What crosses your mind when it comes to farmhouse style? Is it a uniquely cozy and relaxing vibe? Or is it the minimalistic and vintage design?

Whatever your impression of farmhouse style is, it is undeniable that this style never seems out of date. If you are in love with this timeless style, why not think about dressing up your home with rustic farmhouse furniture and decor? Now, let’s take a look at these 15 best online stores for affordable farmhouse decor.

15 Best Websites for Cheap Farmhouse Decor

Decor Steals

Decor Steals - place to buy farmhouse decor on a budget

Decor Steals is one of the best farmhouse decor websites to visit if you’re on a budget. What sets it apart is that it offers some daily new deals on decor products (called the “steals”). On top of that, the website is well-known for its useful and insightful blog on decor and furniture.

Besides the “steals,” this website sells a variety of decor goods, divided into two categories: “What’s Trending” and “Must-Haves.” If you are searching for farmhouse ornaments, then these goods offered by Decor Steals will undoubtedly catch your interest!

Antique Farm House

Antique Farm House - good place to buy rustic decor online

Like its name suggests, “Antique Farm House” is a paradise for vintage and farmhouse style enthusiasts. Besides the farmhouse style furniture and decor, the website also offers products for other styles, such as Industrial Chic, French Country, Shabby Chic, Rustic.

At the “Antique Farm House” website, you can find a wide range of home decor products and furniture, categorized for dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or living room decoration. It also has some sale events featuring specific collections, allowing buyers to shop easier for their favorite decor style.


Kirkland's - one of the best websites for inexpensive farmhouse decor

Kirkland’s is another favorite home decor site for farmhouse lovers in specific and interior designers in general. This brand is known as a famous retailer for home decor and gifts. Hence, you will be amazed at the variety of amazing decor stuff for both outdoor and in-home demands.

For the Farmhouse Decor collection, Kirkland’s offers two products: a glass bottle vase runner set and a candle holder named Distressed Ivory Hurricane. Taking a look at them, you will realize that they are the highlights of the rustic and vintage room design that you wish for!


Target - one of the largest online stores for rustic decor

Target earns its reputation as a large retailer for clothing, electronics, homewares, grocery, and many more. It is also a reliable online store when it comes to furniture shopping.

One advantage of this website is that you can shop for a variety of goods at a very affordable price. Hence, it is one of the top choices for low-budget designs. For example, if you type “farmhouse decor” on the “Search” tab, thousands of results will be displayed at different price ranges. You can easily sort all the products with many criteria, such as featured products or the best-sellers.


Amazon - where you can find cheap farmhouse decor for sale

This list will be incomplete if not mention Amazon, the world’s largest retailer. Amazon provides almost all the products you need. And farmhouse decor goods are no exception.

The biggest benefit when shopping on Amazon is that you can enjoy many products at a low price. When searching for “farmhouse decor” on this website, you can find many recommended or best-selling products, ranging from wall decor stuffs, bathroom or kitchen ornaments, and so on. Therefore, if you don’t know where to buy farmhouse decor, you can go straight to Amazon.


Etsy - where to find handmade farmhouse decor

Etsy is a worldwide marketplace where you can sell or buy many unique items. Certainly, if you are a fan of art and design, Etsy is one of the go-to websites to pay a visit first.

Besides, Etsy is also the best place to buy cheap farmhouse decor items that are available nowhere else. Believe it or not, you can hardly stand their attractiveness when looking at them. On top of that, most of the products are handmade and can be customized by each customer. However, since there are so many options, it may be somehow difficult to select your favorite farmhouse stuff.

Online Amish Furniture

Online Amish Furniture - One of the best country decor websites

Online Amish Furniture is another popular website to buy rustic furniture. This brand’s product range is extensive, including furniture and decors for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, bathrooms, offices, and so on.

Amish Furniture is best known for its American-made solid wood furniture, handcrafted by the skilled craftsmen with heirloom techniques. Besides the undeniable top-notch quality, these wooden items have the ancient looks that undoubtedly enhance your room’s aesthetics.

Totally Furniture

Totally Furniture offering farm style furniture

Totally Furniture is an outstanding furniture and decor retailer offering thousands of top-quality products from trusted manufacturers. With this store, you can quickly find a wide range of furniture for different types of rooms. Moreover, you can make your space more eye-catching with the offered decors and accent items.

Totally Furniture seeks a competitive price range and fast delivery to ensure the best customer experience. The website regularly offers promotions, which can help you save a considerable amount of dollars.

The Lakeside Collection

The Lakeside Collection - good store to buy rustic decor

The Lakeside Collection is a familiar name to many country home decor lovers. The website sells high-quality merchandise from an extensive range of departments, including homewares and home decors. One unique feature of this website is the wonderful monthly catalogs that suggest the top selected items of the month.

Here you can look for various fine-quality and inexpensive farmhouse decor. The farmhouse-inspired furnishings, ornamental items, and other unique stuff are offered at a competitive price range.

Gracious Style

Gracious Style - place to find cheap rustic farmhouse furniture and decor

Gracious Style is among the renowned decor sites that you should know. The brand has been featured in numerous publications from The Wall Street Journal, Bon Appetit, The New York Times, and more.

Gracious Style provides everything you need to carry out your farmhouse ideas, including room furniture, furnishings, decors, homewares, appliances, and so on. On top of that, you can learn some useful decor tips from the blog, such as guides on choosing the comforters and bed linens for your bedroom.

LNC Home

LNC Home - another good online store for modern farmhouse furniture

LNC home is one of the cheap rustic farmhouse decor websites that you should head for when it comes to affordable home improvement. The brand aims to provide merchandise with the best prices and the finest materials.

The product categories of LNC Home include chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lights, rugs, and furniture. Wandering around the website and you can easily find many beautiful and vintage farmhouse pendants and chandeliers to shop.

Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby - you can find discounts for farmhouse decor stuff here

If you are a fan of arts, then you should know about Hobby Lobby, one of the biggest arts and crafts retailers in the US. The website specializes in selling home decors, paper crafts, accessories, and sewing arts.

A wide range of tasteful country decors is available on this website, such as wall decors, rugs, and window frames. What’s more, you can also shop for farmhouse furniture like tables, shelves, chairs, and lockers. Another suggestion is buying crafts and materials to make your DIY farmhouse stuff.

Joss & Main

Joss & Main - online store that has home decor daily deals

At Joss & Main website, you can shop for plenty of modern farmhouse furniture, decor, and room furnishings. The website also has some great deals for saving money on your purchase.

More importantly, Joss & Main is outstanding with the “room ideas” category. It presents over 3000 home design ideas to help customers pick out the essential items for their dream space. Many eye-catching farmhouse looks there can certainly give you design inspiration.

Burke Decor

Burke Decor - inexpensive country home decor store

Another excellent website for aesthetic rustic home decor items that you should not miss out is Burke Decor, one of the notable names in the home furnishings industry.

On the Burke Decor website, products are carefully sorted out by categories, purposes, or collections. Besides decor and furniture, you can also shop for other product lines, such as candles, tableware, wallpapers, lightings. The website also sells items for outdoor decorating ideas.

Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture - where you can find daily deal home decor

Smart Furniture works with many excellent furniture companies offering high-quality products. You can purchase furniture for home or office decors, categorized by types of rooms, products, or brands. There are some smart picks from the website’s team of experts as well.

Smart Furniture is well-known to many interior designers and furniture enthusiasts due to the offered benefits. Besides the competitive price range, the website has a world-class customer service and a generous policy on reward points.

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