Are your closet doors all crooked? Do you want your closet doors to match your vibe? If you answer positively to any of those questions, this article is the perfect destination for you.

It is imperative to maintain your closet in fixed intervals to ensure the safety of your clothes. If there are gaps and openings, it will become a freeway for pests to attack your possessions.

This article will guide you towards many possible solutions to revamp your closet doors so that you can ensure maximum safety and aesthetics.

15 Closet Door Ideas and Alternatives That Will Make Your Space Unique

Listed below are the fifteen most unique and fancy closet door ideas and alternatives you can implement without hassle and roadblocks.

1. Bifold Doors

Bifold Closet Doors

Bifold doors are an excellent closet door option for compact spaces as they fit in perfectly with the overall alignment. They look elegant and offer maximum security to keep your clothes and other items safe from any mishaps.

These doors do not cost much, and therefore they will find a place in whatever budget you have decided. You can also paste posters and pictures on separate parts of the door for a ripple effect.

2. Sliding Doors

Sliding Closet Doors

If your closet is in a room that does not have much space, sliding doors will be a great closet door option to consider. These doors are better suited to induce ventilation, and they also allow a considerable amount of sunlight to keep your clothes fresh.

When it comes to the cost, you can expect sliding doors to be of a price according to your chosen brand. If you like to experiment with your closet doors frequently, you can select an inexpensive and affordable option to cater to your purpose.

3. Folding Sliding Doors

The efficient combination of folding sliding doors is used in compact areas as a makeshift wall. These closet doors are highly durable, and therefore you can be assured about the safety aspect without breaking a sweat.

These doors are also perfect avenues to let your creative juices flow. Owing to their immense surface area, you can design the exterior of these doors to conceal the frames and fixtures used during installation.

If you have a small space to cover, these doors will not be the ideal fit for you.

4. Mirror Doors

Mirror Closet Doors

Think about aesthetics, and mirror doors will be the only image that will flash in your mind. These doors come with top-notch safety along with a visually pleasing exterior frame. Apart from the storage aspect, these doors also save you the cost of a dresser.

A super quirky thing about mirror doors is their ability to magnify the size of the room. Small rooms appear like gigantic spaces if you place these doors correctly.

5. Glass Doors

Glass Closet Doors

If cost-saving is not your plan, glass doors are the only variant that will appeal to you. They come in various designs and quality, and therefore you will have a big sea of products to make your decision.

However, if you do not like to organize your wardrobe daily, glass doors might not be the way to go for you. Glass doors offer a crystal clear view of the insides, and thus you will always have to keep your stuff in the designated spots.

6. Barn Doors

Barn Doors for Closet

A little vibe of the countryside will be enough to take your closet to a whole new level. Barn doors will be a fancy addition to your room if you love the niche of vintage items.

These doors can be a little heavy on your pockets as the quality of the wood should be excellent and sturdy. If you buy a cheap product to save some cost, the wood might release slivers that can cause painful injuries.

You have to be very careful while deciding the place for these barn doors. If you put it in your children’s room, the chances are that they will require your help each time they want to open it.

7. Accordion Doors

Accordion Closet Doors

Accordion doors have turned into the new urban default owing to their efficiency and worthy features. If you have a big closet, these doors will ease down the struggle to open them while saving a lot of space.

They come in vibrant designs, and you can customize them according to your taste and preferences.

They cannot be put into the inexpensive category, and thus, you must evaluate your budget before you make up your mind to purchase accordion doors.

8. Murphy Doors

Murphy Closet Doors

Extended storage? Check. Concealment of the closet? Check.

Murphy Doors are a modern living solution that offers additional secret storage with a perfect blend. They hide the entire closet and fit in perfectly without disturbing the symmetry of the room.

These closet doors are the perfect alternative to a bookshelf as you get ample space in all the compartments.

It is a good option for book lovers who are always finding more space for their collections.

9. Cane Doors

Cane Doors for Closet

If you are willing enough to create a door for your closet, cane doors are the way to proceed. They are the best DIY solution and do not require a lot of resources and money. You can create a cane door in less than a day to upgrade your existing closet.

Cane is a robust material that does not wither with time. It provides optimum coverage, and you can even paint it to match the mood of the room.

10. Louvered Doors

Louvered Closet Doors

Do you remember the famous closet door from Toy Story that had narrow gaps for ventilation? That is the best example of a louvered door. Louvered doors are an aesthetic variant of closet doors that allow air and sunlight to pass through the openings.

It keeps clothes fresh and also helps in eliminating any germs or bacteria. If you plan to get a louvered door, you should consider pastel-colored options.

11. Chalkboard Doors

Chalkboard Closet Doors

A chalkboard door is a great DIY alternative for closet doors if you have kids at your home. It is an inexpensive option that will help you to groom your children in a better way.

While creating a chalkboard, you will have to be very precise with the dimensions and pasting. These things will determine the overall look, and you should not compromise with them.

Pro Tip: You can also install a small box to keep the chalk to keep them handy.

12. Hidden Doors

Hidden Closet Doors

Hidden doors are a piece of industrial marvel that blends with the walls of the home. They follow the same color palette and are constructed with very mute knobs.

The concept of hidden doors is very technical, and therefore you should get them built according to your own house. They offer a high level of personalization, and therefore you must consider them if you have enough funds.

13. Curtains for Closet Doors

Curtain Closet Doors

A closet door is not necessary if you have durable and fancy curtains.

The best part about choosing curtains is the amount of flexibility that you will get. Curtains cost much less in comparison to doors, and therefore you can change them often according to your mood.

You can also use curtains made up of recycled and sustainable cloth to offer your bit towards the environment.

14. Macrame

Macrame - unique closet door alternatives

The concept of Macrame has been present for a very long time. Their usability is much more than any other alternative to closet doors, plus they add a unique element to your room, especially a boho bedroom.

The products made from this technique offer high breathability, and therefore you can expect a lot of air to pass through them. If you live near the sea, a macrame curtain will also prevent your clothes from getting soiled too often.

15. Beaded Strings

Beaded Strings - unique alternative to closet doors

Beaded strings are one of the best DIY ideas for closets without doors that you can create for yourself. Beading strings is a stellar hobby, and weaving a curtain for yourself will be a magnificent use of the same.

These beads will ensure enough ventilation and increase the ease of covering the corners of the closet. They are easily replaceable too.

Another option while opting for these strings will be to buy them. However, it might be daunting to find the exact color that matches your current arrangement.


What to use instead of closet doors? You certainly already know the answer to this question.

All these closet door alternatives and ideas are the most prominent creative solutions that you can select after analyzing the requirements of your room. They range in different pricing categories, and thus, you can filter your search according to the set budget.

You must not ignore the early signs of damage, as replacing closet doors is a much cheaper option than getting a brand new closet!

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