We share the fact that heavy people have various sleep discomforts that cause stress in their daily lives. For those reasons, we keep introducing furniture and products that help with comfort and weight loss. Today, the tops are the best air mattresses for heavy people.

This type of mattress features outstanding benefits compared to conventional mattresses.

For example, you can customize the mattress thickness according to your weight and preference. A slight difference in firmness will significantly relieve neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain, or joint pains.

Moreover, the heavy-duty air mattresses reduce the sagging and improve the durability over time.

Heavy Duty Air Mattresses – Quick Comparison

Product ImageProduct NameWeight Capacity (lbs)Dimensions (inches)RatingsLatest Price
Englander Raised Air Bed80084 x 72 x 204.5/5
Sable Heavy Duty Air Mattress66190 x 60 x 174.5/5
Etekcity Queen 9 Air Mattress65080 x 60 x 94.4/5
King Koil Raised Air Bed65084 x 72 x 204.5/5
Intex Ultra Plush60093 x 60 x 344.5/5
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Reviews of The Best Air Mattresses for Heavy People

1. Englander Raised California King Air Bed – Strongest Option on Market

Englander Raised California King Airbed

We will start with the Englander Raised California King Air Bed – the strongest air bed on the market.

This air mattress’s first selling point is its premium flocked microfiber cell outer and internal improved steel coils.

Together, they provide extra even airflow, minimal motion transfer, breathability, resistance against punctures, abrasion-resistance, and tensile strength.

It means even heavy people will not sink into the air mattress no matter how they toss and turn during the night.

You will be excited, knowing that the microfiber memory foam topper can regulate its thermal and maintain a body temperature neutral all the time. Light sleepers will not have to worry about suddenly overheating or chilling.

In terms of installation, there is a built-in pump. You need to push on buttons on the mattress’s foot side to deflate or inflate it to a comfortable size as you wish.

Thanks to such convenience, this sturdy air mattress is also favorable for traveling or camping trips. Simply put, you can take it along in the storage badge.

However, those characteristics are not the most impressive thing. The high weight capacity air bed can hold 800 lbs. An ability that very few of its rivals have managed to do. So if you’re looking for a heavy-duty air mattress for a heavy person, then look no further; it’s right in front of your eyes.

  • Extra durable construction with steel springs – 800 lbs capacity
  • A comfortable mattress and cool temperature
  • Peace of mind to inflate and deflate
  • A 5-year mattress warranty available
  • It would be better with the raised pillows
  • PVC smell out of the package
  • Seam is not perfect

2. Sable Heavy Duty Inflatable Mattress with Raised Pillow – Excellent Choice for Couples

Sable Heavy Duty Inflatable Mattress with Raised Pillow

If you do not sleep alone, Sable Heavy Duty Inflatable Mattress can replace the firmer mattress Englander. This is an air mattress that holds 600 lbs and more.

At a glance, we appreciate that the Sable mattress has a functional and stylish structure.

Firstly, the grey surface makes it less time-consuming to clean and maintain the look over time.

Secondly, there is an integrated pillow raised on the upper side. You instantly take a nap or night sleep after a long day without having to make the bed. The built-in pillow is available to support your head and neck.

When you lay down your back, you will even love this mattress more. This recommendation is made of environmentally-friendly PVC, meaning that you can rest assured about its durability and scratch-free performance over time.

At the same time, the slightly flocking comfort layers offer a supportive softness. The mattress adjusts according to the shape of heavy people while it will also prevent slippery situations.

Speaking of the downside, this air mattress is much longer than typical queen-sized mattresses. As a result, you cannot use your queen sheets.

  • The extra heavy duty air mattress for overweight couples
  • Reasonable price
  • Maximum comfort with a raised cushioning pillow
  • Able to adjust the level of firmness
  • Not suitable to use with an extra sheet
  • Easily ripped on the side

3. Etekcity Queen 9 – Best Heavy Duty Camping Air Mattress

Etekcity Queen 9 Heavy Duty Camping Air Mattress with Built-in Bump

If you often go on camping and find yourself with the air mattress in the package all the time, you had better buy a separate mattress for those situations.

And a budget option like Etekcity Queen 9 Camping Air Mattress is good enough.

Out of the package comes a storage bag and a set of rechargeable pumps. When not in use, just deflate the mattress and carry it in the bag.

The Etekcity Queen 9 will be available for full inflation in about one or two minutes then. At that time, the mattress is supposed to hold up to 650 pounds thanks to its fourth-generation inner construction and 20% thicker external PVC.

On the mattress cover, there are multi-layer flocked beams that are waterproof, puncture-resistant, and breathable. Interestingly enough, such a high weight capacity is paired with a comfortable height so that big and tall people can easily get on and off the mattress.

We wish to confirm that camping air mattresses are not exceptionally durable mattresses. The Etekcity Queen 9 is not an exception.

It would be best if you did not put frequent pressure on it and carefully maintain the mattress after outdoor activities. Otherwise, go for thicker mattresses.

  • Very budget air bed for big and tall people for camping
  • Compact to carry and set up
  • Surprisingly high weight capacity
  • Soft under your back and comfort
  • Limited longevity for a long period of time
  • Quick air leaks

4. King Koil California King Luxury Mattress – Best Quality Build

King Koil California King Luxury Raised Air Mattress

As its name suggests, the King Koil California King Luxury is built for king beds. The size of the entire mattress is about 84 x 72 inches with additional 20 inches high. Its shape does not give an impression of a temporary air mattress. In fact, this heavy-duty air bed can hold up to 600 pounds.

This mattress is made by King Koil, a famous company for gel memory foam beds and mattresses. Thus, the mattress is a no-brainer a quality option.

It is made of flocked PVC with a warranty of being durable and resistant against punctures. On load, the mattress will be soft in the middle and under your back. Meanwhile, all edges will securely frame and make you stay put during the night.

And like what you can expect from a high-quality air mattress, an internal pump is available for easy inflation in two minutes. Then, it holds the air brilliantly well so. You do not need to check up on the mattress and get it inflated too much frequently.

The only things we do not like are its high price tag and very high edge. Heavy people might struggle to get on the mattress.

  • Spacious king-sized air mattress
  • The quality foundation with adjustable thickness
  • Durability for an extended period
  • A built-in electric pump set
  • High price with a short warranty
  • High height

5. Intex Ultra Plush Queen Air Mattress with Headboard – Best Design

Intex Ultra Plush Queen Air Mattress with Headboard

Intex Ultra Plush Queen Air Mattress is the last on the list. However, their quality is absolutely not the least.

In contrast, the mattress is well-known for its quality and functional design.

First off, the heavy duty queen size air mattress adopts the patented technology of the manufacturing company. The fabric is strong and stays in a decent firmness with no sagging. There is even a foam topper to provide comfort and support under your back.

The weight limit is just 600 lbs, which is close to the other competitors on this list.

All edges are flocked with a touch of luxury, whereas the waterproof contoured bottom grips to any ground and prevents the mattress from sliding.

Secondly, the air mattress comes with a headboard. It will provide extra comfort when you wish to sit for a book before going to sleep. Moreover, you can use the headboard with a fitted sheet or gel memory foam.

That the mattress takes time to inflate/deflate and to set up all parts together is a downside, though.

  • Good weight limit
  • Comfort and durable mattress over time
  • An additional headboard included
  • Able to fit extra sheets
  • Slow inflation/deflation
  • Not ease-of-mind assembly

How to Pick Up The Best Heavy Duty Air Mattress for Heavy People?

As its name refers, air mattresses provide an experience of sleeping on air compared to normal mattresses.

The idea about these mattresses’ benefits is simple: the mattresses are filled with airflow for your health because it gives off a balance of comfort, breathability, and a decent temperature at a time.

It also takes much less effort to transport and assemble the air pressure models.

Despite the many advantages, you still need to consider the following several important factors to be able to find one that meets your needs, especially in the heavy duty aspect.

1. Weight Capacity

Do you sleep alone? Or if you have a partner, is he/she also large?

Whatever your situation is, estimate the maximum weight the mattress must handle and choose a comfortable option accordingly so you two will have a comfortable sleep.

A recommended air mattress for an overweight person should always be at least 10% than you need as you are putting extra weight when you sleep rather than when setting. Kids also like to jump on air mattresses, which cause extra force.

Moreover, make certain about even weight distribution.

300 pounds is a good limit for big and tall people to start with—however, the more – the merrier. A high weight capacity air mattress is more durable, and it loses less air during the night.

2. Size

It is good to know that most durable air mattresses feature a wide range of sizing choices to other mattresses. It’s their adjusted inflation that makes them smaller.

Thus, you can choose size inches based on the sleepers’ body weight, room space, and budget.

The twin sizes are suitable for a user and in case a guest sleeps over. Heavy side sleepers will love to sleep on king-sized beds.

It would help if you also considered single-height or double-height mattress models, known as the firmness option. In fact, single-headlight mattresses are lighter to handle and carry around; they are not supportive comfort levels for heavy people.

3. Integrated Pump

Since we suggest an overweight person go for double-height units, we note that these inflatable mattresses often feature built-in electric air pumps. Its advantages are convenient and fast.

Nonetheless, you can buy a mattress with an external pump so that you can save some money. Instead, you must prepare a hand pump or inverter.

4. Mattress Materials

Most high-quality mattresses we know are made of a suede top. It is not sweaty, so you will get excellent temperature comfort when lying down. Besides, the suede mattress topper can hold sheets in place with no sagging.

Other types of materials like PVC or vinyl are also in use to reduce the prices. However, cheap PVC or vinyl mattresses are more harmful than helpful. You must make sure that those mattresses abide by certain safety standards – the ASTM F2755 standard, for instance.

You should also consider the warranty term for each material.

5. Other Advanced Features

It would be helpful for heavy people to have air beds with a high weight capacity. On top of that, there are several additional features to make life easier.

Some mattress manufacturers provide a common extra feature is the internal air coils to help take in and take out the air. At the same time, some company brands will adopt a LED light working as a nightlight. Meanwhile, advanced air mattresses even support a USB port to charge electric devices overnight.


Do you find our reviews list for the best air mattress for heavy person useful? Then hope you already choose to enjoy your sleep to the fullest.

If you still do not know what to choose, we suggest Sable Heavy Duty Blow Up Mattress as an ideal option on the market because it keeps a balance in its price and quality as a warranty.

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