The summer weather makes the atmosphere hotter and muggy, which happens both inside and outside your home. Moreover, if there are no windows in your rooms, that problem is even worse!

Is there a way to make your windowless room cooler? Fortunately, the answer is yes!

From now, the question “What are the best ways to cool a room with no windows?” won’t bother you anymore as we will reveal to you all the easiest and simplest ways to do that! Without further ado, let’s start!

10 Effective Ways to Cool Down a Room Without Windows

1. Install a Ceiling Fan

This’s a reasonably popular method which is preferred by many people as ceiling fan prices aren’t high and the installation isn’t too tricky.

In a windowless room, the atmosphere would be relatively hot and stuffy since there is little convection. Hence, during operation at high speeds, ceiling fans help to circulate air by blowing the hot air out.

Moreover, the ceiling can bring airy and comfortable airflow without cooling down immediately because it will use the cool wind to gradually push the heat out. So if you don’t like to use the air conditioner, the ceiling fan is the right choice.

2. Install a Wall Air Conditioner

The low cost and instant mode make wall air conditioners the most popular option for households, stores, coffee shops, etc to cool a room without windows.

Obviously, the room temperature can drop rapidly in 15 to 30 seconds instantly after starting the air conditioner. Furthermore,  as it can focus on central air conditioning, it will perform better in an airtight room.

Thus, a wall air conditioner will be extremely suitable for an enclosed room with many people, because cold flow from the air conditioner will cool down the room temperature faster than a fan. Also, body heat from many people will also make the room hotter while the wind from the fan is not enough to cool the room.

However, the air conditioner needs to be ventilated with the exhaust fans outside to work, so your rooms must be able to vent to the outside.

3. Use Through-the-wall Air Conditioner

The through-the-wall air conditioner is usually installed on the lower part of the wall, close to the floor. So if you don’t like the direct cold air from the wall air conditioner but still prefer instant cooling, this is a worthwhile option.

Having a similar function wall indoor air conditioner, but the through-the-wall one has a higher capacity. Besides, the recessed design also helps to save more space.

Despite all the advantages above, you may encounter some difficulties in the air conditioner installation. You have to connect the ventilation pipes to the outside since ductwork installation is required. Overall, it’s better to have a professional help you install them!

4. Use a Standing Fan with Ice

In case you only have floor fans and don’t want to spend more money buying coolers, we have a fantastic tip for you! This is maybe the simplest way to cool a room without any windows.

You should prepare a large bowl of ice at first, and then put it on a chair, shelf, etc. as long as it is in front of the central airflow of the fan.

After that, the fan will push the cold vaporing from the ice bowl to the whole room. Their action mechanism is similar to the evaporative coolers.

5. Two Fans Tip

Apart from using standing fans with ice, we have another incredible tip for you to take advantage of your fans! All you need to do is prepare two standing fans or box fans and position them correctly.

First, place a fan that directs the wind flow towards the ceiling. This fan is responsible for absorbing the hot air in the room, then “throws” it to the ceiling.

Then, you need to play the other fan with the central flow towards the door to push all the hot air out and lower indoor temperature.

6. Buy a Ventless Portable Air Conditioner

If you are looking for a compact air cooler that you can bring from place to place, why don’t you consider a portable air conditioner?

As we know, the portable indoor air conditioner operates similarly to house fans. Still, it provides a better cooling effect because its cooled air is produced by strong airflow combined with the vapor of cold water or ice in the tank to air-condition.

Next, the indoor air quality will be improved as the cold water vapor will balance the appropriate humidity.

Finally, with these swamp coolers, there’s no need to install bulky ac systems. With a portable air conditioner,  you can still enjoy the extremely comfortable atmosphere!

7. Replace Incandescent Lights in House

Incandescent lights aren’t recommended because they’re quite inconvenient and have many defects. One of their most significant shortcomings is releasing heat when being lit

Apparently, the incandescent lights work as a heating system since it releases a great heat that makes your room hotter. So, replacing them with LED bulbs not only helps decrease room temperature when they work but also reduces electricity bills for your family.

What’s more, the lifespan of the incandescent light isn’t as long as the LED one. Overall, this tip for cooling a windowless room is worth your attention and application!

8. You Should Keep The Appliances Off

Household devices such as ovens, irons, stoves, and so on. will also release heat when operating. Although the heat is not too significant, when many devices are working at the same time, they will raise the room’s temperature.

For that reason, turn off all devices when they aren’t in use. This way makes your room less hot as well as saves the electric consumption.

Another benefit is that proper use will also help to preserve devices better and extend their lifespans.

9. Remember to Close Your Doors

In addition to the leading cause of lack of ventilation, the high temperature in the room can also be created by the outside hot air.

Because during the day, outdoor temperatures are usually higher than indoors. So when we don’t close the doors, hot air can enter your room. Notably, in a windowless room, it’s difficult for that hot air to exhaust.

Therefore, keep the doors closed during the day or when you use the air conditioners, which makes your room cooler as it keeps the cool air inside.

1o. Plant Trees around Your House

Planting trees around your house is an advantageous solution that brings more benefits than just cooling your room.

The trees will freshen your house and your rooms by the shade they create. In addition to covering, people call the plants “air purifiers” since they make the air cleaner and limit pollution

As a result, the atmosphere inside and outside your house will be fresher and airier. And it’s great for your health too!


Finally, we have revealed to you all the fantastic tips, and we hope that they will help you as much as possible! So what is the best way to cool a windowless room?

You can buy the cooler such as fans and air conditioners, keep the appliances off, replace the incandescent lights or plant more trees around your house!

All of the above methods are extremely useful, and you just need to choose one or some that suit you best!

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