding to buy.


  • Can be used for many kitchen concepts
  • Compact design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Height adjustable


  • Backless and modest seat

10. DHP P Luxor Metal Counter Stool – Best of Large Backrest

DHP P Luxor Metal Counter Stools for Kitchen Island - Best Of Large Backrest

Do you love high-back kitchen island stools? Then this is the option that worth considering!

It has a relatively simple design with an industrial monolithic metal frame. Also, the seat isn’t a soft cushion but is a hardwood panel instead. Although there is no swivel chair design, with the relatively lightweight and easy-to-move design of this stool, you will still be easy and convenient in moving.

There are not many unique features in this stool, but the large backrest will help you feel satisfied and stable while sitting. The frame of the stool is not too thick and solid. That makes it easy to be distorted if there is a strong impact or being hit by other objects.


  • Lightweight
  • Large and high backrest
  • Reasonable price


  • Thin metal frame

11. CosmoLiving Velvet Bar Stool – Best of Luxurious Seat Materials

CosmoLiving Velvet Upholstered Bar Stools for Kitchen Island - Best Of Luxurious Seat Materials

Although this stool has a simple design, it is covered with velvet. This harmonious combination makes the kitchen stool delicate, not flashy, but still luxurious.

The seat cushions are very thick and soft, with the high backrest won’t let you be disappointed if you choose to sit on it to rest.

The metal seat frame is painted in black to avoid being in a jumble and limit the ability to see stains or scratches.

The velvet material covering the seats makes it difficult and time-consuming to clean. If you don’t have much time for cleaning, use it carefully to avoid getting dirty.


  • Modern design
  • Simple and suitable for many spaces
  • Thick seat cushion


  • Velvet materials need time to clean.

12. Challiman Bar Stool – Best For Budget

Signature Design by Ashley Challiman Counter Height Bar Stool - Best For Budget

When looking at the stool, you probably won’t be too impressed as it has nothing special about the design. However, L-shape feet enhance this frame strength to ensure you can sit for long periods and create a distinct break for itself.

However, in return for its rough design, it is incredibly rugged. Instead of elaborate design, the manufacturer focuses more on product quality.

Further, this is an ideal solution for limited space or large orders. As if you need to buy in bulk or don’t have too much funding for a kitchen stool, its low cost will rescue you!

The Challiman bar stool has no seat cushions that can be uncomfortable if you aren’t used to sitting on hard chairs.


  • Bargain price
  • Limited space solution
  • Solid frame and seat


  • The seat is quite hard to sit on

13. Homelegance Amsonia Counter Height Swivel Stools

Homelegance Amsonia Counter Height Swivel Stool - Best For Both Indoor and Outdoor Kitchen Islands

This stool is made from 100% wood and not doped with other materials, so in general, it isn’t eye-catching for those who don’t have much knowledge about furniture styles.

On the contrary, it will be the first choice for those with or rustic classic taste or rooms designed in these two styles.

The solid wooden frame is quite hard to sit in, but it creates solid and can withstand the heavyweight.

In addition to the kitchen island, it is also suitable for furniture combinations, especially for an outdoor dining set.

The design of this stool makes to be suitable for some styles as it is quite selective of space. This is definitely one of the best bar stools for kitchen island to buy.


  • Solid design
  • Durable frame that can stand heavyweight
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Affordable price


  • Not versatile for different styles

14. Rivet Counter Stools – Best for Being Moved from Place To Place

Rivet Kitchen Counter Bar Stool - Best For Being Moved From Place To Place

Rivet Kitchen Island Counter Stool is another excellent choice for limited space and a small kitchen.

This stool’s design is minimalist but still stylized in the legs to avoid dull feeling when looking. The seat base part is made from solid oak with gloss paintwork, which will contribute to limiting rotting or damage.

Its most significant advantages are its lightweight and amazingly compact design. That will help you quickly move it from place to place when needed, for example, when you want to take things from a high shelf.

You don’t need to assemble it, just directly use it. How convenient it is!

Due to the seat design, it will make it easier for you to slide forward when sitting, especially with children


  • Solution for small kitchen
  • Assembling is not required
  • Solid oak seat base
  • Easy to bring to other places.


  • Easy to slide forward while sitting

15. Coaster Counter Height Stool – Best for Multiple Combinations

Coaster Counter Height Stool for Kitchen Island - Best For Multiple Combinations

Coaster Counter Height Stool has an extremely fancy and unique design. If you want to “reset” your kitchen and make it look fancier, this isn’t a wrong choice!

Thick square seat cushions will make users feel more comfortable when sitting on thanks to the larger area than the round cushion.

Gray is a neutral color that can easily coordinate this stool with the different tones of the counter and kitchen. Besides, with its design, you can also put it in the office or main doors for having some seats when wearing shoes.

Although its height is not adjustable, you have two options: seat height 24 inches and 30 inches.

Although the frame design is unusual, it may not be stable enough, not suitable for somebody who has a heavyweight.


  • Fancy design
  • Easy to combine with other colors
  • Two height options
  • Thick and larger seat


  • Thin frame that can’t stand heavyweight.

What Make The Best Bar Stools for Kitchen Island

You need to pay attention to the following factors to find good kitchen island stools:

1. Island Dimension and Height

First, let’s measure the dimension of the island in your kitchen. The more accurate the measurement, the more it will benefit you when choosing stools.

You need to measure the length, width, and surface area of ​​the kitchen island from that you can determine the number of chairs your kitchen needs.

Also, the height of the kitchen island will determine the bar stool’s height. For that reason, try to measure as accurately as possible.

2. Stool Characteristics

Height: The height is the most important factor as if that height doesn’t match the kitchen island, you won’t be able to use them. Thus, consider the stool height from the ground carefully compared to the height of the kitchen island you measured before.

As a general rule, the ideal height for stool is 10 inches lower than the kitchen island. However, it depends on the shapes of users to decide the suitable height.

Adjustable height stools will be options worth considering for their versatility.

Width: The widths of typical seats are 15, 17, and 21 inches. And this width factor directly affects the comfort of the seat.

The selection of seat width depends on how comprehensive you prefer. Also, pay attention to the spaces you have and the number of seats you want to avoid choosing too big or too small products.

Design: In addition to the design elements of the stool that must match the counter, you need to notice the designs of the frame and the back.

The stool’s frame also affects the aesthetics of the stool and kitchen island. Besides, low back, high back, or backless design is your most favorite? You have to make a decision.

3. Kitchen Island Design and Space

Your bar stool set must have the same style as your kitchen. Surely no one wishes to have a kitchen that looks messy due to the different furniture styles interwoven.

To make it easier, try to determine what your kitchen style is. Or at least grasp the design structure. When choosing kitchen island bar stools, you can figure out which ones are hard to mix and match with your kitchen.

Next, how much space do you have for bar stools? How many stools does your kitchen counter have enough space for?

Such questions will help you determine the maximum, and the minimum size of bar chairs that you can choose to avoid the size of them is too small or too cumbersome for your kitchen.

4. Number Of Stools

How many stools are enough for your kitchen island?

The number of kitchen bar stools you need will depend on the bar dimension, the size of the stool, and how many people will use the island in your kitchen.

And if your home has many people using the kitchen island, a bench would be a better choice than many stools.

Bottom Lines

Have you been clear about the basics when purchasing bar stools? We will sum up by giving you some recommendations from our best bar stools for kitchen island.

If you are keen on elegant and eye-catching stools, don’t miss the Leopard Shell Kitchen Island Swivel Bar Stools and Furmax Swivel Adjustable Bar Stools.

Challiman Bar Stool and Rivet Counter Stool will be the ideal selections for the modest space kitchen.

In case you prefer stools with a comfortable backrest? Consider Roundhill Furniture Redico Metal Barstool and Ball & Cast Classic Stool With Back! Or read our reviews of the most comfortable bar stools.

Finally, don’t forget to sit on them to get the most authentic feeling!

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