You have beautiful cabinets with mineral or sophisticated room designs. You may think it will be the highlight in the house, especially the kitchen.

However, after assembling everything, you realize that it lacks cohesion and is not as expected. The leading cause is that you have chosen handles or knobs with a color that does not match the cabinets, especially the white ones.

So, what color hardware looks good with white cabinets? Here are the best hardware colors to install on your white cabinets: Black, Silver, Bronze, Gold, Pewter, Brown, and White.

The sections below will give you more detailed answers and examples.

What Color Hardware Looks Best on White Cabinets?

Besides design, hardware color is essential. Your cabinets will become more beautiful and harmonious with the kitchen space by selecting handles, knobs, and hinges with the appropriate color palette.

With a white cabinet, you should choose the following colors:


white cabinets with black hinges and handles

Black-white is a perfect contrast that you can combine with any product. Therefore, you can choose black handles or knobs for your white kitchen cabinets.

This combination provides a bold contrast that helps your cabinet stand out. Yet, this highlight must be in harmony with the shared space of the kitchen. That is, you should only use black when your kitchen has a dark or black tone.

Although the hardware does not take up too much space, if it has too many colors, the room’s beauty will be significantly reduced. So, don’t just rely on cabinets, but you need to look around before making a rational decision.


white kitchen cabinets with silver hardware
Silver handles and knobs make white kitchen cabinets look more luxurious

Silver is inherently luxurious and noble. So, combined with delicate white, this duo promises to bring a space that is both luxurious and close.

These two colors go together to create a quiet and elegant space. Most of all, silver is very bright, especially in a place with a lot of sunlight.

So, your kitchen with windows will be an advantage to make this color tone stand out and sparkle. Not only beautiful but also very sterile, kitchen and food-related items need this feature.

If you use some other utensils that are also stainless steel, the silver hardware will match the white cabinets as well as these utensils.

As a result, the overall space is uniform, bright and clean. At the same time, the kitchen is more evocative to make the room feel like it is expanding. You can also choose brushed nickel hardware to create the same effect as silver ones.


white cabinets with oil rubbed bronze pulls
White kitchen cabinets go well with oil rubbed bronze pulls

If you love the classic style or want to bring a little old to give depth to the room, bronze hardware is very reasonable. They go well with white cabinets.

Besides the classic, the bronze hardware also goes well with a rustic, casual style. To make this trend more prominent, you should choose simple white cabinets.

With bronze hardware, you have 3 tones to choose from. Brown looks pretty solid. From afar, you might think it’s wood. It has a slightly sad style, but it blends well with the fresh white tone of the cabinet.

The shiny brass knobs combined with white create a regal style. Yellow also brightens the room and gives it a timeless beauty.

The final color you can choose is stainless copper. This hardware color is not shiny but not as dark as brown. It shines with golden tones and has an antique feel. You can choose this color to create a semi-modern look for the kitchen.


white cabinets with gold knobs and handles

The characteristic of yellow is very bright and striking. Therefore, it is straightforward to combine with white. It doesn’t give a great contrast. In contrast, this hardware color supports more brilliant and more generous white cabinets.

When it comes to gold, people immediately think of wealth and prosperity. Therefore, gold pulls and knobs on the cabinet doors will bring energy and vitality to the room.

If you want to build a kitchen like a royal room, the gold hardware is a smart choice and will help you clearly express your intentions. You can immediately think of this hardware color when there are white cabinets.


pewter hardware on white cabinets

Pewter is a mixture of the silver, tin base, gold, and copper. Materials are richly combined, so the color of the pewter is also exceptional. It’s hard to describe its specific color through a color word.

One thing is for sure, however, that it goes well with white. Your kitchen will be more beautiful when using pewter hardware. It also connects easily with brown, black, or silver items.

Although it’s not as shiny or shiny as gold or silver, it still feels spotless. Moreover, cool tones should bring coolness to a greasy room.

Along with white cabinets, this hard object still creates a modern look suitable for families who pursue youthfulness.

Brown (Copper Tone)

copper pulls on white cabinets

Brown is found in wood or copper materials. They come in many shades, from chestnut to dark. Copper pulls will be a novelty accent to your white cabinets.

You should only use the brown wooden knob when the material of the cabinet is rigid. Metal pulls that go with wooden cabinets are standard.

However, the metal pulls and wooden knobs don’t seem to match. So, besides choosing the color, you should pay attention to the material. The harmonious combination in all aspects will make your cabinetry more beautiful.

The copper hardware by itself cannot give a shiny and clean look. However, it is a color that hides the old face very well.

Whether new or used for a long time, they are still the same color, no glossier or less glossy. So your room will remain intact over time.


white handles on white cabinets

The simple, consistently accurate, and never out-of-date combination is to use the same two colors. So a white cabinet that comes with white handles is perfect.

Many people think that this combination is bland and pointless. However, the harmony and uniformity have helped the whole cabinet highlight the room instead of just the tiny hardware.

When using white hardware, you won’t need to care much about the furniture around the room. Because basically, it’s more than enough to identify with the cabinet. Now that you have a larger-than-usual handle design.

Do Cabinet Handles and Hinges Have to Match?

When choosing the color of the handle, you wonder if this color should match your margin. The answer is yes if the hinge is a different color from the cabinet.

You will find it very odd if the 3 parts located next to each other are the handle, hinge, and wardrobe, which have 3 completely different colors. This feature inadvertently makes your closet area disjointed and uncoordinated.

So, choose a colored handle with hinges. However, if the cabinet door hinges are not exposed, the color selection is not essential. Because now the fragmentation will not be seen by anyone.

Before choosing a color, you do not need to care about the hinge color but pay attention to whether the hinged cabinet door is exposed when opening and closing. After determining, you follow the rules that do.

mix pulls and knobs on white cabinets

Can You Mix Pulls and Knobs On Cabinets?

You can freely combine different types of buttons and pulls. However, please do not take advantage of it because it may confuse you.

As a result, the aesthetic of the room is affected. You can use the pulls for tall cabinets and knobs for permeable cabinets. Drawers will be pulled by hand.

You rely on this principle to combine two types of handles. Thus, your room is more diverse. Besides, you are also more convenient to use during daily life.

Regardless of the type of handles you use, you should never forget that they should always be the same color and match the cabinet’s color. At the same time, they must also harmonize with the space of the room.

Can You Mix and Match Cabinet Knobs?

These days, cabinet knobs are very diverse. It can be a small, smooth and glossy circle or a delicate pattern, or something else.

When they have so many choices, you can be confused between the types. Sometimes, you are greedy and want to take it all home.

The combination of many types together is not wrong at all. However, besides facilitating use, beauty is also an essential factor. Knobs of different styles, shapes, sizes, or materials are not guaranteed to look good.

Therefore, you must ensure that there is harmony between the combinations.

Maybe this knob alone will be beautiful, but it will not make a connection when going with another type. An overall block without alignment will be very disjointed and cannot create a beautiful space.

Therefore, you should observe and calculate carefully before using many knobs in a kitchen space on the same cabinet.


So, what color hardware goes best with white cabinets? Choosing the best hardware color for your white cabinets depends on many factors, from countertops to floors. Everything should come together in harmony. However, the hardware colors that work well with white cabinets are usually similar to white like silver, white or contrasting tones like black, gray.

The creations in your head will probably open you up to many color options. However, you will have many big surprises when white in combination with one of the above options. We hope you have a kitchen like that soon.

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