Oak cabinets are a traditional and ubiquitous sight in houses. They are generally made of solid wood, are long-lasting, and provide good functionality.

However, these cabinets might appear antiquated when combined with their actual hardware, ranging from pure white plastic to a gold finish.

What color hardware goes well with oak cabinets? We’ve put up a list of hardware colors that will complement your oak cabinets perfectly. These colors will have the most effect when matching the right hardware style.

  • Black
  • Antique brass
  • Silver
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Gold
  • Brushed nickel
  • Black nickel
  • Polished chrome

Let’s dive into the details!

Best Color Hardware for Oak Cabinets

Let’s begin by determining what hue oak wood cabinets are. Oak cabinets, or honey Oak cabinets, have a distinctive wood grain with yellow or gold overtones.

These cabinets were widely known for being a robust and hefty material. Therefore, as long as they are in excellent shape, they are frequently upgraded rather than replaced.

1. Black

oak cabinets with black hardware

Black hardware is contemporary and sleek, and it contrasts beautifully with golden oak cabinets. The dark color contrasts with antique woodwork. Many countertops and new appliances will look great with black hardware.

2. Silver

oak cabinets silver handles

A softer juxtaposition, such as silver or comparable colors like nickel, can go with nearly any décor design. This combination is a moderate finish that, for the most part, will not add warmth to the cabinets.

Minimize silver finishes that reflect or mirror if you’re attempting to balance out the yellowish undertones. These may readily take on the hue of the cabinets reflected in the mirror, adding to the room’s warmth.

3. Oil Rubbed Bronze

oak cabinets with oil rubbed bronze hardware

The ideal blend of brown and black is oil-rubbed bronze trim. This color may appear black in several circumstances. However, it will mirror a dark bronze sheen when exposed to light.

It is among a few occasions when a warmer color will complement wood cabinets. Because the bronze is so mild, it will not overwhelm the space with warmth.

The oil rubbed bronze hardware also appears to be higher-end and heavier, making it more appropriate for historic kitchens than contemporary ones.

4. Antique Brass

oak cabinets with antique brass handles

Antique brass is an excellent finish that goes well with oak cabinets for those who want a low-contrast aesthetic, but it is tougher to execute off unless you have insane flair and the proper cabinets.

Another advantage is that most honey oak cabinets have this coating on their door hinges (assuming they still have their old hardware), so there’s one less reason to care about it.

5. Gold

oak cabinets gold handles

While gold is a trendy finish nowadays, it is not always well received by wood cabinets. Brass or gold hardware is often a yellow-toned metal polish, and some cupboards or cabinets are far too red or orange-toned to achieve this yellow-gold appearance.

Although aged brass (also known as antique brass) is typically a better fit, it is also more costly than polished nickel or black.

6. Brushed Nickel

oak cabinets with brushed nickel hardware

Brushed nickel is a cabinet hardware color that compliments oak cabinets beautifully. After being dulled and lacquered, the nickel is coated onto brass.

With a more delicate tone, the effect is akin to aluminum or steel. Brushed nickel hardware frequently appears on maple or oak cabinets since it creates a refined but timeless aesthetic.

7. Polished Chrome

honey oak cabinets with polished chrome pull cup

For oak cabinets, polished chrome is a stunning hardware finish. Previous to plating, the chrome is softened and covered, just like the brushed nickel.

If you want a more modern aesthetic in the kitchen, polished chrome is a fantastic option.

8. Black Nickel

black nickel pulls

Apply black-nickel hardware on the oak cabinets for a sleek, dark, and unique effect. Black nickel varies from regular black in that the nickel’s “sheen” provides the black hue with a more realistic appearance.

For a completed product, the glossy black is perfect for covering over brass. Dark accents on an oak cabinet look great and add character to your cabinets.

Are Oak Kitchen Cabinets Outdated?

The answer is No. On the other hand, it never falls out of vogue. Natural wood and oak hues can move in and out of vogue, as we have seen in previous years.

The present natural wood style, according to many designers, is here to go. Homeowners want their kitchens to provide comfort and warmth. Oak, wood, as well as stone, are abundant in this regard.

Can You Change The Color Of Oak Cabinets?

A color change usually entails a change in hardwood or oak stain color, which is generally darker or more affluent.

Cabinets with a whitewash or golden oak finish that may be changed to a walnut, cherry, or espresso tone are an excellent choice.

Even a minor color change may make a significant difference in your kitchen’s overall feel and look. Remove the existing finish from the oak cabinets if you want them to be lighter in color.

Solvent-based liquid and gel stains cling nicely to thoroughly etched, cleaned, and scuffed polished surfaces. Your cabinets will appear like new with just one application of paint and several coats of clear finish.

light oak cabinets with gold hardware
Light oak cabinets go well with gold hardware and other kitchen stuff

Does Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Need To Match?

No. However, bathrooms and kitchens would match the faucet’s finish to bring the room’s finishes together in the past. Cabinet hardware that reaches your faucet gives a unified aesthetic.

Mixing and matching handles and knobs is the simplest way to begin. Choose knobs or pulls that you like and then match them to the corresponding pull or knob.

Just keep in mind that what makes a beautiful knob may not translate well to a complete layout. If you do not like the matching alternatives or the design does not have coordinating hardware, the next option is to match the polish.

You may create a cohesive look by selecting the same finish for pulls and knobs from various collections. However, be confident that the finish is the same. Even minor differences will be evident.

When matching up finishes, it is best to go with the same store brands because their labels will be constant.

If you purchase from many manufacturers or merchants, you’ll need to obtain samples and examine finishes to pick similar ones.

The use of contrasting finishes is another possibility. You must employ opposites in this sort of combination for it to function.

  • Use a warm-toned metal with a cool-toned metal.
  • It is never a good idea to mix warm and cool metals with them since it’ll appear jarring.
  • Matte black with gold or brass is a popular combination right now.

oak kitchen with brushed nickel hardware

Are Cabinet Pulls Or Knobs Better?

The cabinet doors with raised panels are basic and classic. The futuristic gold pulls and knobs, on the other hand, give the area a new, contemporary air.

The cabinets have panel doors comparable to those in the transitional kitchen; the beautiful handles look classic. Basic pulls and knobs go well with modern and contemporary cabinets.

You may even combine them to create a complementary aesthetic, as seen in the transitional kitchen. Pulls are the most popular choice for traditional-style interiors since they require considerably more complicated hardware.

Overall, it’s not so much a rule as it is a desire. However, knobs are more affordable and more straightforward to deal with from a technical perspective, as they contribute little to the overall appearance of a cupboard or cabinet.

Pulls are typically more costly than knobs and. Moreover, they are more critical to a cabinet’s overall look or design.

Is It Hard To Replace Cabinet Hardware?

Want to update the design of your cabinet but don’t want to take on an extensive home renovation? Changing up your cabinet knobs is an inexpensive method to update your configuration.

Cabinet pulls and knobs are simple to replace. You won’t need any special equipment, and it won’t take long.

  • If you have a cabinet or a drawer, open it. To remove the existing hardware from inside, unscrew the screw using a screwdriver or drill. Remove the screw and the knob, then set it aside.
  • Take this chance to wipe down that portion of the drawer or cabinet front once the old pull or knob has been removed. To clean it, dampen a towel and wipe it down.
  • You’ll need to create new holes if the cabinet doesn’t have any or if the old holes are not in the correct place.
  • Create a new hole using your power drill in the last holes (if they don’t go all the way completely) or wherever you want it to be.
  • You should insert the replacement hardware’s screw inside the door or drawer of the cabinet. Attach the knob to the outer screw.
  • Tighten the screws using a drill or screwdriver.


What color knobs and pulls look best with oak cabinets? Finding the best hardware to update your oak cabinets and make them more modern depends on many factors, from their color to texture and design. In addition, they must be combined with other decorating items in the kitchen or room to create an overall aesthetics.

Your oak cabinets may be brought up to date with a basic hardware replacement. Hopefully, this article with our recommended hardware colors is beneficial to you and your kitchen appearance.

Thanks for reading!

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