Curtains are so much more than decorative pieces. They make your home cozy and bring a certain depth to the whole place; they add a vibe and give the room a sense of aesthetics. Coming back home after a long working day, you might wish to feel the warmth and consolation; that’s when curtains come into play. A room, dare we say, can feel incomplete without curtains.

But when it comes to curtain hanging, there have been two major problems. Measuring and modifying its length and shape to make sure it fits your window is one, and the other being the scratches and holes it leaves all over the wall thereafter. So, have you been wondering if there are easy ways to hang curtains without nails on the wall?

Worry no more, the following creative methods will answer the question of how to hang curtains without nails or drilling, giving you what you have been longing for.

Alternative Ways to Hang Curtains Without Drilling or Nails

1. Tension Rods

If you are looking for a no damage curtain hanging solution, a tension rod is something you shouldn’t miss. With no tools required, you can install this item by adjusting its length, keeping it slightly longer than the width of your windows, then press the ends of the rod against the inner edge of the window frame. Then the rod will stay in place. If the rod feels a bit loose, you will need to readjust the rod’s length and add more tension.

Tension Curtain Rod

The slim diameter finish rod has non-scratch, non-slip rubber ends to hold the rod securely in place and prevent the marks and scuffs from the mounting surface. So no worry about damaging the wall ever. Another thing worthy of attention is that its size is so slim that the whole thing almost turns invisible and can blend into the background perfectly.

As for what product to get for your home, perhaps you would be interested in this AmazonBasics Rust Resistant Tension Rod. With up to 36 inches in length and can be adjusted to fit the frame of your window, not to mention the consistent tension it provides, this can be exactly what your curtains need.

2. Magnetic Curtain Rods

Magnetic curtain rods are quite the new faces, but they are proving to be incredibly popular and make a great alternative for hanging curtains without nails.

This rod set includes slip-resistant magnetic end caps for use on steel surfaces. Meanwhile, the magnetic system of these rods makes everything work perfectly without nails, so no holes in walls will be left behind.

A firm tug at the point of attachment is all you need to move magnetic curtain rods from one setting to another without leaving behind any slips or scratches on your metal surfaces.

Rod Desyne Magnetic Curtain Rod

The magnets that hold the curtain rods vary in their strength. So make sure that you pick the right heavier type of material if you wish to hang very heavy curtains to avoid all the unwanted incidents.

For those users who enjoy utilizing magnetic curtain rods without the metal surface to install them on, some curtain rods even offer adhesive metal strips as a bonus.

Still, as the market for household products is bombarded with tons of models for curtain rods and plenty of them are not as good as the ads say they are. So, if you have developed an interest in this item, consider skipping all of them and just get the Rod Desyne Magnetic Curtain Rod. Made from solid steel, this adjustable rod can make itself comfy on all iron surfaces.

3. Command Hooks

Command hooks are probably the easiest way to install curtain rods without a drill. They work on a variety of indoor surfaces, such as painted drywall, finished wood, tile, metal, glass, and more. This flexibility makes them a perfect window treatment idea.

Command Metal Hooks

Command hooks are inexpensive and easy to use. They are also paintable so you can change the way they look so that they can stay in line with the home decor style of your choice. However, keep in mind that there is a limit to the amount of weight they can handle, so massive curtains are a big no in this case.

Now, selecting the ideal hook can be quite a tricky journey. This particular method of hanging curtains can either make the job ten times quicker and simpler or end up a disaster if you bring home some fragile product. That is the reason why you should only opt for some sturdy ones, like the Command Metal Hooks. Ten times stronger than the flimsy plastic hooks you often come across, these little fellows will hold your curtain nicely.

4. No Drill Curtain Rod Brackets

A no drill curtain rod holder is another perfect way to hang curtains without drilling holes in your wall. You can simply place these brackets on the top corners of your window frame and tap them in with a hammer, and you’re done, the brackets come out just as easy as they go in with absolutely no damage left afterward on the wall.

No-drill Hang Curtain Rod Brackets

The Kwik-Hang rod bracket will be a good match for windows around 30 inches widthwise, allowing for flexibility in your placement, and will fit any curtain rod up to 1 inch in diameter.

While other nailless hanging methods mostly work well for lightweight curtains, Kwik-Hang brackets are an exception as they can hold up to 20 lbs of weight, giving you a lot of versatility when it comes to curtain and rod choices.

Furthermore, Kwik-Hang brackets are visually appealing as they are available in a range of colors: antique white, black, gold, and silver, so you will be able to find one matching your décor smoothly.

With their smart design, the brackets offer a reliable option for hanging your curtain rods without damaging your walls.

5. Coat Hooks

Coat hooks are an inexpensive tool that makes hanging curtains extremely easy and more importantly they free you from the pain of drilling holes in the walls. All you need to do is use a strong and double-sided mounting tape with high-performance adhesive and press the hooks to the wall. Make sure to let the adhesive on the hooks dry and secure before you start hanging curtains.

coat hooks

In comparison with the traditional types, you can hang coat hooks easily; they don’t even leave holes in your walls. However, taking curtains down from there is a pain as you hang curtains by looping the holes through each hook. Therefore, they are best for decorative windows that don’t need to be adjusted often. The bathroom window where you want light and privacy at the same time would be a good example.

Final Thoughts

Since the invention of the curtains, there have been two major obstacles, which are: accurately measuring them and damaging your walls. With these solutions, no drilling or nailing is involved when you put curtains up, there are no holes to fill or cover up when they are taken down, so curtain hanging can be done over and over again with no hassle.

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