What do you do when you have spare time at home? It could be watching movies, playing video games and so on! But in case you have a lot of time like a lockdown period or summer holiday of students, repeating these activities will make you feel bored and lack of exercise will not be good for your health at all!

If you are about to find other things to do at home or you just want to add an indoor gaming machine to your man cave, we have some great suggestions for you. The five best basketball arcade games will meet all your requirements.

Top Rated Electronic Basketball Games – Quick Comparision

Product ImageProduct NameRatingsLatest Price
Pop-A-Shot Dual Shot4.6/5
Saturnpower Double Shootout4.4/5
ESPN EZ Fold4.6/5
A11N SPORTS Dual Shot4.5/5
Pop-A-Shot Single Shot4.7/5

Reviews of The 5 Best Basketball Arcade Games

1. Pop-A-Shot Dual Shot Basketball Game – Best Overall

Pop-A-Shot Dual Shot Indoor Basketball Arcade Game

This is considered the best and most complete indoor basketball arcade game on the market. And undoubtedly, you should not ignore it!

Pop-A-Shot Dual Shot basketball game will be the perfect choice for relaxing weekends with your friends or family if you are seeking for a multi-option arcade.

Including 16 different games and 6 audio options, it ensures you won’t waste your free time meaninglessly. We make sure that you will definitely have moments of great fun with family and friends!

This indoor basketball hoop has a size of 45 inches wide, 88 inches long, and adjustable height: 82, 88, and 94 inches tall.

With its flexibility in height control, all people can play this basketball game and even your kids. You also don’t need to worry about it being too high and touching the ceiling. Also, it is a foldable arcade. That means you can easily fold up after use to save space

This foldable indoor basketball arcade has up to seven mini basketballs, and it includes an air pump! So that you can freely play with friends without any worries about interruption due to lack of balls. Besides, you don’t have to pay any extra to buy an air pump. It’s so convenient!

This arcade game has a steel frame constructed from steel tubes of 1.5 inches, and these tubes have been powder coated to increase the frame and the entire arcade strength and rigidity.

This basketball hoop will score you based on proprietary infrared sensors, and this technology ensures the highest level of accuracy.

Everything about it is great except that you need to spend 2 to 3 hours assembling correctly. But we believe that you can because it will be delivered with instructions and necessary tools.

  • 16 game options, 6 audio options
  • Foldable and adjustable height
  • Seven mini balls and air pump are included
  • Highly appreciated on Amazon
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not at low price

2. Saturnpower Foldable Electronic Dual Shoot – Best for Modest Budget

Saturnpower Foldable Electronic Double Shootout - Best For Modest Budget

If you don’t want to spend much money for an arcade game, Saturnpower Foldable Electronic Double Shootout is the most economical choice.

Having the lowest price doesn’t mean that Saturnpower basketball arcade is of poor quality. On the contrary, It has all the essential features such as dual hoops, buzzer, dual-LED scoring displays, etc.

With the number of games is 8 and 3 audio options, it isn’t the wrong choice to serve the needs of entertainment daily.

This indoor basketball arcade game calculates scores based on an infrared sensor with high sensitivity. That allows it to score up to 98% accuracy even if you throw double shots or continuous shots.

While most of the other arcade basketball games have 1 1/2 inches of steel pipes, this product is only 0.86 inches. However, these steel pipes are still power coated to ensure relative durability.

In addition to the thin frame design, the Saturnpower arcade’s backboard is only 0.35 inches instead of 0.5 inches like other hoops, and it may make you feel this system is not stable enough.

Despite its advantages, four is the small number of mini balls that this basketball game includes, and perhaps, this may make you feel dissatisfied. One solution to this problem is that you can pay more to buy some extra balls.

  • Bargain price
  • High-sensitivity scoreboard
  • Compact and foldable
  • Lightweight (only 37 pounds)
  • Four balls only
  • Thin steel frame
  • Need time to assemble

3. ESPN EZ Indoor Basketball Game – Best Foldable Ability

ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game - Best For Foldable Ability

Being among products in the low-to-mid-price segment, ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Arcade Game is a pretty good recommendation.

Instead of the infrared sensor scoring system like other products, this basketball game line uses an electronic scoreboard. The accuracy of this system won’t be as high as the infrared sensor one, but it will limit the wrong sensor, such as when the net touches the backboard.

One more reason why this arcade price is lower than the others is in the material. Instead of the usual 1.5 inches, it uses only the steel tubes with 1.25 inches thick. This thickness still ensures the frame strength while making it lighter and more comfortable to fold.

It is similar in size to other products as 48 inches wide, 81 inches long, and 80.5 inches tall. Apart from all the above, is there any outstanding feature?

The biggest highlight of this indoor hoop is that it can be folded to the most compact size that least occupied area. You can fold it to just 20 inches wide and about 48 inches long for effortless storage or moving.

Also, you have two options for this indoor basketball: Classic double shot and Deluxe double shot. Deluxe basketball arcade game is an improved version of the Class with a backboard made of Polyesters, and it has a Premium Scorer.

In contrast to its pros, users complain that its electronic system is prone to errors after a period of use.

  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight and easy-to-move design
  • Foldable ability
  • Two options to choose
  • Poor electronic scoring system
  • Four balls and six-game options
  • Tough to assemble

4. A11N SPORTS Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade

A11N SPORTS Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game - Best Of Material

This A11N Sports Dual Shot has won the trust of everyone thanks to its robust construction and high-quality material. Like other products, this product is built by 1.5 inches steel tubes to create a sturdy frame and ensure user safety.

But the impressive thing here is the MDF backboard thickness of this arcade is even up to 4 inches thick! Despite that, there are mixed opinions about this thickness of the backboard. Many users suggest it is ideal for a strong throw, while others comment that it is quite easy to break.

Conveniently, you can fold and store it in your warehouse without making any effort because it has an amazingly foldable ability – up to 50% of the size when opened.

One of the advantages we bet you will love is that it includes eight mini balls. With the “more balls more fun” criterion, the company has provided users with a more significant number of balls than the other arcades so that users can enjoy the fun to the fullest!

The manufacturer has been very psychological in selling products. For users to assemble quickly and save time, the technical department will help you pre-assemble four primary tubes before shipping.

Installation is always one of the most challenging problems that users encounter when buying a basketball arcade. And you are helped to face it, just throw that worry away!

  • High-quality materials
  • Eight mini-balls included
  • Foldable ability
  • Pre-assemble
  • Mixed opinions about backboard thickness
  • Not at low price

5. Pop-A-Shot Home Single Shot – Best for Small Space

Pop-A-Shot Home Single Shot - Best For Small Space

As come from the Pop-A-Shot brand, this basketball arcade inherits the features and outstanding advantages from Dual Shot Version.

Measuring 30 inches wide, 88 inches tall and 82 inches high, it is incredibly compact and ideal for your small room. At the same time, it is a foldable indoor basketball shot arcade, easy to fold, and occupying little area is what it brings.

The scoring system based on infrared rays will score the most accurate shoot games, and you can maintain this electronic basketball arcade scoring screen by using batteries or an AC.

Although only has a single shot, in return, this product has a 3-digit score on the LED screen instead of 2 digits like other dual basketball hoops arcades. And with this outstanding feature, you can throw and count points even if you are over 100 points.

As we said, this foldable indoor basketball arcade has the same structure as the Dual Shot Basketball line, which has a frame made of stainless steel 1.5 inches that will ensure a level of ruggedness and safety when using.

And possibly you have known before, its compact size gains the upper hand in moving and saving you a lot of time on assembly.

Because being a home single hoop shot arcade, it has only six game options along with four mini balls suitable for one player. If you are seeking a two players arcade game, this is not a suitable one. However, if your room is small, this is definitely one of the best arcade basketball games that you should go for.

  • Compact design, suitable for small space
  • Solid structure and materials
  • Three digits scoring screen
  • Foldable up to 36 inches
  • Easy to assemble
  • Single hoop shot with four balls only
  • High price

Things to Consider When Buying a Basketball Arcade Game

1. Dimensions

A basketball arcade game is an indoor game, which means you have to put the basketball arcades in the house, in the entertainment room, etc.

And what problem would you think of first? Yes! It is “Will it fit my space?”

Exchange and return when buying the wrong item can be quite complicated and cost you relatively time. And we believe that no one wants to waste their time and effort due to this mistake!

Some indoor basketball arcades are foldable while the others aren’t. Consequently, in addition to checking the regular size – when it’s opened and ready to be used, you need to check the size when folding of the foldable type.

Apart from checking the dimensions of the game arcades, don’t forget to check the area where you will place it. Measures carefully factors like door width and height, height from the ground to the ceiling, and so on.

The relatively standard sizes of indoor basketball arcade games are 81 inches high, 48 inches wide and 81 inches long.

If you don’t have too much experience to consider whether they are suitable or not, you can consult the seller or the person who bought the product before.

2. Construction – Material

When playing this game, you will use force to throw the ball directly at the machine and the frame. As a result, you need an arcade with a durable and robust frame.

For having a long-lasting gaming machine, you need to spend more money on their quality.

You should choose arcades with stable structures. Best basketball arcades need a firm backboard, and fixed joints should connect the arcade game parts.

An arcade with parts made from plastic will make it easy to assemble and transport as well as fold. However, for having an arcade game that you can use for a long time, plastic is never an ideal choice.

Hence, be willing to open your wallet for the materials with stable and high-quality materials such as stainless steel, powder-coated steel, etc.

3. Durability

The structure and the material determine the durability of the product, so purchase the best one in your affordability.

Besides, the durability of the product is also affected by preservation, quality, and frequency. Take arcades that are easy to disassemble, clean, and preserve if you don’t have too much time and experience in these jobs.

4. Style And Design

Because it is located indoors, the sports basketball arcade can also be considered as a piece of furniture or part of the decoration. And as its size is quite large, it can even affect the aesthetics of an entire room.

Find a basketball arcade that best suits your style. From the overall design to the color, material, etc. that will help you always feel comfortable and satisfied to use because you own the item you like. It also expresses the taste of the owner.

Typically it will have two types of designs: foldable and non-foldable. You can choose depending on your budget or which product you like. However, it’s obvious that a foldable one is easier to transport and install.

Concomitantly, for houses with small space, a foldable indoor basketball arcade is the best choice because it doesn’t use too much and helps you save space when not in use.

5. Adjustability

When you buy an indoor basketball arcade for home, it will be shared and used by all family members, right?

And now, the problem pops up: The height of family members, in other words, the height of the players is not the same. So what do we do?

Adjustability is essential and useful to solve this predicament!

A perfect basketball arcade will be flexible and allows you to adjust the structure to fit your physique and height.

You should consider whether the basketball arcade allows you to adjust the backboard height, the distance from the basket to the player, etc. or not. The more flexible the arcade is, the better it is worth buying.

6. Price

On the market, there are different prices for these products. Which makes price varies depending on design, material, adjustability, brand, features, etc.

You can make a purchase based on your affordability, but be aware that don’t choose one that is too cheap. Products that are too cheap don’t guarantee the quality, as usual.

Remember to check and compare their prices on e-commerce websites such as a price on Amazon, eBay, etc. to make sure you don’t buy low quality counterfeit goods or buy them at a higher price than the original one.

Anyway, you’ll get what you pay for!

7. Baskets

Double hoops are the most popular design in most basketball game arcades. And this type is also the most popular and widely used.

But it’s not all, for some types like mini arcades, they will have a single shot, others have three baskets or even four baskets depending on the design.

The smaller the number of baskets, the smaller the arcade design. You can choose the number of baskets by determining the number of players or deciding by the space you have.

More friends more fun. Imagine that you with your friends can play together, it would be great! But competing to throw the ball into the basket is also making it more exciting, right?

8. Number Of Balls

How many balls does this arcade include? This factor directly affects the playing process and your mood when playing the game!

Do you know the reason?

To make it easier to understand, now you should imagine. Suppose you want to play with friends while you just have 2 or 3 balls. After each throwing turn, you have to wait for the ball fall then continue. How do you feel? It’s annoying!

This obstacle will make you feel interrupted and uncomfortable at all. Moreover, with a limited number of balls, many players won’t be able to join together.

Arcade with two baskets will usually be delivered with about four balls. You can consider and take the arcade with more balls like five, six, or the option to buy more balls.

9. Technology

When choosing, you should notice to check out the technological factors of the game arcade.

Probably, you will use it to practice, entertaining, or competing with friends and relatives. For this reason, the sensitivity and accuracy scoring of the electronic scoreboard is vital to evaluate your throwing ability accurately.

10. Game Options

As usual, an arcade will have five to ten game options for players to experience. And naturally, it comes with many audio options for each type of game.

High-tech arcades even have infrared sensors, and they integrate game selection with your phone, and you can choose options quickly and simply through the online apps.


And that’s all we want to impart! Have you found the best basketball arcade game for your home? To sum up, we will point out which we highly recommend for you!

At first, we appreciate Pop-A-Shot Dual Shot as the best overall for its structure, design, game options, and so on! A perfect basketball arcade is what you need now? Take it soon!

In another case: you do not have a generous budget. Saturn Power Foldable Double Shootout with a bargain price will be an extremely suitable choice for you!

And if your home or man cave doesn’t have ample space for basketball arcade, don’t worried! Pop-A-Shot Home Single Shot will help you solve problems! So you can stay entertained in your own modest space! Anyway, consider all factors above carefully when making a purchase and be a smart buyer!

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