Gray cabinets are a perfect choice in your kitchen because they bring a sense of harmony and make the kitchen extremely luxurious.

However, after a period of use, you want to update your hardware, so what color hardware goes well with gray cabinets? Here are the best colors for knobs and handles to install on gray cabinets: Black, Silver, Bronze, Brass, and Golden.

Let’s read on to know more details and practical examples.

What Color Hardware Looks Best with Gray Cabinets?

Gray is an exquisite color, especially in the interior world. Moreover, it is not too difficult for you to find a suitable shade of the accompanying hardware with each gray object.

However, gray also has different dark and light colors, so choosing your hardware color may not be easy. So keep reading to find out which colors look best with your gray cabinets.


Usually, black handles or knobs will work best with light gray or dark gray cabinets.

Light Gray Cabinets with Black Handles

gray cabinets with black hardware

It must be affirmed that this color combination is perfect. You will see the stark contrast of light gray and black. These two tones make your cabinets more luxurious and elegant.

Dark Gray Cabinets with Black Hardware

dark gray cabinets with black hardware

You might think that this combination makes the room dark. These two colors will give you a rather dramatic and unique feeling.

However, the room inevitably becomes dark, so consider using a light-colored dining table or designing a harmonious and reasonable electrical system.


Light gray cabinets are not suitable for knobs or handles with silver color because the two colors may not accentuate each other’s tones. So medium to dark gray or even blue-gray is probably the perfect combination:

With Cabinets in Medium to Dark Gray Tones

grey cabinets with silver hardware

Usually, silver tones are materials made from Nickel. So it often feels quite classic and traditional to the user. Yet, the combination with the dark or medium gray of the cabinet is not the wrong choice.

With the silver knob or handle, this combination is enough to create a striking contrast to your cabinetry.

Gray-blue Tone Cabinets Go Well with Silver Pulls

blue grey cabinets with silver pulls

You may find these two colors ridiculous, but you will undoubtedly be surprised at their perfect combination. This combination sometimes turns out to be quite risky but will not let you down.

You really should try to see this unique difference. Moreover, the variety of gray cabinets with silver accessories will give you a feeling of lightness and tranquility.


grey kitchen cabinets with bronze hardware

You’ll likely see bronze hardware all the time when you go to specialty furniture stores. However, the bronze color will be more suitable if your kitchen cabinets have a tan, gray tone because it brings a lighter shade and makes the knob or pulls more prominent.

However, you should also consider using bronze hardware because it will stand out best with light gray to white cabinets.


gray cabinets brass hardware

If you have a cabinet with a light gray tone, choosing brass knobs or handles is a good choice. Sometimes it will be difficult to tell the difference between brass and gold. However, brass will be darker than gold and have a red tint to be brighter with pure gold.

In general, compared to silver or black hardware, this combination is not so perfect, but these two colors combine to become unique and a particular highlight.

And yet, a light gray cabinet with brass hardware will make your kitchen different from any other room.


grey cabinets with gold hardware

Your light gray cabinet will become extremely prominent if you incorporate gold knobs or handles.

You quickly recognize the prominence of this color hardware on the light gray background. And yet, looking at it as a whole, you can see the harmony and new feeling when choosing gold hardware for yourself.

A small suggestion for you is to consider choosing a silver dining table and moderate lighting system to make your kitchen shimmer like a royal.

Above are a few suggestions on how to choose the best hardware color for your gray cabinets.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the selection of other items such as the dining table, carpet, or even floor tiles to the whole kitchen as harmoniously as possible.

Is Gray a Good Color for Kitchen Cabinets?

As mentioned earlier, gray is a beautiful color and is very suitable for your kitchen cabinets.

Instead of white kitchen cabinets that used to be the trend of choice in the interior world, gray suddenly emerged unexpectedly and dominated. In fact, white cabinets are simpler to choose because they match almost any color.

However, the white color is effortless to reveal dirt or scratches. So, the aesthetics of your cabinet will also decrease. Not only that, sometimes the stains are challenging to clean and make you very uncomfortable.

On the contrary, the gray cabinet has the advantage because it deceives the eye.

handles for ligh gray cabinets

After all, the stains or scratches are not nearly too noticeable, even if it covers quite nicely. You may have a hard time noticing if your cabinets have minor blemishes or stains.

Moreover, you can easily combine the dining table in many unique and new styles with the gray kitchen cabinets.

You can combine the gray of the cabinet with a silver dining table or the marble style or even save money with laminate. Every type of table almost succumbs to the gray color of the cabinet.

Another unique feature that surpasses white is that gray contains diverse and novel colors. You may only remember gray with a dull and gloomy feeling, but in reality, you can consider choosing light gray, dark gray, or blue-gray, etc.

Finally, it must be affirmed that a gray cabinet is a trend-leading option with flexible style, timeless color, and especially the ability to hide dirt. You will not regret choosing this color for your furniture.

Can You Mix Cabinet Hardware Styles?

Mixing up the hardware styles of the cabinets is a great way and is quite ideal in your kitchen.

However, have you ever found out about the reason for this combination? The fact that this combination plays a big part in the difference in style and functional suitability.

First, about the difference in style, the harmonious combination of small parts in the space will make you more excited every time you get close to it and immerse yourself. Besides, you will not be too bored or tedious when using many types of handles or scissors.

After all, you may find that your kitchen cabinet system plays a different role. Each cabinet has a separate function. Therefore, each type of cabinet will suit other knobs and handles, depending on your needs and preferences. The cabinet can be fitted with knobs or handles.

In general, the combination of many hardware styles is entirely possible and helpful for users.

Mix Cabinet Hardware Styles

Is It Ok To Mix Brushed Nickel and Bronze?

In fact, the combination of metals is a novel design inspiration, especially in furniture. The intermixing between different metals creates more light and aesthetic effects in your kitchen.

Back to the main question, as mentioned before, nickel mixed with copper is quite OK because when standing together, these two colors will stand out due to the two contrasting colors.

Sometimes each blend will give you a new and sophisticated feeling. Moreover, the combination of each metal will speak to the style and personality of its creator. You can have many types and many different color mixes.

There are a few suggestions when combining metals that you should know:

  • Metals should have similar colors, typically chromium and nickel, because the two colors are pretty bright
  • Combine warm-colored metals like gold or brass with typically cold-colored metals like chromium or silver. You will find that these two colors will blend and highlight each other more.
  • Do not mix too many metals at once. Always make sure you combine two or three metals or at most four to ensure the kitchen doesn’t get too cluttered with too many colors and textures.
  • Before you intend to mix metal, you can consider the overview of your room. If your furniture is chrome, a good option for you is to add gold or copper lighting.
  • In general, you can mix metals according to the preferences and characteristics of each room in your house. However, you should ensure that it still gives you a sense of balance, harmony, and comfort after combining the room.


What color knobs and handles should you use for gray cabinets? There are many hardware colors with different designs suitable for your gray cabinets. You should consider them with the overall color of the kitchen or room. Everything should be in harmony. Of course, you can mix and match colors to create your own accent and style.

We hope that the article’s information can help you refresh your cabinet and room. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on this post.

Thank you for reading!

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