You might be surprised to know that most of your time is on your bed. To be more exact, it accounts for a third of your lifetime! It sounds interesting, right? So, there is no reason not to invest in cool beds of your own.

But then, as the current market is swarming with products and there are literally no two alike, how can you get the right one? Let’s continue with our article today to find out the 25 coolest beds for sale! Stay stunned!

Details of The 25 Coolest Beds Ever

1. Van Camper Bed

If you are looking for a second-to-none sleeping corner that can take your kids’ boring-looking room into something one big level above, then this Bun Van Camper is a perfect choice!

With a width of 157.6 inches and a height of 72.8 inches, this unique bed is comfortable for kids under 10 years old to move freely inside it. Now, your kids can place their toys and play with them comfortably! Furthermore, there is a desk, a sofa, a television, and a minibar inside the bed, turning it into a wonderfully private place for kids.

2. Amolife Modern Full Platform Bed Frame

At first glance, it can’t be denied that this Amolife Modern Bed Frame has an elegant appearance. The combination of simple yet glamorous colors like white, black, dark brown, or grey has created a stunning look balancing between luxury and elegance for this very bed.

But the best is yet to come, it is constructed with a wooden frame while its cover is made entirely out of top-notch PU leather. This means the whole bed can not only keep you comfy all night long but also lasts as long as it can get. In addition, this cool bed features a magic buckle on the bedside with all of the ribs being hidden, which maximize the sleeping space

3. Vintage Truck Bed Frame

Does your vintage heart always skip a beat for all things retro? Then no doubt about it, this Vintage Truck Bed Frame is for you!

The look of this amazing bed sure looks familiar right? Perhaps the reason lies in the fact that you have come across this “bed” a couple of dozen times on the street. It is actually a pickup truck reimagined and modified, before shaping into a bed like no other.

To take the interesting part up a notch, this model is made to order, so it can be said that there are no two alike out there. The variants arrive in abundance as well, you can decide not only the model of the truck but also the primary color it will be painted with.

4. HiCan Smart Bed

HiCan is a company that offers comfortable and superlative amenities to bring our normal home into an exemplary haven itself! One of the ideal examples is the HiCan Smart Bed.

To break it down, this unique bed features a receiver, a subwoofer, and 4 speakers, and can turn into a home theatre! You will be able to enjoy a film with your family members right on this comfortable bed!

Upon buying this model, you will get an app with all the possible means to transform sleeping into an experience worth yearning for. This also brings you the opportunity to gain some insights into the noise level and air quality of your personal chamber, which can pave you a route to a more delightful slumber. That is convenient, isn’t it? Equipped with dozens of technologies and features, this is undoubtedly one of the most unique beds for sale.

5. Live Edge Bed Frame

You are keen on natural furniture and you want a bed shrouded in the aura of something from the green world? Then one thing for certain, this Live Edge Bed Frame will have your gaze at first glance!

The bed is 100% something presented to you by the world outside modernity’s boundary. There is no metal, glue, and coating used in the making. Instead, the manufacturer used exclusively solid wood, making it both durable and environmentally friendly.

The most compelling thing about this all-green bed is that it is tailor-made to your orders. To be more specific, you can give your personal request (about the bed’s size, shape, height) to the manufacturer, and then they will start working on the bed of your dream.

6. DHP Cambridge Platform Bed with Under Bed Storage

Available in black and gray, the DHP Cambridge Platform Bed has a simple but modern design. Not only that, but it also has many cool features that are worth appreciating.

First thing first, it is made of faux leather. This is a durable material and can stay in its mint condition for years to come. And the good news is that this striking leather also has the ability to withstand scrapes, scratches, and even UV light.

In addition to that, it features additional storage space underneath the sturdy foundation. This is absolutely convenient for those with confined bedrooms as you can use the storage compartment to save space. And thanks to the gas lift mechanism, you will not have to put much effort into leveraging the bed and keeping it up.

7. Oslo 301 Queen Wall Bed

The Oslo 301 Queen Wall Bed is another option for those who want a multifunctional product!

This is actually a system that includes a hidden bed, a four-seat sofa, a bench-style seat, and cushions. Normally, when you are not using the bed, it can be hidden inside the wall. In contrast, when night falls and sleepiness strikes, you just need to pull it down and collapse right on the comfy mattress.

Furthermore, its extruded base is crafted from aluminum. It acts as a footboard when opened and as a shelf when closed. Now, if your living area is a little bit small, this bed will definitely help you by taking the role of extra storage.

8. Mellow Genie 500 – Adjustable Bed Base

At first glance, you may find that this Mellow Genie 500 Adjustable Bed Frame has quite a strange appearance, don’t you? Well, that’s the secret behind the convenience it offers!

As a product born from the integration of modern technology and relaxing comfort, this bed can literally bend to every single need of yours. Different parts linked to the bed together can tilt themselves up and down, adjusting to the shape of your body perfectly. It can give you the right angle for back-sleeping and stomach-sleeping, turning into a lounge for movie night, or even comfy working space.

Aiding the utmost sense of comfort in this second-to-none bed is an exceptional safety feature. The interesting bed frame is made of durable metal that will never creak under your weight or when the frame changes forms according to your demand, just as it will never crack under pressure.

9. Thompson Bed

Inspired by New York style, the Thompson Bed by Modloft has a modern look with sophisticated lines and a shiny leather finish.

Depending on the version you purchase, the width of this bed ranges from 49 to 81 inches, giving you a spacious sleeping area to roll around and stretch your limbs however you please. Also, it is constructed from composite wood with a modern design, contributing to enhancing the look of your room.

But the nice and contemporary appearance is not all this bed can present you with. Its extraordinary base that can bring the comfort of your mattress up a level, and thus turning dream time into the moment of the day that you will never want to miss any minute of.

10. Little Seeds Ambrosia Daybed and Trundle Set

The Little Seeds Ambrosia Set is a wonderful combination of a sofa and a bed – a brilliant space-saving solution for small-scale apartments!

When seeing it for the first time, anyone would have mistaken this comfy bed for a sofa – not that it is lousy at that job, it plays the role of a piece of furniture devoted to sitting rather well. The stylish look adorned with diamond-like patterns also adds accents to your place.

But the bed is actually the remarkable highlight here. Hidden in plain sight, yet the lack of air and lighting will never turn it into mold paradise. This is because its structure has been designed in a way that optimizes air ventilation. In short, your mattress will hardly lose its luster over time.

11. SDS Murphy Bed Cube Queen Cabinet

Another bed-in-disguise product, this time on a Ninja-level as you can hardly tell if this is a sleeping corner, right? No worries, it is! The design is just a bit unlike that to save as much space as possible.

As a cabinet, it is only 36.6 inches high, 64.1 inches long, and 26.4 inches wide. But when it turns into a bed, it is up to 80.3 inches long, which is enough for an adult to have a comfy snooze atop.

What is more, the mattress is completely thick, with a measurement of around 8 inches. This means that if you are having a back problem, your back is completely supported, preventing the risk of back pain.

With its unique design, this is exactly one of the coolest beds in the world that you can give your small room.

12. Rustic Farmhouse Platform Bed Frame

Coming with the dark wood tone, this cool bed frame is suitable for farmhouse style.

It is handcrafted from 100% solid wood, which means it is a built-to-last bed. The look itself is pretty much unique and somewhere near peculiar. So, should you be looking to give your room a unique vibe, add this, and the mission is completed!

Not to mention, it comes with a height of 85 inches and a width of 62 inches, big enough for you to roll freely on the bed on lazy days, but also small enough to be put in your bedroom without hindering any movement.

13. Bombay SOHO Metal Canopy Bed

This Bombay SOHO Metal Canopy Bed is another model for those who are into the minimalist style. With every part painted in a cool shade of cream – a lovely yet neutral color, it will bring a breath of fresh air into your room while still maintaining the overall simplicity.

Additionally, there are floating shelves with USB ports, so now you can charge your electronic device right on your sleeping haven! Besides, these shelves can be adjusted easily, which means that you can alter them to your appropriate height.

Also, the installations are a breeze with easy-to-follow instructions and tools included. Even when you are an amateur and know little about crafting, you can still handle it with little effort!

14. Doc Sofa Bunk Bed

Let’s take a look at another sofa-bed hybrid, one bordering on the vibrant side of the color palette! If you find these sleeping items interesting but are not into the somewhat bland look of the last model, Doc Sofa Bunk Bed might suffice!

This model can transform into two beds at once, but in a more distinctive way than most similar products. Forget the old pulling in and out and hidden underneath things, this state-of-the-art creation can morph into a whole bunk bed in an instance!

As the purpose of 2-in-1 furniture is always space-saving, this two-in-one bed can fit in any apartment, guest rooms, and even dormitories. Its soft and appealing cushion can give you a relaxing time sitting in the morning, and then an even better time sleeping at night.

15. Worth Bed

Coming up next is a budget bed, the Worth Bed – a quality product for those who are rooting for anything contemporary.

The headboard is upholstered with eco-friendly leather that complements the sleek look of the whole bed. Besides, the upholstered leather is known to be much more durable than other materials, which can resist scratches or tears.

Not to mention, it is constructed from a hardwood platform frame which gives it a sturdy look. Indeed, this bed is absolutely reliable with a lifespan of up to 50 years. So, in short, this appealing-looking piece of furniture and all the charms of it are going to be a part of your sleep for decades to come.

16. The Tranquility Pod

Cool beds come in all shapes and the Tranquility Pod looks really impressive.

In fact, it is a waterbed that can reduce backaches. To be more specific, the fluid inside the mattress will support your back, moving around and adjusting the shape of the mattress containing it to your posture, and thus, reduces the back pain.

The sleep benefits it grants are also heightened with LED lighting and the sound waves encircle you, giving you a warm feeling as the slumber comes and takes you away. As such, when you have already sunk into the comfort this bed has to offer, you may not want to go out.

17. GREATIME Modern Round Bed

As the name suggests, the GREATIME Modern Round Bed will definitely bring you a great bedtime ever!

This bed is the perfect choice for those with the habit of rolling around when sleeping. The round shape of the bed is larger than the mattress. Thus, you can say goodbye to the fear of falling.

Additionally, it is covered with quality leatherette, which brings itself a sleek look. Not only that, but this material is also waterproof, so you can wipe away the dirt or spills easier.

18. Brentwood Tray Arm Futon Frame and Storage Drawers

If you love a good blend between uniqueness and beauty, then this Brentwood Tray Arm Futon Frame is for you!

This product can transform into 3 forms, which are the sofa, lounger, and bed. How versatile it is! The finest form of buying one and get all, and also the ultimate means of space-saving!

Also, it features a 100% solid hardwood frame which guarantees a long lifespan. This is attributed to the multi-stage finishing process that helps the color stay longer.

19. The Hanging Bed

The Hanging Bed is probably one of the most unique beds on this list.

It can be hung in the air with 4 ropes at the 4 corners. And no need to be concerned, they will not snap under your weight. These ropes have been made with special technology to withstand impacts and pressure like a charm.

Still, you are always rolling on the bed and maybe worrying that you can fall down from the bed? Keep calm! It is made in 58 inches length and 88 inches wide, large enough for you to move freely in your sleep!

20. Floating Bed

Here comes another unique hung bed – The Floating Bed!

It is true to say that the floating bed is completely perfect for relaxation. With the appearance of something straight out of the fairytale, along with a comfy mattress under your back, this sweet and lovely bed is surely something everyone would love to sleep on at least once.

Plus, the top ring of the bed allows you to attach it to anything whether it is a tree limb or a porch ceiling. In short, you can have your paradise-like slumber anywhere you want.

21. The Ultimate Bed

The Ultimate Bed is considered a dream for all humans in this modern world. Why is it? Let’s take a look!

First thing first, the manufacturer has integrated a massage chair in the bed to help you relax after a hard-working day. Besides, there is a sound system and a small lamp coming along with it. So, You can read your favorite book, curl in the blanket, and let the massage chair running at full speed to maximize the relaxing effect.

Not to mention, this is also a great choice for those into the idea of working without leaving the bed. On one corner of this top-notch sleeping haven, a small wooden desk has been built in!

22. DONCO Twin Tower Bunk Bed

Do you have some playful children? Then this DONCO Twin Tower Bunk Bed is a perfect choice for them!

With the impressive design (shaped like two little towers), this never-seen-before bed promises to capture your little angels’ gaze and become their favorite place at home. Telling them to hit the bed at bedtime will, therefore, never be that tricky of a job!

Plus, this can also be the kids’ personal playground as it has just enough space for that. You can now say goodbye to that unpleasant scenario of them running around the house and tossing their toys everywhere!

23. DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Slide

If you want to give your kid an interesting bed, then the DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Slide is a wise choice!

Aside from the sleeping corner, there is a nice slide for your little ones to have a blast with. Also, there is a certain set that can be purchased separately to drape around the bed, turning the space underneath it into a secret fort – and as you can see, kids love getting their own fort!

In addition, the frame is sturdy enough to stand firmly without the need for box springs or foundations. So, no need to worry about your precious ones getting into any bed falling accident – as there will not be any.

24. Leisure Season Swing Bed With Canopy

Do you want to have a good time on your bed while staying outdoors by the pool? Then, this Leisure Season Swing Bed With Canopy is for you!

This is more of a hammock than a bed actually. But it can bring about just the same level of comfort. And as it is over 125 inches in length, you can stretch your entire body along with it with ease. The canopy also comes in handy in keeping all the scorching sunlight from landing directly on your sensitive skin! Comfort and outdoors fun, what can be better?

Besides, the teak frame is able to resist moisture, decay, and even fading. So, just rest assured that the whole bed will stay with you for years to come.

25. Lytle Solid Wood Canopy Bed

The last product we would like to introduce to you today is the Lytle Solid Wood Canopy Bed.

It is considered to be a good match for anyone with rustic-style rooms, provided that its look is rather crude. All the woods appear to never have been processed, presenting it with a rather… wild exterior.

But this is a good thing, as this bed might be the only one out there and you can never get a second with the same look. The producer has guaranteed this as well, given that all the logs used in the making is crafted and peeled by hands, not machines.


We have included our 25 coolest beds you can buy. Clearly, you spend a lot of time lying around on the bed, and choosing a good one is essential. Hopefully, our article today can give you a brief review and a better understanding of some unique beds.

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