Probably the best thing about temporary bedding for guests is that you have plenty of options to choose from. You don’t need a full-feature four-legged bed like the one you already have for this task. Instead, your top priorities should be products that are portable and can take up as little space as possible.

Innovation in design and engineering has helped manufacturers put out many great alternatives to standard stationery beds: rollaway beds, sofa beds, air mattresses, etc. But this huge variety may also lead to confusion for first-time buyers. Let this article show you some of the best temporary beds for guests.

Best Portable Guest Bed – Quick Comparision

Product ImageProduct NameWeight Capacity (lbs)Dimensions (inches)RatingsLatest Price
Milliard Diplomat30075 x 38 x 174.6/5
AmazonBasics Metal Platform25084 x 72 x 144.7/5
LEISUIT Rollaway Cot30075 x 31 x 144.6/5
TATAGO Premium50078 x 30 x 164.8/5
Giantex Sofa BedN/A78 x 29 x 74.4/5
Diophros Folding Ottoman44074 x 37 x 174.7/5
SoundAsleep Dream Series50078 x 58 x 194.3/5
Zermätte Roll Up Mattress30075 x 30 x 34.6/5
FULI Japanese Shiki FutonN/A75 x 39 x 34.7/5
Edloe Finch Sofa Bed60086 x 35 x 334.5/5

Reviews of The Best Temporary Beds for Guests

1. Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed – Best Twin Size Option

Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed

A temporary bed is not necessarily a small bed. You can totally have a product that is compact enough when folded but can also provide a lot of space for sleep. The twin size option of the Milliard Diplomat folding bed is a prime example of this. It is undoubtedly one of the best guest bed solutions.

It measures 38 inches in width, 75 inches in length, and has a height of 17 inches, giving your guests plenty of room for sleeping. But once you have folded it, it becomes a small package of 14-inch thickness, 38-inch width, and 44-inch height.

On top of great portability, this portable guest bed is also made from only premium materials. The frame consists of high-quality steel tubing while the mattress is made from 5 layers. Additionally, the sturdy wire lattice base offers exceptional support without sagging – a common issue of other folding beds.

However, the price of the Milliard Diplomat is quite steep and can put off a lot of customers looking only for a temporary option. The assembly may also take you some time to complete.

  • Plenty of room for sleep
  • High-grade materials
  • Durable frame and wire base with no sagging
  • Comfy medium-firm mattress
  • Casters included
  • Expensive
  • Complicated assembly

2. AmazonBasics Foldable Platform Bed Frame – Basic Choice

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame

Amazon doesn’t want to limit its ambition as a marketplace but also wants to extend its catalog into appliances and items under the AmazonBasics brand, including folding bed frames. As the name suggests, it’s a great choice if you’re only seeking a simple yet reliable product.

For a folding platform bed frame at this price, the quality will surprise you.

It’s made from high-grade steel with a sleek black finish. This sturdy frame has a raised rectangular design with cross rows of wires and horizontal panels, helping it support a mattress without a box spring.

You can quickly set it up without any tool when your guests arrive. Once completely unfolded, it can support sleepers of up to 250 pounds.

The most convenient feature of this frame is the under-bed storage. While a typical frame needs a box spring and leaves little space underneath, this model provides a clearance of around 13 inches. This is enough for your guests to slide drawers, storage bags, and more under the bed.

But unlike the Milliard Diplomat folding bed above, this AmazonBasics frame comes with no casters or wheels, making it harder to push it around for setting up or cleaning.

  • Cheap
  • Easy setup
  • Support mattresses without a box spring
  • Convenient under-bed storage space
  • Not a long-term solution
  • No casters

3. LEISUIT Rollaway Guest Bed – Best Extra Bedding Choice

LEISUIT Rollaway Guest Bed Cot

This LEISUIT cot is exactly the opposite of the Milliard Diplomat. It is a great portable guest bed that doesn’t take up much space while you can set up rapidly whenever anyone comes over.

When fully opened, this rollaway folding guest bed measures 31x75x14 inches while the folded dimensions are 31x37x6.7 inches, allowing you to put it in the corner of your closet. Thanks to the wheels, you also need only a few minutes to roll it out evenly to make it ready for your guest. In addition to that, the wheels are lockable for safety.

This cot comes with high-density sponges and 3-inch memory foam, giving your guests a comfy sleep. The frame is made from durable tubular steel, which can support sleepers of up to 300 pounds. It also includes wire-mesh 600D Oxford cloth and wood slat, making it comfier and more elastic.

This is definitely one of the most comfortable guest bed options for small spaces you should consider. However, many customers have reported some slight odor while the Oxford cloth may get torn easily after some time.

  • Cheap
  • Super compact
  • Lightweight
  • Durable tube frame
  • Decent support
  • Long warranty
  • Slight odor
  • Not great for constant use

4. TATAGO Premium Ottoman Folding Bed – For Heavy Sleepers

TATAGO Premium Folding Bed

While most temporary beds are designed to support up to 250 or 300 pounds so they can be lightweight and more portable, this bed from TATAGO has a max weight of up to 500 pounds. This is an incredible capacity, making it the best folding portable bed for heavy guests.

From the first look at the construction, you will immediately understand why it can support weight like that.

The frame has a wire lattice base and high-quality spring, providing both excellent comfort and support at the same time. The tubes are made from 1.2mm rust-resistant steel while the bed also features a locking brace to boot to make it safer to use.

Besides, it comes with a 3-inch foam mattress that has a great density rating. As a result, the bed provides a perfect amount of soft-contouring support and comfort. However, this mattress is too firm for many customers and prompts them to buy an additional topper for extra softness.

  • Amazing weight support
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to support
  • Durable frame
  • Too firm

5. Giantex Fold Down Sofa Bed – Best Sofa Bed Choice

Giantex Fold Down Sofa Bed

Sofa beds, or futons, are a great alternative to rollaway beds when you need a dual-purpose piece of appliance that can serve as a bed and a couch at the same time. If you’re new to this kind of product and don’t know where to start, have a look at this model from Giantex.

Since Gianttex has always been known for its high-quality foam, the mattress on top of this convertible guest bed won’t disappoint you. It is filled with high-grade sponges and has a flocking surface, allowing you to lie or sit on it comfortably. It also features 3 zippers so you can take the cover off and clean it when needed.

The frame has a solid build and provides two adjustable positions: one for lying and one for sitting. Thanks to the quarter-fold design, you can even fold it in any way you want. The fixed magic sticks on the sides will make sure that the sofa is stable and firmly locked into place when used.

But keep in mind that since this is a hybrid product, it can’t be compared to permanent or rollaway beds. Tall peoples may find it uncomfortable to sleep on this Giantex sofa bed while you can’t put it away in your closet either.

  • Dual-purpose
  • Great for small apartments
  • Removable cover
  • High-quality foam
  • Can’t be folded into a compact package
  • Not great for tall sleepers

6. Diophros Folding Ottoman Sleeper – The Multi-functional Choice

Diophros Folding Ottoman Sleeper Guest Bed

You don’t need to limit the functionality of your temporary bed to just a bed. And if you need more than a simple sofa bed like the Giantex model above, check out this awesome 4-in-1 folding bed from Diophros.

This is a great investment that can serve you to the greatest extent. It’s a sofa, a bed, a recliner, and an ottoman – all in a single package. There is no need to assemble either. You can just use it right out of the box after purchase.

The ottoman sleeper is 74 inches long and 37 inches wide, making it fit most average adults comfortably.

It folds and opens between a bed and an ottoman very easily while the built-in magnets keep the flaps attached to the frame. This space-saving guest bed is upholstered with linen fabric and stereo lines. The top padding has thick high-density foam so you can use it for daily use on top of occasional visitors.

But like the TATAGO model above, the Diophros folding ottoman is quite firm for many customers, so you may need to buy an extra topper for your guests.

  • 4 functions in a single package
  • No assembly required
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Beautiful upholstery
  • Comfortable high-density foam
  • Expensive
  • Too firm for many people

7. SoundAsleep Dream – Best Inflatable Bed Choice

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning at least a good air mattress. Even though they can’t compete in terms of firmness or durability, air mattresses provide top-notch portability at a great price. And you can totally count on the SoundAsleep Dream for this very reason.

This is a standard queen-size of 58 x 78 x 19 inches when fully inflated. Since this height is almost double that of an average queen mattress, your guests will have the feeling they are stepping out of a standard bed with box springs.

Even though you can sleep directly on it, a sheet can protect this air mattress while also increasing comfort for some. Inside it is the 40 internal air coils for extra support and durability so the mattress can stay firm and flat the whole night.

The built-in pump can inflate this air bed in just a few minutes, but you will need a power outlet around this. The deflation process is equally impressive. Just wait a bit, and you can fold this storable guest bed away to save tons of space in your small room.

With all the comfort and convenience it offers, it deserves to be the best portable mattress for guests. Just remember that, like any other air mattress, it’s not designed for daily use. Plus, if your regular guests are overweight, you should check out these heavy-duty air mattresses.

  • Inexpensive
  • Super compact
  • Large size
  • Need to air pump first
  • Not great for daily use
  • Average firmness

8. Zermätte Roll Up Camping Mattress

Zermatte Roll Up Memory Foam Camping Mattress

Are you struggling to create an extra sleeping space for your friend to stay overnight when your bed is too small? This portable, hybrid-designed mattress will definitely live up to your expectations of a firm, soft and comfy landing spot as a cozy guest bed.

A dense foam level stuffed inside a soft and moldable cover will do a great job in preventing backache. Also, it gives a sense of comfort and a feather-like landing after an exhausting day. This foam mattress is available in different sizes, from kid size to twin-bed size. A 300-pound person can comfortably lie on it.

I’m sure you might have some worries about the cover as it possibly absorbs a certain amount of dust, dirt, or liquid spills. It is made of ultra-plush with gripped bottom, making it easy to remove or dry up every stain. Its soft interior protective cover can also save time for washing up.

Another concern is the fact that most portable beds tend to trundle back and forth without any attachment to the floor or wall. With a durable topper, even on the wooden floor, the Zermätte mattress will not slip easily. Now you are free to roll from one side to another without moving the bed.

This comfortable mattress is not only a creative, ideal guest bed option but also an essential tool for camping. As you can roll it up easily, it can do double duty and there is no trouble in carrying it away. No more thin sleeping bag, it’s time for a soft, cozy foldable bed.

  • Dense foam for comfort
  • Available in various sizes
  • Anti-stain, washable cover
  • Easily carried away, perfect for overnight guests or camping trip
  • Hard to roll up due to the thickness
  • Easily broken casing’s zipper

9. Fuli Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon – Best for Asian-Cultured Home

FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon

Unlike the Zermätte mattress above, this Fuli Futon has only one size which is 39″ x 75″ x 2-1/2″. That said, this dimension is still comfortable for different heights. Only weighs approximately 10 lbs, this bedding is much easier to be rollaway, as the traditional way Japanese people usually create sleeping space.

About the material, the stuffing is 100% polyester and polyurethane while the casing is 100% cotton. It is a three-layer volume mattress that avoids sweat from staining. Even this futon might look thin, it still features a high-quality Japanese standard of compact compression packing for small spaces.

As the futon is a traditional, comfortable mattress made for floor-based sleeping, the thickness level has already been carefully calculated by Japanese craftsmen. When you combine it with a tatami mat beneath, you can both keep the bed clean and provide airy, firm support for your comfort level.

Also, the rollable and foldable ability of this guest bed is really space-saving and for long-term use. With just a few pieces of this mattress spreading on the floor, it can be an elegant guest bedroom. When not using, you can place them in plenty of space. Their versatile design is the ideal solution to get rid of dust and free up your small living space.

  • Easy to pack and roll up
  • Sweat fast-drying material
  • Soft and comfortable layers
  • Unavailable in different sizes
  • Thin in thickness

10. Edloe Finch Futon Sofa Bed – Best for Frequent Visitors

Edloe Finch Mid-Century Sofa Bed Sleeper

This combination of a sofa and a bed for guests presents an outstanding, contemporary design for decoration enhancement and high-quality sleep. You can even feel its firmness from the picture thanks to the detail-oriented, classic design with a wood-based bed frame.

It is charming in the way the wooden frame lights up your room with a bit of warm brown tone. The neutral light gray of the foam cover also gives out a sense of coziness. Holding the breath of modernity without losing the simplicity seems to be the core design of this convertible sofa guest bed.

You would love the feeling of a peaceful night squeezing yourself, watching movies, and unexpectedly falling asleep on a classic sofa bed without suffering from backache the next day. That’s why this piece of furniture deserves a five-star standard in comfort. Made out of premium foam padded cushions, the softness and firmness are obvious.

The thick polyester fabric is a clever solution to spills as it is washable with soap and water. As the product contains wood-based parts, it might be heavier than other portable, space saving guest beds. You’d better leave adequate floor space or apartment space to avoid too many arrangements.

  • Flexible design, stylish furniture
  • Available bed for unexpected guests and a comfortable sleep
  • Wood-based, sturdy frame to enhance firmness
  • Washable material to easily remove stains
  • Heavy, hard to trundle around
  • Only available in one size and color

Things To Consider Before Buying a Temporary Guest Bed


There is actually no single type of “temporary bed.” As long as it’s a portable bed or mattress that you roll out quickly when your guests come over, it’s a good choice. In the bedding industry, manufacturers have put out some common types of products that you can use as a temporary bed.

1. Rollaway beds

Rollaway beds, or folding beds, as many call them, consist of a sturdy wooden or metal frame that you can fold in half for convenient storage. Usually, there is also a folding mattress coming with the frame (or customers can purchase separately later.)

This type of bed often is equipped with caster wheels into the frame, so when the entire bed is folded, you can push it easily from the bedroom to storage and vice versa.

A typical rollaway bed

They are cheap

A standard permanent bed or a sofa bed is not a small investment at all, especially when you only utilize it as a temporary bed. On the other hand, a rollaway bed is a cheaper option for occasional use.

They are compact and portable

Some folding models have a weight of as low as 30 pounds. And as most of them feature caster wheels, moving them around your house is a breeze. This is a godsend for those with small living space and can’t afford to have a permanent bed for visitors.

Even if you don’t intend to use it for guests, rollaway beds are still useful if you want to use your small bedroom for a different purpose during the day. When the night comes, just quickly deploy it, and you are set.

But they don’t have the best look

Unless you go for an expensive cabinet folding bed, manufacturers usually don’t put too much effort into the look of a rollaway bed. As a result, it may not go along well with the decoration of your bedroom.

They are less durable

As physicists have told us, motion creates friction, which in turn results in wear and tear. There are a lot of things happening when you fold a rollaway bed. Even the most durable steel frames will also see the impacts of this movement over time. As a result, these temporary beds can’t last as long as permanent models, unless you never fold your bed and use it in a fixed position.

2. Sofa beds

Sofa beds are originally a solution Japanese people think of to make a hybrid low-profile bed and sofa. This is also where futon, another name of them, comes from. These convertible sofas have become popular in the West with many sizes, forms, and fitnesses.

A sofa bed (or futon)


While other guest bed alternatives can only be used as a bed, a futon can do well as a typical sofa as well. When you don’t need it to sleep anymore, just fold it into a couch to read a book or watch Netflix. If a visitor stays over, just fold it out for them.

They are easy to clean

As most sofa bed models are made from 100% cotton, you can easily clean them if you spill something over it. All you need to do is unzip and toss it over to your washing machine.

Unfortunately, if your sofa bed can’t unzip, you will need some more effort by spot cleaning it. Make sure that it’s completely dry before using it again.

There are many firmness options

This is a big strong point of sofa beds, especially compared with air mattresses. You can freely choose the right firmness for you: soft, medium, firm, or even extra-firm.

This usually depends on which kind of sleeper you are. Back sleepers will love a sofa bed that can support their spines properly.

They are still expensive than air mattresses

It’s easy to see why a sofa bed is cheaper than a permanent option. But you can say the same thing when comparing it to air mattresses or even some budget folding beds.

They are not as portable as other designs

Because the design of a sofa bed must take the purpose of a couch into consideration, it’s hard to be as compact as a rollaway bed or an air mattress. You can’t fold a sofa bed into a small package for storage either.

3. Air mattresses

Also known as blow-up beds or air beds, they are inflatable mattresses that you can fold or roll them up to neatly stow away. They are also a great choice for occasional bedding for guests or camping trips. Air mattresses can be inflated by hand, mouth, or an electric pump.

A compact air mattress

They are super cheap

An air mattress is probably the most inexpensive option for a temporary bed. You can even buy a king-size model at a fraction of the cost of typical folding beds.

They are easy to clean

No matter what material your air mattress is made from – rubber, plastic, or vinyl – you can clean it with ease. Most models already have a waterproof flock top that can keep spills and moisture out of them. As a result, spills will just stay on top of the mattress, allowing you to clean with just a rag or a paper towel.

They are less durable

There is no sturdy frame in an air mattress. This is a huge deal-breaker for those who still want the fee of a conventional bed even temporarily.

They can’t provide solid firmness: this is probably the biggest drawback of air mattresses, which is a huge issue for those with back pain.


Most rollaway beds have a steel frame, which can support different body weights. A sturdy frame is a must for a heavy adult or multiple people. Toughened frames are also naturally coated, making them invulnerable from rusting.

However, aluminum frames are much lighter, making them an ideal choice for portable beds.

When it comes to fabric, Denier’s rating indicates strength and resilience, which depends on the thickness of threads used to make fabrics. A higher rating means the fabric is more well-built, chunky, and can last longer.


Small rollaway beds, or sleeping cots, are great for warm climates. They are kept off the ground to allow for airflow underneath. As a result, your guest will have better temperature regulation and a breathable and comfortable sleep.

Get a temporary bed that supports weight and doesn’t sag and put strains on the stomach, side, or back of your guests. Due to the firmness of a temporary bed, it will be fine if your guest sleeps on the back, a position that distributes weight evenly. But side sleepers may find them uncomfortable. Thick padding may help in this case.


The pivot is the weakest point of a sofa bed or a rollaway bed because this is where you fold or unfold the bed. Manufacturers often enhance it with stronger materials for better durability, while the rest of the frame might be made from lighter materials.

Easy setup

Rapid setup is a unique requirement for temporary beds. No one wants to make their guests wait when preparing the bed for them. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to unfold or fold a temporary bed. Luckily, this is something you can test right at the store before paying.


Although there are many guest sleeping solutions, finding one that suits your needs is not easy. Difficult but not impossible. With the 10 best guest sleeping options above, you’ll find one that meets your needs for sure. In case they still can not satisfy your wishes, remember the shopping guide.

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