Why should you keep reading these best bed frames for heavy couples reviews?

While you desire to lose weight, you might underestimate the importance of quality sleep than diets or frequent exercises.

It is worth noting the study of Sleep Foundation that the lack of sleep increases the need for calories and appetite.

Even when you treasure your body and do not want to lose weight, having an extra strong bed frame will help improve your and your partner’s sleep and, more importantly, the bond between you two. Besides, an inadequate frame is unarguably unsafe and uncomfortable!

Heavy Duty Bed Frame Quick Comparision

Product ImageProduct NameWeight Capacity (lbs)Dimensions (inches)RatingsLatest Price
TATAGO Bed Frame3,00082 x 78 x 164.7/5
ZIYOO Bed Frame3,50080 x 60 x 164.6/5
SHA CERLIN Bed90080 x 61 x 134.5/5
IRONCK Studio Bed1,20083 x 63 x 134.8/5
Mellow Metal Bed FrameN/A80 x 60 x 124.7/5
ZINUS SmartBase Bed4,40080 x 76 x 144.7/5
LIKIMIO Bed Frame99277 x 57 x 124.6/5
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Best Bed Frames for Heavy Couples to Buy for Your Sake

1. TATAGO Heavy Duty King Bed Frame

TATAGO Heavy Duty Metal Platform Bed Frame

Get started with the TATAGO Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame.

This product is built for a king mattress and with a weight capacity of 3,000 lbs, meaning that it can hold up to four to six average-sized people or two to three fat people. No sags are experienced.

Thanks to its reinforced tubular steel construction, which is extra sturdy and distributes even support – the frame stays sturdy no matter whether you sleep on the edge or in the center.

Moreover, there are six legs available. Each is firmly welded together to give improved security for users. They are also supposed to stay in place and create no noise even if an overweight person throws his/her body on the bed.

In terms of clearance underneath, the frame provides a generous space of 14 inches high – a good dimension for totes.

What to complain about, however, is the assembly. No nuts or bolts are included in the delivery package. Thus, you will have to go to a hardware store, pick up those pieces, and assemble the frame.

  • High weight limit
  • A sturdy and noise-free construction
  • A long warranty than most
  • Affordable
  • Too big for a normally-sized mattress
  • Some hardware not included

2. ZIYOO Heavy Duty Queen Bed with Solid Wood Slats

ZIYOO Heavy Duty Bed with Solid Wood Slats

If you find the TATAGO a bit off for your mattress, you can go for the ZIYOO 14-inch Queen Bed Frame as a good alternative for heavy people. Its size is 80 x 60 x 14 inches.

Interestingly enough, this frame can hold up more weight – up to 3,500 lbs despite its smaller size.

How can it be?

The ZIYOO Heavy Duty Bed is similar to the TATAGO model in the edge. Accordingly, the frame is made of reinforced steel material, so you can expect it to be robust and require less maintenance over time.

The improvement is the additional wood slats distributed in horizontal and vertical directions. They allow you to place a memory foam mattress directly without a requirement for the old box spring.

Moreover, the capacity is 20% enhanced compared to other wooden bed frames.

The unit is very sturdy. Nevertheless, you must be careful with the center legs. Some (not all consumers) complained that those legs are short and off the ground. You may feel those floating legs right under your back.

In this case, do not hesitate to call the manufacturer or help yourself by placing a plywood piece between the mattress and frame.

  • Robust and lower-maintenance steel frame
  • Extra-support wooden slats
  • Easy to assemble all parts out of the box
  • Quiet placement and little movement
  • Short and off-the-ground center legs
  • Not very helpful instructions

3. SHA CERLIN Heavy Duty Metal Bed Frame with Headboard – Best Budget

SHA CERLIN Heavy Duty Metal Bed with Headboard

The SHA CERLIN Heavy Duty Metal Bed is also built for a Queen mattress but at an affordable range.

The frame’s dimension is around 83 x 63 x 13 inches to hold the mattress of 60 x 80 inches.

It is made of a metal iron frame with extra MDF boards. This combination makes the whole frame lighter to move around and assemble more effortlessly. However, the weight capacity is only about 900 lbs – still quite sturdy for big and tall people.

To make it up for the smaller weight limit than others on the list, the SHA CERLIN model has all parts, tools, and manual guides available in the package. All screws are high-quality and secure to prevent slipping or damages.

You even have an additional frosted headboard and footboard to transfer your basic bedroom into a classic and elegant one.

What we wish the manufacturer could improve, besides the weight capacity, is the instructions. They are a bit confusing to figure out the first time.

  • Affordable and stylish bed frame
  • Wide enough for queen mattresses
  • All parts and tools available in the package
  • Extra MDF boards
  • Low weight capacity
  • Confusing assembly guides

4. IRONCK Studio Platform Bed Frame with Headboard

IRONCK Studio Platform Bed Frame with Headboard

IRONCK Studio Platform Bed Frame with Headboard is the next choice for heavy people – it is also honored to be the most preferred option by consumers.

The frame keeps a balance in price and performance, including quick installation, strong support, and beautiful retro style.

Specifically, the bed frame comes in solid steel construction from the edge, slats to the legs.

The legs are up to ten pieces with plastic foot plugs in the bottom to reduce noises and scratches on the floor. Meanwhile, there is also a rubber strip pressed along the slats.

Altogether, the bed frame is durable, supportive, and quiet. Even when an overweight person jumps on the bed, it will not squeak or crack. Nonetheless, it would be useful if you remember that the maximum weight capacity is 1,200 lbs.

We also like that this sturdy bed frame for heavy people is clear to set up thanks to its embedded design. You will find yourself completing the assembly in less than half an hour, supposed that you have no experience before.

So far, so good, except that you will have to have at least two other people to help handle and connect all parts.

  • Reasonable price considering the quality
  • Beautiful rustic construction with additional boards
  • Sturdy and noise-free under whatever situations
  • Easy to set up with embedded pieces
  • Average weight capacity for heavy people
  • Bulky to move and handle separate pieces

5. Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame – Best Ease of Installation

Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame

If you find setting up the bed frame quite a work and rather not go through it by yourself, you may be over the moon to find the Mellow Metal Bed Frame.

At a look, the design of this frame is minimized and engineered for an effortless delivery and intuitive setup.

All you need is to insert the metal slats available in the rubber-lined slots and secure the Clip2Lock. Both horizontal and vertical slats are available from the legs to the surface. You will hardly suffer from sagging or backache problems.

The low-profile legs that limit the clearance underneath may upset some customers. However, we find it excellent for obese couples to get on and off the bed.

What we dislike is the curved design without boards. It will help if you are cautious not to scroll over too much and fall on the floor.

Moreover, the weight capacity should be improved; 600 lbs is a bit lacking for fat people.

  • Affordable for heavy couples
  • Ease of assembly with Clip2Lock
  • Combined horizontal and vertical slats
  • Low-profiled legs for safety
  • No boards included
  • Higher weight capacity expected

6. ZINUS SmartBase Super Heavy Duty Platform Bed – Strongest Bed Frame

ZINUS SmartBase Super Heavy Duty Platform Bed

When it comes to bedroom interiors, Zinus is always one of the first choices. Take the ZINUS SmartBase Super Heavy Duty Platform Bed, for example.

This frame’s size is 80 x 76 x 14 inches – enough for an overweight person and his/her partner. The weight capacity is up to 4,400 lbs, thanks to various slats in horizontal and vertical directions. As a result, this is the highest weight capacity bed frame on this list.

Not to mention, there are twelve legs available. All are made of square steel bars for extra support.

Interestingly enough, the model seems to be more compact than how it can handle. The installation, therefore, is very effortless. Some add Bunkie or plywood boards to level the bars for extra comfort.

Squeaking is not frequently reported so that you can sleep soundly at night.

We take a star off for the storage space since many legs available limit the storage room under your bed.

  • Affordable with a decent warranty
  • Easy assembly and transportation
  • No squeaking sound reported
  • Sturdy with extra weight support
  • Off-height storage space
  • Sometimes over support for medium-fat people

7. LIKIMIO Bed Frame with Headboard – Best Ready-to-Use

LIKIMIO Bed Frame with Headboard

Many people want to keep their bed as simple as the Mellow Bed Frame. Meanwhile, others like LIKIMIO Bed Frame with an additional leader headboard and footboard.

Those parts add a classic touch to your bedroom. Moreover, they protect your head from the cold wall and keep the wall from abrasion.

Accordingly, the LIKIMIO unit features an MDF headboard and footboard that are scratch-resistant and waterproof. They are in vintage brown color, so you will find the whole frame easy to combine with any aesthetic.

The assembly is easy since all parts have embossed labels and numbers. Not to mention, some parts are pre-embedded.

The U-shaped metal iron frame and nine support legs can handle a maximum of 992 lbs in terms of weight capacity. This limit is not the best for obese couples but still acceptable.

  • Not expensive for fat people
  • Coming with headboard and footboard
  • Beautiful vintage brown construction
  • Easy to assemble and move around
  • Not well capable of handling high weights
  • Footpads required to decrease noise

Why Is a High Weight Capacity Bed Frame Important?

A heavy-duty bed frame makes you comfortable

Obese couples need customized things like clothing, personal objects, furniture, etc. to stay comfortable in daily activities.

Take the bed frames, for example.

The primary benefit of the frames is to separate your mattress off the floor. Thus, the mattress will be clean and protected from insect infestation and mold.

For heavy couples, the frames also provide extra support under your back and improve the overall sleep quality.

Because of the big loads, you may dread that your mattress sag under a small movement. Squeak and shake are not pleasant either.

Don’t be confused in such cases. The bed frame is more often than not the culprit rather than the mattress.

Things to Consider for The Best Bed Frame for Overweight Person

If you read all reviews thoroughly but still do not know what to choose, the following buying guide will help.

1. Weight Capacity

The very first factor to consider is the weight capacity of bed frames. It is a fixed number in pounds that indicates how much the frames can support pressure without being damaged.

That capacity varies widely from 500 to 5,000 lbs. 1,000 lbs should be enough for an average-sized individual. Meanwhile, the best bed frame for a heavy person should handle 1,500 to 2,000 lbs. For big couples, the recommended frames are around 3,000 to 4,000 lbs.

You should pay extra intention, though. Some manufacturers often overspeak about the weight-bearing capacity by calculating the capacity on the beds’ edge where the mattress is the stiffest.

However, most of us sleep in the center, meaning that you should find a frame that provides an even capacity over the whole surface. Customer reviews will help figure it out.

2. Construction Material

Most bed frames for overweight people are made of metal or wood – the two sturdiest materials for indoor furniture.

Pound per pound, quality metal frames are durable enough to hold up a substantial mattress. They are suffering from fewer physical damages from pressures and the natural environment. Metal frames come with unlimited designs and colors as well.

However, you can end up with flimsy low-quality metal frames without choosing carefully. Not only are they unable to hold up much weight, but those bed frames may also be very noisy.

On the other hand, wooden bed frames are well-known for their sturdy stability – particularly those made by famous brands. Besides, wood models go hand in hand with slats structure to offer improved support and less noise.

As a drawback, wood is more expensive and requires more cautious maintenance against rots and natural damages.

3. Bed Size and Under-bed Clearance

Do not buy a frame that is much smaller or bigger than your mattress. The two elements will not look good together, not to mention the weight capacity and support might be affected.

The Twin XL or Full or King sizes are ideal for heavy couples. Some bed frames even feature adjustable sizes to customize based on your individual needs.

Speaking of the sizes, it’s also crucial to consider the storage space under the beds to put some small items to make your room tidier and spacious.

However, you will not want to choose a high-profile frame with plenty of clearance, thinking how hard it is to get on and off the bed.

4. Slat Types and Spacing

A normal bed frame unnecessarily has slats running along the beds’ width. However, ideal ones for fat people should have ones in horizontal designs.

The horizontal slats allow the mattress to breathe through the troughs comfortably. Besides, the slats offer all directional stability for heavier users.

Nonetheless, don’t forget to ensure that the bed frames have small gaps about three or four inches so that the bed mattress will not get sagging and slip through.

Some advanced horizontal slats are even connected with secondary vertical slats and extra legs for improved support.

5. Noise and Movement

An annoying problem for obese couples is that the bed frames are often not sturdy enough to stay in place while rolling over or standing up. The bed keeps giving off creaking and squeaking sounds.

If you are a light sleeper, a small noise can walk you in the dead of nights and up to the morning.

Choose frames with a sturdy structure and extra cushioned gasket. Otherwise, it’s best to go for wooden sets rather than metal ones.

If possible, we recommend investing in frames having noiseless or sound-free features. Take the additional legs, for example – the most sturdy bed frame for obese people we know have seven to nine legs.

6. Ease of Assembly

Noise-free bed frames do not mean that they will stay in places all the time. Instead, they should remain portable from room to room and for assembly.

It seems that the choice of bed frames for obese couples becomes more challenging to keep a balance of heavy-duty performance and mobile construction.

Thankfully, most frames now come in separate pieces. Some manufacturers save time in assembly by folding and locking main pieces out of the package. You only need to screw slats or legs, and the bed is ready to serve.

Besides, bed frames with wheels are available to offer effortless relocation and piece rearrangement. You can lock the legs to secure the placement in the end.

7. Brand Credibility & Warranty

It is worth purchasing the best heavy duty bed frame from popular brands despite it being more expensive. You will get a built-to-last frame.

Besides, you will be granted a warranty. Knowing the periods for exchanging, replacing, or repairing parts can free you from concern.

Most brands we trust will offer at least five years of warranty against damaged or broken issues.

Last Verdict

Of all the best bed frames for obese couples, the ZIYOO Heavy Duty Bed with solid wood slats is our choice because of its balance in prices and weight capacity.

You can also consider other choices based on your preferred style and, more importantly, your two’s overall weight. Besides, consider the slats that provide extra support under your back so that you can scroll comfortably at night.

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