If you have a large collection of guns at home, what will you do? How do you want it displayed in a separate room? Do you want your friends or family to see and enjoy them with you?

If you can’t think of any room types, cave ideas, or decoration solutions, let these man cave gun room ideas help you. There are many ideas about gun storage room design as well as exciting items that you can find to put them in this room at your house.

First of all, take a closer look at some gun room ideas here.

Gun Room Man Cave Ideas

There are some excellent room decorations and arrangements for your weapon collections.

Collection of Tactical Guns

If you own a variety of tactical guns like AR-15, AK-47 rifles, sports guns, you can design it simply with gun racks on the walls, ceiling lights, warm rugs under the feet, a sofa, and a table for friends’ talk. You can add a few home decor items such as fake deer heads, shelves, tablecloths, cushions, some tin signs with suitable colors.

Collection of Classic Sports Guns

In case you are a fan of classic sports guns, follow this man cave idea. A simple, rustic gun room with wooden decor is an ideal choice for lovers of Winchester rifle or European drill combination guns. You can add a desk, bookshelf, some gun cases with the same color and material.

For Small Spaces

When you have a small area for gun storage, these cave decors are for you. You put some large gun racks, small hanging shelves around the room space to increase the gun hanging area. To save money, you only need a few ceiling lights.

Besides, you can also add accessories or ammunition containers on low and small shelves and a wooden table attached to the wall to save space.

Or you can convert an empty room into a gun store by adding hangers and rearranging the gun.

Luxurious Design

For someone with a large budget, equip your gun room man cave with expensive and high-end items. They are wooden cabinets, sofas, wall decor, chandeliers, floor mats, decorations, pictures, shot glasses, liquor dispensers, pool tables, and more. Here are some reference images for your man cave decor.

Simple Design

Those who prefer the simple home decor or too busy designing the gun room, refer to the following ideas immediately.

You need a space and some metal shelves for your weapons.

You can use the basement with doors, iron tables, and yellow lights. Then, you hang the gun directly on the wall.

Fan Of Games And Weapons

When you have a gun and game hobby, why don’t you design a room for two purposes? You will need computers and speakers for gaming, gun-wall shelves, and guns placed next to the game table.

Or if you’re a fan of some sports, you can place a pool table, dartboard, ping pong table, or a very big television.

Now keep reading to find some interesting things to buy for your man cave.

Cool Things to Put in a Gun Room Man Cave

Rifle Gun Whiskey Decanter with Bullet Glasses

The glass whiskey gun with the shape of a large 22.5″ Decanter rifle will be an extremely sophisticated and luxurious item in your bar. The gun is empty to store your favorite wines such as Whiskey, Wine, Scotch, or Bourbon.

Also, you get four 15-oz shot glasses with eight gun-free bullets that add to the aesthetics of the set. You can put them in your gun room next to your liquor dispenser in-home bar as a perfect decoration for elegant gentlemen.

Gun Coffee Mug

You can bring some coffee to your guests while enjoying the beautiful collection of guns with this unique cup. The manufacturer makes a gun-shaped grip firmly on the 11oz cup.

Its design makes it blend with the surrounding space full of guns. Not only that, but it also has hand-painted decoration and a removable stainless steel insert. Please note that you only wash by hand to ensure product durability.

Personalized Engraved Ammo Can Storage

To store ammunition or items, you should buy this utility storage box right away. You can choose .50 Cal or .30 Cal caliber according to your needs.

It’s so great that you can customize the name, date, and title of this product. This mil-spec container is very hard thanks to its steel materials.

Besides, its lid has rubber gaskets for tight protection against moisture and dust. You can also stack products on top of each other to save the man cave gun room.

Shotgun Shell Coaster Set

These fantastic four plastic coasters have a 12-gauge bullet case design with gold metallic finish and gold and red base. With 3 1/2″ diameter, they also have non-slip padded feet, so they don’t slip off or cause scratches. You can buy these tin signs for home use or as a gift for hunting lovers.

Personalized Firearm Name Alphabet Art

You can use gun themed letters for names or words you like to create an attractive wall decor for the man cave. Furthermore, you can choose framed canvas print or modern block mount print.

And the best part?

The manufacturer provides non-repeat images for the same letter. The high-resolution weapon photo collections include M16, Musket, 1911, AR-15, Rifles, Pistols, and more.

Vintage Wall Mount Bottle Opener

This wall-mounted bottle opener with two shotgun decorations is a great gift for beer and gun enthusiasts. It has hard and durable iron, so it can’t be easily deformed.

Additionally, it offers a 3D resin pistol decor plaque with unique hand-coloring and polishing. You should use one hand to press the tool gently and the other hand to hold the bottle.

Revolver Coat Hanger

This product is a useful and beautiful decoration for your gun room man cave. You can hang it on the wall to hook towels, jackets, coats, scarves, hats very conveniently. It has metal material and well-made vintage design.

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