Wicker design ideas are a hot trend around the home, bringing a subtle natural element to any room. There are plenty of ways to get wicker or rattan into your interior design.

One of the best options is with a pendant light. A wicker pendant lampshade is a fantastic option for the kitchen island, dining room, or bedroom.

The use of the Boho aesthetic around your home brings a new visual dynamic into your living space. Woven wicker looks fantastic, adding texture and rustic class to both traditional and contemporary design themes.

This post will share 15 wicker pendant lights to brighten things up around your home.

Contemporary Wicker Pendant Lights

1. KANAWA Wicker Lampshade


This Kanawa rattan lampshade features a woven design with an elegant finish. The weave features a symmetrical cross-hatching design with a clean design and a rustic look.

It’s a suitable pendant for hanging in the living room or bedroom, providing excellent light filtering and distribution. The handmade design is fantastic, bringing a sense of authenticity to the pendant.

2. HAIXIANG Weave Wicker Ceiling Light


This ceiling light features an elegant and classy design, with a dark stain finish. It’s the ideal choice for a rustic-themed design and a great item for the kitchen or dining room.

You get an attractive woven design around a wireframe, contrasting these materials for an eye-pleasing aesthetic. This model comes in three color options to suit your décor.

3. Goodtechnical Retro Japanese Style Rattan Lamp


These pendants come in three designs. Choose from a slender restaurant-style decorative lamp, a pastoral-style shade, or an American/Japanese lampshade.

These pendant lamps come with a tighter weave design, providing a more intimate lighting setting. Use them in the dining room, the lounge, or the bedroom for a stunning visual effect.

4. WalmHomie Double Layer Wicker Pendant Lamp


This pendant lamp comes with a double-barrel woven design. The double-layer helps to disperse light into the room for a shaded effect while increasing light underneath the lamp.

It’s an ideal choice for the study, reading room, or dining room. This shade has a vintage look, with a wooden lamp cap preventing light from filtering out of the top of the shade.

5. IKEA 703.150.30 Sinnerlig Wicker Drum Pendant Light


This model from IKEA has an attractive handmade finish and an affordable price tag. You’ll like the wider circumference in the center of the shade.

This design provides additional light dispersion while providing an attractive visual component. The handwoven design gives a soft glow to the room, casting interesting light patterns.

6. Hot Air Balloon Wicker Pendant Lamp Shade


This handmade wicker rattan pendant light is a perfect thing for the kid’s playroom or bedroom. The creative hot-air balloon design comes with decorative features like miniature sandbags.

The balloon acts as the shade, dispersing light across the room. The larger gaps in the shade make it a perfect choice for brighter lighting in kids’ rooms.

7. Umbrella Wicker Lamp Shade


This rattan lamp shade is another great example of a decorative option for the dining room or lounge. The wicker’s clean lines and the tightly-woven design make it a great focal lampshade for hovering above the coffee table.

This pendant has a vintage look with light-color rattan and a handmade finish. The umbrella-style look to the shade gives it a distinctly Asian theme and feel.

8. WalmHomie Farmhouse Rattan Pendant Light


This hanging lamp features a large chandelier-style design with multiple handwoven layers for a truly artistic look and feel.

The tighter weave in the lamp disperses light well, making it ideal for the lounge, bedroom, or dining room. The attractive multi-layer design makes it a great choice for rustic homes, farmhouses, and beach houses.

9. Straw Hat Rattan Hanging Light


Homeowners looking for a wicker rattan lamp shade with character in the design will love this model. This shade features a straw hat design, with sagging edges to focus the light on the area directly under the shade.

It’s perfect lighting for the dining table or a coffee table in the lounge. The sagging sides provide better light dispersion while still maintaining a level of intimacy in the room synonymous with wicker shades.

10. Serena Blue Wicker Nautical Pendant Light


It’s uncommon to see designers add color into wicker. The natural light-brown color of the lamp shade typically provides enough visual stimulation to interior design.

However, these Serena Blue rattan pendants are visually striking. They offer a blend of pastel into the tan color of the shade, providing an eye-catching look.

The woven design and exquisite pattern make this pendant a top choice for the dining room or lounge.

11. Eight Layer Rattan Hanging Lamp


The tapered and stacked look of this rattan lamp is eye-catching and attractive. It’s a typical Asian-style design allowing for better light dispersion and excellent lighting directly under the lamps.

The multi-layered and straight-weave design provides a clean look to the pendant. This lampshade is a great choice for the bedroom, lounge, or dining room.

12. Wicker Coiled Shell Pendant Lamp


You’ll love the design flair in this pendant lamp. It’s a great choice for a beach house to continue the sand-and-seashells theme around your home.

The tightly-woven wicker produces a low light in the room for an intimate effect. You’ll enjoy the way the seashell pattern influences light in the room, intensifying it as the lamp’s base.

13. Imax Acerra Woven Wicker Pendant Light 15712


This pendant lampshade features a rustic design that looks great in the dining room or farmhouse kitchen.

The handwoven design shows an organic spacing to the lampshade that spreads light while giving a natural, authentic look to the shade. The pendant chain also provides a rustic look to the piece, making it ideal for country-style design.

14. Handwoven Wicker Long Neck Pendant Lamp


This handwoven wicker pendant shade is a great option for a focal shade. Hang it above the kitchen island, the coffee table, the dining table, or use it outside on the patio.

The fully-woven design creates a targeted area under the shade, making it ideal for utility areas, such as above counters and tabletops.

15. Infinity Wicker Ball Pendant Lamp


This pendant’s classy sphere design makes it a great showpiece for the patio or the living room. The wide gaps in the handwoven wicker provide optimal light across the room.

This model comes with an attractive chain-link pendant for easy hanging and an authentic look to the shade.

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