Are you planning to refresh your old living room with something new like using sectional couches? Then, it is absolutely right when you land on this post about Top 10 cheap sectionals under 300 dollars.

Here you will be introduced to the best affordable couches in the market, which are supposed to be both comfortable and beautiful to present in every room. Then, you can maximize available space for a family union. Even more, you can make use of the sectional couches as extra beds for a snap or so. Also, do not miss out on the helpful buying guide at the end of this post.

Top 10 Cheap Sectional Couches Under $300

Product ImageProduct NameDimensions (inches)Weight Capacity (lbs)RatingsLatest Price
Walsunny Sectional78 x 50 x 356604.5/5
HONBAY Sectional79 x 53 x 356604.3/5
MU Convertible Couch76 x 61 x 363304.2/5
HONBAY Faux Leather79 x 53 x 357104.4/5
Nolany Sectional Sofa79 x 50 x 356604.1/5
YAHEETECH Faux Leather66 x 45 x 337724.3/5
Belffin Sectional79 x 55 x 352974.2/5
MELLCOM Modern Couch83 x 51 x 284404.1/5
Divano Roma Sectional72 x 44 x 346004.5/5
Good & Graciou Sofa58 x 61 x 359004.1/5

1. Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa

Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa

Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa comes as the first recommended couch on the list. At a glance, the couch comes in an L-shape with a three-seat sofa and one adjustable ottoman. This style is the most popular when it comes to sectional orientations, especially ideal for small rooms. You can fit the couch snugly in the corner or with a coffee table. Its dimensions are 77.55 inches large by 50 inches wide by 35.43 inches height.

Installation of the sofa will not take much time. With a comprehensive manual guide, you can assemble all parts within 10 minutes. The ottoman is movable, and some cushions come in the vacuum package. Thus, you will not find it hard to move all parts here and there to your preferred place.

Now speaking of color options, Walsunny Sofa comes in four available: beige, dark khaki, chocolate brown, and dark gray. Those colors are all good at hiding dirt while adding a blank slate to build rest for the overall decor.

Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa Dims

About the comfort, the couch is made of the linen fabric. This material can resist bacteria, spill, and hold dye over time. It is also breathable under your seat. In addition, the linen is less vibrant, meaning you will not sink in the couch. However, you should not expect the Walsunny Sectional Sofa to be very soft. To make it up, the foam cushions are reversible, and the backrest is possibly collapsed to increase your comfort.

Just for your note, the linen fabric requires professional cleaning and resistance to high temperatures. Thus, you had better avoid exposing the couch to direct sunlight. This’s undoubtely one of the best cheap sectional couches under 300 dollars that you should own.

  • Affordable price
  • Traditional L-shape that fits all designs
  • Base colors available
  • Durable materials
  • Average sizes for small rooms only
  • Not incredibly soft and comfortable

2. HONBAY Convertible Sectional – The Cheapest Model Under 300

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Couch is an alternative to the Walsunny in terms of the L-shaped couch with a three-seat sofa and an additional ottoman. Hence, it is safe to say that the couch is effortless for you to assemble with no need for tools or other people. You can then put the ottoman on your preference and the surrounding layout because it is very lightweight and compact. Besides, the two share many similarities, such as the price range, size, and material.

Accordingly, HONBAY couch is about 78.5 inches large by 30.3 inches wide by 35 inches high – a bit bigger than the Walsunny, but still for small rooms. Moreover, the HONBAY couch is also crafted with quality linen, which is supposed to be smooth and in shape over time to provide a luxury feel. The linen will look as new as long as you prevent it from the direct heat or clean the cover professionally. The good news is that the covers feature zippers, so you possibly zip them off to wash or replace them if needed.

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch Dims

So, what are the differences?

First off, the HONBAY Convertible Sectional Couch seems lighter in colors such as gray, light beige, and light gray. When being placed in the room, the couch can light up small spaces, making them larger.

Secondly, this sectional sofa is a bit more comfortable when you sit or sleep on it. It is because of the firmer side and the S spring under the cushions. More excitingly, the seat cushions come with pocket coils encased in foam shell and a dacron layer. This small part increases the airflow through the sofa.

A small drawback is the gaps between the couch that even expose the frame. Fortunately, you can cover those gaps with cushions or pillows available.

  • Easy-to-setup L shaped sofa
  • Movable and comfortable ottoman
  • Smooth and tight linen materials
  • Removable covers to relieve the cleaning
  • Light colors to brighten up the room
  • Significant gaps between the frame
  • Uneven cushions coming in the package

3. MU Convertible Sectional Sofa

MU Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

If you are looking for a compact space set of sofa for your dorm room or single apartment, the MU Convertible is a good option for under $300.

This perfect solution takes up minimal seating space, giving you much more choices of where to place it, especially when you want to save as much space as possible.

In addition, components such as the ottoman are adjustable, depending on how you want to position it.

The space-saving sofa could be on both the right or left side. Because of that, you can freely change the shape of your chair to fit in perfectly with your existing interior design.

Another point worth noting is that the sofa does not have “legs.” It sits close to the ground, reducing its size even further while increasing its stability.

You can also position the couch in corners or uneven surfaces thanks to the legless design, ensuring no unused space in your apartment.

Do you want to put something between the seats? It is not a problem! You can separate the couch into individual chairs, up to 4 if you count the ottoman.

The quality is quite nice for such a cheap sofa, offering a simple but fashionable woven fabric material. The black color is not for nothing, keeping dust and stains from appearing too often.

Like we have mentioned, the space-saving sofa is relatively small, so this product may not be enough for your needs if you have a large family.

  • A compact piece of furniture
  • Adjustable ottoman
  • Separatable sturdy seat cushion
  • Leg-less design for more versatility
  • Rather small for big groups

4. HONBAY Faux Leather Sectional Sofa

HONBAY Faux Leather Sectional

For people who want a long-lasting 3-piece sofa, this faux leather version of the sofa by HONBAY will stay new in your household for quite a while. It is the second sofa from HONBAY on our list to introduce a high-quality faux leather coat, which is not only premium to the touch but also easy to clean.

The interior is what makes this product shine. Each part is designed with care and consideration for your experience.

When you first sit on this sectional, the removable elastic cushion will provide maximum enjoyment. Such a comfortable feel is possible due to an exclusive multi-layer pocket coil construction, keeping the foam shell stationary and sturdy.

Are you tired of spending a fortune to replace the entire spring coil system when only one of them breaks? Well, wait no more and grab this L-shaped couch!

By utilizing special serpentine springs covering the entire piece, the product gains exceptional structural integrity, keeping you from the struggle of constantly finding replacements.

The complex foam cushioning is safely encased inside a premium hardwood frame, cut from a whole solid log. Combined with a strong supportive leg system, the sofa can withstand any weight or impact without a single scratch.

Last but not least, the assembling process is super simple, requiring no tools, and takes you less than half an hour to finish. All of that together makes this sofa one of the best sectionals under 400 dollars with long-term values.

Unfortunately, we suggest you purchase an extra ottoman or chaise for even more comfort since the product does not come with either of them in the box.

  • Multi-layer coil construction
  • Premium faux leather
  • Durable frame and sturdy leg system
  • Minimal assembly
  • Does not include an ottoman or chaise

5. Nolany Reversible Sectional Sofa

Nolany Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch

We highly recommend this living room furniture for anyone who has a high demand for high-quality material. The three-seat sofa is enveloped by a delicate layer of soft suede fabric with an excellent option of vibrant color scheme.

Throughout our harsh cleaning tests, the fabric had proven to resist wrinkles and stay soft to the touch, and the color did not fade at all after multiple washes. After many sessions, we can confidently say the couch has our quality seal of approval.

If you look closely, you can see the product has many elaborated details. Granted with the brand’s exclusive technology called three-dimensional hemming, the edges of the sofa have a hand-stitched clean line that highlights the couch’s exquisite texture.

The armrests are curved, giving your chair an overall luxury look comparable to high-end products.

The look is not the only thing the manufacturer invests in! In terms of cushioning, this sectional sofa consists of a high-density, spongy cushion with extra thickness to increase rebound.

Sitting on one of the seats, we felt a clear sturdiness but soft and comfortable after long sections.

Despite the sectional having quite a bulky size, it is possible to carry the parts around and assemble them anywhere you want.

This unit would have been the perfect sofa if it were not for the thin backside padding, requiring some extra cushions, especially if you have back pain.

6. YAHEETECH Convertible Sectional Sofa

YAHEETECH Faux Leather Sectional

You may be wondering ”Why is this type of sofa considered a great sectional sofa under $300?” YAHEETECH has designed it to work double as a sleeper sofa, something rare to find.

Unlike conventional couches, this convertible sofa has a one-of-a-kind folding back. This gadget is relatively flexible, able to turn and lock at variable angles.

Whether you want to use it for reading, watching TV, or laying the sofa flat to take a nap, simply push until you get the right backrest tilt angle.

The sofa is perfect for children to sleep on, too, thanks to the ultra-durable construction. The multiple thick layers of plywood as the frame are situated steadily on top of a series of chrome plating metal legs.

This characteristic significantly improves the integrity structure of the item, ensuring superior resistance against sudden impacts, such as kids jumping around the couch.

When we read through the spec sheet, the single layer of soft foam padding may sound weak, but it is supported by densely packed sets of metal springs, making it comfortable for sleeping while durable to sit on.

However, you may find it not fitting in your household as decoration due to its overly simplistic look.

  • Versatile piece of folding contraption
  • Durable metal interior
  • Comfortable soft foam cushioning
  • Unimpressive design

7. Belffin Convertible Sectional Sofa

Belffin Convertible Sectional

If the design of previous sofas does not satisfy you, then we gladly introduce you to the Belffin convertible. It is eye candy to home decoration enthusiasts like yourself and will be the optimal addition to your room.

One way to describe this product is “an elegant combination of geometric shapes,” with each component molded to form an exquisite design.

The square armrests are curved at the outer edge, adding a finesse touch to the couch. Furthermore, the sectional couch’s soft linen fabric has a fluffy coating layer; in conjunction with the light pure color choice, the product is not only comfortable to your eyes but also to your body.

The attention to detail is clear in this item. By choosing a deep brown color for the trapezoidal legs, the entire piece of furniture obtains a vivid contrast, allowing each component to stand out independently.

Take a look inside the casing, and you will be surprised. The sturdy seat cushions are bulk up with additional memory foam. This ideal choice of modern design makes the elegant piece feel more hearty and premium.

Besides, the backside cushions are filled with 100% pure cotton, which elevates the design quality of this unit. It feels good and looks good.

This set of sofa comes with a decent price tag, though, potentially burning through your wallet. But we can assure you that it is well worth your earnings.

  • Excellent choice of colors
  • Asymmetrical design
  • Premium material
  • Impressive details
  • Quite expensive

8. MELLCOM Convertible Sectional Sofa

MELLCOM Modern Design Sectional

Among all of these recommendations, the Mellcom Convertible Sectional Sofa is a perfect choice to comfort your small family with its spacious design.

This item’s combination is undoubtedly brilliant as it features one side sofa, one inner, and one reversible chaise chair, which provides a great number of areas for use.

Clients can choose to buy whether the whole selection or just the parts they need to design their specific comfort place at home.

Another bonus for its outlook is that the Mellcom convertible Sectional Sofa brings out the combination between the mid-century style with a delicate shape, soft upholstery, and the modern style from the linen fabric and novel materials. Basic but not simple.

This sectional sofa comes with a solid wooden frame ensuring durability and firmness in long-term usage, while the galvanized steel feet will do their job to guarantee sturdiness.

One of the reasons this sofa set is on the top list is providing superior comfort for your family while using. As you are sitting or laying on it, your body can feel a soft sinking.

As a result of its extra-large size, the assembling process may take a while and require tools to put everything together perfectly.

  • Spacious seating for families
  • Elegance look
  • Sturdy structure
  • Comfort additional cushion
  • Hard to assemble

9. Divano Roma Furniture Modern Sectional Couch

Divano Roma Furniture Modern Sectional

This Divano Roma Furniture Modern gives back a sense of living room decor with a vintage touch while still matching well in any modern rooms. Moreover, being a sectional couch means that the Divano Roma allows a flexible seating arrangement.

The quality build and exceptional convenience are the two common praises about this brand, and the Furniture Modern is not an exception. The couch features aluminum legs and hardwood frame, but it is also covered with microfiber upholstery to ensure your comfort whenever you sit on this sofa.

Divano Roma Furniture Modern Sectional - options

The pillows look soft and fuzzy just by looking at it. Once you lean on those pillows, they will even be beyond your expectation. Only a small complaint that they are big and take up lots of space on the whole couch.

The light gray color is another eye candy. This color makes any space brighter and more elegant. Nevertheless, more colors might be better.

  • Very soft and comfortable when you lean back
  • Vintage light-color style
  • Durable frame and leg
  • Big pillows that makeup space
  • The more colors, the better