Dealing with a small bedroom is a common issue these days, especially for city dwellers and their small apartments. Some are even just big enough to accommodate a bed, much less anything else. But it doesn’t mean you’re the loser of this fight.

While squeezing all your personal items into a tiny bedroom is indeed a big challenge, some items and storage hacks below can make it less of a headache. Of course, they won’t be able to make your room larger, but they can take back some precious space in a clever way. On top of that, they can even add a nice touch to your bedroom.

Let’s check out these space saving bedroom furniture ideas that you can try right now!

Space Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

1. Put Clothes Under Your Bed

When traditional places for clothes like closets, cabinets, and drawers run out of space, you can always count on a simple solution: under your bed. It served you well in your college days, so there is no reason you can’t do it again.

However, instead of creating a mess by shoving your belongings there in an unorganized way, you can use a tool like this DII storage bin or KD Frames storage drawer. These clever tools will help transform the dark, forgotten space under your bed into heaven for even neat freaks.

2. Try Storage Beds

A bed is going to take up a lot of space in your bedroom no matter what. So why don’t we take advantage of its sturdy construction and use it for storage purposes instead of just letting it waste so much precious space?

The above method, which is to store your belongings under your beds with boxes and drawers, is a great space saving bedroom idea. But sometimes it might be hard to reach those dusty boxes.

If this is the case, you can choose a bed with storage instead, like these models from DHP and Novogratz. They all come with built-in features to make storage and access to your clothes a breeze all the time.

3. Buy A Raised Bed Frame

Sometimes the most effective solution doesn’t come from fancy cubbies or shelves but right from your bed. Just by raising your bed a little, you can already create a lot of storage to work with.

Zinus Korey Steel Platform Bed
Zinus Korey Steel Platform Bed

This Zinus steel bed frame is one way to do this. It’s a product designed with small bedrooms in mind. While a typical bed has a height of around 7.5 inches, this sturdy raised model gives you 12 inches of under bed clearance.

Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers
Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers

Another option is bed risers like these products from Utopia, which can help you instantly expand the space under your bed.

4. Choose A Loft Bed

Loft beds work for adults too!

Who says loft beds are only for children and teens? When you want to utilize the vertical space of your small bedroom and save the ground floor as much as possible, they are always an excellent option.

Loft beds are appealingly styled, multi-functional, and space-efficient, making it a smart solution for many sleeping and furnishing needs, especially for crowded or small bedroom space.

This DHP full-size model is a great example that loft beds are also for adults. And when you need a bed for your kid, this Generic with removable ladder will serve you well.

5. Invest In A Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are a great space saver for small bedrooms

Murphy beds are a prime example of smart furniture of the modern age, which has the goal of making small spaces more livable. With a unique design, Murphy beds have a dual purpose: a comfortable bed at night and a compact piece of furniture by day. The only issue is you may need to spend more money than other space-saving bedroom solutions.

This Murphy bed from Bestar is a truly instant bed, which you can transform from a sleek cabinet to a comfy bed within a minute. Night & Day Furniture also has a great wooden alternative, which is a perfect choice for a small guest bedroom.

6. Install Some Corner Shelves

Install a shelf like this in your corners

Corner shelves are your best friend in these situations. They are undoubtedly a simple and inexpensive space saving bedroom idea. Even a narrow, small shelf will surprise you with how much it can hold, from your phones and tablets to candles and books.

For instance, this AHDECOR shelf is cut precisely to fit a 90-degree corner with a maximum depth of 10 inches and a width of 15 inches. It’s made from sturdy and durable MDF with a neutral hue finish. A single self like this can bear up to 7.7 pounds – a great amount for such a small item.

7. Mount Long Shelves Along The Walls Of Your Bedroom

Long shelves can hold a lot of items

The perimeter of these walls is usually the least-used space in your small bedroom, especially the area under your ceiling. But this also makes them an ideal place for experimenting with some creative ideas for bedroom storage. Take advantage of this area by mounting some shelves along the perimeter, which will expand your bedroom storage space by several square feet.

If you don’t know where to start, check out this decorative InPlace Shelving floating wall shelf. With a contemporary, minimalist style, it can make your wall become more organized and stylish at the same time.

8. Use A Bedside Caddy Or Shelf

A nightstand is usually a normal choice for every bedroom. But if you don’t have enough room for it, it’s totally okay too. There are various alternative products that serve as a storage unit while taking up as little space as possible, like this bedside shelf or caddy.

They can provide enough space to charge your phone, to put a magazine or a book when you’re tired and sleepy, or even a water bottle in case you’re thirsty. The best part about them is that you don’t need a lot of time and effort to install like a typical nightstand. With just a few minutes without any tools, you can give yourself an extra convenient storage feature to any bed.

9. Get A Nightstand With Drawers

It’s completely reasonable if you still prefer a full-size nightstand even though it’s larger than other options. At the end of the day, it’s still essential furniture that has both functional and styling purposes, which is true for both large and small bedrooms.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze some more storage space in a nightstand. Models with doors or drawers are made for this exact purpose, which is to help you keep all your belongings out of sight in an organized way. Some nightstands with an open construction can even become a place to display your items, such as a stack of books.

There are many options available on the market. For example, you can check out this vintage, sleek nightstand with drawers when you need much bedside storage.

10. Use Shelf Floor Lamps

If there is one consistent principle behind all these ideas in this furniture, it’s to use multi-functional furniture whenever possible. This is helpful even though sometimes their purposes are not even related, as this floor lamp with shelves from Brightech.

It is flexible and convenient, thanks to the versatile design and excellent illumination. There is also no difficulty in moving it around since this LED lamp is very portable and lightweight.

On top of that, you can keep a lot of small items like books, magazines, and your phones directly on its shelves. This is a nice additional feature when you just need bedside lighting in the first place.

11. Made A Diy Headboard From Boxes, Crates, Or Cubicles

This is probably one of the loveliest ideas you can ever see in a bedroom. From wooden boxes or crates, you can create a simple all-in-one nightstand or headboard by simply mounting a lot of them into the wall.

Or if you have some cubicles shelving units around, arranging them in whatever you prefer is also a fun way to make DIY storage at the head of your bed.

12. Choose A Headboard with Storage

If you’re not fond of the idea of making a headboard by yourself, there are still a lot of ready-to-buy headboards with built-in storage. The space above your bed is usually an unused area anyway, so why don’t you put a bookcase headboard like this model from Prepac to get the most out of it?

In addition to giving some more storage space for your queen-sized bed, this headboard also adds a finishing touch to your bedroom as well. With three compartments, you will have a hard time running out of room to keep your books, picture frames, and other bedside items. If you are looking for space saver bedroom furniture, look no further than this one.

13. Opt For Multi-purpose Furniture

At this point, you for sure have become familiar with the approach of buying a piece of double-duty furniture instead of two single items. This is an inevitable solution as small houses and apartments are more popular these days, we also must be smart and creative to get around this constraint.

Furniture manufacturers also understand this and put various new designs with multiple purposes to the market. For example, you can go into any store and see a lot of headboards with storage, shelving units that also act as room dividers or dressers as bedside tables.

14. Make Your Closet Neat With An Organizing System

Use an organizer like this in your closet

We all know the benefit of a well-organized closet: you can find and grab any clothes within seconds while your small bedroom is cleaner and more spacious. But it’s also common that many people don’t actually know how to actually have a neat closet?

It’s not that hard, especially when you invest in a smart and convenient organizing system, like this one from Rubbermaid.

It can convert even the most chaotic closet shelves into an organized one. With the expanding shelves and telescoping rods, you are given many ways to set up your closet.

15. Mount The Clothing Rod Higher

Soft-Close Wardrobe Lift

Sometimes there is no need to buy anything. With just some changes and reconfigurations of your existing items, your bedroom will have more room that you might not have expected.

Hanging your clothing rod higher will make a big difference, especially when you have a lot of cube shelving or dresser underneath. If you want a quick setup for your wardrobe, give this one a try.

16. Make Use Of The Back Of Your Closet Door

It’s one of the easiest areas to overlook when it comes to saving space in a small bedroom and closet organizing, but it can be really useful if you know how to use it. You can have a customized, handy accessory storage unit right the back of closet doors with just some simple items. These products are cheap and easy to find: necklace hanger, essential storage, make-up mirror, stick-on corks, outfit hooks, or shoe racks.

17. Use Soda Can Tabs On Hangers

You might have never heard of it, but this is one of the most common tricks to utilize unusable spaces with hangers. Just pop off the soda tab off a can then loop it around one of your wire hangers. Slide it down to the neck of that hanger then loop another hanger through it. Tada! Now you can arrange your hangers both vertically and horizontally to save more space in your closet.

18. Use A Pegboard

It won’t be a complete list of home improvement ideas if there are no pegboards in it. These awesome boards are useful not just for a workshop or working space but also for any room you need additional storage units. They are a neat way to hang and organize all your items against the wall.

For example, this Triton pegboard is super convenient as it doesn’t only accept more secure pegs from Triton but also traditional 1/4-inch pegs as well. Your old pegs, therefore, won’t become waste with this versatile pegboard, which also features secure slotted shelving systems, brackets, and hooks.

19. Put Clothing Racks At Corners

Instead of shoveling all your clothes into your closet after laundry, clothing racks can be used anywhere to give you more options in a small bedroom. And you can be more creative and use a shower curtain rod to transform your corners into a stylish storage area.

This rod is easy to install and doesn’t require any cutting. It also brings a modern, sleek look into your bedroom, where you can put your blouses, dresses, and coats of every size and color.

20. Try A Wall-mount Or Over-the-door Armoire

A sleek jewelry armoire

Jewelry armoires can bring a clever and professional design to your small bedroom to keep all your trinkets and jewelry organized and safe. They don’t only use space in a more efficient way but also allow you to find your ring or bracelet in a second without searching or untangling different pieces of jewelry.

A model like this can be used over the door with hooks or mounted on the wall to save floor space.

21. Make A Diy Shoe Rack From Crown Molding

DIY hobbyists will never run out of ideas for their small bedrooms. From shelving units to shoe racks, there will always be a creative way for you to practice your crafting skills.

A DIY shoe rack is actually simpler than it might sound. The crown molding has a flat top, which is designed for positioning up against your ceiling. This makes it a great resting place for all your shoes and high heels. On the other hand, the cascading angle can accommodate their arches perfectly.

The best part about this DIY item? It won’t be obtrusive since crown molding is already intended to blend in with your room.

22. Create Shelving Space With Your Radiator

One of the most annoying things about radiators is that it will take up a lot of valuable footage in your home, even though it’s not always needed. But as it’s already there no matter what, why don’t we use it for our storage purpose as well?

Buying an additional cover or even making a DIY shelf is a great solution for both aesthetics and safety. Besides covering the top of your radiator, they also provide extra storage space for your picture frames, clocks, and plants.

23. Use Convertible Desks

Convertible desks are popular double-duty furniture

Are you running short on floor space? Be creative and buy a folding wall table, which is also called a convertible desk. Since you can mount it to the bedroom wall, a table with this design helps you save some floor space when you don’t need it.

There are actually so many specific designs when it comes to convertible desks. For example, this wall-mounted table from Tangkula has two adjustable shelves. This means you can store a lot of essential items in it while keeping your bedroom clean. It has a stylish look and sturdy construction that can hold your working computer with no trouble.

24. Use Drawer Organizers

Modular organizers are always an amazing solution to any messy junk or kitchen drawer. And you know what? You can use it in your small bedroom to make everything more organized too!

Place an organizer like this in your dresser drawer, which has a savvy modular design. Then you can toss your hairpins, hair ties, brush, and comb into their separated areas. This is an adjustable model, meaning you can configure its compartments in any way you like.

Remember to measure the length and depth of your drawer first to select the right size of your organizer.

25. Put Some Hanging Organizers In Your Closet

If you already like the design and feature of drawer organizers, why stop there and don’t give hanging organizers a try as well? People with no shelving or limited closet space will love this item as it can help them save more space.

With multiple holders, hanging organizers can hold scarves, bras, belts, clothing, shoes, or anything you want in your closet in an organized way. You won’t need to deal with messy shelves or sift through a lot of boxes anymore.

Whitmor is a reputable brand in the industry with over 70 years of experience, so of course, this closet organizer from them is a great bedroom space saver to start with.

26. Place A Storage Bench At The End Of Your Bed

Upholstered benches with storage features are ideal for both large and small bedrooms alike. They are also an inexpensive solution when you need some space for your extra blankets, pillows, and even stuffed animals. Even though people usually place them at the end of the bed, you can actually put these benches anywhere you like.

This cheap foldable storage bench from Seville Classics comes with a removable cushioned seat lid and stick-on inner bin. Made from non-woven polyester, this upholstered bench is durable and easy to clean. There is nothing to store? Just fold it away to save even more real estate!

27. Arrange Some Assorted Wooden Crates Around Your Room

These empty boxes or crates are a cool storage idea for small bedrooms, especially if you’re into wooden stuff and love the aesthetic side of it.

You can arrange these crates in any way to accommodate the shape and size of your room. They are available at multiple sizes, some even big enough to hold your pillows or blankets. And of course, you can always put your plants, nick nacks, and picture frames to brighten the room.

28. Buy Some Foldable Trunks

This might come across as an odd idea, but trunks are actually not a bad choice for small bedrooms, especially with the foldable models. They can fit the size and decoration of any room. You can either buy a big trunk or multiple small ones instead.

This Otto & Ben faux-leather ottoman can add a vintage touch to your bedroom. The seat is padded with memory foam for more comfort. Don’t underestimate it from the look. It’s a sturdy item that can hold up to 250 pounds in weight.

29. Go For Mounted Lights Instead Of Floor Lamps Or Table Lamps

Be strong and say not to general floor lamps and table lamps as they will always take up some space in your already small bedroom. A sconce that you can hang on the wall is a great alternative. The ideal product should have a swing arm so you can direct and adjust the light into the room or downward your bed or table. If you want one like the above image, try this wall lamp from CLAXY.

30. Sliding Barn Door

Instead of traditional swing doors, a barn door can add a unique charm and character to your small bedroom. You can slide the door to close the shelf next to it and reveal your TV, for example. When you don’t need to TV anymore, just slide it back to open the shelf, which can host your personal belongings. Try this SMARTSTANDARD sliding barn door. It will save you a lot of space.

Final Words

As you can see, there is always a way to make the most of your bedroom, no matter how small or big your room is. From a simple trick, an inexpensive product, or even a DIY item, you can always find practical storage solutions for your small bedroom.

How about you? Have you taken your pick from these space saving ideas for small bedrooms yet? How did you do to save space in a small bedroom? Feel free to share with us, especially when you have any other idea that may become handy for other readers as well.

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