Ceiling fans are often the most underappreciated piece of appliance in your house. While air conditioners are more popular and can keep you cool during the summer, ceiling fans can do exactly the same while not using as much electricity, sometimes as much as 90% less. On top of that, they can add to the decoration of your house,  whether it’s minimalism, industrial, or luxury style.

However, rattling sounds are a common issue of ceiling fans, especially in your bedroom, where you need a quiet environment to sleep peacefully after a hard day at work. This article is going to help you get past this problem with a simple-to-follow guide and trusted ultra quiet ceiling fans.

Top Quietest Ceiling Fans – Quick Comparision

Product ImageProduct NameRatingsLatest Price
Hunter 530914.5/5
Minka-Aire F844-ORB4.4/5
reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan4.4/5
Prominence Home 80092-01 Alvina4.6/5
Honeywell Duvall Tropical4.5/5
Monte Carlo Maverick4.5/5
Emerson CF765BS4.4/5

Reviews of The Best Quiet Bedroom Ceiling Fans

1. Hunter 53091 Transitional 52-Inch – Top Pick

Hunter 53091 52-Inch - Top Pick of quietest ceiling fans for bedroom

This classic ceiling fan from Hunter Fan Company – one of the oldest and most reputable brands – strikes a perfect balance between design, performance, feature, and price. This is the reason it’s put at the top position even though other competitors aren’t bad either.

The Hunter 53091 fan comes with multiple downrods so you can freely choose the proper distance between the fan and the ceiling for optimized air movement. As long as your ceiling is from 9 to 11 feet high, you should install it with no problem.

Electricians love this Hunter fan because of its versatile installation options. With the adjustable mount, you can select one from three mounting positions: standard, low, and angled.

Hunter has designed the blades so that they can circulate the air in the most efficient way to ventilate the space. Some other models can do this, but they have a common issue of squeaky noises or lack of stability, especially old fans.

Luckily for you, the motor in the Hunter 53091 is wobble-free and has a near-silent operation. And even if you have trouble after installation, a balance kit is included in the box. No one likes hearing the constant sound from an old, clunky fan all night, which can prevent you from having a good night’s sleep.

This ceiling fan also helps you save some money by equipping LED lights into this fan, so you don’t need to make any other purchase. Like other brands, LED lights are chosen here as they are long-lasting and energy-efficient. The lights in the 53091 are dimmable, allowing you to control the ambiance of your bedroom.

The reputation of Hunter is built on high-quality and durable fans. And the Hunter 53091 seems to be able to live up to this expectation. Many customers have said that their fans have operated flawlessly after several years.

With all those awesome features and performance, the Hunter 53091 deserves all the praise it has, especially when it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. However, this ceiling fan does have some shortcomings.

While it comes with dimmable lights, the 53091 provides no handheld remote control or wall panel, meaning you must buy them separately.

  • Durable
  • Well-made and efficient design
  • Whisper quiet and wobble-free
  • Balance kit included
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Reasonable price
  • No wall panel or remote control

2. Minka-Aire F844-ORB Light Wave 52-Inch – Stylish Choice

Minka-Aire F844-ORB - Stylish Choice of silent ceiling fans for bedroom

If you’re in search of a stylish yet quiet ceiling fan to upgrade your bedroom space, this Minka-Aire Light Wave model is an excellent choice. It gives you an opportunity to swap your ineffective and outdated ceiling fan and light combo for a higher-quality system.

Everyone with an appetite for aesthetic designs will fall in love with this ceiling fan at first sight.

The design is sleek and stylish with both metal and plastic parts. The minimalist look comes from 3 acrylic blades, giving your room a luxury vibe instead of a cold atmosphere from industrial fans. You will certainly receive a lot of compliments from anyone who has set foot in your bedroom.

Its color options (bronze and maple) can blend seamlessly into your bedroom, especially with white ceilings, and make it look higher.

The 6-inch downrod that comes with the Minka-Aire Light Wave is perfect for those who need a low profile fan. But when your bedroom is quite big, you can buy a longer downrod (from 4.5 inches to 72 inches) from its store.

For additional convenience, this ceiling fan includes a remote control to allow you to turn it on or off, adjust the cooling and lighting settings, right from the comfort of your bed.

Not only does it have an attractive design, but the performance of the Minka-Aire Light Wave will also literally blow you away.

With an airflow of 5024 cubic feet per minute, it’s a great choice for a room with at least 100 square feet. Although this air movement is above average for a ceiling fan, the blades move smoothly and quietly.

However, while the Minka-Aire Light Wave has reversible blades, you can’t switch them using the remote control. Whenever you want to change the direction of this ceiling fan, you need to manually flip the switch near the motor. And the price tag is quite high, especially when you don’t care much about its look.

  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Above-average airflow
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Dimmable light
  • Remote control included
  • Quite expensive
  • Can only manually reverse

3. Reiga 52-Inch – Best Lighting Features

reiga 52-in Noiseless Ceiling Fan with LED Light

When more and more ceiling fans are equipped with LED bulbs, it’s not surprising to see many customers start demanding a great lighting system on top of good airflow and whisper-quiet operation. If this is also your main concern, have a look at the Reiga 52-inch ceiling fan.

This fan doesn’t only come with LED light but also provides the ability to change the color temperature from the included remote control. You can switch between three settings: full (8700K), cool white (5700k), and warm yellow (3000k).

While this might not be the most important feature of a ceiling fan, it’s always nice to have a way to illuminate your bedroom the way you want. Warm yellow lighting at night can make you fall asleep easier while protecting your eyes better. It also makes the room less cold in the winter.

This Reiga fan is easy to install with the installation kit, including two downrods: 10 inches and 6 inches. The 52-inch blades are made from moisture-resistant ABS plastic while the pitch is 17-degree optimized. The entire design is fully enclosed and doesn’t deform when soaking water, making it a great choice for damp locations.

The motor runs silently without irritating and disturbing noise. You can reverse the direction of the blades to create a cooling airflow in the summer or make the air warmer in the winter. The included remote control allows you to adjust between 6 wind speeds. It even supports timing shutdown – from 1 to 8 hours – to save energy.

As long as your bedroom area is from 100 to 250 square feet, this Reiga 52-inch will work great. But keep in mind that while the LED light is quite advanced, it has no dimming function. There is also no wall control for this ceiling fan.

  • LED light with adjustable color temperature
  • Remote control included
  • Timing shutdown feature
  • 6 speeds
  • Installation kit available in the box
  • Reversible motor
  • Suitable for humid conditions
  • Slightly expensive
  • LED light is not dimmable
  • No wall control

4. Prominence 80092-01 Home Alvina – Best Fan for Small Bedrooms

Prominence 80092-01 Home Alvina - Best Silent Ceiling Fan for Small Bedrooms

52-inch is probably the most dominant bedroom ceiling fan size on the market, which is a great choice for medium to large bedrooms. But for those with small rooms, it’s harder to find a high-quality small model that still can produce good airflow with whisper-quiet operation. If you face this exact trouble, the Alvina series from Prominence Home is a good purchase.

This flush mount fan uses a low-profile design – an ideal choice for bedrooms with limited space or low ceilings. The Prominence Home Alvina is intended for small to medium-sized rooms under 350 square feet.

The Alvina fans come with three color options: Farmhouse White,  Farmhouse Bronze, and Nickel. All of them have a traditional look and can make a good impact on your small bedroom, especially the wooden models, without taking up too much space.

You or your electrician will have an easy time assembling and installing this indoor low profile fan. Prominence Home also includes the pull-chains in the package for quick and easy adjustments. Even though it doesn’t come with remote control, this fan is compatible with universal control units that you can easily buy separately.

The motor is fairly quiet at all 3 speeds – not exactly a surprise given its size. And since this is a reversible model, you can run it in the winter to rotate warm air and cut down energy costs.

The best part about this small ceiling fan is its extremely competitive price. Combining this and the reliable performance, the Prominence Home Alvina can really give larger models a run for their money when it comes to circulating air in small bedrooms.

But this fan will fall short of your expectations if you ever want to put it in a large space like your living room. Just stick it with your bedroom for now! And while the default LED light has no issue, the fan only accepts the small LED provided, making it impossible if you want to replace it with a larger bulb.

  • Take up less space, great for low profile ceilings
  • Affordable
  • Quiet
  • Pull-chains included
  • Compatible with universal remote control
  • Reversible motor
  • Easy to install
  • Can’t be used with brighter LED lights
  • Not a great choice for large space

5. Honeywell Duvall Tropical Ceiling Fan – Budget 52-Inch Model

Honeywell Duvall Tropical Whisper Quiet Ceiling Fan - Budget 52-Inch Model

The Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch ceiling fan is one of those models that provide a decent airflow for medium or large rooms without costing you an arm and a leg. In fact, its low price is one of the most common praises it receives.

But how does it hold up against other higher-end fans? Good news for you: while it can’t deliver the best air movement or cooling effect, it’s not a bad choice either.

The Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch fan offers 4 different speeds. Even on a hot day, you should have no trouble staying cool and having a good sleep with it. Thanks to the reversible motor, it’s still useful in the winter as well. And according to feedback from real customers who have actually installed this fan in their bedrooms, it makes no noisy sound that can disturb their sleep.

Another bonus point is how easy it is to install this ceiling fan, even when you are not a professional electrician. Honeywell has equipped it with the “Quick 2 Hang” technology. All you need to do after unboxing is attach the blades into the housing and then hang the whole fan into your ceiling.

But what really makes this budget special is the wet-rated blades. Made from wicker with an oil-rubbed bronze finish, these stylish blades can be used outdoors when necessary. To take out any worry left related to the durability of the blades, Honeywell even provides a lifetime warranty.

However, like other budget options, the Duvall 52-Inch fan has some serious issues in it. You can’t buy another wall control with it because what only works is the included specialized controller. There is no integrated light either, and because the canopy is pretty small, you may need to repair the large hole left by your previous fan before installing the Honeywell Duvall.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to install with “Quick 2 Hang” technology
  • Wet-rated wicker blades
  • Silent operation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Not the best airflow
  • No integrated LED light
  • Small canopy

6. Monte Carlo Maverick Energy Star – Premium Pick

Monte Carlo Maverick Energy Star - Premium Pick of Super Quiet Ceiling Fans

When you have some cash to splash out or if money is no object and all you want is an elegant silent ceiling fan that can blow a luxury vibe wrapped inside a good airflow into your bedroom, look no further than the Maverick collection from Monte Carlo. Besides, it’s also one of the quietest ceiling fans on the market. Design is its first priority, and the performance is also able to compete against other high-end models.

The Maverick fan features a stylish design that borrows inspiration from ship propellers. Say goodbye to cheap-looking plastic parts as Monte Carlo has used wood – and not just normal wood but balsa wood – to make this ceiling fan. Even though they seem to be heavy, these nicely-carved balsa wood blades are actually lightweight.

The blades are also slightly angled upwards with smooth finishing. No matter which color you go for from its various options, the black hardware components will all look marvelous with the wooden blades.

Despite the weight and meticulous design, most customers can install this premium fan by themselves. Monte Carlo has laid out parts and instructions in an organized way to make it easier for you. Everything fits together with ease. Just remember to clear a large area under the ceiling so you won’t mess anything up.

This Monte Carlo fan doesn’t only have a premium look but also a premium performance. It moves a lot of air, especially in the top settings from its 6 different speeds. Even though the blades have a wide span, there is no wobble or noisy sound.

Additionally, this model also has an Energy Star rating. Monte Carlo claims that it can produce more torque and air movement while taking 70% less energy. Even if the real power is not as high as this rating, this fan is already a good choice when you prefer an energy-efficient product.

But keep in mind that this luxury ceiling fan has no light, and it doesn’t work with any LED light kit. This might be a deal-breaker for many customers. But other than that, you can hardly find any feature-related downside from the Maverick fan.

  • Premium design
  • Sleek design with wooden blades
  • Energy-efficient
  • 6 speeds
  • Easy to install
  • Great airflow and noiseless operation
  • Extremely expensive
  • No light

7. Emerson CF765BS 56-Inch – For High Ceilings

Emerson CF765BS 56-Inch - For High Ceilings

The last option here would be a fantastic fan for bedrooms with high ceilings. Many customers have expressed their satisfaction even when their ceiling is as high as 18 feet.

The mechanism behind this performance of the Emerson CF765BS is the 56-inch tri-blade that is engineered to stand up against harsh conditions. With an industrial vibe, these durably crafted blades can give your bedroom a downtown feel while using not much energy.

As a result, most customers are satisfied with how much air they receive even though the fan is pretty far from their beds.

The large blades create a huge amount of air while producing virtually no sound, even on the highest speed. The only moment you may hear this ceiling fan running is when it runs at low speed. But even when this happens, there is only a small motor hum.

When considering when the Emerson CF765BS can do from high ceilings, its price is actually reasonable even when it’s slightly higher than other 52-inch models. However, there is no lighting feature and the default package doesn’t come with a remote control unit. If you prefer a handheld unit over the included wall control, you must pay an extra cost.

  • Amazing for high ceiling
  • Good value for money
  • Brushed steel finish
  • Great airflow
  • Quiet
  • No remote control included

Things to Consider Before Buying a Silent Ceiling Fan for Your Bedroom

1. Type of motor

How much noise the ceiling fan in your bedroom produces depends largely on the type of its motor. DC motors, AC motors, and oil bath motors are typically the quietest designs.

But as oil bath motors are old technology, you have to put more effort into maintenance. For example, you must check the oil after a few years to make sure that the motor is still in its best condition.

AC motors are also known as flywheel motors because they use flywheel discs to absorb shock, making them run quietly.

But the real champion when it comes to silent operation is DC motors. With permanent magnets inside, this kind of design doesn’t generate much electrical buzz.

2. Size

This may sound counterintuitive, but larger ceiling fans are actually the quieter ones. Smaller motors, especially the poorly-made with unreliable parts, often produce rattling and clicking sounds.

3. Efficiency

More efficient fans usually have more silent operation without the noisy sound that can ruin your sleep. The best way to determine this efficiency is to look for the CFM rating or Energy Star label.

Ceiling fans with an Energy Star label are more energy-efficient, produce less noise while saving on your utility bills. The same rule applies to low-CFM models, which work by gently circulating the air.

4. Mounting

How you set up your newly-bought ceiling fan should depend on your bedroom’s ceiling height. The minimum distance between the ceiling and the floor is 8 feet. If you have a low ceiling, opt for flush mounting, which can keep your fan close to the ceiling. This can reduce unnecessary swaying and thus bring down the noise level.

5. Balance

It’s easy to see that a well-balanced fan will run more smoothly and quietly. This, in turn, depends mostly on how precisely the parts were made. If you worry about this, look for ceiling fans that provide a balance kit so you can adjust it without help from an electrician.

6. Material of the blades

You can’t break the whole fan down to evaluate the quality of all the components. But you can look at the blades and have a close guess about its quality and whether it can result in rattling noise.

Lower-end ceiling fans are often equipped with poor-quality materials such as low-end plastics. At high speeds, those blades are easier to be deformed back and forth – a disaster for a good night’s sleep.

On the other hand, premium materials like wood and metal are more durable and sturdy, bringing the rattling down to a minimum amount.


With the quietest ceiling fans reviewed above, you can undoubtedly find the one that best fits you, whether your budget or bedroom’s design. If none of them satisfies you, you will still be able to find better ones on the market. However, choose carefully and keep in mind the buying guide above.

Besides a quiet ceiling fan, you should also consider the following items when shopping for your bedroom:

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