Girls love to decorate their rooms taking inspiration from their likes and dislikes. Today, in the world of Instagram influences, a girl’s room is often a topic of discussion for content that revolves around a tour of their house or collection.

All in all, most of the content comes from their room itself. Instead of hanging a curtain, why not have a permanent cool appearance for the entire room? But that can be expensive. However, if you don’t know already, here are cheap ways to decorate a teenage girl’s bedroom.

How to Decorate a Teenage Girl’s Room on a Budget

1. Simple Box Shelves

The simple box shelves can add to the overall décor of your room. It is not necessarily a costly add-on. You can get different colors of box shelves for a teenage girl’s bedroom. They tend to offer a chic appearance to your teenage-style bedroom.

You can add in more colors and design those boxes using more materials. These types of shelves are ideal for fitting above a desk. This way, you save the room and bring up an organized look to your room.

2. Wire Wall Grid and Shelf

When you brainstorm ideas to decorate a teenage girl’s bedroom, you should know that a wire wall grid is a brilliant choice. If you prefer a minimalistic yet unique décor, then this is the perfect idea for you. You can use it as a sticky notes board or a photo displayed.

There are not many choices for colors in this area. However, that poses to be the greatest benefit as you can use it with pretty much anything. You will get available ideas over the internet if you run some serious research.

3. Make-up Magnet Board

The DIY makeup magnet board is perhaps one of the most chic-looking bedroom decor ideas for a teenage girl’s room. First, girls love to apply makeup. Second, if vanity is something adding to the room’s overall look, then what’s waiting for you to install it anyway?

This board appears cool and artsy. Additionally, it enables you with sufficient space to store your makeup together and in order. Also, it is a cheap idea since it involves the installation of a board and is functional as well as decorative.

4. Mirror in the Middle

Teenage girls are usually fashionable. So, if the discussion is about decorating a teenage girl’s bedroom, that too, in the cheapest form, the first on the list is to include a big mirror. You can wrap up the design by adding your choice of frame to it.

This way, you can add some vintage look to the room and get a mirror to help your dress up or makeup. So, you are getting something functional and decorative by getting a big mirror. And it’s inexpensive as well.

5. Organizing with Shopping Bags

You have probably heard of organizers. But did you know that you can use shopping bags as organizers in your closet or otherwise? Yes, you can do that. It poses to be a décor of your room as well as organizes your closet and accessories according to your preference.

All you need to do is get some eco-friendly shopping bags. It can all be of the same color or be of different colors. All of them appear to be stylish, girls, as well as cool organizers for your room. This will save space and also decorate the perfect teenage girls’ room.

6. DIY Hanging Macramé Chair

One of the excellent décor ideas for a teenage girl’s bedroom is installing a hanging DIY macrame chair. If you are into boho décor, you’d love to have a macrame chair in your bedroom. You can make a macrame chair yourself by following tutorials on the internet.

All you’d need is 1700 feet of clothesline, scrap wood, a chair frame, and a hula hoop. With these materials, you’d be able to create a macrame chair for yourself.

7. Turquoise is Trendy

Turquois is the new trend! It is the most popular idea of redecorating a teenage girl’s bedroom. The color is vibrant and offers a calming effect to a teenager. It helps soothe your mind and body. Also, it gives a chic look to the room.

If you haven’t recently colored your bedroom, you should give turquoise a definite try and look out for yourself how great an idea it is.

8. Paint Existing Furniture

Sometimes, just renovating your room can give a new appearance to the room. However, renovating an entire room can be somewhat pricey. Instead, you can choose to repaint existing furniture.

You can add patterns or fabrics to the furniture. Or, you can color it with your choice of paint to give it a new look that complements the rest of the room. This way, you are within your budget, and your teen room is perfect for showing off to your friends.

9. Pick Up Bargains at Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

Thrift stores and garage sales are two of the best places to get trendy stuff at low prices. You would certainly get some cool ideas for decoration by visiting thrift stores and garage sales. You can even put up a bargain to get the best deal of the things you’d like to purchase as décor.

Try to look at things with the eye of a designer. Like that, you’d know which is the object of treasure. With such prized objects bought as décor, a teenage girl like you would enjoy the rusty and funky look of her room.

10. Get Great Lighting

Any great room design would mean including great lighting. General, task, or decorative lighting enables you to make your room appear beautiful. But it also makes it functional. You can use fairy lights to decorate your room in between tulle. This creates a beautiful canopy over your daybed.

You can also install these lights amidst the layers of a sheer bed skirt. This, too, adds to a great touch to the bedroom décor. Or, you can use a couple of led-lit silicone cubes spread across some floor cushions.

Hanging lights enhances the overall mood of the room. Task lighting is those that help you perform your daily tasks in its light. For instance, using a task light on the table can help you do your homework, apply your makeup, look at the mirror clearly, read at night, and more.

Telescoping and adjustable arms are great options when you need lighting for any specific task. For your vanity, you can use a full-spectrum light. This would help with your dressing up, and makeup while also brightens your room’s overall look.

Additional options could be installing a chandelier at the center or at a corner of your room to give it a stylish touch. These are all inexpensive ideas that you can design for yourself. As a teenage girl, you are free to display your sense of style by decorating your room in any way you may like.

11. Add Plenty of Pillows

Pillows are a great way of adding weight to the classy look of your room. You need not spend huge sums to get enough pillows to add to the décor of your room. When you fill the head of the bed with pillows and cushions, it gives it a chic look.

You can also use pillow forms or old throw pillows to add a little update to the room’s overall look. Regardless of your sewing skills, you can easily and quickly cover your old pillows to enhance the chic appearance of your room.

12. Get a New Comforter

You can get all unique and designer-savvy by getting new comforters for your bed. You can change the bed linens and quilt to give a fresh look to your bed, which also adds to the look of your room. It is utterly inexpensive.

Some popular ideas for new quilts or comforters can be florals, teal, watercolor, mermaid, pink pattern, famous landmarks, unicorn, song lyrics, chevron pattern, and so many more.

13. Use DIY Fabrics

Did you ever think of giving a unique look to your pillow covers or fabrics? Think out of the box and try creating new designs that are cool and funky at the same time and are unique. Take two squares or rectangles depending upon the shape of your pillow and design a pillow cover out of it.

You can take any random fabric or old t-shirt to make these pillow covers. All you need to do is glue the edges of these fabric pieces or sew them together and flip them inside out to get the proper coverage. Stuff the pillow in and sew the remaining edge. You can refer to online tutorials to get a better idea.

For floor cushions, you can grab some cute old sheets on sale and sew yourself some custom pillow covers. You can even add ribbons or sequins and layer them up, mixing with smaller cushions to make a pattern.

This is undoubtedly one of the practical and cheap bedroom decorating ideas for teenage girls.

14. Create Your Own Storage

You can create your own organizers. Storage boxes to store your clothes, accessories, jewelry, undergarments, etc. that are designed and crafted by you would be gorgeous as décor for your room.

As a teen, you would most probably be adept with craftwork. And craftwork is inexpensive. For storage boxes, all you need are cardboard pieces to make the boxes. Or, you can grab some old shoes or cereal boxes as well. You’d also need different colors, spray paint, stencils, etc.

The best thing about being crafty is that you can use your imagination and express it in every way you’d want it to be. You’d have no boundaries to make your storage boxes. You can use different colors for all the boxes, one uniform color, or one color for similarly labeled boxes.

For your accessories, you can make a cheap makeup brush holder. Additionally, you can frame bags in frames that are within your budget. Such bags are available in different colors in the market. You can select the color of your choice according to your overall design. These add to the overall decoration of your room.

15. Build a Wood Plank Headboard

A wooden plan headboard is an amazing DIY project to add some character to your bedroom. Teenage is when you embrace your femininity and would like to do more things that bring that side in you. And so, such a headboard allows you to flow in that direction.

For great results, you can add your personal touch to your headboard by putting up colors of your choice. You may also add patterns or figures you like the most.

16. Personalize the Bedroom with a Custom Name Wall

Many girls love to inscribe their names on the wall of their rooms. They like it above their bed. Well, it is also a fun way to decorate your room. Adding a custom name wall is inexpensive. You can use a stencil and stick it to the wall yourself.

Buying a custom name decal is pretty easy nowadays. You can either install it above your bed or the opposite wall to your bed. There, you’d like to be photographed as you please.

17. Make a Wallpaper Accent Wall

Wallpapers are on the trend today. They are pretty illustrative and are available in different designs and patterns. You can choose them from the local market or online retailers and stick them to your walls to create a different look giving it a nice decor.

Alternately, you can purchase hanging wallpapers that do not cover the entire wall but give your room a creative and unique look. This way, you can save according to your budget and get other accessories to decorate your room.

18. Change the Bedroom Paint Color

Of all the techniques of decorating a teenage girl’s room, painting the room’s walls is the cheapest. Why? Because you need not be a professional or need a painter to paint the walls. All you require is to get the paint of your choice and start on it yourself.

Color ideas could be many, such as a soft grey color would allow you to have a neutral background that would blend in with all kinds of accessories in your room. Alternately, you can choose to paint horizontal stripes to give them a bold appearance.

If you are an artistic teen, you can add some magnetic paint with chalkboard paint to give an artsy look to your room interiors. Nothing stops you from creating your own art on the walls of your room. You can be as bold and beautiful as you’d be and reflect on your walls.

Final Words

Decorating a girl’s room can be highly creative. And creativity does not necessarily be expensive. You can be crafty and creative in the unique ways that are in your budget. For instance, you can paint your bedroom walls, for which you just need to get the paint and not a professional painter.

Additionally, you can make posters and stick them to your wall forming a pattern you’d cherish for a long time. In simple words, with the help of these teenage girl bedroom decor ideas, you can completely change the room’s appearance and make it beautiful without spending much money.

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