Bedroom curtains not only provide coverage, but they are also the interior décor to add aesthetics to your space.

So, how to choose curtains for a bedroom?

Here are seven points to consider before ordering any curtains for your cozy heaven:

  • Privacy
  • Fabrics
  • Curtain styles
  • Color
  • Lighter or darker shades than walls
  • Sound-proof ability
  • Length
You will have a full understanding of bedroom curtains before deciding your favorite. Scroll down and learn more about them one by one!

Choosing The Right Bedroom Curtains

1. Privacy

The role of curtains is to hide your bedrooms from the public eyes. Hence, the first and foremost aspect to consider is privacy. Quality curtains should provide an acceptable degree of coverage while keeping your bedrooms bright.

Moreover, you don’t want strangers to look inside your bedrooms. Consequently, the curtains should provide enough privacy and fit perfectly for your room’s style and existing furniture.

Some thick fabrics like cotton, blackout, or velvet can help you protect your privacy in the bedrooms.

You may prefer to order curtains that contain more than one layer, sheer privacy models, or hanging curtains. These products serve best for privacy purposes.

2. Fabrics

bedroom curtain fabrics

Polyester Curtains

The first common fabric for bedroom curtains is polyester at an affordable price and durability. You should use polyester curtains for the first home due to their low maintenance. They resist stretching, shrinking, and wrinkling well.

They provide a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns. Another notable feature is that it’s hard to remove stains from polyester fabric. If you have young children or hang curtains in high traffic areas, a dark curtain color may fit your needs.

Linen Curtains

Linen provides a billowy, tailored look for curtains, creating an airy ambiance in your bedroom. The sheer drapes nicely but does not block the sun entirely, adding natural light to your rooms. You can still get a dim space, which allows you to sleep well and tight.

However, beware to dry clean the linen curtains and hang them up immediately to avoid wrinkles.

Linen window coverings feature value insulation during the winter months. Thus, you can save considerable bucks on our heating bills. They are an eco-friendly and long-lasting fabric.

Cotton Curtains

The thick fabric, like cotton, is suitable to block sunlight from entering your bedrooms. You will have a dark room to fall asleep easily with the cotton curtains. You may as well pick sheer cotton curtains if you wish to bring an airy feel to the room.

Cotton curtain panels bring out the casual feel while being low in maintenance. They allow a lot of light to pass through, making the rooms cheerful and bright. If you want to achieve a denser look for better temperature control and privacy, a lined cotton panel is great for you.

Silk Curtains

Curtains made from silk are heavier than those made from other fabrics. Silk window coverings bring a romantic look, perfect for a couple of bedrooms. If you prefer a luxurious, formal bedroom, you may want to add curtains in silk to your shopping basket.

Unfortunately, silk curtains are susceptible to sunlight damage. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure your silk window coverings are not exposed to the direction attracting too much sunlight.

As silk curtains are expensive, you may want to extend their lifespan by pairing them with roller shades, roman shades, or blinds.

Velvet Curtains

Besides cotton, velvet is another heavy fabric. This material can block light more effectively while enhancing insulation from moisture and cold.

If you are prone to allergies from external elements, velvet curtains are an ideal choice to block pollutants from entering your bedroom. They are sound-proof, bringing a quiet atmosphere in the bedrooms.

Yet, these window coverings get dirty quickly because of the dust and microorganism blockage. You’d rather clean them regularly for the hygiene of your rooms.

Blackout Curtains

As hinted in their name, blackout curtains make sure your rooms are free from sunlight. They are the best choice for people wanting a dark space to snooze during the day.

However, their price is usually more expensive than non-blackout fabric. In return, you can save a lot of energy consumption and prevent premature aging of home furnishings.

You can get the most privacy with blackout curtains thanks to their thickness.

3. Curtain Styles for Bedrooms

Pinch Pleat

The pinch pleat style offers a classic look to highlight an elegant and traditional bedroom. Window coverings in this style include evenly spaced pleas sewn and pinched together.

Thanks to the pleats weighted below the curtain seams, the drapes fall smoothly and evenly. You can find many types of pinch pleat curtains: two-finger, three-finger, four-finger, five-finger, and French pleats.


The grommet style features a continuous panel at the top of circular eyelets. You can attach either heavy fabrics or metal rings. It’s essential to pass a curtain rod through these eyelets to hang grommet window coverings.


If you look for a traditional but informal style, the gathering type can be the best choice. They fit small windows perfectly. You can see a row of pockets at the back of the panel to hang them with curtain hooks on a rod.

It is also acceptable to hang these curtains on tracks.

Tab Top

Like grommet, tab-top curtains have a continuous top yet feature tabs or fabric loops all along with the panel. The tabs are often two inches wide.


Swags or scarves add a romantic feel and a feminine charm to decorate the windows in your space. You may want to drape them up over the rod or hang them loosely at the corner of the window frame.

However, these window coverings should be paired with other window treatments to ensure the room’s privacy, insulation, and light control.

4. Best Color for Bedroom Curtains

To choose the best color for bedroom curtains, you will start visualizing your current bedroom design. That’s how you can blend window coverings with your room’s layout and settled furniture. In other words, you need to pick the bedroom style, either romantic or casual look.

In the image below, the owner’s style is urban modern. The furniture comes with neutral shades like white, beige, and cream. The walls are painted beige, matching with the furniture.

beige bedroom

The window coverings are puddle-length with two layers of covering in beige and sheer white. They blend well with the color of walls and furniture. Also, they create the look of delicacy while still providing enough privacy for the bedroom.

5. Should Curtains Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

Curtains can be both lighter and darker than your walls. A rule of thumb is that the window coverings and walls are complementary shades to each other.

No right or wrong pick exists. You can match curtains with the hues of the walls and the furniture as well. However, light and dark curtains bring out the different looks to the rooms.

For instance, if your walls are in the shade of apricot, go for window coverings with a burnt-orange color. Besides, the window coverings should be off-white to complement the room in white.

Make sure not to pick the unmatching colors between curtains and walls. The wrong decision can damage the entire look of your sweet rooms.

6. Sound-proof Ability

The sound-proof ability is one of the things to consider when choosing curtains for your bedrooms. This feature will be beneficial if you live near a busy street with a lot of noise outside. Soundproof curtains absorb noise that makes you fall asleep without trouble.

7. Length

bedroom curtain lengths

There are four types of curtain lengths: window sill, apron, floor, and puddle.

Window Sill Curtains

Their length ends right at the window sill. Therefore, they are suitable for kitchens where windows are elevated.

Apron Length Curtains

These window coverings are usually 84 inches long. They collect less dust and dirt from the floor than longer curtains. As a result, apron-length curtains are popular choices for bedrooms.

Floor-length Curtains

These curtains are about 96 inches long. Their length makes them suitable to hang the curtain rod a bit higher than the window.

Puddle Length Curtains:

They can stretch to 108 inches in length. They add romance to your rooms. Master rooms or other rooms with no kids and beds will be the ideal home for these curtains.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to choose curtains for your bedroom. We’ve listed out seven criteria to pick the most suitable window coverings. Don’t forget to prioritize privacy for the chosen products.

You can choose several fabric types for the bedroom curtains, such as polyester, velvet, silk, cotton, and blackout window coverings. Check out six curtain styles that fit perfectly for bedrooms as well. Other criteria like colors, length, and soundproof ability are essential to contemplate before making a purchase decision.

Now, do you have a rough idea of which window coverings to pick for your bedroom? Don’t hesitate to share with us your designs so other people can learn from them!

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