Encountering unintentional door slam is undoubtedly an annoying experience in all circumstances. For example, it will be a nuisance if you unexpectedly get awoken by the loud bang of a slamming door. Or, a sudden slamming noise can make you startled and frightened.

If a slamming door happens on frequent occasions, it will become a problem that you need to address properly. It does not only gradually damage your household property but also negatively affects your mental state in the long run.

Now, let’s check out these easy solutions on how to stop a door from slamming!

8 Effective Ways To Stop Doors From Slamming Shut

1. Try Self Adhesive Felt Pads

Using felt pads is a common fix for sudden door slams as these pads are cheap and easy to use. You just need to place a few pads along the door frame’s edges. At the strike plate, try sticking two extra pads at the top and the bottom.

This tip works wonders for slowing down the door slam, thus preventing the unexpected bang. Also, these pads help to absorb the slamming sound when the door closes.

Try Self Adhesive Felt Pads
Smart Surface 8850 Self Adhesive Felt Pads

If you have no idea about which felt pads to use, check out the Smart Surface 8850 heavy-duty felt pads. The anti door slam product comes with 144 pieces at a friendly-budget price. It is also versatile to use on different surfaces, including laminate, hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum.

2. Automatic Door Closer

Another excellent way to prevent a door from slamming is by utilizing an automatic door closer. This type of product has the ability to automatically close the door after it is opened. You can control the speed and pressure at which the door will shut to your needs, thus counteracting the slamming problem easily.

While there are various available types of quiet door closers in the marketplace, it is recommended that you opt for the product made of aluminum or steel for the best durability.

Automatic Door Closer
FORTSTRONG FS-1306 Automatic Closer

One best-selling automatic door closer receiving a handful of praises is the Fortstrong FS-1306 Automatic Adjustable Closers. This anti door slam device is composed of the finest aluminum and steel, thus gaining trust for both its durability and performance.

3. Apply Weatherstripping

One alternative to felt pads is weatherstripping. This tool also helps to slow down the closing speed of the door, thanks to the cushioning. On top of that, it has a great soundproof feature.

Installing weatherstripping is relatively simple. Before applying the stripping, you need to make sure that the door frame’s surface is clean. Next, attach the weatherstrip alongside the door frame’s interior.

Apply Weather Stripping
Yotache Foam Tape

The Yotache WeatherStripping is one excellent recommended product that you should take a look at. It comes with a strong adhesive backing that will stick firmly on the surface.

Above all, its closed-cell foam construction contains multi-purpose characteristics, such as heat insulating, weatherproof, and shock-absorbing.

4. Use Anti Door Slam Products

There are various simple and useful anti-slam door products that you can search for. One of those is the pinch guard. While it is designed to save fingers from getting pinched, it also works as a doorstop to deal with slamming problems.

This product works by leaving a small space (around an inch to an inch) between the door and the frame. When the door is about to close, the soft pinch guard will come into contact with the frame and absorb the impact, thus minimizing slamming doors at its best.

Use Anti-slam Door Products
Wittle Finger Pinch Guard

Using pinch guards is one of the cheapest solutions that you can try with ease, like this Wittle Finger Pinch Guard. You can place the product over the door hinges to provide a soft cushion between the door and its frame, which in turn keeps the door from slamming shut.

5. Use Door Draft Stoppers

Today, many door draft stoppers come with multiple functions, such as blocking noise, smell, dust, etc. It is designed to be positioned at the bottom of the door, making it especially useful to prevent door slam noise.

Use Door Draft Stoppers
MAGZO Door Draft Stopper

MAGZO Under Door Noise Stopper is a great door slam preventer that features a variety of uses. Its innovative design makes it stay in place, ensuring optimal performance.

Besides, this multi-purpose noise stopper is made of premium materials, making it able to keep light, noise, dust, and even polluted air out of the door.

6. Cover The Door Jamb with a Cushion

Using a door cushion is a common tip for dealing with the slamming problem. It is a simple yet efficient invention that prevents the door from shutting hard. On top of that, the cushion even helps to muffle any door noises, like rattling, clicking the doorknob, or closing.

Cover the Door Jamb with a Cushion
Cushy Closer Cushion

The Original Cushy Cushion is one reliable door slam stopper to try. It is totally made of cotton, which means that it is easy to clean and can be used in many years. To use the product, you just need to hook it to the two sides of the doorknobs.

7. Protect The Walls with Bumpers

Door bumpers are invented to protect the doorknob from hitting the wall. Also, with the molded PU materials, this tool works wonders for dampening shock and reducing vibration.

Protect The Walls with Door Bumpers
GorillaGrit Bumpers

One reliable choice is the pack of rubber door stopper bumpers from GorillaGrit. It is very affordable and easy to use, thanks to the adhesive and peel-off design.

To use it, stick the bumper on the position at which the knob will hit the wall. This installation can help save the wall from being damaged and reduce door slamming noise at its best.

8. Inspect The Door Hinges

If your door keeps slamming abruptly, the reason may lie in your door hinges. Your door may experience the imbalance caused by the improperly installed or worn-out door hinges, which lead to the abrupt slamming.

Inspect the Door Hinges

To check the hinges, you need to let the door open at an angle of 90 degrees and then set a leveling tool on the latch to see whether it is in balance.

If the hinges are improperly mounted, you can fix them by tightening up the hinge screws. If they appear to be worn out, replace them with these anti slam door hinges.


There are many ways to prevent doors from slamming shut, however, the ones we shared above are probably the simplest and easiest for you to do by yourself. Try one of them and you will see how effective it is.

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