In the hustle-bustle of our day-to-day lives, when it becomes hard to find a private, quiet place for yourself, many people choose soundproof curtains as a necessary item for their house.

These window curtains are not only for home decoration. They prevent light glares while blocking noise distractions, allowing you to concentrate more on what you’re doing.

However, there is an overwhelming number of noise cancelling curtains on the market. Each carries an identical claim of efficiency and value for money. You might get confused as to which is the most suitable option for your apartment.

The best soundproof curtains list down below might help you facing this trouble. Moreover, you will have a relevant buying guide to make a better purchasing decision.

Top 10 Soundproof Curtains – Quick Comparision

Product ImageProduct NameRatingsLatest Price
NICETOWN Curtain4.8/5
WONTEX Curtain4.8/5
HLC.ME Curtain4.7/5
Deconovo Curtain4.5/5
Dreaming Casa Curtain4.8/5
AmazonBasics Curtain4.6/5
BGmentTextured Curtain4.7/5
StangH Curtain4.8/5
Cherry Home Curtain4.7/5
Yakamok Curtain4.5/5

Best Soundproof Curtains Reviews

1. NICETOWN Noise Dampening Curtains – Best Overall

NICETOWN Noise Dampening Curtain

The number 1 pick is from a well-known curtain manufacturer – NICETOWN. This soundproof curtain offers 9 size options and 16 elegant colorways such as Biscotti Beige, Royal Purple, Sea Teal, etc.

The package contains a set of 2 NICETOWN blackout curtain panels, which are easy to install and slide thanks to the thick, insulated silver grommet. These heavy panels can absorb sound 2 times better than the ordinary 1-layer curtains, so you won’t hear any outside noise.

Not only does this curtain specialize in soundproofing, but it is also full blackout, which prevents the outside light from entering the room. The sew-in curtain liner backing makes the drapes thick enough to completely block light and UV rays. This provides an authentic night’s sleep during the day for “night owls” people. If you are looking for the best soundproof curtains to buy, the NICETOWN curtains deserve your attention.


  • Full blackout block 100% light
  • Excellent sound dampening
  • Multicolor
  • Easy to use


  • Heavy

2. WONTEX Room Noise Reducing Curtains – Best for Winter

WONTEX Noise Reducing Curtain

These thermal insulation curtains are made of 100% polyester and come in a package of two. The Wontex curtains also have 8 elegant grommets that match perfectly with any room style.

Besides, the triple weave blackout fabric offers a totally dark environment, even on the sunniest days. This 3-layer structure is so thick that it guarantees your privacy by considerably lessening the noise coming from your busy neighborhoods.

What’s more, these soundproof curtains can balance your room’s temperature. They maintain heat inside the room during the winter and resist heat during the hot season. They also feature a solid liner added to their back to stop the sun in the summer and prevent the heat from getting out in the winter.

But beware, this curtain does have its weakness. According to some feedback, the polyester fabric might come with lots of wrinkles.


  • Block 95% light
  • Well-stitched
  • Decent temperature balancing


  • Wrinkles

3. HLC.ME Camden Decorative Soundproof Curtains – Best Energy Saving

HLC ME Camden Decorative Curtain

This lined curtain can help you save up to 30% on your house electricity bills. The thermal insulated blackout soundproof curtains retain heat well. Therefore, it will result in lower cooling and heating bills. It helps you feel cozy during cold winter and cools you down in the summer.

Besides, the HLC.ME curtains have a unique Camden pattern that makes them a great decorative curtain. The high-quality printed design, along with the thick yet lightweight polyester fabric and long drapes, ensures that the pattern and color won’t fade away easily regardless of harsh weather or washing condition.

On the downside, the HLC.ME curtains come in a limited number of colors. You only get 6 options, including 4 major shades: white, grey, blue, and taupe.


  • Special Camden pattern
  • Energy efficiency
  • Full blackout


  • Fewer color options

4. Deconovo Foil Print Wave Noise Cancelling Curtains – Best Value

Deconovo Foil Print Wave Noise Canceling Curtain

The Deconovo blackout curtains deliver all of the best soundproof curtains’ standard features at an affordable price, making it value for the money.

This noise reducing curtain is available in a wide range of vibrant colors and sizes. You can easily find the perfect match for your living room, bedroom, or office. The foil printed wave striped pattern also offers an accent to complement your place.

Moreover, this curtain has a thermal insulating design that helps avoid heat exposure, limiting sunlight’s entrance into the room to minimize energy costs. The drapes are not see-through, adding more privacy to your room besides soundproofing.

However, this curtain only has 6 grommets instead of 8. Although the stainless steel rings are anti-rust and large enough for the whole curtain to easily move along most rods in the market, it makes the curtain look like shower drapes.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Multicolor & sizes
  • Triple weave technology


  • The large grommets make the curtain look like a shower curtain

5. Dreaming Casa Velvet Sound Blocking Curtains – Best Size Diversity

Dreaming Casa Velvet Sound Blocking Curtain

Since the sizes of windows and doors are different from house to house, it would be great if a manufacturer can provide curtains in any dimension the customers want. And that’s what exactly Dreaming Casa is doing.

Instead of a limited range of sizes like other options in this list, Dreaming Casa receives customers’ emails and customizes all curtains to any size and top construction. Even the available size range contains up to over 20 dimensions.

Besides, these sound absorbing curtains provide 2 hanging positions: Back Tab and Rod Pocket, both fit up to 2.5-inch curtain rod.

Moreover, the triple-layer lightproof technology is proved to be eco-friendly, soft, and has a 90% shading rate that those who are sensitive to light will take an interest in. It can keep the light on the streets out excellently and ensure quality sleep.

On the downside, the velvet fabric is slightly heavier than polyester. It’s somehow hard to wash and install such a heavy curtain.


  • Customize size
  • Two hanging choices


  • Heavy

6. AmazonBasics Blackout Soundproof Curtains – Best Eco-friendly

AmazonBasics Blackout Soundproof Curtain

The AmazonBasics soundproof curtains are crafted in a Green factory. This is an independent certification system that guarantees the fabric will follow high protection and environmental standards.

Additionally, the solid construction and back liner reduces outdoor noise and helps to avoid drafts. A perfect option for anyone yearning for a break from the hectic city pace of life yet cannot afford to move!

Moreover, it holds the sun’s UV rays at bay. It also encourages healthy sleep practices by providing an ideally quiet, dim-light environment.

However, the pattern and fabric surface are quite boring. There are only 6 colors to choose from.


  • Green factory standard
  • Solid built quality
  • Good soundproofing and light performance


  • Few color options

7. BGmentTextured Linen Blackout Soundproofing Curtains – Best Budget

BGmentTextured Linen Sound Barrier Curtain

BGment has a history of over 10 years producing affordable soundproof drapes. Thus, you can expect this noise cancelling drape to be a real bargain. It provides decent light blocking, thermal insulation, and works as a sound barrier at a low price.

These noise blocking curtains have a striking design with one side khaki and vibrant colors such as lime, coral, and yellow on the other side. The Exquisite Fabric is soft, wrinkle-free, and machine washable, and so it goes without saying that this piece of window accessory is extremely easy to maintain.

Furthermore, the 100% blackout curtains can block light and UV rays completely, darken your room for late sleeping and afternoon naps.

However, the curtains are not as thick as other suggestions. It can reduce outside traffic and neighbor noise, deliver a comfortable resting space, but the soundproofing efficiency is just above average compared to some excellent ones.

Even with some such drawbacks, if your budget is limited, the BGment Blackout Curtain is definitely one of the best curtains for noise reduction that you have to think of first.


  • Vibrant color
  • Machine washable
  • 100% blackout
  • Budget-friendly


  • Average noise cancellation

8. StangH Extra Long Soundproof Curtain – Best Velvet Curtains

StangH Extra Long Soundproof Window Treatment

The 2-layer super soft poly velvet curtain is not just soundproofing material. It is also luxurious enough to brighten your room and feel heavenly to your touch.

The sewn-on triple weave blackout material liner allows the curtain to hold sunlight and UV rays to create a totally dim, night shifter works setting. This solid structure also delivers one of the best privacy protection and sound blocking.

Additionally, these double-layer soundproofing curtains are better at thermal insulation than standard single-layer ones. It provides a great room temperature match during hot summer days and cold winter nights. Therefore, it can reduce costs for air conditioners and heaters.

On the downside, to get all of the premium performance and luxurious look, you have to pay for these curtains more than other competitors. Also, velvet is generally heavier than other materials.


  • Soft
  • Luxury look
  • 100% blackout


  • Costly
  • Heavy

9. Cherry Home Super Soft Velvet Soundproof Curtains – Best for Decorative

Cherry Home Super Soft Luxury Velvet Curtain

As its name indicates, the velvet curtains from Cherry Home will add a luxury feel to any room. Available in 17 color options, these curtains will liven up your indoor places. Together with the light and noise dampening, they will be an ideal option for home use.

The 280gsm velvet fabric is robust yet still soft to touch. It has weave technology to lower noise outside and promise a peaceful sleep for you against hot and cold weather conditions.

However, this material can block 85%-99% of sunlight and 80% of UV rays, which is not comparable to the 95% or 99% of other blackout curtains. You can choose dark colors to improve this function though.


  • Multicolor
  • Premium look


  • Heavy
  • Average light blocking

10. Yakamok Gradient Color Sound Deadening Curtains – Best Color Arrangement

Yakamok Gradient Color Sound Deadening Curtain

The Yakamok soundproof curtains come in 15 different gradient colors, bringing a pastel and elegant look to your places.

The two-tone ombre shifts beautifully with the light, along with the chic pattern, offering a dip-dye style that is the perfect choice for aesthetic and modern theme lovers.

Besides, these triple weaved fabric curtains display a dark shading rate of 95%-99% and a light shading rate of 85 to 90%, making them a perfect choice for keeping the same temperature during the year. Also, the 3 layers work well in blocking out noises from outside.

However, this curtain might come with wrinkles, like some of the 100% polyester curtains. But on the bright side, these wrinkles will be gone after hanging for a few weeks, or warm iron.


  • Unique aesthetic style
  • Good sound & light blocking


  • Wrinkles

Do Soundproof Curtains Work?

Before figuring out how efficient soundproof curtains are, you should make it clear: No curtains can reduce the noise to absolute zero. The best thing you’ve got by far is a “whisper-quiet” curtain. That’s a fact.

Cloth or fabric material could never completely deaden airborne noise, not to mention structure-borne sound that goes through walls and doors.

However, this doesn’t mean that soundproofing is just a marketing term. Specific curtains do dampen unwanted sounds traveling into your room. They do it with their dense structure and multilayers design that can absorb most of the echoes escaping into your room.

To dig deeper into the curtains’ work, you need to understand the flow of sound traveling. When sound meets an object, it might interact in one of these three ways:

  • Reflection: Sound bounces back immediately. For example, this happens when you speak in an empty hall.
  • Passing through: Sound goes directly through the object, usually non-soundproof material such as an ordinary thin door/wall.
  • Absorption: When sound hits a soundproofing material, you will see like the sound suddenly stops. In fact, that material dampened partly or all of the sound.

So a soundproof object, like a curtain, does not block or reflect the sound. Instead, the fabric layers made it absorb the sound. This special structure will be discussed later on.

Thanks to this feature, the amount of noise, particularly for reminiscent noises like construction work and barking dogs, that you currently hear in your home is then significantly reduced. That’s why many noise-reducing curtains have thick, soundproof drapes.

Furthermore, you can combine the curtain with a noise-canceling door or window. By this method, you can maximize your room’s soundproofing capability without having to build a brand new soundproof wall.

Things to Consider When Buying Curtains for Noise Reduction

1. Size Measuring

If you want to find soundproofing curtains that fit perfectly in your room, measuring is necessary. The first thing to pay attention to is that each panel needs to extend well past the edges and bottom of the window/door since sound can escape into your room through this gap.

Then measure the length, width, and height of the area you want to install the curtains in, and decide how many inches you want them to pass the edges (wider/longer). Choose manufacturers that provide custom/ handmade service, if possible.

Bonus soundproofing tips: The curtains should extend from the ceiling to the floor, but not too long. Otherwise, you will end up slipping on it.

2. Choosing Material & Structure

The fabric material has to be thick, well layered to absorb sound yet still lightweight to install/slide, and soft to touch.

Velvet, suede, and some polyester varieties are typically the most popular material since they contain extra fibers, increasing density. Triple-weave yarn is the best choice. If it isn’t available, double-layer ones are good alternatives.

Triple-weave technology is actually a method of layering fabric to increase thickness for better sound reduction. This is often used in blackout curtains. It includes 3 layers: Front fabric layer, high-density black yarn, and Back fabric layer.

Layering is for 2 main purposes:

  • Creating more “spaces to trap” sound inside it, allowing a layer to match your room theme and styles
  • Another layer is for blocking sunlight and harmful UV rays.

3. Check the Rods and Grommets

Sturdy fabric means the curtains are somehow heavyweight, and you will need solid rods and strong grommets to install and use them. For multilayer curtains, you might need double rods.

Usually, rods and grommets should be made from anti-rust metal for longer durability. The rings have to be large enough for the ease of hanging curtains and sliding them left and right. The most popular number of grommets is 6 or 8.

In terms of hanging options, you have 2 types: wrapping around and mounting to the ceiling.

Wrap-around rods are handy and easy to install. You can attach these rods to the wall at a curve, letting the curtain pass from wall to wall and embrace the window tightly. The principle is the closer the wall and the curtains are, the less sound can escape into the room.

On the contrary, the ceiling-mount method requires brackets to fix the curtains to the ceiling. Remember to attach them as close as possible to the window. This would remove any distance between the wall and the curtain to prevent sound from going through.

Final Verdict

Overall, soundproof curtains are excellent for decorative purposes, blocking light, balancing the room’s temperature, and noise reduction. They are a brilliant choice for those who love light sleep or need alternate sleep schedules.

The best pick is maybe the NICETOWN Blackout curtains. They are affordable, available in multiple sizes and colors, easy to care for, and excellently sound and lightproof.

However, demands can vary from person to person, each will prefer a particular feature. Therefore, you should take the best noise reducing curtains above as a suggestion and buying guide to make a better investment.

To make your room quieter, you should also consider adding these silent tower fans, these noiseless humidifiers, and these no squeak bed frames to your shopping list.

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