The living room speaks volumes about its owner’s taste and personality. As long as your budget and space permit, having two couches can be a game-changer to revolutionize your space. Our article will show you effective ways to arrange a living room with two sofas to suit your style and needs.

The right arrangement helps the room become more aesthetically pleasing and functional and exudes the vibe you want. Once you know what works best, you’ll find it easier to add decorative features to achieve the desired result.

Without further ado, below are sofa layout ideas to give your living room a makeover.

Arranging Two Sofas in Your Living Room

Before diving into how to relocate two sofas in your living room, it’s best to know your room’s shape and dimensions and what you want to showcase to your guests. Only then will you figure out how to arrange your two sofa living room in a sensible and aesthetic way.

1. Two Couches Facing Each Other

This layout works best in square- or rectangular-shaped rooms, providing them with a sense of symmetry and balance. Placing two couches facing one another facilitates conversations. If you mainly use your rooms for gatherings and talks, this placement style is your best bet.

Stunning symmetrical placement often starts with a focal point, which could be a fireplace, artwork, or anything you want to show off. Flank each side of the focal point with one couch and place a coffee table in between.

Avoid placing chairs or extra furniture on the open sides as they can block the traffic flow into the couches.

Placing two couches facing each other will make the room appear more spacious. The symmetrical effect also adds composure and balance to the room and encourages interaction.

However, the placement doesn’t provide a good view of the TV for everyone, so consider the next couch layout if you use your space mainly for TV-watching purposes or other recreational activities involving the screen.

two sofas facing each other

Two couches positioned in the middle of this room convert the viewing window into the spotlight. The two bookshelves flank the fireplace, and two side tables at the other end help to achieve more balance.

Because there’s a spacious entryway between the window and the two couches, a color-matching leather chair creates an imaginary axis to add more sense of symmetry to the layout.

2. Two Sofas In L-shaped Arrangement

Positioning two sofas at a 90-degree angle best suits rooms with a flat-screen. While a symmetrical arrangement is inherently formal, the L-shaped seating area imposes a more casual feel to the room.

Moreover, the ample open sides make the setting appear more inviting, making it a perfect choice for a crowded family.

L-shaped furniture layout is more flexible to suit more shapes of room. Beyond square and rectangular shapes, it works just as well with irregular floor plans. With a small room, however, you need to consider the sofas’ size to avoid making the room feel cluttered and chaotic.

This type of arrangement also suits open-concept rooms. Place the back of one sofa toward the dining areas to create a line dividing the space into two sections. You can place something in the space between the two couches, a set of a table and lamp or a potted plant.

two sofas in l shape

The two off-white sofas frame a corner in this sun-lit living room, creating an intimate, casual atmosphere. A tall standing light with a matching-colored lampshade in the corner completes the layout.

3. Wide-angle Arrangement

With this arrangement, you’ll position the two couches far away from each other to form a rather large seating area.

You’ll have more freedom as you can adjust the space between two sofas and their locations to your liking. Adding an accent chair or a recliner in between will create a more playful, elective vibe to the room while providing more seating capacity.

Since there’s a considerable gap between the two couches, your room needs to be large enough for the pieces to sit comfortably.

The wide-angle arrangement works best with oddly-shaped, large rooms. In a square- or rectangular-shaped floor layout, the chairs might not position parallel to the wall, putting some precious corner space to waste.

wide angle arrangement two sofas in large living room

In this large, open-plan room, an armchair sits between the two sofas, lending the room a unique look. The seating area feels comfy to lounge around, thanks to the enormous open sides. The back of the chair orient towards the dining areas, separating the room into two zones.

Can You Put Two Different Couches in a Living Room?

There are many ways to add cohesion to a room layout. If you’re getting bored of identical sofas and want to experiment, mixing two couch types is the way to go.

Two different sofas can appear coordinated if you take advantage of the details such as color, fabric, and accessories. Here we’ll give you the inside scoop to incorporate two different sofas into your living room in refined style.

Mix Up Fabrics

Two sofas of different fabrics add more dimension and interest to the room. For example, a microfiber sofa will work in harmony with a leather one while still standing out individually. Go for pieces in complementary colors to achieve the aesthetic that you want.

Play With Colors

Complementary colors: Create remarkable contrast to two sofas, helping draw attention to their unique beauty.

Monochromatic colors: Give subtler contrast to the two pieces but still provides the room with more cohesion.

Choose the primary color you want to put into your room, then pick another shade of that color for another couch. Incorporating variations of the same hue into space adds more dimension to your living area.

How Many Couches Should Be In A Living Room?

The number of couches you should have depends on the room’s dimensions and your needs. Having more than one sofa might overwhelm the area and block traffic flow in a small living room.

If you have enough space, you can place either two couches or a sectional sofa. The latter will take up less room.

Three couches work best if you have an ample living room. Place them against each wall and have a table in the middle. You could also put a few side tables next to the couch to provide a platform to present snacks and drinks.

If we don’t take the room size into account, a typical family usually needs a sofa and two club accent chairs, which can accommodate 4 or 5 people.

What Should You Put Between Two Couches?

After figuring out the arrangement that works for your room, you might find the space between the two sofas relatively empty and want to add something appropriate.

Two Sofas Facing Each Other

A table position between the two couches is a must and should be of the same height as the seating height of the sofa. You can add two end tables at the other end of each sofa with some decorative elements.

L-shaped Arrangement

The corner gap between the two sofas in this layout is where you can get your creative juice flowing. Common choices such as a table and lamp or a standing lamp complement the design.

Potted plants are also a nice touch as you can match the color of the pot with your décor scheme. A bookshelf can even fill the void and offer you extra space to display decorative elements.

Wide-angle Arrangement

Pushing two couches far away from one another creates enough space for an armchair or a recliner, while you can still move around comfortably.


What do you usually use your living room for? Entertaining friends or binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows with your loved ones? Do you prefer a formal vibe or a more intimate atmosphere?

Knowing how to arrange a living room with two couches helps you create a place exuding your style and fitting to your purposes at the same time.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can settle with a traditional concept of two matching couches or challenge your mix-match ability with two different pieces.

Don’t forget to throw in your favorite décor items to complete the design. We hope you’ll gain more confidence to become an interior designer of your own apartment.

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