When you go on a luxury trip, the comfortable feeling you have with the bed of the hotel you stay in is such an unforgettable moment. Honestly, you must have sometimes thought of bringing the cozy hotel bedding vibe into your bed at home.

However, in fact, each hotel has its own secrets of delivering a relaxing experience with the well-organized beds to the customers. Therefore, arranging your bed with the style of a hotel bed does not only require heavy comforters, luxurious sheets, and an excessive amount of pillows.

On the contrary, there are many other factors that you should take into consideration if you want to know how to make a bed like a hotel. In this article, you will be provided with some additional tricks that will help to boost your sleeping experience no matter what level your bedding experience at.

How To Make Your Bed At Home Like A Hotel

1. Take Advantage Of White Linens

If you have a chance to enjoy various hotel beddings, from the high-end brands to the average ones, you can easily notice a remarkable factor that almost every of them uses the all-white background color.

Honestly, the solid color of the bed will create the tidiness and freshness. As a result, customers will have a sense of staying in a newly updated bed. Yet, the only thing that is changed in this situation is the bed.

Besides, this method is not only a cost-effective way of the hotels to make their beds look perfect, but it can also economize the construction and designing fees.

2. Don’t Regret Spending Your Money On High Thread Count Sheets

When you have the intention of purchasing a high-quality sheet, the first and foremost factor you should focus on is the thread count.

In general, on the market, many luxurious and well-qualified sheet brands manufacture their products with Egyptian cotton. According to many pieces of research, the thread count of this type of sheet is extremely impressive. To be exact, the high thread count sheets always have a thread count above 300.

What’s more, apart from Egyptian cotton sheets, percale sheets can also be an optimum choice for your bed.

3. Fitted Sheets Are Not Recommended

If you have a close look at your hotel bed, you may find that it lacks a fundamental point-the elasticity. The reason is that many hotels, instead of using a fitted sheet, they utilize a flat sheet, which is also oversized. Furthermore, a flat sheet is highly recommended thanks to its convenience and versatility.

As a result, the surface for sleeping will become smoother to bring you a deep night’s sleep.

4. Your Down Comforter Should Go With A Cotton Duvet

Although stuffing a cotton duvet takes much of your time and effort, when you complete the task, you will find it difficult to go to sleep without a stuffy cotton duvet.

An excellently stuffed cotton duvet combined with a wonderful comforter is the secret of many hotels to satisfy their customers. Therefore, to provide your bed at home with additional fluffiness, you should place cotton duvets on each side of the bed.

However, there is one thing you should keep in mind when adding a comforter is that you have to make sure you are not allergic to it.

What’s more, you should use a duvet cover to simplify the washing of your duvet. The reason is that cleaning the inner parts of a duvet will take up much of your time, so a duvet cover is highly recommended.

5. More Pillows, More Relaxing Feeling

Sometimes, placing too many models of the same thing may lead to the disorder on your bed. Yet, with pillows, this is not totally true.

If you notice, you will see that in almost every hotel room, they are equipped with many pillows. Usually, there are up to 4 pillows on a bed in each hotel room.

Two of them are fiber pillows, which are often used for sleeping. Besides, the others can be utilized as decorative pillows to make your bed look more attractive. The decorative pillows are usually smaller in size, so they’re suitable for your child if he wants to sleep with you.

Nowadays, there are many types of pillows on the market ranging from size, shape, and material. Hence, getting one for your bed is not a challenging task.

6. Don’t Hesitate To Go For A Featherbed

As you may know, a feather mattress is such an expensive accessory for your bed. In fact, not everyone can afford a feather mattress. However, you can resort to a feather mattress topper as an alternative for the extravagant feather mattress.

With a feather mattress topper, you can have sweet dreams and relaxing time like on the luxury of hotel bedding, but still, save your budget. What’s more, you can economize your time when you clean your mattress.

7.  If Money Is Not Your Concern, Get The Best Mattress

There are many factors that will decide whether a bed is comfortable or not. Yet, the most fundamental one may be the quality of the mattress.

Having a high-grade mattress not only boosts the satisfaction of your night’s sleep, but it also reduces the risk of getting bone-related diseases.

In reality, many hotels even order exclusive mattresses for their own beds to make them stand out from their opponents. Therefore, if you are not on a budget, you should spend quite a huge sum of money on the mattress for your bed at home. You will get what you pay for.

8. Setting Up A Proper Lighting System

How appropriately you apply your lightning system in your bedroom will help a lot to get you a good sleep. Normally, hotels take advantage of warm-colored sconces and lamps, which are adjusted at low wattage. Hence, they can keep the bedroom cozy and warm for a better sleeping experience.

9. Apply A Bedroom Rug To Treat Your Feet

A carpet in the bedroom doesn’t mean too much to your night’s sleep. However, after you wake up and step on the floor with your bare feet, it is the first thing that will touch your feet. Thus, placing a bedroom rug near your bed can prevent your feet from being cold.

10. A Decent Bedside Table Is Recommended

In hotel bedding, you can find that there are some necessary items put on the bedside table, for example, an alarm clock, a lamp, or some pieces of decoration.

With a bedside table, you can keep important objects handy. Yet, you should bear in mind that placing redundant things on the bedside table will lead to a reverse effect.

Bottom Lines

After reading this article, you can believe that your bedding experience is now improved. With these tricks above, you now know how to make your bed comfortable like a hotel. Also, you can bring the vibe of the favorite hotel beds from the luxury travel into your own bed.

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