Gray floors have recently acquired overwhelming popularity, being a trendy item in many modern-day home designs. This cool color’s shades are beautiful, and entirely dirt-repellent.

Particularly, gray is super easy to combine with other tones as it’s neutral, opening up the chance for decor, artwork, and other furniture to stand out.

However, not all hues go well with gray. That’s why you should think about “what color cabinets go with gray floors” when remodeling your kitchen.

If it’s cool-toned gray, go for cool-toned cabinetry, like greens or blues. If it’s warm-toned gray, warm-toned pairings, like browns or dark espresso. The easiest options are lighter or darker grays, blacks, and white.

Now, let’s get right into the details!

What Color Cabinets Look Best With Gray Floors?

The right color in kitchen cabinetry will both highlight its aesthetics and create a harmonious overall look.

A helpful tip for homeowners: keep the whole interior’s style and the optimal balance of light and dark in mind to pick a suitable tone.


gray floors with gray cabinets

Unlike as many people believe, gray floors with gray cabinets are not boring at all.

Please don’t think that gray floors and gray kitchen cabinets are a tedious and impersonal combination. First, the two accessories will revive the overall interior. Second, you can experiment with various shades easily.

A tiny difference in shade, darker or lighter, creates a reasonable rhythm, making the cabinets appear more textured.

While lighter gray tones provide the room with increased visual spaciousness, air, and light, darker tones add depth and intimacy.


white kitchen cabinets with gray floors
The white cabinets look so eye-catching on the gray wood floor.

White kitchen cabinets with gray floors are a bold idea, but it’ll take a hit if you play it well. This color creates a softer and brighter space. Naturally, you’ll find your kitchen interior appears chic and more elegant.

Meanwhile, gray floors bring the sense of so-called grounding – you would feel like the furniture is floating. The fantastic contrast between gray and white, therefore, looks even more beautiful.

Perfectionists can dig a bit deeper into color temperature to level up the facade. While snowy, ecru, pure white works well with cold gray floorings, magnolia, vanilla, antique, and azalea suit warm ones best.

If you don’t strive to keep it perfect, ignoring this detailed condition won’t cause a thing. Indeed, only an incredibly sophisticated and attentive eye will notice the color temperature of white.

Brown (Wood Tone)

light brown cabinets with gray floors
Wood-toned cabinets and gray floors are a nice option for oasis-style lovers.

Like gray-brown or gray-wood concrete, warm-toned gray flooring looks engrossing with wood-toned browns. If you desire to bring a rustic, natural vibe to your house or cabin, this match is a perfect scheme.

Gray applies to wood, gravel, stone, and all the things found outdoors. The wood tone (like light walnut or Zebrano) + gray combo will make you feel like you’re living in a rustic, wild oasis.

Particularly, it works best with brick decor, which is also a hot item in kitchen or dining room designs.

Imagine eating dinner in a rustic, forest-friendly space with industrial pendant lighting over your own island. Isn’t it a dream of many homeowners?

Espresso (Dark Brown)

espresso kitchen cabinets with grey floors
Dark brown cabinets offer a stylish appeal when paired with gray flooring.

Dark brown cabinets with a gray floor go against many designers’ general conception of nicely harmonious room designing. Some may consider this color combination too disturbing and gloomy.

However, others believe that espresso and gray hues can intertwine if you choose the correct texture. The latter view has proved to be truly practical.

If the irregular idea of putting gray floors and espresso cabinets together captivates you, you can try a flat monochrome facade with a deep shade and open texture. The final result will turn out to be surprisingly appealing.


dark black cabinets with grey floors
The combo black + gray turns out to be so stunning.

If you’re a big fan of the modern, minimalist style, why not go for black cabinets? You may think black is too dark for a kitchen. Don’t worry; it’ll go the right way if you act correctly.

Actually, black cabinetry looks excellent with light gray flooring. This contrast gives a unique vibe that you can rarely find in other color combinations. It makes your furniture stand out on the airier and lighter floor.

Loft fanatics will love this idea for sure. They often further counterbalance the combination with a raw, unpainted brick wall.

One of the advantages of the “dark cabinets and light gray floor kitchen” combo is the black’s property itself. The achromatic feature enables you to apply various accessories and tones and do makeovers or change some of them over time.

Another upside is practicality. A black kitchen usually appears clean, neat, and elegant. If you hate prints and splashes, it’s a good idea to try using satin paint.


green color cabinets with gray floors
Green furniture is a trendy item and ties in well with neutral gray.

Another uncommon color idea is green. If your kitchen seems to lack coolness, the gray flooring + green cabinets combo is the way to go.

When dueted with cool-shaded gray kitchen floors, green cabinets deliver a fresh, natural-feeling vibe, lifting the ambiance and your mood up – foster this natural vibe by placing a small herb garden on your windowsill.

It’s up to you whether to use light, calm, or deeper, more complex green shades. They all work. Some recommended options are mint, green tea, sage, olive, pine needles, foliage, teal (intense blue-green), and khaki.


grey floors blue cabinets
A bold kitchen with blue cabinetry and gray flooring, why not?

If your gray floor features cool undertones, it’s a brilliant idea to opt for blue cabinets to add a fresher look to your dining room.

Blue naturally is calm and brings a stress-free feel. If you spend the majority of your day cooking for family and dealing with the traffic and mess in the kitchen, blue, in part, helps retain the peaceful kitchen ambiance and zen space.

Whether it’s dusty blue or sea blue, the shades of amazing blue were born to match the calm, subdued gray.

A helpful tip on combining these two colors is to follow the lightness principle: The darker the gray, the richer and deeper the blue should be.

Black and White

black and white kitchen cabinets with gray checkered tile floor
Whether it’s black, white, or black and white, it all goes well with gray floors.

An innovative idea that you might have never come up with is to mix gray floors with black + white kitchen cabinets. As gray results from white and black, it makes sense to combine black and white in your cabinetry.

Why don’t you try painting the top cabinets black and the bottom ones white or vice versa? This choice offers depth to the overall interior and perfectly ties in the gray floor.

The decision-making process also becomes easier for you when you’re confused about which one to go for, between black and white. The two colors both excel at expressing a minimalist, elegant style, so it should work for you, no matter what your choice is.

Are Grey Floors Going Out Of Style?

Unlike certain materials, like linoleum, that fail to remain stylish, gray stay relevant over time. It’s always the best idea to go for natural materials, like stone, concrete, or hardwood, regarding the flooring style.

As discussed, gray ties in well with loads of different colors – a fantastic neutral tone, no matter how many times you replace or repaint your cabinets.

As such, gray is always a safer choice than black, white, or brown as it can adjust to reflect those three tones in some cases. That’s the reason gray surely will go on being a go-to designing color for years to come.

trendy gray kitchen floor

Should Kitchen Cabinets Be Darker Than Floor?

Actually, it’s a matter of personal preference rather than a color-matching task as the floor and furniture will nicely distinguish the other, whether which one is darker or lighter.

If your kitchen is frequently busy with traffic and spills, lighter flooring will be right for you. A more subdued floor doesn’t show as much dust and dirt as a darker one.

When dueted with dark cabinets, light flooring will make your kitchen appear larger. Thus, it’s an excellent option for relatively narrow or small kitchens.

Should Your Floors Match Your Cabinets?

Should you add color contrast when designing your dining room? Strategically added contrasting colors generate beautiful textures and lines.

A perfect way to apply contrast to gray floors is to utilize wood-toned cabinets instead of other strict colors.

Please remember to be careful when using colors. If you make overuse of contrast, your kitchen will end up feeling overwhelming and disjointed.

When you’re unsure about color matching, the best practice is to stay safe with basic complementary colors.

The Bottom Line

Graphite and smoke floorings sometimes just don’t serve as versatile backdrops for every furniture design. Hence, choosing a satisfactory color tone for your kitchen cabinets on the gray floor needs good research.

So, you should have figured out what color of kitchen cabinets goes best with your gray floors. Apply what you’ve learned to not only cabinetry but your area rugs, stools, backsplash, and countertops as well.

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