You fancy playing billiards while your children love table tennis, but your house is too small to accommodate two game tables at a time?

The ideal solution is to buy a multi-game table. It allows you to play a lot of games in a single unit, which saves a lot of money and space. Although the experience is not on par with the individual table, it is still fun for recreational play.

After spending a while researching, we have written detailed reviews of the 6 best multi game tables in this article. Check it out!

Top Rated Combination Game Tables – Quick Comparision

Product ImageProduct NameRatingsLatest Price
Fat Cat (3-in-1)4.1/5
Atomic (2-in-1)4.0/5
Rack Scorpius (2-in-1)4.4/5
ESPN Sports (2-in-1)4.2/5
MD Sports (4-in-1)4.2/5
Best Choice Products (10-in-1)4.3/5

Top 6 Best Multi Game Tables Reviews

1. Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 Air Hockey Ping pong Table

Topping the list is the best 3-in-1 game table by Fat Cat. This multi game table offers three popular games, namely air hockey, table tennis, and billiards. All of them fit in a 7 ft long table, which is compact and space-saving.

The best part about this multi-game table must be the tri-fold tabletop technology as well as the patented latch system. Both of them make changing the game as a snap as you simply have to unlock the latches and flip it over.

Plus, it is easy and safe to rotate the top; even a child can do it at ease.

Take a look at each game now.

The air hockey top is almost the same as every standard one on the market. It consists of 512 symmetrical holes and pushes 80 cubic feet of air per minute, which ensures the pucks glide smoothly across the table. Also, there are scorers on both sides to help you keep track of the current score. Your kids will surely enjoy playing air hockey with this Fat Cat game table.

When switching to table tennis, you need to install the net. But don’t worry; it takes up to three minutes only. Everything is great, except for the average ball bounce. Your children may still love it, but you and your friends may not. Take this into account.

As for billiards, the 7ft pool table is a bit smaller and plays slower than a standard one, but there should be no problem if you only play for fun. The bumpers are pretty good as they rebound well and play true.

This 7-foot multi-game table comes with everything you need to play games, including pool cues, billiard balls, hockey pucks, pushers, table tennis paddles, and net. There are built-in storage slots to keep these accessories neatly organized for later use.

  • Affordable price
  • Compact and space-saving model
  • Great for recreational play
  • Hassle-free storage
  • Heavyweight
  • A bit small size

2. Atomic 2-in-1 Air Hockey Pool Table

Seeking the best multi game table set?

The Atomic flip table is amongst potential candidates for that title. You might want to check out its features in the following section.

Like the Fat Cat set above, this model measures 7 feet long. It is solid and sturdy, which certainly stands up to the test of time. In other words, the game table will last for a long time.

On the other hand, such construction is quite heavy. It takes two or three adults for installation, so you had better call your friends.

What we love about this model is its complete safety. Once you have turned the top part, you are able to lock it firmly in place via the new locking mechanism. The locks are reliable and resistant to breaking, so rest assured.

This multi game table offers two games, and maybe one of the best air hockey pool table combo tables available.

The pool table is small, but the bed feels solid and even with high-density MDF. At the same time, the red nylon blend cloth allows for smooth and consistent roll across the table. There are no precision strikes, which is a minus; nonetheless, you do not need it for casual play. The package includes essential accessories to get the ball rolling, and more notably, they are of decent quality.

The Air Hockey game table is great, too. Thanks to the powerful motor, the pucks slide quickly and smoothly on the tabletop. You will get electric scorers so no worries about counting the points manually. Just focus on the game.

Having only two games to play is not appealing to some, but if you do not mind this problem, the product from Atomic ticks all the boxes to be the best combo game table. It is safe, fun, and functional to use.

  • Solid and sturdy tabletop
  • Reliable locking mechanism
  • High-quality accessories
  • No cleaning brush
  • Heavyweight

3. Rack Scorpius Pool Table Ping Pong Combo

This Rack Scorpius is also a 2-in-1 table, but instead of air-powered hockey and billiards, you will enjoy pool table and ping pong combo. Both the pool table and table tennis table are of premium quality.

What makes this one stand out may be the quick and simple installation. You know, setting up a bulky game table is really a pain. Fortunately, the Rack Scorpius is easy to install, not to mention the written directions and live customer support. Few manufacturers are that thoughtful when it comes to assembly.

Similarly, it is convenient to switch from one game to the other.

When you are done with billiards and want to play ping pong, put all the billiard balls into the side compartment, place the ping pong on top of the pool table, then install the post and net. It might be awkward at first, but once you get used to it, you can switch games in minutes. Really easy!

The included accessories are two paddles, three balls, one net and post system for table tennis, as well as one set of billiards balls, two Maplewood cues, and two cue chalks. That is enough for you to get started with the games. More excitingly, you can request additional cue and chalk, which is totally free.

Want to know the best part?

The multi-game table from Rack Scorpius is backed with an unlimited lifetime warranty as well as a 100% satisfaction policy. The manufacturer goes to great lengths to ensure you are satisfied with the purchase.

As an added perk, delivery is free of charge. We cannot ask for more when buying a piece of multi-game table, right?

Of course, this multi-game table is not without drawbacks. It comes with blue chalks, which may stain the felt. Red chalks would be better.

  • Quick and simple installation
  • High-quality accessories
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Blue chalks

4. ESPN Sports 2-in-1 Air Hockey Ping Pong Table

Following is the air hockey table tennis combo table that is released by the famous brand ESPN Sports. It stands out with advanced features only found in premium products.

For the air-powered hockey, the manufacturer equipped powerful fans along with a slick playing surface. The top prevents the puck from sticking or bouncing, thereby promising uninterrupted playing.

The best impressive features include a LED scoring system, integrated sound effects, and push-button controls that add intensity and excitement to each round of the game you play. Everything combines to provide you a genuine arcade experience that few multi-game tables can give.

The air hockey table is able to convert into a ping pong top within seconds. The ping pong playfield is made of PVC, which provides optimal bounce and smooth surface. You can enjoy a great experience regardless of your skill level.

Even professional ping pong players would be delighted to play with this table.

This top-notch multigame table comes with all the accessories, which are pretty sturdy. You will hardly be disappointed with any of them.

Another thing that sets this multi-game table apart from the competition must be the premium quality construction. In particular, this model is coated with a high gloss finish to enhance your experience. Meanwhile, the oversized four levelers come complete with panel support to keep the table always stable and resist floor scratches.

Nonetheless, there is room for improvement when it comes to safety. The game table legs as well as the panel boards are sharp, which may hurt your arms if you do not pay attention. You should keep this in mind and some bandages in your pocket when playing with this ESPN Sports multi game table.

  • Slick and smooth playing surface
  • LED scoring system and sound effects
  • High-quality accessories
  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • Sharp edges

5. MD Sports Convertible Game Table

This MD Sports set is popular as one of the most compact 4-in-1 game tables on the market. It is also a budget pick for those who do not have much to spend on a thing for pure entertainment. You are able to enjoy foosball, air hockey, ping pong, and pool table in only one kit. For more fun, you can choose the 12-in-1 option, especially at a cheaper price. Nonetheless, this MD Sports set is one of a few products that balance price and quality. You will not be disappointed in buying and using it.

The whole table is built using durable materials, including MDF, ABS, PVC, metal, and solid wood. Rest assured that it can resist wear and tear over the years. Likewise, the accessories included in the purchase are of decent quality. We highly appreciate that.

The 4-in-1 tabletops are easy to stack and switch up games. Once locked, the table stays firmly in place thanks to the reinforced bases. Additional features are solid wood handgrips, manual scorers, leg levelers, etc.

All games are good to play, except for table tennis. Actually, the ping pong table top is a bit too small. Also, it would be better off with the tri-folding technology. A bi-fold is convenient, but it takes up a little more space.

If you are looking for a fun addition to a get-together or house party, this 4-in-1 multi-game table is ideal. It deserves to be one of the best game tables on the market, making it the perfect gift for both kids and adults.

  • Compact and affordable
  • Durable materials
  • Ideal gift idea
  • Small table tennis top

6. Best Choice Products 10-in-1 Combination Game Table

Last but not least, we have the 10-in-1 combo game table from Best Choice Products. Yes, you heard it right. This model comes with a whopping ten exciting games to make sure you and your friends will never get bored. You are able to enjoy slide hockey, foosball, shuffleboard, table tennis, cards, checkers, chess, pool, bowling, and backgammon.

A lot to play, right? Endless hours of fun are awaiting you.

At first sight, the table gives off a classic vibe with the traditional design. It is bordered with natural wood-like exterior and black legs that will blend in any settings in your house, particularly the game room. The four legs are sturdy, each of which stands on a non-slip footing to make sure the table stands still no matter how hard you play. Plus, they are adjustable, too.

More notably, the tabletops are easy to rotate, making it effortless to switch games.

What makes some people disappointed with this table might be the small size of some tops, for example, the pool table and the table tennis surface. They are so narrow that adults may find them boring to play on. Children may still enjoy the games, however.

To make matter worse, the accessories included are somehow mediocre, particularly the cheap plastic foosball men, chess pieces, etc.

Still, with a price of under 200 bucks and a combo of 10 games, this is the best bargain you can find. If you live in a small house and want to purchase an all-in-one game table specifically for your kids, the Best Choice Products is a go-to option.

  • A whopping combo of ten games
  • Classic design
  • Non-slip sturdy legs
  • A bargain pick
  • Small size
  • Mediocre accessories

How to Choose a Good Multi Game Table

1. Types of Game Tables

Generally, there are three common types of multi game tables, including conversion top, flip or swivel/rotating, and hybrid.

The conversion top combination multi-game table is the cheapest. It is designed with a fold-out top, which you can attach to your current table effortlessly. Meanwhile, the rotational table offers a better experience.

Hybrid game tables are a combination of the two types above. They are pretty cheap but do not provide many games.

2. Games

Of course, you need to consider what games you get with the table you buy. There are 2-in-1 models, and some even go so far as to offer 14 games. This is a matter of preference only. Let’s opt for a combo of your favorite games and ones that your family members, especially your kids, love. Some common games that multi-game tables support are foosball, table tennis, billiards, air-powered hockey, chess, backgammon, etc.

Note that not all the supported games in a unit are high-quality. For example, not all air hockey and billiards table is equipped with electric blowers. Pay attention to the games you often play and decide what you can sacrifice.

3. Table Size

Size is important too, as it determines your gameplay.

Game tables range from 4 ft to 8 ft. And as a lot of games fit into one size, some games must be scaled down. For example, if you want to play foosball and billiards on the same table, you need to scale down the pool table. It may negatively affect your experience.

Therefore, it is important to decide what games you love and often play most. Make it a priority and accept the fact that you need to sacrifice the quality of some other games.

That is not to say you cannot enjoy all games supported. Although some games are not good based on professional standards, they are still fun to play in your leisure time.

5. Build Quality

The best multi-game table must be sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. In other words, it should be made of durable materials with a slick surface.

Meanwhile, look for a lightweight model. It is useful for installation and relocation. We know most game tables are bulky, but spend a bit of time and effort, you can find a great one.

The build quality of included accessories is important, too. Take it into consideration before jumping to buy a specific model.

6. Price

Simply put, you get what you pay for. A budget pick saves money, but it might suffer in quality, durability, size, or features. If money is not a problem, you should spend from $800 and above for better tables.

The Bottom Line

This is the end of our article on the best multi-game tables on the market. You see, multi-game table sets are fun and functional at the same time. They are the perfect choices for both adults and kids if you want to play a lot of games at home with a limited budget and space.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact us. We are always willing to help.

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