You don’t know how to place your rug under a sectional sofa? You are struggling to find an ideal placement? If so, the best following tips will help you arrange your living room most suitably and aesthetically.

A rug plays a vital role in the interior decor of your living room. It not only works as a foundation theme for other furniture pieces but also helps anchor and enhance your sectional sofa.

The placement depends on the rug sizes, the sectional sizes, and the layouts of the room. We will give you details about these factors and how they work in your room.

Best Rug Placement Under a Sectional Sofa

And without further ado, just skim through the best tips on placing your rug under a sectional.

1. Place The Rug in The Center Corner of The Sectional Sofa

It is the most common placement in the living room with a sectional sofa. You may want to put the rug under your coffee table or even extend it beyond the sitting pieces if it is large enough.

Place The Rug In The Center Corner Of The Sectional Sofa

A floor covering with natural fiber or synthetic options both provide a soft landing for your living room. But always keep in your mind that the rug should have an equal space surrounding it.

The center position is the most spotlight area of the entire living room; thus, putting the rug in there will create a balanced room decor.

2. Match The Love Seat Of Sofa With a Rectangular Rug

This placement is the most popular design style, especially when you own a bumper sectional sofa. The loveseat’s size will match up with the shorter side of the rectangular rug that creates a rectangle visual for the overall room.

Match The Love Seat Of Sofa With a Rectangular Rug

Besides, the nesting table also balances out the extended area of the rug, which ensures the decor arrangement’s aesthetics beyond the luxurious sofa

3. Put The Area Rug in The Center of The Room

Don’t be confused with tip 1; this way suggests you center the rug in the middle of the room instead of the center corner of the sectional couch.

Put The Area Rug in The Center of The Room

If your front room has a square or nearly square-shaped floor, this might be an easy and useful way to create a symmetrical design for your room. Additionally, the placement also works well with a circular rug in a round or oval room.

A petite coffee table with sufficient size will perfectly balance your shag rug and make it become the highlight of the room that attracts your guests’ attention.

4. Extend The Rug Beneath Your Sectional

If you have a spacious living room, there will be a wider range for your choice. Some people tend to be a bit greedy when putting plenty of small rugs with bright colors in a large room, which creates a distracting appearance.

Extend The Rug Beneath Your Sectional

Instead, you may go for a large luxury rug and place it beneath the entire sofa. This placement choice helps avoid the situation where the rug looks tiny in a large place. An asymmetric coffee table or nesting table will be a special item for the creative design idea.

An extended rug also makes your room become a nice and cozy place for a family gathering or lounging.

5. Diagonal Placement of The Area Rugs

Or else, if you are not one of the rule followers, the diagonal rug placement is a piece of artwork that makes your living space more stylish.

Diagonal Placement of The Area Rugs

Normally, the coffee table anchor the rug. While in this way, the corners of the rug will be placed diagonally to both ends of the sectional piece. They will point directly to the room’s corner, framing a diamond-shaped visual.

But, notice that the ideal rug size must be proportional to the room scale, or the room will look rather disordered.

6. Place a Rug asymmetrically Under A Small Sectional Sofa

A lounge can utilize small furnishings with a small-sized rug. A rug with a geometric pattern is truly a stylish item in a mid-century modern design.

Place a Rug asymmetrically Under A Small Sectional Sofa

It would break the way when you turn the rug’s short side right underneath the long side of the sofa, creating a visual like one cryptic eye on the floor. Plus, a metal table will help to balance the view.

Should My Area Rug Go Under My Couch?

When it comes to furnishing placement in your home, it might be lame if putting the rug right next to the wall. There should be a clearance between two items of decor.

Imagine a rug like an anchor of your living room; it works far more than just a platform. On the other hand, it can become an oasis between your oceanic space if you select a too-small one.

To avoid this circumstance, there is a basic furniture rule amongst the designers that the is supposed to be large enough to weigh down other living room furniture, including the tea table and sofa.

It depends on the size of your front room, how you’d like the rug to cover your room space, or the decoration style that you want to create; you decide to extend it beneath the sofa or not.

Should My Area Rug Go Under My Couch

For example, in a spacious open room, the rug should sit under the front furniture legs. Likewise, if you own a large rug, then the couch can stand entirely above the rug.

The Correct Size Rug for Sectional Couch in Living Room

Next is the guide that provides the exact numbers on these furniture pieces to create the balance for your room.

The Ideal Rug Size Fit With Your Living Room

Overall, there are four main rug sizes, including 6×9 inches, 8×10 inches, 9×12 inches, and 10×14 inches. Here are the exact rules to pick up the right rug size that fits your lounge nicely.

Rule 1: Stay away from tiny rugs of odd sizes, they are adorable, but they will shrink down your space and make it look like a packed room.

Instead, try layering the medium round rugs and the sectional; you will have a brighter place and a more cheerful living room. The round rugs with vibrant colors are amplified double.

The rule of thumb uses the rugs with absolutely contrasting colors that harmonize with each other, including the sectional’s material. We paired it with an accent chair for the seating piece, along with an oval coffee table that can tuck within the angle of the chaise.

Small sectional sofa with rug

Rule 2: Leave a larger space of more than 6 inches between the rug and the floor on all sides. This will make the rug become an accent piece in the room.

Though, a smaller room can be an exception. It would look better with less floor space visible surrounding the rug. A large rug can make an undersized room seem too packed since its furnishings create untidy.

Rule 3: The front sofa legs should rest on the edges of the rug. This creates a bonding connection between furniture pieces. Therefore, your beautiful living room can have a stylistic proportion.

For a spacious room, the rug should extend more than 10 inches beyond the sides of the furniture underneath. This will provide a coordinated arrangement and ensure the aesthetic quality in your large room.

The Standard Sizes Fit With Your Sectional Size

To be more specific, it is also necessary to have a standard rug size matching the furniture’s size. Using the removable floor tape to measure and follow these specifications for your reference.

  • For a 60 to 80 inches L-sectional sofa, we suggest you use a 6×9 inch rug. You also can pair it with 4 to 6 inches one in diameter.
  • For an 85 to 90 inches chaise sectional, 8×10 inches will be the ideal size for the rug. A 6-inch round rug or layering is the best for this sofa type.
  • For a 90 to 119 inches chaise sofa or bumper sectional, 9×12 inches would be a perfect size for the rug. Similarly, a round rug with 8 inches diameter should be used.
  • An L-sectional or round-cornered sofa 100 inches and above will suit a 10×14 inches rug. Multiple-sized round rugs can be used for this sectional sofa’s style.

Seating Arrangement With A Round Mat

Traditionally, a square or rectangular mat is a basic selection for defining the space planning in your home. They will also make it easy when you combine it with your sectional sofa or other furniture species.

A round mat is completely a different piece of furniture. It will be more difficult to combine than traditionally shaped rugs and only suitable for rooms with balanced floor space.

round rug

However, a round mat still has an uncanny charm. If you place it appropriately, it may add to the soft curves of the room and make a pleasing appearance.

To Conclude

Please choose the appropriate size, material, colors, and design of the brand new rug and place it under your sectional sofa. Then, consider the features to make a perfect placement. Taking the design consideration from experts for reference is also a good choice, but always keep your eyes on visual appeal.

Keep in your mind three basic things: the rug sizes, sectional sizes, and your living room layout to provide splendid room decor with a sense of proportion among the furniture pieces.

We hope the above tips on how to place a rug under a sectional sofa work well and can exhibit the proportionate yet sophistication of the owner through the interior.

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