Vanity rooms are for those who love to do makeup. Today, boys or girls alike love to have a small corner in their bedroom where they can dress themselves up. Do you have a small place to live in but want a cute area to do your makeup? Worry no more. You have arrived at the right place for ideas.

Having a vanity in one’s room is now pretty popular. And the good thing about them is that they can be stylish, adding to the overall look of your room. People are often concerned about having a small room and a small space for their vanity.

Well, that is only a myth. You don’t need to have a bigger space to own a vanity. So, here are some cool, top-notch ideas to help you design a vanity for your small bedroom.

Small Space Makeup Vanity Ideas

Nothing Less than Modern

Modern vanities are so cool when they’re fit into a small space. They’re designed with unique ideas beyond the standard and awesome features. You can set up a vanity in your small bedroom using LED lighting, intricate storage space, and contemporary additions to your mirrors.

In simple words, if you know how to utilize the spaces, you can design your vanity in the most modernized way possible. Technology has advanced so much, and therefore, it can be utilized to design your vanity.

Lights are the keys to decorating the gorgeous modern vanity mirror of your small bedroom. Installing new lights on your mirrors can be dimmed and changed in color. Not only will such features enhance the look of your vanity, but it becomes incredibly useful too.

A Mirror that Can Be Flipped

Flipping mirrors are a great idea when you have a small space to live while installing all your utilities. It saves space and also adds to the look of your room. It gives an elegant and creative appeal to the overall appearance of the room.

The creativity is that you can easily convert the mirror into a flat surface and use the vanity like normal tables. And later, when you need to do your makeup, you can convert the vanity into a mirror. The flip-up feature enables you to use the vanity for the true purpose it is meant to fulfill.

If you use the mirror only on occasions, you can leave it face down and use the vanity top to store or decorate it with other useful items. Since it is a multi-purpose vanity, it would be a wise investment to make. Moreover, it would also appear lavish in your room.

If You Love Jewellery

If you are fond of collecting jewelry, setting up a vanity in your small space is a perfect idea. Besides, it is necessary to have a safe space to store all your jewelry collections. That is why you should aim for a design that lets you have enough storage space, such as multiple drawers to store your jewelry.

Finding a vanity with storage space won’t be that hard to find. Or, you can get it customized according to your requirements. You can also make a great choice of getting an expensive one for that way, you can be sure of having a designer vanity in your room with safe spaces to store your jewelry.

Some of these vanities have dedicated spaces to store your jewelry and also a mirror. Additionally, you can store your rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., in the vanity.

Corner Spaces Are Incredibly Useful!

If you live in a small bedroom but want greater space even after setting up a vanity in your room, utilizing the corner space would be the best idea. This way, you can at least create an illusion of living in a comparatively bigger room.

All you need to do is look for a vanity set that fits perfectly in the corner of your small bedroom. Alternately, you can also get yourself a customized vanity set made according to your instructions that would be perfect for your bedroom.

With a vanity set installed at the corner of your room, you can expect to have much space to yourself despite the small space you live in. Additionally, corner vanity sets can have many storage options.

Modern Rush

Modern-style makeup vanities are all over the market. You may as well get one for yourself. The good thing about modern styles being so popular is that you need not look for them too much. All you need to do is sort out your requirements and get one that defines it. Bi-level shelves, streamlined lines, the right-sized mirror are the things you’re looking for.

Beauty Corner

Choose a random corner of your room and glam it up with your vanity ideas. Perhaps, you could install a dramatic style mirror, a table that goes with your bedroom furniture, and a clear acrylic chair to suit well with the overall look. Your tiny bedroom just turned out to be a piece of fun.

Star Power

Influencers or celebrities who work from their studio room would need a vanity space in their room. Therefore, it would mean lots of lights on the mirror to give the starlet vibe. This way, you’d know how to appear in front of the camera as the perfect lighting would enhance the makeup look. A mirror was installed to a brick-wallpapered wall and a table to hold the essentials. Perfect!

Vintage Chic

Are you a fan of antique styles? If so, you should know that you can completely get a vintage style chic-looking vanity for your bedroom at home regardless of the space you have in it. The most essential is to have a mirror, enough storage space, and a drawer or two. You can add your personal touch to it for a vintage appearance.

Beauty Spot

A beauty spot is literally what you are here to get ideas for. Nevertheless, you have a small bedroom that has little space for additional stuff. And vanity is not a necessity unless you think it is.

Therefore, a beauty spot would have a mirror, a small stool with metallic legs in gold for an airy feel to the setup. To top it off, you can add a deep drawer to hold all your vanity belongings.

Going Minimalistic

Many like to keep things simple. That said, a mirror with a drawer to keep your vanity stuff would be sufficient for such people. You may squeeze your jewelry with your purse inside one drawer and get another one to store your fancy shoes. A minimalistic vanity can be attractive too.

A Vanity Can Look Romantic!

How can someone not like a large makeup vanity? Anybody who owns a lot of makeup accessories would love to have a large vanity. But you may think how is that possible to have in a small bedroom?

You should know that a large vanity is big enough to store your accessories and tend to your needs. However, it need not necessarily be too big for your room. So, you can keep it simple yet lavish.

Mini Beauty Bar

Since we are talking about ideas of vanities that would go well with small bedrooms, mini vanities sound perfect. You need no extra space, and just some small space would be conveniently sufficient. For instance, if you have space between two windows, utilize it to place your vanity.

Additionally, you can decorate the top of your vanity with artsy pieces to give it a chic look. A drawer that would hold your accessories and essentials would be great too. And a metallic finish to the vanity would enhance the overall look of the vanity as well as your room.

Bold and Dramatic

People who enjoy being bold tend to have a bedroom with bold designs as well. It’s because they like their surroundings to reveal who they are. But there are surely others who may prefer otherwise/ Nevertheless, you may have heard of the phrase ‘bold and beautiful.’

That is exactly what your vanity would look like in a dramatic design of your room. Sure, it has to go with your room’s design. Features like free-flowing blossoms, curvy sculptures, and a bench instead of a chair would be great ideas for a bold and dramatic vanity.

Chrome Or Silver Look

Most people prefer going low-key and designing their rooms simple. A chromatic or silver vanity can be quite the addition to your simple bedroom. It would be pretty cool to do something minimalistic and still make it appear classy.

You need not have a lot of space to get a minimalistic chromatic or silver vanity in your room. The beauty of going simple is that it goes with anything. You need not even think of anything fancy or expensive. It can be done in the smallest possible way.

One for The Princess Diaries

Who doesn’t love glam when they can have it in their own room? When you’d be sitting in front of a stunning princess customized vanity, you’d only want to doll yourself up if you’re a true fan of makeup.

Whether you’d prefer it in a traditional princess style or would like to design it yourself for a modern touch, you’d love it both ways. It can be in different shades of pink, and you can get it designed intricately. It would be a gorgeous addition to a cute room.

Gothic Style Vanity

How many of you are into gothic aesthetics? Well, here is the idea you’d love to implement for your small room at home. A vanity that goes perfectly well with your theme would be like your dream come true within the four walls of your room. A theme that defines your style.

A gothic or darker theme would probably enjoy a vanity designed on those lines. Color schemes such as dark brown, black, or grey would be the colors of focus to design your vanity to go with your vibe. However, it would only suit well when the rest of your room is designed for a goth as well.

Creative Touch With A Vanity Table

It is not necessary to go by the conventional ideas of creating vanity. You can add your creativity and unique touch to make it specially designed for your room. The idea of having a vanity table may not be new, but the way you design your table surely is.

You can get all creative while creating your table. You can add more than just a mirror to it. You have the option of adding drawers, wardrobes, compartments for storing accessories, and whatnot. All of this can be done according to your personal requirements. With a vanity table, you can get all the other vanity accessories to keep it together.

Final Words

Vanity is like a dream for those who love to do makeup on a regular basis. Since you love to collect accessories and makeup cosmetics, you’d probably need dedicated space for it. And a small space or a small bedroom should not stop you from having that.

Regardless of the size of the vanity, you can still include all the stuff you’d need for dressing up for any occasion. So, what are your thoughts on glamming up with a cute vanity in your small room?

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